Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Around the Park Hyatt Paris

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Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Emily by Place Vendôme

The Park Hyatt in Paris is on 5 Rue De La paix (street of peace) and runs from the Place Vendôme to the stunning Opéra Garnier.  Wikipedia also notes that Rue De La Paix is the most expensive property in the French version of Monopoly, so expect to see lots of well-dressed people and expensive shops around here!

 Getting There

You can take the Roissy bus, for 10 euros per person, from Charles de Gaulle airport to Opéra (Corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber) and walk 7 minutes from there to the hotel.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Roissy Bus Stop Near The Park Hyatt, Paris

You can also take a taxi for around 50 to 60 Euros from the airport to the hotel (we paid 60 euros) or you could arrange for a private car from the hotel or a car service company.

I wouldn’t take the RER train from the airport to Paris-Châtelet les Halles and then connect to the metro and get off at the Opéra stop and walk to the hotel, unless you had no luggage and lots of time.


Place Vendôme is famous for its really high-end shops and the famous Ritz hotel is on Place Vendôme.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Expensive Shops on Place Vendôme

We didn’t go into any of the famous shops on Place Vendôme except for…

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Emily Window Shopping

…Charvet, a store mostly for men’s clothes.  They had an amazing collection of bowties and clothes, but the prices were beyond our reach.  Emily saw a purple blouse which she liked, but it was 600 euros!  But it was a real treat to see everything so tastefully arranged in the shop.

I’m not much of a shopper, but I did enjoy seeing how well merchandised (displayed) the products were – be it a shop selling food or shoes.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome


You can also walk 8 minutes to the largest department stores in Paris – Printemp and Galeries Lafayette.  We (Emily) explored the Galeries Lafayette, but didn’t have time to see Printemp (my aching feet are grateful).


There are a few cafes and restaurants in the streets around the Park Hyatt in Paris.  You can get everything from a cheap sandwich to traditional Parisian cafes, or ethnic food, but who goes to Paris to eat a hamburger?

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Cheap Sandwiches

Since this is in the heart of the tourist area (the Louvre is only 10 minutes away), almost everyone spoke English, though I would try to use my pidgin French.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Tourist Trap!

We usually had a heavy breakfast at the hotel, and ate lunch and dinner while sightseeing, so we didn’t sample many of the culinary choices by the hotel.

I suspect that you’ll get better food and lower prices by the Left Bank or away from the tourist core around the hotel, but there are lots of options by the hotel including a pedestrian plaza with many restaurants in case you’re too tired to go elsewhere for food or want to save time.

We ate in a café on the pedestrian plaza on our last day in Paris since we wanted to be close to the hotel. It is about 8 to 10 minutes from the hotel to Place du Marché Saint Honoré which has lots of cafes and restaurants.

The food wasn’t great, but it was decent and we were meeting Emily’s friend from Barcelona, so we weren’t there just for the food.

Emily Jablon:  I actually loved my pasta with cheese sauce.  I was looking forward to the rich white sauces in food in France and this was just what I wanted.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Emily Outside a Cafe by our Hotel

There was an outdoor farmers’ market and a food truck serving American food which had a long line of Parisians waiting to try tacos and cupcakes!

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

American Food Truck in Paris

There are also lots of bakeries around the hotel, for those of you who aren’t Hyatt Diamond members and don’t want to spend 49 euros for breakfast at the hotel.  Eric Kayser is about a 2 minute walk from the hotel down Rue Danielle Casanova and has a much cheaper breakfast.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Cheap Breakfast

On our first night, we asked the concierge for recommendations to a traditional French Cafe by the hotel.  He suggested  Le Castiglione which was 4 minutes walking from the hotel.  The restaurant was more expensive than traditional French cafes and I suspect that’s because it is in the heart of the tourist area in Paris.

The food was acceptable for a French cafe, but the prices were more than what a traditional cafe would charge.

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Le Castiglione

We ordered Foie Gras as an appetizer and a glass each of the house wine.  I had steak tartare (raw beef) which was very well prepared with just a hint of mustard in it.  I thought Emily wouldn’t like it, but she did!

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Steak Tartare

Tourist Stuff

Just to the side of Charvet is a Vélib‘ station where you can rent bikes.  In my experience, American Express credit cards without a Chip worked as did US issued credit cards with a chip (Chase British Airways, Hyatt etc.).

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Emily Getting Ready to Rent a Bike

The Louvre museum and the Tuileres gardens are only a 10 minute walk from the hotel

We also walked 40 minutes from the hotel to the Arc de Triomphe via the ChampsElysees.  We took a taxi back to the hotel late at night which cost about 10 to 12 Euros.

The hotel was an excellent base from which to explore Paris!

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30 responses to “Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Around the Park Hyatt Paris

  1. Love how you’ve added how long it takes to get to each place with the Google Map link!

  2. Daraius and Emily-

    I am savoring these reports about my favorite city and my favorite hotel! We’ve been there three times and while it’s a big world out there, I can’t wait to return! Great pictures and I’m sure your memories will be as delicious as ours always are. Thanks!

  3. Hey Daraius,

    When you said “in my experience, American Express credit cards without a credit card worked as did US issued credit cards with a chip (Chase British Airways, Hyatt etc.).”

    Did you mean “in my experience, American Express credit cards without a *CHIP* worked as did US issued credit cards with a chip (Chase British Airways, Hyatt etc.).” ?

    Wasn’t sure 🙂


  4. Just wandering around the streets near the Place Vendome is an adventure. You might have noticed they (March) were renovating the Ritz, which is in desperate need of refreshing. The Ritz felt like a high end retirement home whereas the Park Hyatt was full of energy.

  5. Hi Daraius,
    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and have benefited greatly from your writing, so thank you. However, I am particularly enjoying this trip report because my husband and I are booked to Paris this October for my 30th birthday (never been!!) and also used our Hyatt free night certs+chase UR points to stay at the park Hyatt! I am keeping plenty of notes on all your suggestions. Thanks!

  6. Ah Daraius, you being one of the worlds great travel bloggers, I’m always dismayed when you get to the food part of a trip. Your cafe gets a rating of poor or terrible by at least 18 percent of the reviewers on Trip Advisor. Another 15% found it either just passable, or overpriced. With just a little bit of research on T/A you could have found somewhere, possibly even cheaper, with far better food and service, and told us all about it. Sigh…

    Also, I’m surprised that a blog about “big travel with small money” involves so many expensive cabs. The Roissy Bus and then a short cab ride to the hotel would have saved about $40 each way. And the Roissy bus is going to get into central Paris just as fast as the cab, so the only time difference is what you spend hailing a cab. I’d guess it’s not that hard at the Roissy Bus stop, but I haven’t tried it.

    I would have taken the RER B express train from CDG to Chatelet, then any RER A train one stop to the Auber station, and walked the 7 minutes with my ‘too large to carry on’ wheeled suitcase. Not a very grand way to arrive at the Park Hyatt, but very Big Travel with Small Money. 🙂

    You didn’t mention using the Metro, which is quite safe in Central Paris, even returning to the hotel late at night. Unless by late you mean well past midnight when it’s closed. It only costs $2 a ride, or buy a pack of ten tickets for you each to share, and your five rides apiece cost around $1.50 each. Plus it put you more in touch with average Parisians, which is sometimes fun, but always entertaining. Sometimes there are amazingly talented street musicians in the Metro corridors too.

    I’m loooking forward to the reports on the 8 days, (8 days !), you spent in Paris. I’ll be there again in September for 5 days, but slumming it at the Hilton La Defense at an AXON rate, since neither of us have had a chance to get the Hyatt card yet. Thats scheduled for our next churn in October.

    Bon voyage…

    • @Will – They were still at it in July, but we never went into the Ritz.

      – Paris is wonderful! Happy birthday and safe travels!

      @Robert Hanson – I acknowledged in the review that I didn’t like the food and that it was overpriced. I didn’t promise “Big Food. Small Money” 🙂 We chose these places because we wanted something 5 to 10 minutes from the hotel to save time. I didn’t see many restaurants around the hotel which seemed like they would have good food AND be reasonably priced.

      We were tired from the overnight flight (4 hours sleep) and 4 hour layover, so we decided to take a cab. Don’t forget that this was our honeymoon, so we decided to do things a bit differently than we otherwise would – splurges on meals and cabs, especially since we were working remotely on our laptops for 1 to 2 hours a day. The second cab ride was at 1:00 am in the morning and the subway wasn’t working. I usually like taking the subway, but Paris’ beauty is above the ground and taking the subway would deprive us of glimpses of the city.

  7. And I’m insecure enough to have a problem walking into a place like the Park Hyatt PV shlepping my bags behind me!

  8. More More More…

    I’m going on my honeymoon next week, premium air travel to Paris, staying at PHV – all on points!
    By the time you get finished, I should have a decent roadmap for our trip.

  9. Hank-

    First of all, congratulations. I would add to Daraius’ account that we have done a few tours with Paris Walks: http://www.paris-walks.com/

    All in English, all about two hours, pretty cheap and very entertaining. We’ve recommended them plenty of times and everyone has enjoyed it. In terms of the Museum Pass that Daraius spoke of, the first time you see a long line and bypass it completely, you’ll realize what great advice it is.

    • @Steve S – We didn’t want to lug our bags into the Park Hyatt either!

      – Congratulations! You’ll have a great time. Note that I did NOT go to a lot of places, because we had to devote 1 to 2 hours a day to work, but check out the Rick Steve’s guide and try to do as many of his walks as possible. I really loved the outdoor walks and exploring the different neighborhoods.

      I’ve heard lots of good things about the walks which Steve S mentions, but didn’t have the time to try them.

      @Steve S
      – We wanted to go on a walk, but never found the time to do it. But we’ll do it the next time we’re there!

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  20. Hello,

    Thank you for your blog–I am planning a similar trip with my fiance and this has been very helpful.

    How is the view from the hotel? Can you go out to the balcony or is it barred?

    Also, would a Visa card like Sapphire Preferred work in Paris? Lastly, do you know if the Travel Together ticket also works with OpenSkies flights? They’re a subsidiary of BA so I can see why they should, but also a separate operator so I can see why they shouldn’t.

    Thank you

  21. Appreciate an additional fantastic posting. Where else could anyone have that type of info in such a ideal way with words? I’ve got a talk next week, and that i wanted more info 😉

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