Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Day 3 in Paris; A Lazy Day & Dinner in the Eiffel Tower

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Paris Day 3
Dinner in the Eiffel Tower
Emily Jablon:  The next morning, we ordered room service breakfast at 9 am (I told Daraius not to order it so early!), but unfortunately went back to sleep until noon since we had been up until 2:30 the last night.  By then all of our food was cold, but I still enjoyed the delicious, buttery, flaky chocolate croissant and the fruit compote.

We then went to explore the streets near our hotel. We found a Mephisto shoe shop which had shoes for much less than what they sell for in the US, but I couldn’t find anything which fit me.

Paris Day 3
Emily on Rue Daunou (near the Park Hyatt Vendome)

We also went to a very nice stationary shop, and I got some very cute cards to bring back with me.  I can’t wait to write my friends and family using the stationery!  I was in there over 45 minutes…it was so hard getting me out!

Daraius grabbed some macrons from Pierre Hermé which was just next door while I was browsing.

After the paper shop, we grabbed a ham and cheese croissant for me & a chicken curry sandwich for Daraius and had another cheap under-10 euro lunch.

Paris Day 3
Macrons at Pierre Hermé

We went back to the hotel, ate lunch, and both worked on our laptops.  We then got ready for our surprise.

Daraius:  I was looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate our honeymoon in Paris, and I thought dinner in the Eiffel tower would be a great experience which we wouldn’t have again in our lives.  There are a couple of restaurants inside the Eiffel tower 58 Tour Eiffel, Le Jules Verne, a 2-star Michelin restaurant, and a champagne bar on the 3rd floor.

I decided to go with Le Jules Verne because it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, though it was very expensive.  Reservations open 3 months in advance and the earlier you make your reservation the more likely you are to get a table by the window on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel tower.  For some reason, I knew the importance of making a reservation in advance, but still made our reservation only 2 months in advance.

Since this was my *big* surprise of the week, we decided to take a cab.  And if I had a family in tow, I’d certainly take Rick Steve’s advice to take the cab more often for short distances than the metro – especially in Paris where much of the city’s beauty is above the surface.

Emily Jablon:  One thing I love about Daraius is that he always plans such wonderful holidays with such thoughtful surprises, but he has been known to unintentionally spill the beans before the surprise events were unveiled.

This surprise was exposed when we went to get a cab, and the doorman asked where we were going.  Daraius replied, “…to the restaurant on top of the Eifel Tower.”  He sure does know how to keep secrets!  🙂

Daraius:  Well, it wasn’t quite like that.  I guess Emily could decipher my French rendition of “restaurant” and “La Tour Eiffel” when I told the doorman where we were going.  But lesson learned, and I should have been more discreet.

If you’re visiting the Eiffel tower, try to buy your ticket online as early as possible, unless you like waiting in line.  There was a huge line when we arrived for dinner because 1 elevator was not working and the wait was 2 to 3 hours!

Paris Day 3
The Eiffel Tower
Daraius:   We walked to the restaurant’s private entrance (avoiding all lines!), walked through the metal detector and took the elevator up to the restaurant.
Paris Day 3
Le Jules Verne Entrance

We weren’t seated by a window, and I tried to elicit sympathy by mentioning it was our honeymoon etc.  The Maître d’ was sympathetic, but produced a long list of reservations from his coat pocket and indicated that there were lots of folks who had book earlier than us.   The restaurant has huge floor to ceiling windows, so we still had a good view.

Later on, a French wedding party were seated away from the windows as well, and the bride was in her wedding gown, so the restaurant doesn’t appear to make exceptions to getting a window seat!

Emily Jablon: The restaurant was on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, so we had an amazing view of Paris from our table.

Since we arrived early, we took a few pictures from a table by the window.

Paris Day 3
Dinner with a View

The food was very good, and I ordered the Duck Foie Gras with toasted brioche.

Paris Day 3
Duck Foie Gras

Daraius had the lobster, sabayon, and gold caviar.

Paris Day 3
Lobster, Saboyon & Gold Caviar

My favorite dish was the pan-seared beef tournedos with souffléd potatoes (big surprise, since I can’t eat fish and like meat and potatoes!)

Paris Day 3
Meat & Potatoes

We could barely finish our dessert by the time the 3 hour meal drew to an end.

Paris Day 3
We’re Stuffed

After dinner, we went to the viewing deck to take more pictures and to get a better look at some of our favorite sights.

Daraius:  The restaurant is just a little above the viewing deck on the 2nd floor so we visited the deck after dinner without needing to buy tickets.
Paris Day 3
A view from the deck

We walked around the 2nd floor  a few times to see all the sights.

Paris Day 3
At the Eiffel Tower
Paris Day 3
Paris in Lights

The view looked even prettier at night.

Paris Day 3
Under the Eiffel Tower

We then went down to walk in the gardens by the tower to see the view of it lit up at night.

It looked even more beautiful with the yellowish glow, and every hour it sparkles with silver lights, like a Christmas tree.

Paris Day 3
Eiffel Tower at night

We waited ~5 minutes for the sparkles at midnight, and it was so magical.

Paris Day 3
Just Like the Eiffel Tower, Daraius Lights Up My Life

I was so thankful to be there at that time, celebrating our honeymoon with my honey!

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