Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Park Hyatt Paris, Park Suite

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Video tour of our Park Suite at the Park Hyatt in Paris.

Emily refers to this as an executive suite in the video, but it was actually a regular Park Suite.

Daraius:  We landed at Charles de Gaulle airport at about 4:00 pm, took a bus to the terminal, collected our bags, and went outside to the taxi stand.  I was determined not to have a repeat of our New York experience where we waited 1.5 hours for a taxi, so I researched a private car transfer.

But the cheapest car service would charge 90 euro, which was more than the ~50 to 60 euro for a taxi.  We could have also taken the Roissy bus, which drops you just 7 minutes walk from the hotel for 10 euro per person, but we had been traveling for a long time and I wanted to get Emily to the hotel as soon as possible.

So we took a taxi (there was no wait!), and I told the driver “Cinq rue de la paix, Place Vendôme, si’l vous plait (5 rue de la paix, Place Vendôme, please).”  I took French in high school, so I do know a few French phrases (but don’t remember enough to have a conversation), but I made sure to mentally practice the hotel address in French before we got into the taxi.

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily Outside the Park Hyatt Paris

We arrived at the hotel and the bellboys took our luggage and we made our way to the reception.  The hotel agent greeted us very cordially and welcomed us to the Park Hyatt.  She mentioned that we were staying for 2 days in a Park Suite (entry level suite).  I replied that we had separate reservations, but had asked the hotel to combine the reservations.

As I explained in the introduction, I had booked 2 nights using my 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card which were in a suite because I was a Hyatt Diamond member, and had booked 5 additional nights using Hyatt points which I transferred from Chase Ultimate Rewards.  I could have paid 33,000 points (instead of 22,000 points for the regular room) for each of the 5 additional nights to remain in the suite, but took the chance that the hotel would not make us move.

She very apologetically explained that the hotel was sold out (I knew this was true, because I had checked online) and that she was unable to give us all 7 days in the suite.  I mentioned that it was our honeymoon and that we had let the hotel know in advance and that we were very excited to see Paris.  She apologized again and offered to give us 7 days in a regular room so that we didn’t have to move our stuff…which I declined.

She then offered to put us in a slightly larger Park Suite (Room 628) for the first two nights, which she described as an executive suite, and to move us to a deluxe room (Park King) which was the next best room after the entry-level room (Park Queen) which we had booked for the next 5 nights using points.

Oh well, 7 days in the suite would have been nice, but it wasn’t the end of the world that we had to change rooms to a deluxe room after the first 2 nights.  We’re in Paris and unlikely to spend most of our time in the hotel room in any case.

But we later found out that room 628 wasn’t technically an executive suite, but a larger Park Suite, but it doesn’t really matter since we loved our room!

We were escorted up to our room by the agent who showed us our room.  She explained that since it was our honeymoon, the hotel had given us a bottle of champagne to celebrate. She also explained that our room faced the inner courtyard, which was quieter than the rooms which faced the street.

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily in the Park Suite

There was also a box of chocolates (which were delicious!) and a card congratulating us on our honeymoon.

Emily Jablon:  The room was so large that it had two doors to enter and had two full baths, which saved a lot of time getting ready in the morning.

There was a very comfortable bed in the larger room.  There were reading lights and controls for the electric curtain blinds by the side of the bed.

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily on the Bed

Next to the bed was a small writing table with a TV and a Nespresso coffee machine.  The mirror on the walls had little metallic statues of people stretching their arms and legs.  We found these little metallic statues throughout the room and in other parts of the hotel.

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily by the Desk

The door to the bathroom led to the bathroom(s) and you could go through the bathrooms to the other room in the suite.  The bathroom was huge and had three sinks, two shower areas, and 1 tub.

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily by the Entrance to the Bathroom

I claimed the sink which had more counter space for my stuff…

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily by the Bigger Sink
…and gave Daraius the smaller one.
Park Hyatt Paris
Smaller Sink for Daraius

There was a third sink area which we didn’t use.

Park Hyatt Paris
Unused 3rd Sink

The room and the bathroom in particular were very well constructed, with wood paneling, marble, and gold colored bathroom fixtures.  The amenities were Blaise Mautin which did smell a bit different, but we soon got used to the fragrance.

Park Hyatt Paris
Blaise Mautin Amenities

There were lots of amenities in the bathroom!  The hotel was very good about restocking our amenities twice a day.

Park Hyatt Paris
More Amenities

There was even a yoga mat and an umbrella in the closet.

Park Hyatt Paris
We Never Used the Yoga Mat

There was a towel warmer, and the warm towels after a shower felt very nice!

Park Hyatt Paris
Towel Warmer
Daraius:  The toilets in the suite had electronic aides, which were not present in the regular room we moved to later on.
Park Hyatt Paris
Such Refinement!

In the interest of blog research, I experimented with the device and experienced the ultimate in laziness.

Emily Jablon:  There was a bathtub, and 2 shower areas with a rain shower.
Park Hyatt Paris
Emily by the Main Shower Area
Park Hyatt Paris
Emily by the Second Shower Area

The bathroom connected to the smaller room which had a couch and a chair, a TV, and a writing desk.

Park Hyatt Paris
Emily on the Couch
Park Hyatt Paris
Emily by the Desk

There were more bronze statues doing the stretches.

Park Hyatt Paris
Stretching Statues

The smaller room had a separate door to enter and leave from.

Park Hyatt Paris
Entrance to Smaller Suite Room

We were thrilled with our suite and started unpacking and had a shower before heading out for dinner!


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