Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – Paris Day 7; Emily’s Allergic Reaction and our Last Day in Paris

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Last Day in Paris
Emily’s Last Breakfast in Paris
Emily Jablon:  On Saturday, we met my friend Sesk from Spain for breakfast at our hotel.  Sesk had a bowl of fruit from the buffet, and Daraius and I had the American breakfast. Daraius:  This was our last day at the Park Hyatt, so I decided to have one last glass of the mango juice and scrambled eggs.  I told the waiter that Sesk wasn’t staying in our room and to give us a check for his bowl of fruits, but when we got the bill, the bowl of fruits was listed, but there was no charge for it.
Last Day in Paris
Daraius’ Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs)
Emily Jablon:  After breakfast we walked down the streets near the Park Hyatt, and went for lunch in a Parisian café in a romantic square (Place du Marché Saint Honoré) filled with restaurants and shops about 10 minutes from the hotel. There was even a food truck with American food and a line of about 25 people waiting to try it!
Last Day in Paris
Everyone Loves Food Trucks

I had a diabolo menthe (a sweet mint drink, which is a mixture of mint syrup and lemonade & which is delicious!)

Last Day in Paris
Emily’s Diablo Menthe

Daraius ordered foie gras for his starter, then orange duck with honey sauce for the main course.

I ordered a ravioli dish with a white cheesy sauce and had a glass of wine to drink.  My pasta was excellent but very filling—some of the best food I had in France!

Daraius:  I didn’t think my food was that tasty, but Emily liked it.
Last Day in Paris
Orange Duck with Honey

For dessert, I ordered a crème brulee and Daraius ordered chocolate mousse.

Last Day in Paris
Waiting for our Lunch with our Friend Sesk

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to pack and check-out of the hotel.  I finished packing our bags, and then we went downstairs to check out at around 4:00 pm.  While Daraius was checking out, I started feeling very weak and dizzy.  I immediately told Sesk to get Daraius, because I was too scared of walking to him & passing out along the way.

Sesk told Daraius, and Daraius got a very serious look on his face.  He immediately came to my side and asked what was wrong.  I told him how I felt and thought I might be having an allergic reaction.  By that time, I started feeling tingly on my arms and had stomach cramps.

Daraius and I always carry our medicine pack with us, so he injected me with the Epi-Pen, and gave me the medicines which he always carries for me.

Daraius:  This is my worst nightmare while traveling.  Emily has an extremely severe allergy to fish and passed out on the street in Madrid, went into anaphylactic shock, and had to be hospitalized the last time we were travelling together in Europe.

But fortunately, we were still in the hotel.  I told the front desk clerk, who looked slightly startled at first, but immediately called for an ambulance and the duty manger.  I then went by Emily and jabbed her with the Epi Pen and went through our emergency protocol which we have written down and always carry in our emergency allergy kit.

Emily Jablon:  The hotel staff took me to a private seating area in the lobby, and then asked if we needed a doctor or a ride to the hospital.  They called for an ambulance and about 10 minutes later 3 burly fireman stormed in.  They took my vitals (all normal), and asked me lots of questions, with the staff at the hotel translating. Daraius:  We were in the breakfast area which was empty in the afternoon.  The staff turned on the electric blinds so that folks passing by in the lobby wouldn’t be able to see in.  The duty manager and another manager were both very attentive and even called the restaurant we ate in to find out the ingredients in Emily’s lunch. Emily Jablon:  By that time my symptoms were going away, and I started to feel much better.  The firemen asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, but I declined.  Instead, the hotel staff called for a doctor, just to make sure everything was okay before our long trip back home. Daraius:  The hotel staff asked if we wanted to call for a doctor.  Since Emily was feeling much better and her vitals were normal, we decided to call the doctor to the hotel instead of going to the hospital.  Our flight was later that evening and we wanted to make sure everything would be all right.  The fireman made Emily sign a release indicating that she declined transport to the hospital! Emily Jablon:  After an hour of waiting, the doctor came and checked me out.  Despite arriving on a scooter (to beat the traffic), he had his hair neatly combed, and wore a jacket with a pocket scarf.  We told him what happened and all of the medicine Daraius gave me.

He said that I had a mild allergic reaction and the immediate medication likely helped reverse the reaction.  He advised me to take another dose of medicine before bed, but said that I was okay to travel back to the US!

Daraius:  One of the great benefits of medical care outside the US, is that doctors make house calls and that medical care is much, much cheaper than in the US.  We paid 200 euros for the doctor’s urgent visit to the hotel to examine Emily.  In Spain, the ambulance ride and overnight stay in the ER was only 150 euros.

The last time, Emily visited her allergy specialist in the US, she paid a $45 co-pay and the insurance company paid about $130 for a 20 minute visit in the doctor’s office.

The Park Hyatt’s response to Emily’s allergy was superlative and extremely efficient, and I am very grateful to the staff for the kindness and help afforded to us.

Emily Jablon:  Everyone was very happy that I was okay, and I’m so thankful Daraius takes such good care of me!  We got in a cab, dropped Sesk off to take the train back to Spain, and then went to the airport.  It was sad to leave Paris…I will never forget our time here and how wonderful it was!

We will return, and next time I will speak more French – other than hello, goodbye, yes, no, and thank you!

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