Impact of COVID-19 on Travel

Famous for all the wrong reasons, the novel coronavirus has unfortunately taken the world by storm. Originating in Wuhan, China, there are 25MM+ confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and growing. More than 95 countries have reported infected citizens, and there have been over 800k deaths.

Many travelers who had planned international vacations in 2020 have canceled those trips due to fear of contracting COVID-19 and government-mandated travel bans. You may be wondering when you will be able to travel again. And while the answer to that question is still unknown and depends on a variety of factors, we want to help you prepare for when things get back to normal. Here you will find our latest news and guides for everything related to COVID-19 and the return of the travel.

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Where Can I Travel?

As the pandemic rages on in 2020, most travelers continue to stay close to home, with many opting to not travel at all or choosing a road trip within a few hours of home. For the time being, the majority of Americans have foregone air travel. In fact, airline passenger volumes are down approximately 70% domestically and 88% internationally from a year ago, according to Airlines for America’s Tracking the Impacts of COVID-19 report.  While options are limited, check out how Covid-19 is impacting where Americans can go:

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Airlines response to COVID-19

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