How to Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

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Airport lounges are easy to access for free nowadays.  That’s because lots of credit cards come with lounges memberships or free day passes.

But the American Express Platinum cards offer admission to the widest range of lounges.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Only AMEX Platinum Cards Give You Free Access to the AMEX Centurion Lounges

I’ll show you which lounges you can access with the AMEX Platinum cards.  And how to find eligible lounges along your way.

AMEX Platinum Cards Offer Access to More Lounges Than Any Other Card!

Link:   The Platinum Card® from American Express

Link:   The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN

American Express recently upgraded the benefits on both The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN!  So if you’re thinking about getting 1 (or both!) of these cards, now is a better time than ever.

They already have great travel perks, like comprehensive lounge memberships.  Let’s look at how to find nearby lounges you can access with the AMEX Platinum cards so you can take full advantage of this benefit!

Easily Locate Lounges Accessible With the AMEX Platinum Cards

Link:   American Express Lounge Finder

American Express makes it simple to find a lounge on their website.  Just follow these easy steps!

And check out our review of Lounge Buddy which also lists lounges in an app on your phone!

Step 1 – Visit the AMEX Lounge Collection Web Page

Navigate to the AMEX Lounge Collection web page.  Immediately you’ll see a few search boxes, as well as a list of lounge networks you can enter with the AMEX Platinum cards.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 1 – Go to the AMEX Platinum Lounge Collection Page

The AMEX Platinum cards currently give you access to 5 different lounge brands, including the high-quality AMEX Centurion Lounges!

So the AMEX Platinum cards give you more lounge choices than any other card in certain airports!

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

You’ll Have Access to 11 Lounges at London’s Heathrow Airport!

Step 2 – Select the Country

Choose the country where you’re looking for a lounge.  Or, if you already know your airport code, you can type it into the box next to the “Country” menu.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 2 – Find Your Airport Country

You can access lounges in over 60% of the world!

Step 3 – Choose Your City

After you find your city, click the “Search” button at the bottom of the box.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 3 – Locate Your City and Click “Search”

Step 4 – Find the Lounges Near You

You will see search results of the lounges in your city.  In the case of New York, there are 3 airports that serve the area, so the results show lounges for all 3 airports.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 4 – Find Lounges in Your Airport

Obviously, if you’re in New York – JFK airport, you’re going to want to ignore the results for the other 2 airports!

The search results show you which terminal the lounge is in.  And the AMEX partner who will give you access to the lounge.  This is useful, because you might need additional documents to enter the lounge.

For example:

  • If the lounge partner is Priority Pass, you’ll need to show your Priority Pass card at the front desk (You’ll receive a separate complimentary Priority Pass card after enrolling with your AMEX Platinum card)
  • If the lounge partner is Delta, you’ll need to be present a same-day ticket with Delta at the front desk (you must be flying Delta that day to access Delta lounges)

Step 5 –  Read the Lounge Overview

Click on the lounge you’d like to visit for a more detailed report.

The “Overview” will show you where the lounge is located, the credentials you’ll need to get in, and the amenities inside.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 5 – Click on the Lounge You Want to Visit and Read the Overview

Some lounges are worth walking to, even if it’s in a different concourse!  I like to go to AMEX Centurion Lounges whenever I can, even if it’s out of the way. 🙂

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

AMEX Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas

Some airports, like San Francisco, let you enter any terminal as long as you have a boarding pass departing that day.  This lets you access whichever terminal you want, no matter where your departure gate is!  So you can go to any lounge in the airport you’d like to check out.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Some Lounges Can Be Worth the Walk!

At New York (JFK), the AMEX Platinum card gets you into the Airspace Lounge in Terminal 5.  So whenever you fly JetBlue, you’ll have lounge access!  A good perk, because that doesn’t come with the JetBlue Plus card.

Step 6 – Read the Hours & Guest Policy

The “Hours & Guest Policy” tab tells you when the lounge operates, and the lounge policies for guests.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 6 – Read the Hours & Guest Policy

You should read this information before you head to the lounge.  For example, all 3 accessible lounges in Dallas Fort-Worth have different policies.

Delta Sky Club allows you to purchase guest access for 2 traveling companions at a discount of $29 per person.  Additional guests pay full price.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

The Delta Sky Club Can Get Expensive if You Have More than 2 Traveling Companions

The Club at DFW will charge you $27 per guest for as many traveling companions as you have.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

The Club at DFW Will Offer All Travel Companions a Steep Discount

And the Centurion Lounge lets you bring 2 companions into the lounge for free.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

The Centurion Lounge Has the Most Generous Guest Policy

Step 7 – Read the Lounge Terms & Conditions

Each lounge has its own terms & conditions.  It’s a good idea to read this through so there aren’t any surprises later!

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 7 – Read the Lounge Terms & Conditions

Note:  There isn’t an official app for finding lounges you can access with your AMEX Platinum cards.  But you can download the LoungeBuddy app, which gives you the option to enter your credit cards and memberships, as well as your travel class and airline status!  The app will help you find any nearby lounges you can use with your various credentials.

Don’t Forget to Enroll in Priority Pass!

Link:   Priority Pass Select

You won’t be able to enter any Priority Pass lounges until you’ve used your AMEX Platinum card to activate your membership for free.  Which is a big deal, because Priority Pass has (by far) the most lounges of any network!  You can NOT enter their lounges with just your AMEX Platinum Card.

Step 1 – Click “Enroll Now” to Begin Registering for Priority Pass

On the AMEX Platinum Lounge Collection home page, scroll down until you find the “Priority Pass Select” box.  Click “Enroll Now“.

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 1 – Press “Enroll Now”

Step 2 – Log-In or Call to Activate Your Priority Pass Membership

You’ll be taken to a screen where you have the option to complete your registration by typing in your credentials online, or by calling AMEX.  That’s it!

How To Find AMEX Platinum Airport Lounges

Step 2 – Enter Credentials Online or Call AMEX to Complete Registration

Authorized users on the AMEX Platinum cards also get lounge access, including a Priority Pass Select membership.  But they will have to call the number for the appropriate card and talk to an AMEX representative to activate the benefit.

Bottom Line

Finding lounges to use with your AMEX Platinum cards are easy when you use the AMEX Lounge Collection website.  Just type in your location, and it will pinpoint a lounge near you!

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  1. Question: if I already have a Priority Pass from the CSR card, can I get a second one in someone else’s name or get the pass with the Platinum and give it to someone to use?