MORE Changes Coming to Singapore Airlines – Will They Affect You?

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Via View From the Wing, Singapore Airlines is making MORE changes!  Some news is good, and some is NOT ideal.

For example, you’ll earn more miles when you buy the cheapest coach fares.  But you’ll have to pay extra if you want to choose your own seat on that fare!

MORE Changes Coming To Singapore Airlines Will They Affect You
Singapore Airlines Is Part of Star Alliance, so Singapore Airlines Miles Can Take You Just About Anywhere

I’ll give you a quick update on the changes.

Singapore Airlines Announces More Changes

Link:  Singapore Airlines Changes

Singapore Airlines has made a number of negative changes this year.  We saw them increase lots of award prices on their own flights in March.  And they did the same to their partner airlines just last week!

They have now announced more updates.  Here’s what to know.

1.   Pay for Seat Assignments on Some Coach Fares

If you buy the cheapest coach seats, you’ll have to spend extra to choose where you sit (similar to Basic Economy on US airlines).  If you have elite status with Singapore Airlines, they will waive the fee to choose your own seat.

Fortunately, you’ll still be able to choose your seat for free if you book an award flight.

2.   Better Benefits for Standard Awards

When you book Standard awards, now known as Advantage awards, you’ll get to check a heavier bag, up to 35 kilograms (~77 pounds), up from 30 kilograms (~66 pounds).

Advantage awards will also now get to choose “forward zone” seats for free.  Forward zone seats are closer to the doors, and have extra legroom.

3.   New Fees for Modifying Your Flight

Link:   Updated Fees for Redemption Award Tickets

Link:   Singapore Airlines New Upgrade Chart

Starting March 1, 2018, Singapore Airlines is changing the amount you must pay to change or cancel your award flight based on whether you booked a saver award or an Advantage award.  You’ll also be charged no-show fees based on the fanciness of your seat.

As View From the Wing points out, if you ask for a miles redeposit after a no-show, you’ll be charged both fees.

The rules are also changing for folks who want to upgrade their seats.  Before, you could only upgrade the priciest coach seats.  But Singapore Airlines is now allowing upgrades to any coach seats above “economy standard”.  You can check the prices here.

Singapore Airlines will also no longer allow folks to upgrade the cheapest Premium Economy and Business Class seats.

MORE Changes Coming To Singapore Airlines Will They Affect You
It Will Cost You More Money to Upgrade to First Class on Singapore Airlines

4.   New Mileage Earning Rate for Paid Flights

Singapore Airlines is changing the amount of miles you earn for flying.

The cheapest coach flights (the ones where you’ll need to pay extra to choose your own seat) currently earn 10% of the miles you fly.  But they’ll soon earn 50%!  That’s a huge increase.

Several other fares are being changed, as well.  For example, the cheapest Premium Economy seat will earn 100% of the miles you fly, down from 110%.  And Business Class seats will earn 150%, up from 125%.

Earn More Singapore Airlines Miles

Singapore Airlines miles are super easy to earn, because they’re a transfer partner of all 4 main flexible points programs:

So even if you don’t think you have Singapore Airlines miles, if you collect points in any of the above programs, you can transfer them to Singapore Airlines!

You can also earn Singapore Airlines miles from flying.  They’re part of the Star Alliance, so you can credit paid flights any Star Alliance member (like United Airlines) to Singapore Airlines.  As well as flights on Alaska Airlines or JetBlue.

Bottom Line

Singapore Airlines is making several changes to their program.  Some folks could benefit from these updates, and some won’t be happy.  They include:

  • Paying for seat assignments on the cheapest coach fares (award flights aren’t affected)
  • Increased baggage allowance and choice of better seats when you book Standard (now called Advantage) award flights
  • New fees for changing, cancelling, not showing up, or upgrading your flight
  • Changes in the number of miles you’ll earn for paid flights

Fortunately, none of the changes should be devastating to anyone.

What do you make of these changes?

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