The Secret to Earning Bonuses With No Credit Pull!

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I love earning free miles whenever the opportunity presents itself.  And one of the easiest ways to load up on points is by earning bonuses for referring friends and family to your favorite credit cards!

This is great for folks who want to share their love of collecting miles and points with others.  And a terrific way to earn miles and points quickly without an inquiry on your own credit report!

The Secret To Earning Big Bonuses With No Credit Pull
When You Share the Love With Friends, Referral Bonuses Benefit Everyone!

Million Mile Secret Agent Richard asked:

I currently have the Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card and would like to get 20,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points by referring my wife (who has a separate business).  However, we share the same address.  Will the bonus apply to a second business with the same address?

You’re in luck, Richard, because you will be able to earn the bonus for referring your wife, as long as she is approved for the card!  Team member Keith earns extra points this way by referring his wife and family.

But in order to earn a referral bonus, the person you refer must be approved for the card.

So let’s review Chase’s application rules.  And take a look at why referring friends and family is such a powerful way to earn Big Travel with Small Money.

Chase (Small Business) Card Application Rules

In order to earn a referral bonus, the person you refer must be approved for the credit card.  So it’s important to know how the bank’s rules will affect your referral’s application before they apply.

Chase will most likely NOT approve you for a new credit card (with a few exceptions) if you have opened 5+ new credit cards with any bank in the past 24 months.  But small business cards from some banks will NOT count towards your “5/24” limit (including Chase small business cards).

The Secret To Earning Big Bonuses With No Credit Pull
Know the Bank’s Rules So You Don’t Miss Your Referral Bonus

You can be approved for multiple business cards, as long as the businesses are under different EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Social Security numbers.  So even though Richard and his wife’s businesses share an address, that won’t impact the application.

The Power of Referral Bonuses

Not all credit cards earn bonuses for referring others.  But when they do, it’s a great way to earn extra miles and points with little effort.

Having the option to earn a bonus for a credit card you already have is a great reason to keep the card year after year.  And with referral bonuses, you won’t have a new credit card account or a new inquiry show up on your credit report.

I like referring friends and family, because it’s easier to plan trips together when we’re both earning points.  And if they run into problems, they’ll have a trusted friend ready to help!

Bottom Line

Credit card sign-up bonuses aren’t the only way to get Big Travel with Small Money.  You can also earn bonuses with some credit cards by referring friends and family.

This is a great way to collect miles and points without opening a new credit card account.  And you can help the people you know get out and explore the world at the same time!

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