How to apply for a Chase business card (A step by step guide)

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Don’t miss out on the miles and points that you can earn with a small-business credit card – qualifying for a business card is easier than you think.

Knowing how to fill out a Chase business-card application for lucrative business credit cards like the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card (and it’s 100,000-point bonus) can be intimidating or confusing if you’ve never done it. If you’re one of those people, you’re not alone.

Here are some guidelines to help you through the process.

Chase considers most for-profit ventures businesses when it comes to applying for a small-business credit card. (Photo by mavo/Shutterstock)

Are you eligible for a small-business card?

You might qualify as a business if you sell on eBay, Amazon or on local sites for a profit. Any for-profit venture is a business — babysitting, lawn mowing, tutoring, etc. Small-business cards make it simple to separate personal and business expenses, and if you’re just starting out, it can be an easy way to invest in the business and earn miles and points at the same time.

In addition, you don’t need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or six-figure revenue. I applied for an Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card using my Social Security Number (SSN) as my tax ID because I am a sole proprietor.

Chase business cards and the “5/24 rule”

If you’ve opened five or more personal credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months, you won’t be approved for a new Chase business credit card.

Most of the time, the business credit cards you’ve open in the previous 24 months don’t count toward the five-card limit. For example, business cards from American Express, Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo and even Chase don’t count against you because they don’t appear on your personal credit report. You’ll find more information about how to find out if you’re over the Chase “5/24 rule” here.

How to complete a Chase small-business credit card application

All Chase business-card applications ask virtually the same questions, but if you’re applying for an airline credit card (United Airlines credit cardSouthwest credit card, etc) have your loyalty account number on hand to put on the application. If you don’t have a loyalty account before applying, you will be assigned one.

These screenshots are from an application for the Chase Ink Business Preferred.

Tell Chase about your business

Here’s how to fill out this form.

Legal name of business: If you are a sole proprietor, your legal business name can be your own name or the name of your business.

Business name on card: This is the business name you want to appear on your credit card. It can be your name or a variation of your name with your profession – Jane Doe Photography.

Business mailing address: Use your home address if you run the business from your home.

Business phone: Use can use your personal phone number if that’s all that you have.

Type of business: Choose sole proprietor (a business owned by one person), partnership (a business owned by two or more people) or select the appropriate legal structure of your business (LLC, corporation, etc.).

Taxpayer identification number: If you don’t have an Employer Identification Number (EIN), use your Social Security Number (SSN). The box is formatted differently than your Social Security Number, but both numbers are nine digits long, so it works.

Number of employees: This is the total number of employees you have. Select “1” if you’re a sole proprietor.

Annual business revenue or sales: Enter the total amount you receive annually for selling your products or services. If you are just starting out and haven’t sold anything yet, enter zero.

Years in business: Enter the number of years since you started the business. This includes the time it took to get up and running before you earned any money or made a profit.

Select an industry, category and type: Select the options that best describe your business.

Tell Chase about yourself

As a business owner, you are personally responsible for paying the Chase credit card bill. Chase wants to know what your income is to verify that you will be able to pay.

First, select your authorizing officer title. For a sole proprietor, you will be the owner. Then, enter your personal contact information. For your gross annual income, you can include money you receive from a job, your businesses and your spouse’s income.

Even though Chase business cards don’t appear on your personal credit report, Chase still needs to check your credit score. Enter your personal phone number, email, date of birth, Social Security Number (even if you entered it before) and your mother’s maiden name.

Add employee cards (optional)

Adding employee cards can be a great way to keep track of expenses, so if you have any employees that need a card add them here.

Submit your application

This is your last chance to review the details of your application. After making sure you entered everything correctly, check the box to agree to the terms and click “Submit.”

If your application is denied, I recommend calling the Chase business reconsideration line at 800-453-9719.

Occasionally, Chase will ask for a few more details about your business or ask you to verify certain information. You can sometimes move credit from one card to another or offer to close an existing card to get Chase to change its decision. I did so when I applied for the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card and was initially denied. But a Chase agent was able to move credit from an existing card to the new card in order to push the approval through.

Even if you’re unsuccessful, calling Chase will give you a better idea of what you’ll need to change to be approved next time.

Our favorite Chase business credit cards

Also, note that the three Chase Ink small business cards are considered different card products. This means you’re eligible to earn the sign-up bonus on each card. The only application restriction is the Chase 5/24 rule.

I wouldn’t recommend applying for all three Chase Ink business cards at the same time. Spreading out the applications will make it easier to meet the minimum spending requirements on each card.

FAQs about applying for a Chase business card

Can anyone get a Chase business card?

As mentioned above, you need a for-profit venture to qualify for a business card. That can be anything from selling baked goods at your local farmers market to running a small business that has multiple employees. 

Just remember, even if you’re eligible for a small business card, it’s ultimately up to the bank to decide whether or not they will approve you.

How long does it take to get approved for a Chase business card?

Sometimes an approval is immediate. You’ll submit your application and within seconds, your approval will be confirmed. 

But other times, the bank may need more time to review your application. After which they may request additional information or documentation. Because of this, it can take anywhere from 7-10 days, or even up to 30 days, for the bank to make a decision.

Our best advice is to be patient, offer any supporting documentation that you can, and if you’re initially declined, call in and ask for your application to be reconsidered.

Is it hard to get approved for a Chase business card?

If you run a small business and have good credit, getting approved for a Chase business card shouldn’t be too difficult. That said, you’ll likely be asked to provide proof that you’re running a for-profit venture. Chase may ask for things like an old invoice or a copy of your business license as proof. So be prepared. Otherwise, the process is very similar to applying for a personal credit card.

Bottom line

Small-business credit cards aren’t merely a great way to earn lucrative welcome bonuses; they’re helpful in keeping track of expenses and useful for investing in your business. Qualifying for a Chase business card might be easier than you think. Chase business cards won’t show up on your personal credit report, so they don’t count against your “5/24” limit.

You don’t need to make six-figure sales or have an Employer Identification Number to get approved for a Chase business card. You can use your Social Security Number on your application.  And if you’re just starting the business, it’s OK to have little or no profit.

Meghan Hunter is a contributor to Million Mile Secrets, he covers topics on points and miles, credit cards, airlines, hotels, and general travel.

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20 days ago

good tips

3 months ago

I recently applied for Ink Business Cash and was disapproved. The reason was “insufficient balance in deposit and investment account with us”. I called the reconsideration line. The outcome was the same but the rep worded it a little differently–we can’t see any business activities. I asked if it’s something I can provide, such as schedule C or another credit card statement that shows “business activities”. He said no. The activities must be from other Chass account or some other source that is visible to them. I said I did not know that was a requirement. He said it is not. The denial made no sense. I have 840 credit score and have a Chase Freedom card I pay ontime every month.

4 months ago

Can you apply for a business card without having an account with Chase? It asks for you to sign in to apply. Thanks

7 months ago

Probably stupid question, but with the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card, can you transfer those miles to United points? Thx

7 months ago

I was looking at the app for the CIP, and I’m having a hard time with this part: Certify, understand and agree that: 1) This is a business account which shall be used only for business purposes and not personal, family or household purposes;
There’s no way we will spend the minimum amount required in 3 months just on business needs.
What does everyone else do? Thanks!

9 months ago

awesome stuff. had a concern with my app. I applied to the Chase Business Preferred. I called the human recon line and the rep told me that the only thing holding me back is that they need a copy of my social security. I asked if i can provide the EIN document from the IRS and he said no, that they needed a copy of my social. Just wondering if this is normal as I would like to keep this separate from my personal credit. Any advice would be well appreciated. He said I can fax it or go to a Chase location.

9 months ago

Great info – I wasn’t sure if I qualified based on 5/24. However, it was an offer that was listed on the just for you section of my Chase account so I went ahead and applied based on your recommendation and was approved – thanks!!!

10 months ago

Hi, I am new in a business. I haven’t applied any credit cards in the past 24 months, so I am planning to open a chase ink business cash credit card. Do you know how many credit cards I can apply in 3 months? Let’s say I apply chase credit card in November, and then apply bank of america credit card in December. Will I get qualify for the bank of america credit card? Thank you

11 months ago

Can you comment on how to have one single log in where you can see the business card and personal credit card from chase?
I currently have an existing Logon with chase where my personal bankaccounts and my personal credit cards show up, how do i add my Ink Cash/Preferred card to this? I can’t find any links on chase to do this, and I am hesitant to create a separate logon just for that ink card. thanks.

11 months ago

I tried to apply for the citibusiness aa platinum as a sole proprietorship but they wouldn’t accept my SS as the tax ID number. How do I get around this? They said I can apply for a tax ID. How would I do this?

11 months ago

Hi, I just applied for the SW Business Card about an hour ago. I got an email from chase saying

” We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We’ll let you know our decision as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing Chase.”

Should I call and check on card status soon or just wait it out and see what happens? I’m not in a rush for the card. But was curious if that particular message means anything? I have two chase credit cards, both personal.

1 year ago

Not so easy in my recent experience. We have a partnership, and applied. Got a letter that they needed more info. Sent our EIN, partnership agreement, drivers license, business formation documents and business license. We also have other personal cards with them. Nothing, nada. Called them ten days later and it had been referred to the fraud department and denied with no notice to us. They didn’t even pull a credit inquiry. I have spent a few hours trying to get approved for a bona fide business so please don’t make it seem like it is always an easy process. Amex issued a card immediately. Our personal credit scores are 820-830

1 year ago

How does this process work for a business owned by 2 people 50/50? Do we each need to apply? Is there a section for both our information or must we choose who fills out the application?

1 year ago

I made a mistake by putting a different name other than my legal name. Now they are asking me to prove that’s my business name. How can I prove that?
I have a rental property and want to apply for a sunniness care to separate from my personal ones.

1 year ago

I have CSR and Unlimited with excellent credit.

I do Uber and Lyft and I feel like I’m qualified for it, So applied for it and fail miserably because they ask me for proof of business.

All I have is business license that’s it.

Do I have get an EIN now ? I thought sole proprietor didn’t need one.

I went to the Chase local branch and they can’t even help me either because all the documents will go to the same peoples which I got denied.

I don’t want to waste hard pull again seriously.

1 year ago

Didn’t work. They needed proof of the business. Fictitious certificate, EIN, and other documents. Everyone’s situation is not the same.

Dr. V
1 year ago

I must have done something wrong for the Business Unlimited Card. I just got off the phone with Chase and they are making me fill out paperwork to prove I have a business. I have a CSR and Freedom, excellent credit, and good salary. The first representative said I was approved the second one said I had to wait until the paperwork was submitted. Should I call the reconsideration number? I had several expenses coming up to meet the minimum spend and keep my accounts separate. But I won’t make it at this point.

1 year ago

I have already a relationship with Chase. A checking account, 2 CCs (Sapphire and Unlimited) but needed a business card to keep my hobby business. I applied on a Sunday morning (received the automated message that my app needed further review). I was OK with that but just out of curiosity called in the afternoon (maybe 4-5 hrs after applying) just to ask how many days I would need to wait, the representative put on hold for 4-5 minutes and came back to me with the “Congratulations your app have been approved etc etc etc” I was prepared to answer any questions but none was asked. I’m a happy customer. As a matter of fact, I have never had any issues with Chase.

1 year ago

Hello MMS, Will the points earned from this business card help keep points earned from the chase reserve card active? I’m thinking of applying for this card and then closing my chase reserve but I have many points in my account and don’t wish to transfer them out to an airline yet.

1 year ago

You used photographer in your example and said to choose the business category, type & subtype that best matches. I am applying for a card for my photography business but can’t find the correct category. Thanx!

1 year ago

I applied for the chase ink card about ten days ago and got the message that they would let me know by mail. I just received a letter saying I have 14 days to prove my address, legal name for the business, and physical address for the business. I just have a small sole proprietorship that I operate from home. I don’t really have anything to send that ties the business to my apartment. Any suggestions what to do?

2 years ago

Hello! I started a blog and YouTube channel back in June or so. I just registered my business this month. I have two other cards with Chase and would like to apply for the Marriott business card. What can I put for business category, type and subtype? My business is travel and food based reviews, providing information on sites to see while traveling, best hotels, and restaurants to visit. I plan to make income in the future from merch (t-shirts) sales, ads revenue, YouTube revenue, and potentially e-guides.