My Review of Character Locator: A Website to Help You Plan Your Next Disney Vacation

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Planning a trip to Disney World?  There’s an online tool called Character Locator, which promises to help you “play more” and “wait less” during your next trip to the park!

With Character Locator’s detailed park information, like character and show schedules, ride information, and more, you’ll be able to save time during your Disney World trip.

Disney Character Locator

Plan Your Trip to See Mickey and Minnie With the Disney Character Locator Website

I’ll show you how the Character Locator website works.  And help you decide whether you could benefit from using it on your next Disney vacation!

Disney Character Locator

Link:   Disney Character Locator

Character Locator is meant to help you plan a great trip to Disney World.  The site provides information like character schedules, show schedules, ride information, park hours, and more.

Using the site is fairly straightforward, plus it’s desktop AND mobile friendly.

From the homepage, you can select the park you plan to visit by clicking the park’s name.

Disney Character Locator

You’ll Find a Menu on the Main Page of Character Locator, Making it Easier to Find What You Need

From there you’ll see a list of characters.  And you can filter the information by shows, rides, and dining too.

I chose the Magic Kingdom for my search.  You can see the park’s hours at the top of the page and a long list of characters below.

But if you wanted to see the dining options in the Magic Kingdom, for example, you could click the “Dining” tab.

Disney Character Locator

Character Locator Will Help You Plan Your Day at Disney World. So You Can Visit All the Characters You Want to See!

To find character information, just click on the character you want to see.  Then you’ll be able to see more detailed information, like where they’ll be, the times they’ll be available, whether you can get an autograph or picture with them, and more.

Disney Character Locator

Character Locator Tip: Pose Like You’re Riding a Magic Carpet When You Take Your Picture With Jasmine

Character Locator even provides information about whether or not the meeting location is air conditioned, and tips for interacting with the characters!

Plus, you can click on the park map from within the site that will show you where the character, show, ride, or restaurant is located.  And it will tell you whether or not a ride or event is FastPass+ eligible too!

I also like that Character Locator offers a number of suggested park touring plans.  That could be especially useful for folks who have never been to Disney World before.  😉


The main drawback of Character Locator is that the majority of information on the site is “premium content.”  So you’ll have to have a subscription to access it.  But that’s not a big deal, because a year subscription is only ~$8.

Once you pay for a subscription, you’ll be able to see information for every character, ride, show, and restaurant in Disney World.  And have access to information like restaurant menus and touring plans.  That’s certainly worth ~$8!

Other than that, the site is a little hard to navigate and looks outdated.  Especially when compared to Disney’s app (though that’s no surprise!).

Similar Websites & Apps

I’ve written about, a website that helps visitors by providing park itineraries, ride wait times, projected crowds, restaurant menus and prices, and hotel reviews.  And Touringplans’ app, Lines, that can help you experience more rides at the park.  It also lists characters’ specific show times, dates, and show wait times.  But you have to pay for the service (~$15 per year).

There’s also the My Disney Experience app, for both Apple and Android devices.  This seems to be the most comprehensive app of them all.  Plus, it’s free!

Disney Character Locator

The “My Disney Experience” App Has It All. Including Wait Times, Character Locations and Times, Dining Information, and More

The My Disney Experience app will show you ride wait times, show times, park hours, restroom locations, and character locations and times.  And the neat thing is, you can get directions from one park location to another within the app, because there’s an interactive map built in!

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Here’s a list of our Disney related posts, to help you start planning your next Disney vacation!

Bottom Line

Character Locator is a mobile-friendly website built to help you plan and save time during your next trip to Disney World.

It provides a lot of great information, like character locations, show schedules, ride information, and dining options.  But you’ll have to pay for an ~$8 subscription to see most of the content.  And Disney’s own app, My Disney Experience, is free, easier to use, and provides even more information!

Do you have a special tool or app you use when planning your trip to any of the Disney theme parks?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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40 responses to “My Review of Character Locator: A Website to Help You Plan Your Next Disney Vacation

  1. So why use it over a free app that provides more info like the Disney app?

    • I subscribe to it. It actually helps you plan your park days around which parks are busiest & which aren’t. My Disney Experience doesn’t give you that info. It also gives you much more detail about where/when to meet characters, more info that MDE gives. I’m not sure how the writer can give a full review if he doesn’t subscribe to the site & have full access to everything, but it’s worth it for me to pay a measly $8. If a person doesn’t want to pay, don’t use it, it’s no biggie.

  2. With the Disney Chase credit card there will be reserved locations for character greetings in the parks. For example in Epcot we would visit Food and Wine festival multiple times since we are locals. Once inside the park we would go to the designated location in the AC; they will verify you are the cardholder and sign you in. They escort you into a private room with characters and a photographer; you also get one free picture. Since there was always such a short line and you are in a secluded room we would also take a lot of pictures. We would see different characters on different days; this year there will be Star Wars characters. There was also a private lounge for Chase card holders that we stop in and use just for a few minutes; this changes locations from year to year. They would have free soft drinks and restrooms with no lines; being in Disney this is a nice perk.

  3. Thanks for posting this blog . It’s like dream come true when you enter in Disney World .

  4. I go to Walt Disney World annually and exclusively use their free app successfully.

  5. I use Character Locator and absolutely love it! There’s FAR more information on it than you describe. It appears from your review that you didn’t make the purchase or you’d see many exclusive features (like character info that you can’t find anywhere else) and the plans are the best around. If you search the Internet, you won’t find other companies that include characters and shows in their touring plans. BTW, the Lines app doesn’t contain character information. I subscribe to that as well, and find far less useful information on it.

  6. Thank you for sharing your review,
    I’ve been a subscriber of Character Locator for a few years and there are so many things the review didn’t cover.
    1. Character Locator has full schedules, not just what’s coming up. You can plan your trip easier because you can see the schedules for days other than just today.
    2. Park Crowd Calendar – not on MDE
    We plan or trips by this calendar and it has never failed me.
    3. Touring Plans – not on MDE
    Touring Plans were briefly mentioned but there is so much you left out. You can choose from a numerous amount of tested plans and then easily modify them to what you want to do.
    4. Chat – not on MDE
    It has a great chat feature where Disney geeks, like my self, can ask or answer questions. Btw, the creator of the app is on their regularly responding to questions. Can’t get that personal service on MDE
    5. Disney Trivia – not on MDE
    When you get a little bird standing I line, which is rare when we use the Plans, we play Disney Trivia, which is also included in the app.
    I’m sure there is more I left off.

  7. I have Character Locator and use it on a regular basis. I don’t know how he does it, but Kenny the Pirate has information on characters that when we have been “in park” were not showing up on the My Disney Experience App. He has the inside scoop on rare characters and characters that aren’t on the regular schedule. That alone makes his “app” worth it. I have also had a subscription to’s closed site features, and I have found that Kenny the Pirate’s crowd calendars are MUCH more accurate.

  8. Character locator is way better than the MDE app. Used it exclusively our last trip and saw twice as many characters as we did in our 2 previous trips combined. You may think it lost dated, but sometimes newer isn’t better. Besides, with all the glitches MDE has, I’ll take Character Locator any day!

  9. This review is like hating the too small shoes you didn’t try on in the store!
    I have used Character Locator for multiple trips, with large groups and small children to avoid long lines during slow and busy seasons. The disney app is frequently down and doesn’t offer enough content. My husband and I were discussing seeing Alice at rope drop, a woman over heard us and showed us the Disney app that said she wouldn’t be out until later in the day. Character Locator had her listed as appearing first thing. We walked straight to Tea Cups and my princess got to ride the tea cups solo with Alice.
    I have Kenny and Character Locator to thank for that priceless highlight of our trip!

  10. I used Character Locator on my last trip and found that it was far more helpful and up to date than the Disney App. We go to Disney several times a year, and our last trip was the first time I had a paid subscription to the Character Locator (KTP) site. I used the free features for previous trips, and while they were helpful, the paid subscription provides much more information. In order to provide an accurate review of a product you need to actually purchase the subscription so you can see the full product. You do your readers a disservice by not doing so.

  11. How bout you subscribe to Character locator and really see what it has to offer…And the my Disney app seems to always have problems. Plus use the touring plans of the character locator you use it correctly you’ll have a better experience.

  12. You left out something very important. The biggest reason NOT to use My Disney Experience App for most anything other than your reservations and Fast Passes. It’s wrong more than it’s right and leaves out a lot of information. If someone relies on it alone they will end up lost or at the wrong place at the wrong time at least once on their trip. I’d never suggest it over the other apps you mention.

  13. I’ve subscribed to Character Locator for two years now. It made all the difference in planning our Disney trips. Often the free MDE app is not working properly which was the reason I initially subscribed to the CL. However, now that I’ve used it I would never go back to Disney without it. It’s too bad you didn’t subscribe so that you could give more of a detailed description of what it has to offer. It is absolutely worth the price of subscription and far outweighs what is offered on MDE, in my opinion.

  14. Oh my god, you are so far off with your “review”. The sitr is very easy for any novice to navigate. Not to mention all the extras you get from it that ypi DO NOT get from MDE! Crowd calenders, tons of character meet info to include interactiom tips and whether or not the meet in im AC. You don’t get that from MDE! Character locator is much more detailed and useful than MDE. The only thing I use MDE for ia reservations and fast passes, otherwise character locator has proven to me far for accurate and useful. $8 for a year subscription is a small price for the wealth of helping plannong information you get from it. There are also pre made touring plans that can be tweeked to fit the individual user.

  15. Character Locator has absolutely changed my family’s Disney vacations threefold (for the better). I have a 4 & 5-year-old and we have been going since they were 20 and 9 months respectively. We never wait to meet characters, ever. Especially those without FP+ options. The main point of the locator is to give REAL time character finding info that OFTEN Disney does not provide as clearly on their app or website. I personally go to WDW 5 times a year (sometimes more) for one week at a time. Our family is often first in line to meet characters. We are forming a line before others around us even know who is coming out for a meet and greet. Friend and family that travel with us think I have pixie dust for as little as we “wait” do to things throughout the parks. Well, I do, it’s called Character Locator by Kenny the Pirate. If you want real character meet times and locations, secret meet and greet info and more I highly suggest the Locator. Disclosure: I have personally told Kenny the Pirate to INCREASE his price. It’s true gold wrapped in Disney magic.

  16. One word – characterpalooza. Find information about that on My Disney Experience. No luck? Pay for the PREMIUM information provided on the Character Locator and you can be one of the cool kids. In the meantime, don’t review things you haven’t tried.

  17. I have had a subscription to Character Locator for over a year now and as long as I am planning a trip to WDW, I will hold that subscription. Character Locator provides valuable information that is not available on any other site, including the My Disney Experience app & Touring Plans. All of these tools are valuable but Character Locator is the absolute best for characters. Giving a review of any product or service should require having a thorough working knowledge of that product or service. That would require a subscription. Character Locator is completely worth $8/year.

  18. No one where else can you get accurate and up to date info on characters. It also has good info on touring the parks. This is hands down the best character information out there. Sadly you didn’t even review the value of the app.

  19. Character Locator and touring plans are both significantly better than My Disney Experience! Disney’s IT is notoriously bad! We use both the Character Locator and Touring Plans and swear by both.

  20. We have been using character locator for several years and love it. I recommend to everyone going to Disney. There is so much more up to the minute information provided than the MDE app and the crowd calendars help plan your trip to the fullest. I am unclear on how you provide a review without actually subscribing & using the service.

  21. This review is completely off base. Horrible research and reporting. Character Locator is a wonderful to use in conjunction with MDE. I will always be a subscriber.

  22. I’m the father of girls ages 5&7. My wife’s family took us to Disney three years ago. They were the Disney “experts” because they have gone several times before but this was my first time. Had a nice trip and used the Disney app and did a lot of things. I planned to go back the following year with just the 4 of us so I did research for the trip. Came across the character locator app and subscribed. Figured if I was spending $4000 on a trip what’s an extra $8 to help plan. Wow! Kenny the pirate had so many tips and his times were do much more accurate than the Disney app. We saw three times as many characters plus the interaction tips were spot on and made the meet and greets amazing. The message board and questions Kenny answered were invaluable. So much insight and knowledge. If you want to meet characters this is by far the best website on the internet. Also his personnel reviews of the parties, restaurants, shows etc. this site is truly amazing.

  23. Danielle Anderson

    I love using Character Locator. The crowd calendars are on point which in my opinion, is absolutely crucial to planning the best WDW trip possible. Aside from helping you create your own park touring plan, Kenny has TONS of already mapped plans. All you need to do is decide if you’re going to focus on character interaction, rides, or a mix of both and the guesswork is taken out of it. Well worth the $8.

  24. I loved Character Locator. It made our trip, which was at the end of Spring Break Season, so much better.

    Our lobgest ever wait time was 30 minutes, we met every character on our list and were able to get theough each park and see what all 7 of us wanted.

    Kenny The Pirate’s website and Character Locator are something I reccomend to everyone I know who is traveling to WDW.

  25. The character locator app is amazing!! Worth so much more than the minimal cost. It’s a million times better than the official my disney experience app. I never go to wdw without it. Kenny the pirate puts a lot of effort into it and it makes sense there’s a cost. I work hard and get paid for it. Ppl should get paid for their efforts.

    Character locator is a must have for any disney trip. I’m a Canadian and have had an annual pass to disney world for the past 6 years. I never go to disney without character locator!

    I think it’s very easy to navigate. Honestly, the my disney experience app is kind of awful. I feel like ppl who visit disney already know that.

  26. Did I miss the part of the review that describes your in-park experience after subscribing to Character Locator? I’ve planned week long WDW trips the last four years with my young character-loving children. The first two years that I didn’t use the app I was fumbling around the park like an amateur. The last two trips I used my subscription to KtP’s Character Locator app to plan ahead and guide us through our touring and have been able to accomplish a lot more… more character meets, less time standing in line, more efficient navigation of the park. My Disney Experience app is great for managing your FastPasses, looking up a menu, finding a bathroom, finding various wait time, etc.. However, it does not provide insight,offer proven touring plans and share tips and tricks to improve the overall WDW experience. It really sounds like you didn’t “use” the app… which I think is a shame… but part of me is glad because the fewer people with this knowledge the better for my next trip.

  27. Very disappointed in this review. As a personal user of the Character Locator “app”, to say that it doesn’t offer more than MDE clearly means you have not A. Used CL vs. MDE to actually go though a day at Disney especially with character greets as a focus or B. Actually spent $8.00 to give the full app a fair review.

    The tips, times, and details is invaluable to those who want to meet hard to find characters which aren’t even listed on MDE and the interaction ideas make for a far more magical experience.

  28. Comparing Character Locator and MDE is like comparing apples to oranges! Although MDE looks more sleek, the content is lacking! CL is by far one of the most complete and accurate planning/character websites around! The reason the app/website is lacking on “polish” is because Kenny (the designer) coded it so it could be used on most formats and therefore used by more people. Our family uses and recommends Character Locator!! We use MDE for our hotel and dining reservations only. Perhaps another look at the app/website is in order?

  29. I have used the Character Locator app for a few years now. It is well woth the $8 annual subscription. I have been able to meet many rare characters with little to no wait. Characters not listed on the free Disney app. This alone makes it well worth the $8. I find the app very user friendly.

  30. Character Locator and all the other awesome features of the paid site are the best! I use the crowd calendar religiously when planning my trip. There is a literal ton of information that can’t be found on other apps or web sites. Love, love Character Locator.

  31. We love character locator-

    We have an internet savvy family, and we still find heaps of things on Kenny’s site that we don’t see elsewhere.

    Their crowd calendars, character locations, and specifically party info are super helpful.

    It’s not expensive, and it supports Kenny’s posts on his page, which I follow more closely than “official” sources.

    If you’re paying five zillion dollars for a Disney trip anyway, this is a way better value than one of those planning books that are quickly out of date.