Get up to $600 Back for a Damaged or Stolen Cell Phone With Ink Business Preferred

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Joannecommented:

Please explain how the $600 cell phone protection perk works with Chase Ink Business Preferred card.

Great question, Joanne!

When you pay your monthly cell phone bill with the Ink Business Preferred, you’ll get automatic cell phone insurance.

It includes up to $600 of protection against damage or theft, 3 times per 12-month period, after you pay a $100 deductible.  That’s up to $500 back toward a replacement!

Chase Ink Business Preferred Cell Phone Insurance

Pay Your Cell Phone Bill With the Chase Ink Business Preferred to Get up to $600 of Cell Phone Insurance!

Remember, you also earn 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards points paying your cell phone bill with this card!

I’ll explain why the cell phone insurance and bonus earning makes paying your cell phone bill with the Ink Business Preferred a good idea!

How Chase Ink Business Preferred Cell Phone Protection Works

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To be eligible for the $600 cell phone protection, you do NOT have to purchase your cell phone with the Ink Business Preferred card.  But you DO have to pay your monthly phone bill with the card.

Coverage begins the day following your cell phone bill payment.  And remains in effect until the last day of the calendar month following a payment.  After that, you can make 3 claims in a 12-month period, as long as you keep paying your bill with the card.

But there are some exclusions:

  • Lost phones are NOT covered
  • Covered phones must be purchased new.  Refurbished or resold phones are NOT included
  • Only covers you and your employees listed on your monthly cell phone bill
Chase Ink Business Preferred Cell Phone Insurance

Damaged Your Phone? You’ll Have up to $600 of Protection When You Pay Your Monthly Cell Phone Bill With the Chase Ink Business Preferred Card!

The cell phone coverage with the Ink Business Preferred card is supplemental.  So it only covers you after your other insurance plans (like third-party insurance, renter’s, or homeowner’s plans).

This coverage is similar to the cell phone insurance provided by Wells Fargo personal credit cards.  Although the $100 deductible with the Ink Business Preferred card is higher than the $25 deductible with Wells Fargo.

Because the Ink Business Preferred is a business card, only you and the employees listed on your monthly bill are covered.  So the coverage will NOT apply to family members on a family plan, unless they are employees of your business.

How to File a Claim

It’s important to keep receipts for your cell phone purchase and monthly bill in case you need to file a claim.

To file a claim for damage or theft, call the Chase Benefits Administrator at 888-320-9956.

It’s recommended to call within 60 days of an incident.  If you wait, your claim may be denied.

If your phone was stolen, you’ll need a police report that is filed within 48 hours of the occurrence.  And if your phone was damaged, they might require an assessment from a qualified phone repair service.  Or that you send in your phone to be inspected.

If approved, you pay Chase a $100 deductible.  And they will reimburse you up to $600, or the price you paid for your phone, whichever is less.

Should You Pay Your Cell Phone Bill With the Ink Business Preferred Card?

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If you have an expensive phone, paying your monthly bill with the Ink Business Preferred makes a lot of sense!

Because the automatic cell phone insurance will save you money in case your phone is damaged or stolen.  You’ll also save money because you won’t have to pay for 3rd-party cell phone insurance.

And cell phone bill payments are part of the 3X bonus category with the Ink Business Preferred card.  So you’ll earn extra points that you can transfer to fantastic airline and hotel partners!

Chase Ink Business Preferred Cell Phone Insurance

Use the Bonus Points You Earn From Cell Phone Bill Payments With the Chase Ink Business Preferred Toward Free Nights at Hyatt Hotels, Like the All-Inclusive Hyatt Zilara Cancun!

Keep in mind, there are other cards that earn more points on cell phone bill payments.  For example, you earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points per $1 on cell phone bill payments with the Ink Plus (no longer available to new applicants) and Ink Cash.

But I think having the $600 cell phone protection is worth earning fewer points.

One drawback is the cell phone insurance only covers you and employees who are on your cell phone bill.  So if you’re looking to get insurance for family members, the coverage is better with certain Wells Fargo personal credit cards.

Bottom Line

When you pay your monthly cell phone bill with the Ink Business Preferred, you’ll get $600 of automatic cell phone insurance.

The insurance covers you against damage or theft.  You can file 3 claims per 12-month period.  And you’ll have to pay a $100 deductible with each claim.

This coverage only applies to you and employees on your monthly cell phone bill.

For complete details of the terms and exclusions of coverage, I recommend reading the Ink Business Preferred Guide to Benefits.

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11 responses to “Get up to $600 Back for a Damaged or Stolen Cell Phone With Ink Business Preferred

  1. The only con I see with this is most top tier smartphones these days cost anywhere from $650-$950. Even using this benefit you’d still have to shell out as much as $450, $100 deductible + cost of phone above $600 ($950). Where as insurance through carrier or even Squaretrade can cost $150 for 2 years but a $100 deductible would get you the same device without requiring you to pay any additional out of pocket cost.

  2. Hi,
    I love your website and have learned a lot from it.
    I tried to find the benefits guide for the Ink Business Preffered card but couldn’t find it. Then I called chase and they couldn’t provide it either nor answer my specific question about restrictions, limitations and exclusions.
    My question is: what if I buy a phone now with this card and I’m covered…. Then let’s say after 3 years my phone gets damaged…would I get a new one or would I only get the money for what my 3 year old phone is worth at the time of accident.
    Please let me know if you know where to download the benefits guide. Maybe I can find the answer in it.
    Thank you very much,

  3. Do you happen to know whether Chase recognizes Google’s Project Fi as a cellphone service yet? I have Fi as my carrier, but at least while the service was still pretty much brand new (June 2015 was when I got my invite here in OH), my Ink Bold did *NOT* score 5x points for the bill. I don’t believe I ever tried it on my newer Ink Plus (and I haven’t applied for the Ink Preferred yet, although I did close the Bold awhile back so I think I have a shot). This seems to be the one minor irksome detail of using Fi, that it “flies below the radar” as a cell service carrier.

  4. Does this work with Chase Ink (not preferred)? I only have a chase business Ink.

  5. The biggest let down is the supplemental insurance aspect of the benefit. I would assume at least 90% of educated business owners with this card all have business insurance (if not renters, or homeowners) – which makes this benefit all but useless as those deductibles are all $250+ on average.

  6. One of the items listed under “what is not covered” says the following:

    “Cellular wireless telephone which has been rented, leased, borrowed or cellular wireless telephones that are received as part of a pre-paid wireless service plan or “pay as you go” type service plans.”

    Most carriers all have gone to the leasing or payment plan for the phones. From the way I read this, that would mean this coverage doesn’t count if you are on that type of plan and didn’t buy your phone outright from the carrier. Anybody have a different take on this?

  7. Based on a conversation with a chase benefits rep the cell phone insurance coverage is only valid for 120 days after the date of purchase. Can anyone confirm that this accurate. If it is true then you are better off with insurance through a carrier.