It Just Got Easier to Load AMEX Serve!

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Update:  Many folks are reporting AMEX has shut down their Bluebird and Serve accounts with no notice.

Folks with American Express Serve now have 2 new options to add money to their accounts!

You’ll now be able to load your eligible Serve account for free at Dollar General and Rite Aid stores.

You get free cash reloads if you have the new Green Serve card, or activated your regular Serve account before August 5, 2015.

While the press release refers to adding cash, folks have been able to load their accounts with certain PIN-enabled Visa and MasterCard gift cards at some other locations in the American Express network, like Family Dollar and Walmart.

It Just Got Easier To Load AMEX Serve

AMEX Has Added 2 New Locations to Its Free Cash Reload Network. Now Load Your Serve Account at Dollar General and Rite Aid!

I have NOT tried loading Serve at either location with a PIN-enabled gift card, so I’m NOT sure if it works.  But I’m looking forward to trying!

For example, CVS is also part of the AMEX cash reload network.  But you can NOT use a PIN-enabled gift card to add funds to your Serve account at CVS.

If PIN-enabled gift cards DO work, this could make it more convenient for many folks who aren’t near a Walmart or Family Dollar, but have a Dollar General or Rite Aid close-by.

Read my post on how to decide which AMEX prepaid account is right for you!

And remember, you can still get the (almost) fee-free version of Serve if you sign-up for a OneVIP Serve card.

I’m traveling right now so I won’t be able to test this right away.  But if you’re near a Dollar General or Rite Aid and decide to try loading your Serve account with a PIN-enabled gift card, please share your experience in the comments!

Good luck!

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29 responses to “It Just Got Easier to Load AMEX Serve!

  1. Just tried Rite Aid and would not go through. The manger said you can only load with cash. Sad day as it looks like both Walmart and Family Dollar in our area have stopped taking the visa gift cards for loads.

  2. What city/state are you in Johnna? I’m betting that this is very YMMV esp in NYC but I’m willing to give it a go and report back

  3. I will give it a go in Southern California and let everyone know how it goes.

  4. I’ve been using it a few weeks here in the Philly suburbs. Works fine. I have two RA very close to me, both are fine with taking gift cards. I’m using the OneVIP.

  5. No luck with Rite Aid in NYC. Cash only EVERYWHERE, extremely YMMV. However, was able to load to full $2,500 daily limit at Dollar General!

  6. I reside in Shaolin, NY and I load VGC at Family dollar. But i had to drive to 5 stores to find one that allowed it.

  7. Any luck Chris?

  8. Sorry Kent, haven’t gotten a chance to try yet.

  9. I live in southern Indiana area.
    Aaron so you were able to load gift cards at your local Dollar Store? What type of serve card do you have?

  10. In NYC, my Vanilla Visa Gift Card was not accepted at Rite Aid. However, it seems that another debit card would be.

  11. I just got notified that my Serve account (originally a Softcard Serve) would have a monthly fee starting next year :-/

  12. For the past couple months I have been able to load a One Vip Serve and a new Serve Blue card using both OV’s and VGC’s at Dollar General here in upstate NY. I will be trying to load at RA later today since that is where I buy my OV’s. I probably need to use some sort of proper etiquette buying OV’s then using those same OV’s to load my serve accounts at the same store.

  13. I had a redbird but stopped using because nothing but cash. Hubby has bluebird and after many attempts found success buying Simon Mall GC and loading ONLY on kiosk at Walmart. I was trying to buy money orders and after many tries will probably give up – after having success loading only at one counter at one giant (where counter was so high they couldn’t see card using).

  14. Today I tried 3 local DG with no luck but it was obvious at 2 of them the employees were not trained on how to accept these loads for either cash or GC. The last store the clerk told me only cash. However I tried 2 other RA stores and did get the GC’s to load onto serve. While the employees weren’t quite sure what to do their terminal was easy enough to figure out and it was easy to load both cards.

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  16. Great info everyone – thank you!

  17. Pls be aware:
    I’ve been doing using serve for some time now and have discovered a few things. Do NOT withdraw more than $2,000 to a linked bank account shut down! You are able to load VGC at FEBRUARY and Walmart you just have to find a location that will let you (p.s. I found one in Brooklyn!)

  18. @Ruvy-what is “FEBRUARY”? Is it a store?

    Also, I got a Vanilla VGC to load at a Rite Aid in NYC after it didn’t work at a different Rite Aid.

  19. Doesnt help me….no DG, Or RA in North Dakota.

  20. DG and Rite Aid no longer accept vgc loads. only cash. already tried before christmas. no luck here.

  21. In Baltimore, loading visa gift cards with a pin is a ten-second process at rite aid. Don’t use vanilla. Buy the card at a grocery store. It’s very easy.

  22. Tried 3 different RiteAids in Seattle area. 2 worked with Visa Debit cards and 1 said cash only. So I guess it depends on the store.

  23. How many did you guys load? I want to see the if there is a new limit to load Visa giftcards into the green serve so I can structure a system. I was trying to see if I can do $600 dollars a month done in a day during the first week.

  24. @Ruvy how did you find out about the shutdown? I transferred 3000 from serve to bank on accident from 300 and they weren’t able to cancel the transaction.

  25. I cant load at any Rite Aid’s onto the new Blue Serve card from Vanilla GC’s. FD and DG want 3.95 to reload. Will the ONE VIP serve card be free to load at FD and DG?

  26. my experience in NYC and upper Westchester county,where I go on weekends.
    Rite aid at 100th and First Ave
    two categories,one with free load green ,one with $3.95 blue
    two different lines on “load” menu on front reload kiosk on counter
    they will load V VCGs for a fee of 3.95 each
    Rite Aid at 96 and Second Ave
    hostile management but only one try, cashier staff is ignorant
    Duane Reade
    Vanilla GC up to $500, varying policy re number to purchase, may vary day to day, suggest not to try over two. I bought them with Easter Cards to send to grandchildren for their college funds
    ACME supermarket, don’t sell much in the way of Vanillas, none over $200
    very friendly, loaded 5 vanilla VGC @$500 to get money orders, total cost $4.95
    CVS has Vanilla VGC at $500 at $4.95 each, don’t think that they would load
    but that was my impression
    NYC is a tough place for M$ and very inconsistent policy

  27. Thanks for posting your experiences in NYC. I live in Queens and so far the Rite Aid on Steinway Street is cash only for One VIP Serve.

  28. I have been loaded gift cards at my area Rite Aid since this cam out in December. Today their systems went to cash only. I was always cautious and would only load 1 gift card per store each visit so as not t draw questions from the cashier. Today the manager said they got a memo yesterday that it would soon be implemented for cash only because of fraud. He was cautious to check my drivers license with the name on my debit card I was using which I had my bank debit card out like I was going to use that as my form of payment. But when I went to swipe the card it would not go through. Luckily my local Family Dollar is still taking the gift cards but there are fewer stores so not as convenient and can only load 1 per day per store.

  29. Again why not just load with cash if you have cash so lost need help lol