Don’t Yet Have AMEX Serve but Don’t Want to Pay the New Fees? Then Get the Serve ONE VIP Card!

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Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader, yuckmouth, for alerting me to the ONE VIP version of AMEX Serve.

In case you missed it, the current Serve card is now closed to new applicants.  And there are now 2 new versions of Serve with a 3rd on the way!

But these 2 new versions of Serve are inferior to the “traditional” Serve card that folks already have.

Folks like using AMEX Serve to help meet minimum spending requirements to pay bills that can’t ordinarily be paid by credit card.

Don't Yet Have AMEX Serve But Don't Want To Pay The New Fees Then Get The Serve ONE VIP Card
AMEX Serve ONE VIP Has All the Same Features as the Previous Serve Card

So it’s welcome news that you can still get the Serve ONE VIP card.  Because it’s the same as the “traditional” and better Serve card!

What’s Going On?

Link:   AMEX Serve One VIP

Link:   New Serve Accounts

Link:   My Review of American Express Serve

I told you earlier today about the changes to AMEX Serve.

There are now 2 versions of Serve, and both of them have new fees for cash reloads.

But… there’s still this version of Serve called the Serve ONE VIP card that does NOT have fees to reload.  It does have a $1 monthly fee that’s waived if you load $500+ to the card each month, or live in New York, Texas, or Vermont.
Don't Yet Have AMEX Serve But Don't Want To Pay The New Fees Then Get The Serve ONE VIP Card
Serve ONE VIP Is Only $1 per Month (Waived When You Load $500+ in a Month, or Live in New York, Texas, or Vermont), and Has NO Cash Reload Fees!

Folks with the old AMEX Serve already have these features.  But if you don’t already have an AMEX Serve, you can still get the same deal with the AMEX Serve ONE VIP.

The only difference is the branding, but the features are almost the same.

With the ONE VIP Serve card, you’ll also get access to the Radio One ONE VIP Loyalty Program (VIP club access, premium concert seating, and other perks).

I don’t know how long you’ll be able to sign-up for this version of AMEX Serve, so if you’re interested, get it now!

There’s a new AMEX Silver Serve card coming out in ~2 months, but I do NOT know what the fees or features will be yet.

As of right now, the AMEX Serve ONE VIP has the best terms of all the available AMEX Serve cards.

Note:   You can still get the AMEX Bluebird and Target Prepaid REDcard, though the REDcard is only available in certain states.

And you can only have ONE AMEX prepaid card at a time.   Check out my post for help deciding which AMEX prepaid card is right for you!

Bottom Line

The AMEX Serve ONE VIP card is almost identical to the old AMEX Serve card that most folks currently have.  As of today, the old AMEX Serve is closed to new applicants.  And there are 2 new versions of AMEX Serve, and both of them have fees to load cash!

I do NOT know how long you’ll be able to sign-up for AMEX Serve ONE VIP, so if you’re interested, get it while you can!

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