You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards, What to Do Now

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You can no longer load Target Prepaid REDcard with debit cards or gift cards.

This is bad news because lots of folks bought gift cards to meet minimum spending requirements on new credit cards.  And then loaded the gift cards to Target Prepaid REDcard to pay bills like rent and Homeowner’s Association fees.

You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards What To Do Now

Target No Longer Allows Debit Cards or Gift Cards to Load the Target Prepaid REDcard. But You Have Other Options!

But you still have other choices!  I’ll explain!

What’s Going On?

Link:   Target Prepaid REDcard

I was excited when the Target Prepaid REDcard came out, because it was an easy way to earn miles and points with credit cards.  When AMEX stopped allowing account loading directly with credit cards, a workaround was to buy gift cards, and load them to the Target Prepaid REDcard.

You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards What To Do Now

Target PrePaid REDcard Was a Great Way to Earn Miles and Points. But Now You Can Only Load It With Cash

But that’s over, too.  Readers reached out to me with the bad news.  And Frequent Miler even secured a copy of the official memo to Target employees.

Now, the only way to load your Target Prepaid REDcard is with cash.  So it’s no longer useful as a way to earn miles and points.

What Else Is There?

Link:   AMEX Serve One VIP

Link:   AMEX Bluebird

AMEX has 2 similar prepaid debit card options, AMEX Serve One VIP and AMEX Bluebird.  Read my guide about which 1 is best for you.

You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards What To Do Now

Load Your AMEX Serve Card With Gift Cards at Family Dollar

AMEX Serve recently split their prepaid debit card into several options.  But AMEX Serve One VIP is most like the original card, and has few fees and free reloads.  Lots of folks report you can still load gift cards to Serve at Family Dollar.

Get this card soon if you’re interested, because I don’t know how much longer they’ll allow new sign-ups.

You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards What To Do Now

You Can Still Fund AMEX Bluebird With Gift Cards at Walmart

AMEX Bluebird is the other option.  And folks say you can still load it with gift cards at Walmart.

Which card you pick depends on how near you are to a Family Dollar or Walmart, and how easy it is for you to purchase the right gift cards with a credit card (keep reading for a tip on where to buy them!).

Also keep in mind you must close your AMEX Prepaid REDcard account before you can open a new AMEX Serve One VIP or AMEX Bluebird card.

Complete Your Minimum Spending Requirements

Link:   40+ Powerful Ways To Complete Your Credit Card Minimum Spending Requirements

Staples just added $300 gift cards to their website.  You can purchase these cards to meet minimum spending requirements, and use them to load AMEX Serve One VIP and AMEX Bluebird.

Then you can use the bill pay feature of either AMEX Serve or Bluebird to mail checks to your landlord, pay tuition, etc.  It’s much easier to meet credit card minimum spending requirements when you have a way to include your largest bills!

You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards What To Do Now

Buy Gift Cards at Staples to Help Meet Minimum Spending Requirements

You’ll pay ~$9 in fees for each card, but they’re cheaper than buying gift cards in-store.  And ordering online saves you the hassle of going out to get them.

Plus, you’ll save even more when you pay with AMEX SimplyCash because it earns 5% cash back at US office supply stores.

Be sure to read about 40+ ways to meet your minimum spending requirements.  These will help you earn sign-up bonuses on new credit cards while you’re switching from AMEX Prepaid REDcard to AMEX Serve One VIP or AMEX Bluebird.

What’s Next?

In our hobby, deals come and go all the time!  Even though this deal is over, we’ll look forward to the next big thing that comes along.

It’s a great reminder to take advantage of good deals while they’re available.  And of course I’ll always let you know when something new develops!

Bottom Line

You can no longer load your Target Prepaid REDcard with a gift card at Target stores.  

You can still use gift cards to load AMEX Serve One VIP at Family Dollar or AMEX Bluebird at Walmart.  Here’s how to decide which card is best for you.

If you’re interested in AMEX Serve One VIP, sign-up soon because I don’t know how much longer it will be open for new accounts.

In the meantime, you can purchase $300 gift cards at Staples.  And there are lots of other ways to meet minimum spending requirements.

If you’ve had an experience with any of these AMEX prepaid debit cards, let me know about it in the comments!

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20 responses to “You Can No Longer Fund Target Prepaid REDcard With Debit Cards, What to Do Now

  1. I was definitely emotional yesterday at the Target store when I saw in-person the internal memo confirming the death of Redbird. I asked the manager to show it to me twice just to make sure!

    Later in the day when I posted about it and broke the news on several blogs, I was both glad and sad; it proved my 10/12/13 analysis right and it ended the suspense for all of us, but it also confirmed there was no more Redbird MS perks to be had.

    Oh well, such is the MS game.

  2. Do you have a list of all the credit cards that we can use to load serve online and still points?


  3. Hello,
    Do you have a list of all the AMEX credit card we can use to load on server online that gives reward points?


  4. It is just a matter of time before Bluebird and Serve will not be able to load the gift cards. In the Bay Area, it has already been shut down. It is just a matter of time before the gift card game is over electronically for Serve and Bluebird.

  5. Not sure if you need to get the VIP version to avoid the reload fees at Family Dollar. I was able to load $500 to my new version Blue Serve card using a One Vanilla Visa bought at a Rite Aide and did not incur any additional charges. All this was done in upstate NY today, October 14th. As always, YMMV.

  6. Hello Bill H- Your Blue Serve $500 load – did you load at Family Dollar or Can We load at Walmart also ? Please guide

    Thank you

  7. The credit card industry has been closing up on their loopholes, once they learn about them. Sad. Serve and Bluebird strategies may stop working some day.

  8. Timmy, I loaded at Family Dollar and did not incur any reload charges. I also tried at Walmart before that and could not load my Blue Serve using an OV. Now one more data point about trying to load at Walmart. This was before I registered my Blue Serve card online.

  9. I tried to sign up but it says I already have an account. Do I need to cancel my old Bluebird account?

  10. I tried to load today a Walmart and it did not go through.

  11. I just signed up for the One VIP Serve card and noticed it said “cash” reloads at Walmart, Family Dollar, 7-11 and CVS. You’ve said that you can use a gift card at Walmart and Family Dollar. Is it possible eat CVS or 7-11?

  12. Has anybody tried to load PIN enabled Visa/Master Gift Card at any Walmart Neighborhood Market? Do they have KATE like the regular Walmart and if their cashier register has authority to process BlueBird/Server Reload? Thanks.

  13. Just got an email from Target updating T&Cs. Seems like the main point of the email is to spread the word that you can no longer link a new bank account to fund redbird (but says you can still withdraw money to a bank account).

    Of more interest however, it goes on to say “You can continue to easily add money through Direct Deposit, Debit Card, and Cash Reloads at any U.S. Target store.” Hmmmm. I wonder if this means they’ve back tracked on not allowing debit card reloads?

  14. **Quick point to clarify: The email is from Amex, not Target.

  15. I just received the same and came here to see if there was any update posted. Hoping they are allowing this again.

  16. Weird, I just got an update to the terms of my REDcard, and it included this paragraph:

    You can continue to easily add money through Direct Deposit, Debit Card, and Cash Reloads at any U.S. Target store.

    Looks like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

  17. This email from Amex (which was also sent to Serve card holders) is likely referring to online loading with a debit card (up to $200/day and $1K/month) not loading at Target

    Amex wasn’t the one that stopped debit loading at Target for Redbird (prepaid REDcard), Target was, so it doesn’t really make sense for Target to have changed its mind about its policy merely days after it stopped. Plus, the Target memo which officially announced the new policy didn’t make any mention of the new policy being temporary. For that matter, I doubt Target would have bothered to issue a memo to all its stores unless the changes were permanent, or at least indefinite.

    I still have one of my Redbird cards active but I won’t bother testing to load it at Target with a pin gift card based on this email. I’m sure others will though.

  18. I got the same notification email too last week that debit cards are allowed. So I went to Target and unfortunately i was not able to load with a debit gift card. Anybody else try and was successful?

  19. How are people still getting visa gift cards to load on bluebird at walmart? I keep getting “debit not available”

  20. Dave, you’re probably going over the $5K monthly limit.