Reminder: 1 Week Left to Get 80,000 Points With AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass Card!

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Have you been thinking of signing-up for the American Express Hilton Honors Surpass card?

February 28, 2015 (Next Saturday), is the last day to sign-up for this card and get 80,000 Hilton points when you spend $3,000 within the 1st 3 months!

Emily and I don’t receive a commission for this offer, but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

Reminder 1 Week Left To Get 80,000 Points With AMEX Hilton HHonors Surpass Card

80,000 Hilton Points Is the Highest Sign-Up Bonus Ever Offered With the AMEX Hilton Surpass Card!

Find out if this is a good deal and see what you can do with 80,000 Hilton points!

AMEX Hilton Surpass Card

Link:   American Express Hilton Honors Surpass

Link:   My Review of the American Express Hilton Honors Surpass

You can now get 80,000 Hilton points when you sign-up for the AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass card and spend $3,000 on purchases within the 1st 3 months.  This card also includes:

  • Free Hilton Gold Elite status (free breakfast and internet)
  • Free Hilton Diamond status when you spend more than $40,000 in a calendar year
  • 12 points for every $1 you spend at Hilton hotels
  • 6 points per $1 you spend at US restaurants, supermarkets & gas stations
  • 3 points per $1 you spend on everything else
  • Terms & Conditions apply

The $75 annual fee is NOT waived the 1st year.

Is This a Good Deal?

This is the highest sign-up bonus I’ve ever seen with this card.

However, 80,000 Hilton points may not go very far!  Especially if you enjoy staying at top-tier hotels.

Reminder 1 Week Left To Get 80,000 Points With AMEX Hilton HHonors Surpass Card

The Sign-Up Bonus With the AMEX Hilton Surpass Card Will Only Get You 1 Night at the Hilton Moorea

But lower category hotels will stretch those points further!

Reminder 1 Week Left To Get 80,000 Points With AMEX Hilton HHonors Surpass Card

You Can Stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Hanoi, Vietnam, for Just 10,000 Hilton Points per Night

At 12 points per $1 spent, the AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass card will get you the most points for paid Hilton stays.  So if you stay at Hilton hotels frequently, this is a great card to have in you wallet.

That said, my favorite Hilton card is still the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card.  That’s because you get 2 free weekend nights at almost any Hilton hotel when you spend $2,500 on purchases within the 1st 4 months.

You also get Hilton Gold status with this card and you get another free weekend night when you spend $10,000 in a calendar year.  The $95 annual fee is NOT waived.

Bottom Line

This is the last week to get 80,000 Hilton points when you spend $3,000 on purchases within the 1st 3 months on the American Express Hilton Honors Surpass card.

You also earn 12 points per dollar spent at Hilton hotels.  So it’s the best card for folks who have a lot of paid Hilton stays.

We don’t get a commission for this card offer, but this is the highest sign-up bonus I’ve seen for it.  And we always tell you about the best offers.

I still prefer the Citi Hilton Reserve card, which gives you 2 free weekend nights when you complete the minimum spending requirements.

But if you’ve already received the sign-up bonus for this card, the AMEX Hilton Honors card is a good choice!  Just don’t forget to apply by February 28, 2015!

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15 responses to “Reminder: 1 Week Left to Get 80,000 Points With AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass Card!

  1. Hilton Honors pts are highly overrated. I would not sign up for this offer. 80,000 pts seem like a lot, but Hilton honor points are extremely devalued, more so than any other hotel rewards program. if you sign up, do it for the Hilton honors gold status. I’m saving my hard inquiry for more worthwhile points.

  2. I got the card and 80,000 plus extra pt on card gets me 5 nights at nice Hilton in Scottsdale AZ, that works for me anytime

  3. Most folks value HH pts at 0.4cents/pt. So, a 80K (though sounds large-like zimbabwe currency), is only ~$320 value. If you take out the $75 fee, then the 80K pts is at $245 value only (half of what we should target for $500). I agree the Gold benefit is good though.

  4. Can you transfer points to airlines points 1 for 1

  5. Gerardo Fernandez

    Are they transferable to Delta SM?

  6. @Dan on February 21, 2015 at 4:02 am said: “…Hilton honor points are extremely devalued, more so than any other hotel rewards program. if you sign up, do it for the Hilton honors gold status. I’m saving my hard inquiry for more worthwhile points.”

    We hear statements like that repeated again and again in the echo chamber that is the travel blogosphere. However, the purported cataclysmic “devaluation” of Hilton Honors points is and has always been a myth that never squared with reality. True, Hilton charges a lot for rooms in “raw” points, but, at the same time, it is also true that it is very easy to earn loads of Hilton points from paid stays. If you earn most of your points from general credit card spend and sign up bonuses, then Hilton, IGH, Club Carlson or Marriott are not and have never been good programs for you. Their room rates in “raw” points are too high. You’d be better off trying Hyatt Gold Passport or SPG.

    For those who earn most of their points from paid stays, especially if they pay for their stays with the AMEX Surpass featured here or with the Citi HHonors Reserve visa, Hilton offers a very competitive value because it is the ratio of award room rates (i.e., “raw” points charged for a room) to how many redeemable points one earns per spend, called Spend Per Free Night (SPFN), which is the key metric for objectively judging or comparing the hotel loyalty programs.

    Therefore, what you need to do is to compare Hilton’s SPFN with the same for the other major hotel programs. Doing that and including points that one earns from on-property spend on co-branded credit cards — a must-have for anyone who wants to compete effectively in the mile/point game — shows that Hilton offers a better SPFN value than Hyatt Gold Passport, Marriott Rewards or SPG, in that order, with SPG having by far the worst SPFN value of any program. The only hotel programs with better SPFN values than Hilton Honors are IHG and Club Carlson, with the latter being dirt cheap by any measure.

    In short, that Hilton charges a lot of “raw” points is true, but this is balanced by the great ease with which one can earn loads of HHonors points, especially if coupled with bonus points from paying for stays with co-branded credit cards. Therefore, it is simply not correct (read: silly) for people to keep blaming on Hilton “devaluation” all their shortcomings. That awful “devaluation” of HHonors points is and has always been a myth. A number of travel/loyalty bloggers (e.g., Gary Leff at “A View From the Wing”) have done the math and come up with similar results. If you are really interested, you can just go to the link below for a step-by-step demonstration what I just stated above (you’ll just love the glossy charts):

    I did not mean to pick on you. Just trying to set the record straight.


  7. @DCS

    I think it’s safe to say that we can agree to disagree. We are talking on different wavelengths. You are saying that you admit that yes, Hilton Honors pts are devalued, but hey it’s okay because I can get a lot of points through stays and credit card spend. That’s like saying, yeah, the points are worthless, but I can get a load more of points through spending more. You are justifying the hugely devalued Hilton Honors points, so you can sign up and keep the card. The bottom line is, hilton points are so devalued, that I would be blowing through 80,000 pts in a 1 or 2 night stay in Asia or Europe, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things. If signing up for the card to get one or two night stay at an overseas Hilton property is worth it to you, great. But it isn’t worth it to me. I would rather waste that hard inquiry, minimum spend on a credit card that gives me more value.

  8. DCS, do you work for Hilton? I agree with Dan that the program has been devalued to the point where it is no longer competitive with the other hotel programs. I was formerly a fan of HHonors but no more.

  9. Last month I applied for this card and got approved instantly. A few days later I upgraded my Hilton HHonors card which I already had for a year now to Hilton HHonors Surpass version and was also approved immediately. As it turned out I received both 80K and 50K bonuses even though a statement of one of the cards did not close yet. Who would expect it 🙂

  10. @Dan – Your arguments make as much sense as the claim of Hilton “devaluation”. You must have a reference point before making such a claim.

    The only way one earns loyalty points is by spending money, and as it turns out, one earns loads and loads of point by just staying and spending at Hilton properties. You could also earn points by general spend on credit cards but that won’t do with programs like Hilton or Club Carlson that have high room rates in points and here’s why:

    The number of bonus points earned for general spend on a Club Carlson card is 5points/$ (one of the highest) and I believe 3points/$ on the AMEX surpass.

    On the other hand, a top elite would earn 45 points/$ or 32points/$ from stays at a Club Carlson hotel or Hilton hotel, respectively, for which they pay with their co-branded cards. That is why the “Spend Per Free night” is the objective measure for evaluating programs and not just the HUGE number of points they may charge for the rooms. It is the “conversion factor”, if you will.

    Without a “conversion factor”, the room rates in points are meaningless. How so? Consider the following:

    The currency for Myanmar (Burma) is Kyat. If you see the price tag on an item that says that it costs 1,000,000 Kyat, you may say, “Wow, 1 Million, that is lot of money!” And then you learn that the exchange rate or conversion factor is $1 = 1,000 Kyat so that the item costs just 100 bucks — hardly a lot of money. It is completely analogous with the HHonors points. Unless you convert the points to a unit that makes it comparable to other programs, which is the Spend Per Free Night, you have no idea or clue what you are talking about. 95,000 HHonors points/night for a Cat 10 Hilton hotel seem like a lot, but do you know that 95,000 HH points are about the same is 30,000 Hyatt GP points, which is how much a night at a top Cat 7 Hyatt property goes for? Where is the “devaluation? In terms of Spend Per Free Night Hyatt and Hilton points have about the same value, except that Hilton has the edge if bonus points from credit cards are included.

    Like I said, your arguments are silly, even childish. And PBB, no, I do not work for Hilton. I am just a guy who is very good with numbers and can figure out easy things like the relative value of loyalty points. It ain’t rocket science…

    I do not agree to disagree with you because I know that you are wrong, but go on believing what you wish. I tried 😉


  11. Correction to example above”
    1,000,000 Kyat = $1,000, but not $100 and still not a lot!

  12. @DCS

    Club Carlson’s card is more valuable in that you can get a free night if you stay 2 nights on points, thus getting 50% off, which I would consider much more valuable than the Hilton card perks.

  13. @John – No disagreement on that tangential point…

  14. I have had a Hilton HHonors card for two decades and am wondering if I can just call them to upgrade to the Surpass card, get the bonus and not loose my credit history/relationship with the Hilton AMEX brand. Anyone know how that might work? Thanks.

  15. @Brian – I did exactly that about 3 years ago. I upgraded the no-fee HHonors AMEX to the Surpass and, not only did I get the 50K HH points, which were the sign up bonus at the time, but the Surpass completely assumed the identity of the no-fee card it replaced – card number, history, member since year, etc, remained the same. The beauty of it? There was no minimum spend requirement. I got the bonus as soon as the upgrade was approved.

    I do not know if things have changed but it was a great to just upgrade….