Cheap Car Rentals – Let AutoSlash Do The Work

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Autoslash used to be one of the best ways to save money on a car rental.

Cheap Car Rentals Series:

The way it worked is that you would first make a refundable rental car reservation at Hertz, or Avis etc.  You would then have Autoslash track the price of the rental (in case it decreased) by entering the confirmation number in Autoslash.

Let Autoslash Do The Work

Autoslash would then track the rental and send you an email every time the price decreased and give you the option to rebook.  You could also book directly through Autoslash and have Autoslash automatically rebook you at a lower price if the rates went down.

But the rental companies didn’t like how Autoslash was saving money for consumers and no longer let Autoslash work for their car rentals.  So you won’t see most car rental companies when you search for car rentals on Autoslash.

More importantly, in my experience and in the posts on this FlyerTalk thread, Autoslash no longer tracks car rentals made elsewhere.

Bottom Line

It isn’t clear if Autoslash is reliably tracking cheaper car rentals any more, but it doesn’t hurt to enter in your confirmation made elsewhere and hope that Autoslash can find you a lower rate.

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26 responses to “Cheap Car Rentals – Let AutoSlash Do The Work

  1. I stopped using Autoslash. I rented a car in San Diego and went to pick it up, Autoslash had booked my car using a company rate (no idea they had). They asked me for proof and of course I couldn’t provide it. Autoslash forces corporate and other proprietary codes posted online (basically unethically) and rebooks you. Great concept for price savings, really bad execution. That’s why car companies are refusing to work with them.

  2. The decline of Autoslash is too bad; alas it was too good to be true.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record and tooting my own horn all at once. I still think my Priceline strategy is the best way to save money on car rentals. I know you are a fan of UR Mall so I will have to check that out and compare. RIP Autoslash.

  3. Auto Slash used to be great. They did rebook my car rental with enterprise that i originally booked thru enterprise’s website. (6 or so months ago). It save me some money for sure.

    I did the same booking a few months ago and Autoslash did nothing. No emails alerts or anything. The price did go down a few times and i did rebook myself. Autoslash NO LONGER works. I wish it did because it WAS great.

    Car prices (At leas at the airports i use) change dramatically up until the day of travel. Sometimes much cheaper, sometimes much more expensive.

  4. Scott – Thanks for your link. Good strategy. Going to try that next month Thanks

    • @Mark – I’ve never been rebooked with a corporate code using Autoslash, but I can understand why that can be an unpleasant experience.

      @Scott – I’ve used Priceline many times, but I now find that Costco Travel and the UR portal give me the best rate for the least work, but Priceline often has good rates as well!

      @e – I wish it still worked, but it was good while it lasted.

  5. Does anyone have recommendations for renting a car internationally? Specifically we are looking in Poland. We also would not be able to drop off & pick-up in same city. And of course our biggest factor is that we can’t drive manuals.

  6. No vehicles ever show up for rental for LIH(Kauai). Wish this worked for Lihue. I’d love to try this service.

  7. Hi Daraius – Love the work you do. FYI – I just got an email from AutoSlash yesterday advising me I can save $10+ on my Denver car rental this weekend. This was for a rental booked directly with E-Z Car. AutoSlash worked for me.

  8. They should move the technology over to cruise ship bookings since many people track these to get a lower price after they’ve booked but before the sailing.

  9. Daraius,
    I used car rental company “Fox Rent A Car” in Orlando. I paid around $7.50 /Day.
    They have a good selection of cars with a big lot.
    Website has hot deals for few locations.

  10. I am planning a week in LA, including a two-day hop up to Sonoma County. Is it better to rent a car for the whole week in LA and leave it sitting in the LAX parking lot for two days? (I have rented a car through Budget/Costco — thanks for the tip! — up in Sonoma for the two days around the wedding) . Or is it better to rent Tues through Thurs in LA, turn the car in for those two days, and then rent anew when I return on Sat night through Tuesday’s flight home?

    • @Elenor – It depends on how it prices out. If 2 separate rentals are cheaper and you don’t mind spending the extra time (though you will save on 2 days parking fees), you could do separate rentals. Thanks for the tips on cruising. I’ve never been on a cruise (yet), but I’ll check out cruisecritic when we do!

  11. For Cruises: (used to?) track cabins and prices, but they seem to have closed. “Cruise fish (dot) net” seems to be a replacement? Haven’t used ‘fish’ — used the ‘shark’ but never got a better price (but then, we were already in a Grand Suite… {wink} ).

    Hanging out on cruisecritic (it’s a com) — esp. the ‘rollcall’ for the cruise you want — is a great way to track cabins, if not always prices… We often posted a planned cabin change — so rollcall buddies could catch it when we dropped it. And folks on the rollcall would announce new coupons or discounts or price drops when they learned of one. But, obviously, you already had to know which cruise you were planning on.

    Each rollcall thread is single-cruise specific: you ‘meet’ the folks who will be on your cruise. We always arranged a sail-away party (and I made nametags) (and often a *pre*-cruise dinner ashore for the folks arriving a day ahead); someone else arranged a golf tournie; and usually someone(s) would arrange cheaper bus tours or other excursions for our group, and so on. (We were, for instance, the “Oasis Camels” on… what else? … the Oasis; the “Icy Jewels” on the two-stops-in-Iceland Transatlantic; and the “Diamond Heads” on the LA to Hawai’i and back.)

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  17. I discovered recently that they use Travelocity to book and their cheaper offerings may not really be comparable. The one they found didn’t cover a spouse.

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  22. I have a long rental coming up during high season and Autoslash saved me $279 overnight!! Thank you so much!!