Won’t Last! 75,000 Points (~$750+ in Travel) With The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card [Expired]

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Link:   How to Fill Out an AMEX Business Card Application

Update:  As I suggested, the offer is no longer available and was pulled soon, so I’ve removed the links from the post.

I’m not sure why, and I don’t know for how long this will last, but my affiliate link is offering 75,000 American Express Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within 3 months.  The $175 annual fee is waived for the 1st year!  If you do apply, please take lots of screenshots.

The spending requirement is $5,000 whereas the last time the card offered a 75,000 point offer, it had a $10,000 minimum spending requirement.

The terms and conditions say that you have until August 12, 2013 to apply for the card and get the sign-up bonus, but I’ve never seen an American Express offer last for so many months.  Though there always could be a first time.

Here’s a post on how to fill out the business card application.  You don’t need to be incorporated to apply for a business credit card and can also apply for a business credit card as a start-up business with little to no revenue.

Unfortunately, American Express is not matching offers, but it doesn’t hurt to ask nicely.

You can call the reconsideration line at 866-314-0237 if you’re not immediately approved.

What can I do with 75,000 Points?

Here’s a post on what to do with Membership Rewards points.

You can get at least $750 in air travel when you use 75,000 Membership Rewards points to book travel using the “Pay with Points” option.

The advantage of using Pay with Points is that you get lots of flexibility with booking your travel because you don’t have to search for only low availability flights.  If there is a flight for sale, you can use points to book it.  You will also earn miles on the flight you book.

You can transfer Membership Rewards points to airline partners and then redeem for flights within the US, to Hawaii, and the rest of the world.  The bad news is that most partners charge fuel surcharges on international awards which vary by the partner airline you fly on.

American Express Membership Rewards


Membership Rewards airline and hotel transfer partners often have transfer bonuses, so you may be able to transfer your points to, say, British Airways and get 40% more points.

The $175 annual fee is waived for the 1st year and you earn:

  • 3X points on airfare
  • 2x points on purchases in the U.S. for advertising in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping
  • 1X points on other purchases

However there is a 2.7% foreign transaction fee so don’t use the card outside the US.

Who is Eligible For The Bonus?

The terms also say that the: “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® account within the last 12 months.

You should be able to get the 75,000 point bonus if you have have the American Express personal Premier Rewards Gold and the Platinum card since the terms preclude only business cards within the last 12 months.

You can get the bonus if you have another American Express card like the Starwood hotel or Delta airline card.

But you will NOT get the bonus if it is less than 12 months from when you cancelled a business Gold, Green or Platinum card.

Bottom Line

American Express seems to be running limited time mega sign-up bonus offers, but with large minimum spending requirements.

We’ve seen similar offers before for 1 day only, so I don’t know how long the 75,000 Membership Rewards points will run for.

Here’s a post on how to fill out the business card application.  You can call the reconsideration line at 866-314-0237 if you’re not immediately approved.

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104 responses to “Won’t Last! 75,000 Points (~$750+ in Travel) With The American Express Business Gold Rewards Card [Expired]

  1. can Amex match the 50K offer I just got?

  2. Amex won’t match a bonus for those of us that recently opened the card under the 50k offer, huh? =(

  3. Looks dead already. Reverting to the 50k offer.

  4. I can’t click continue to go to the personal info page.

  5. If you have more than one business, can you get more than one biz account?

  6. Just got approved!

  7. Thanks. First business card. Instant approval. Though it took several tries on diff browsers to get the offer to come up. Worked on Chrome in incognito mode. I really appreciate your blog.

  8. Sweet. I will probably give this one a shot. $5k in 3 months makes me a little nervous because I will need to manufacture spend so I am little concerned about an FR but worth it in my opinion.

  9. thanks D, another 75k without fee, great!!!

    • @bluecat – Unfortunately, not with AMEX. You’ll get the card, but not the bonus after completing the minimum spending.

      @AJ – Congrats!

      – Congrats and thanks for telling us what worked!

      @Scott – You could use the card for regular spending and mfg. with your other cards.

      – Too bad I can’t apply for it!

  10. Took several tries in 2 different browsers, but the Chrome Incognito tab worked! Required a call where I waited while she looked at something. No questions asked though and approved. They’re expediting the card too. Sweet! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. I can’t get the 75k offer to come up, no matter what browser/options I try. Incognito doesn’t work either.

    Anyone have any tips?

  12. Never mind, just cleared cookies in IE, restarted IE and I got it.

  13. @D, I was awaiting for this offer for a long time, the $10k spend offers doesn’t look good to me in the past. I’ve had at least three people applied and got approved (2)and pending review(1) to support your site if we could. 🙂

    I have to tell them this is the best offer I’ve ever seen barring 16 hours 100k Plat card earlier this year.

  14. Newbie Miler

    does it make sense to apply for this card if I just applied for 2 personal cards with amex? One is approved and another is pending.

  15. I just got approved for the business Gold today ! w/ 50k bonus…. any reccomendations on who to ask about matching if we havent recieved the card yet?

  16. Glad I asked for a match. Guess it’s a YMMV situation.

    Try all different browsers with privacy modes, including tablets and phones. Wouldn’t come up in Safari or Chrome for me, even with private browsing and incognito, but came up on my iPad mini.

  17. Had to clear cookies but I just got approved….thank you Dararius!!

  18. Amex won’t match the offer. I just called and a supervisor said they have no way of doing it. I literally opened up the card this past week.

  19. Tried FF/IE/Chrome with/without incognito/privacy, also iPhone, iPad, both using Wifi and using cellular data. Also tried clearing history/cookies in iPhone/Pad. All got 50K offers on multiple attempts.

  20. Also tried to call to get the offer, and was told it is an online only offer and they can’t apply it to a phone application.

  21. pointspointspoints

    I tried all the different browsers on my computer and laptop including chrome firefox IE, clearing history and cookies and incognito mode, but finally worked on my android phone’s firefox browser (didn’t work on chrome). It also showed the 75,000 miles on my phones dolphin browser but it wouldn’t let me type on the application page (weird i know).

    • @Albert @PainCorp @Juli @pointspointspoints – Thanks for sharing what worked to see the offer.

      @ben – Thanks for your support!

      @Newbie Miler
      – I can’t tell you what to do, but 75K for $5K is a very good offer!

      @Steve – Thanks for sharing and it never hurts to ask.

      @Dan – Very interesting.

      @AZ– I’d wait for the card to arrive.


  22. I just applied and my status is pending. I haven’t applied for a card in years so I’m not sure if I should call in right away or wait for them to notify me. I’d love some advise.

    I don’t know why, but applying for card always makes me nervous and uncomfortable, but for 75,000 I figured it’s worth a shot.

  23. I could only get the 75K offer on my laptop but not my desktop, but it eventually appeared, and I applied using my personal information as an owner / sole proprietor- status is pending. Did anyone else not receive an instant decision? How long should I wait before calling AMEX? I got an instant approval on the AMEX Gold card in February.

  24. Is the likelihood of a “Financial Review” high by AMEX if I were to pay the down payment of a vehicle? I’ve been reading about FR and it seems somewhat random and extremely annoying. Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

    • @Darcey @Mike U – I’d wait for a few days before calling in.

      @SoCal – It is somewhat random, but the triggers are suspected to be fast ramp-up of spending, applying for too many AMEX cards, adding authorized users, using a lot of Amazon Payments or buying gift cards directly from financial institutions online etc.

  25. I applied for SPG card today and got approved. Can I still apply for this today?

  26. what if you currently have the AMEX MB Platinum? Are you excluded from this offer? Thanx in advance.

  27. I already have an AMEX Delta Skymiles Platinum Business card, does that exclude me from getting the bonus?

    • @mo @RL in FL – You should be able to get the bonus if you have those cards. The MB Platinum is a personal card and this is a business card. The Delta card is a co-branded card while the Business Gold card is a Membership Rewards points earning card.

      @MJ – You should be able to apply for this card today as well and hopefully it will be just 1 credit inquiry.

  28. I applied for SPG card today and got approved. Can I still apply for this today?

  29. Help!!! I really would like to apply for this, but I just applied for the 40k BarclayCard a couple of days ago and am still waiting for approval. According to both CreditSesame and CreditKarma, my credit score is above 700, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Would it be worth it for me to try to apply for this card anyway?

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  31. forgot to ask D, I had SPG biz card last year, am I eligible for ?

    • @Nicole – You could apply and wait a few days and see if you get approved.

      @ben – Having the SPG business card will not prevent you from getting the bonus again, but if it has not been 12 months since you cancelled the Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card, you won’t get the bonus.

      @nate – It still works for me in Chrome. Have you tried Safari or a mobile device?

  32. No dice, offer seems to have reverted to 50k. Chrome, IE, Incognito, Private, Cookies deleted–none worked!

  33. I applied status is pending called recon and was told there executive team has to look it over for identification verfication?? should I try calling back or wait it out?

  34. So having a pending application does not affect the approval or denial of another application?

    (Thanks for your quick help, I absolutely love your blog, it’s one of the best imo!!)

  35. I have been following this website for one week and I now have 2 cc’s with 125,000 pts!!

  36. Chrome Incognito worked for me.
    This’ll go well with the 100K Plat and 50K PRG from January.
    (And here I thought SQ suites was only gonna be for the outbound.)
    Thank you, Daraius.

  37. Strangely…it worked for me in Firefox…but not in Chrome/IE

  38. D,
    Your the man. Applied and Approved under your link. Thank you

    • @jake – I’d wait a few days and then call back.

      @Nicole – The pending application is with Barclays, so it shouldn’t matter.

      @AK – 🙂

      @FullMoon @Srini – Thanks for sharing what worked. I’m very intrigued why certain browsers work and others don’t.

      @Jonathan – Thanks!

  39. If I have a business EIN, will this application still show an inquiry on my personal credit report?

  40. If I applied and got the “pending further review” message, should I wait and see – or call a reconsideration line?

  41. @Daraius – Thank you! My wife and I applied for this card and we both got approved using your affiliate link!

    FireFox – No luck. It didn’t work in both normal mode and private mode.

    IE – Cleared cache (Shift + Ctrl + Delete). Worked in normal mode. My wife’s card got approved. I tried to do the same thing again in IE to apply for my card and it did not work anymore.

    Chrome – Didn’t work in normal mode, but I did see the 75K in Incognito mode. Then, I accidently clicked the Backspace button and the Incognito no longer worked for me.

    Safari – Clicked the setting button (top-right corner). Select “Reset Safari..” and checked off all the items. Clicked on “Private Browsing..” and the 75k link worked immediately. 5 minutes later, I got myself approved!

  42. My wife got a targeted offer for the same card with 2K spend but she already has the card. Can I use her offer code? Thanks!

  43. I was able to see the offer on iPad, but after submitting the request, the reply was ‘our system is not responding’. I switched to Mac, opened Chrome as you suggested and got an instant approval. Thank you very much.

    Ps. I just got Delta Gold and Blue Cash last Friday. I was not planning on getting more AMEX cards, but this offer is too good to pass.

  44. I was just approved. How long can I sit on the card before activating it and still receive the 75,000 points after spending $5K?

  45. I applied for the card using your referral link. This is a great offer especially with the 75,000 points with only 5k in spending.


  46. My last app-o-rama was in March and included the Amex PRG. I was waiting until mid june to go for another app-o-rama. Should I break the cycle to apply for this card? If I do, will it affect my app-o-rama in June?

  47. Thomas Ambrose

    The company that I work for has me as an authorized user on a small business and a corporate platinum card. It’s not my business though. Do you think I would be able to get the bonus?

  48. UPDATE: I applied a couple hours ago and got a pending status. I called AMEX and was told that they just wanted to verify I was indeed applying for credit and not anyone fraudulently using my information. They verified my name, birth date, and SS#, thanked me for my business and then approved me! My new card will be here in 24-48 hours!
    Thanks Darius! I used your link in February for the AMEX Gold and also used your link for this AMEX Gold Business! You Rock!

  49. Darius,
    I applied and my application is in process / pending.
    I also have a spg amex and hilton surpass. I hope i get approved
    Thanks for the info 🙂

  50. Hi: I just saw this offer on your blog tonight.

    I had to google the offer as I couldn’t open the application here. I filled out
    the application (which said one would know within 6o secs.).
    Application said that it needed more information. I called the RECONSIDERATION
    LINE posted by The Points Guy and I was immediately approved and was told I
    would receive the card within 72 hrs. Thanks, for the tip. great promo. Haven’t tried an

  51. D,
    THANKS for the heads up…applied via your link and got approved
    and I used Firefox incognito

    • @Gabe – The inquiry will show on your personal credit report, but the line of credit will not appear (unless you default on the loan).

      @sl @Joanna – I’d wait a few days and call AMEX since they are pretty good with automatic approvals, though you could call sooner if you’d like. Good luck!

      @WHY – Thanks for using our link and sharing what worked and what didn’t.

      @KennyB @Lihong– I believe you can.

      @Brian – The clock starts ticking as soon as you’re approved i.e. you have 3 months from when you are approved to complete the $5,000 minimum spending requirements.

      @Scott @Mike U@ stefan
      – Thanks for using our link!

      @Andy – One card out of the schedule shouldn’t matter.

      @Thomas Ambrose – Being an authorized user doesn’t disqualify you from getting the bonus. But you won’t get the bonus if you are a joint user.

      @Johanna – Congrats!

  52. I clicked the link, finally got to the page with the 75,000 points. I whole time frilling this out I kept thinking “to good to be true” How did you hear about this link and offer? I ask because after I did fill it out and was approved, I received an e-mail from the address (American Express New Accounts ) aexp.com is a strange web address, so I Googled it and this is what came up: Email Phishing Alert: “[email protected]” “Beware Of American Express Phishing Message” So now that I put in ALL my personal information, is this a SCAM???????

    • @JD Andrews – @AEXP.com is a legitimate American Express email ID. I believe the Phishing article indicates that a legitimate AMEX address (…aexp.com) was spoofed, not that …aexp.com is run by scammers!

  53. That’s good to hear…Thank you. 75k points just sounded to good to be true.

  54. Hi signed up and got instant. Do Amex points transfer to any cool place or is cash back the best for the points?

  55. worked like a charm in IE…thx! BTW…great seeing u @ Tyson’s corner. wish I got to talk to u more, but emily was very nice to chat with. Keep up the good work. BTW im gonna link u on my budding site if ur ok with it!

  56. I already have the AMEX Gold Business Card, but can I get one for hubby who is co-owner of the business and still qualifu for the points?

  57. Applied using your links. Instant approval. Thanks alot for your tips

    • @Henry – They transfer to certain airlines and hotels. See this post for more information.

      @chris – Great seeing you too and thanks for using our link! Feel free to link me on your site!

      – I’m not sure if you can get it for a different person, but for the same business. I’d guess yes, but I don’t have personal experience.

      @Kishore – Congrats and thanks for using our link!

  58. Don’t know if anyone else has attempted, but I’ve now tried twice through the AmEx secure messaging center to have them match the 75k (I received the 50k card in April) to no avail. Pretty disappointing on that front. Doesn’t look like they will be matching – if anyone DOES have any luck, please share how!!

  59. Instant, thanks D!

  60. Daraius, I was wondering why you think Amex won’t honor the Aug 12 deadline to apply for this card? They seem to honor the deadlines on SPG cards. I can’t do another AOR until Aug because I just did one a few months ago and am still meeting minimum spends.

  61. Anyone squeezing in a App-o-rama, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Mastercard seems to have dissapeared from the mastercard.us site, and I believe MMS isn’t allowed to promote that card or be in violation with flexoffers.

    Found a working link on flyertalk, http://www.frequentflyeruniversity.com/blog/2012/10/15/chase-sapphire-preferred-mastercard-which-cards-earn-ultimat.html , user on FT confirmed the mastercard link works, great alternative to those of us that already milked the CSP visa.

  62. This APP page sux!!!

    I’m using Chrome. After trying multiple times to get the page to land on 75k…I then have to deal with the BS of this app not going on to the next page. Finally, I was able to get approved for one card but when tying to qualify the wife…the page won’t allow me to click to go to the next page.

  63. If I already have a business platinum card can I get the bonus applying using a different business and tax id# that I have, or is it limited to the individual ?

  64. AmexSux, your page loading problems should give you an idea of just how many people are currently applying for this card across the interweb. If I could just get 10% of the referral $$ being made on this deal I wouldn’t need to work for a while.

  65. Just tried on the 4th attempt on Safari (previous attempts on IE, Firefox, Mobile Safari only brought back 50k offer) but for some reason it worked and I applied and GOT IT! WHOO HOO!

  66. I just got instantly approved, Thanks!

  67. Awesome…..Dariaus, I got approved! Thanks for your link!

  68. I own a real business with a EIN, in the future should I apply for buisness cards with my ssn and if bonuses like this Amex 75K popup use my EIN to apply for a second card?. Because I applied for Amex 50k offer last week!

  69. Applied and approved instantly through your link. Least I could do for someone who posts easy to understand and informative resources and was clearly my favorite presenter at FTU DC. Thanks Daraius!

  70. Hi I m new to MR points, what’s the best use for them?

    Do they transfer to airline points like UR?

  71. The ‘continue’ button wasn’t working and it took some time of clearing cache and history of all browsers multiple times before I got back to the application Got it to work in Chrome using incognito mode. Instant approval. If you’re having this problem, copy/paste the app link after restarting Chrome instead of coming back here for it after clearing cache/history. For some reason, that worked on my end. Thanks!

  72. Hi Daraius,
    unrelated to this post, is there ever a british airway cc with no annual fee?Thanks

  73. Uggh…I’d gotten the Amex Plat 100k, AA 50k x2 in january, US Air 35k feb, Ink Bold in April. Itching to get this 75k but common sense tells me I should hold off.

  74. I kept trying different browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and clearing my history/cookies, and even using private/incognito browsing, to no avail. Finally, I cleared one last time and rebooted my computer. Bam, the 75,000 came up on the first try. That being said… I already have a spend requirement to meet on another card, and $5k would be a stretch even without that. I think I’m going to have to wait a bit and take my chances that the August 12 date will be meaningful and I can apply a month or so from now.

    • Emma – I don’t believe AMEX will match the offer.

      @MYRflyer – Congrats and thanks for using our link!

      @Tara @ Miles To The Wild – I don’t think this offer was meant to be available so broadly, but that’s just a guess. I’d love to be wrong on this!

      @MYRflyer – Oh, I can link to it, but I haven’t found a working link. I’ll update my posts with it tomorrow. Thanks!

      – They’re making you work for the 75K points!

      @DBPOINTS @Jason – I don’t believe it will work, since they link it to your SSN.

      @Juno – Thanks for confirming how you got it!

      @Sam @Ozaer N. – Congrats and thanks for using our link!

      @Scott G – Thanks! Which session of mine did you attend at FTU?

      @Tommy V – You can transfer them to select airlines and hotels. See this post for more information on how to use MR points.

      @Chad – Thanks for the tip!

      – I don’t believe so.

      – As always, do what you’re comfortable with.

      – There’s no point applying if you can’t meet the minimum spending or will spend more just to get the sign-up bonus.

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  76. I applied for this card about two months ago, but there wasn’t a bonus at the time. I called and cancelled the card right away once I was approved for it. Would I still be eligible for a bonus with a new app?

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  79. I wonder if there has ever been a situation where a cardmember for 15+ years has ever been FR’d. Meeting the $5k spend would require some Manufactured spending. I’ve had this card before and it has been about 3 years since it was cancelled. I’ll have to figure out if it is worth the risk.

  80. **karen_alison**

    I just got approved! I had to clear cookies, but it worked. Quick question…while reading the 50,000 point terms and conditions it says your minimum spending limit does not include buying or reloading pre-paid cards. Is that the case for the 75,000 point card?

  81. I got in yesterday (5/8/2013) at the 75k bonus, but it appears to be dead today (5/9/2013) – I can’t get the 75k bonus to come up at all using any browser or combination of in-private mode. Is that what everyone else is seeing?

  82. @ Steven, I can only get the 50K bonus to show up too. I think the 75K is dead. I’ve tried using my phone, my ipad with Verizon LTE, safari, chrome, firefox, etc.

  83. I had to screw with the IE browser several times, clear history, cache, etc…but it finally gave me 75K – then it told me my decision was pending. It’s worth trying, we’ll see if I get approved.

  84. Approved with your link. Confirmed with rep 75k.

  85. Tried everything suggested and can only get the 50k offer to show up.

    I was on the site yesterday morning and again this morning. Less than 24 hours cost me. Looking to do my first churn and this would have been a nice start.

  86. Hi Dariaus,

    In regards to my previous question about British Airway Card -rephrase – was there ever a 1st year no annual fee? Thanks
    In regards to Amex business gold-Got approved yesterday, was kinda weird. No show on firefox or explorer. Show on chrome, but could not get pass first step. Went back, it was gone. Go to another computer later no luck. Then try one last time firefox, bam it worked!?

  87. It’s a little suspicious that blogs have removed the direct links. Usually when something expires, we let the link sit around in case someone sees it working again.

    It seems like AMEX must have directed everyone to pull it.

  88. Thanks Dariaus. Finally I got it working last night after trying everything with my computer. I decided to try it with my wife’s computer and it finally gave me the 75k on the first try even clearing the cookies in her IE9. I got a waiting status and got approved immediately after calling the application status hotline. It worked with the thepointsguy’s link at first but I wanted to use your link since I like to reward you and Emily for your hard work in here which I have enjoyed reading every time.
    I do have a question though. My Amex Premier Rewards Gold card is about to expire this May and I have more than 50k points. From what I’ve read in one of your blogs, all of my points will expire if I cancel my Premier Gold card and I do not have a substitute point earning card. With the approval of my Business Gold Card, I can safely say that I will not lose my existing 50k points if I cancel my Premier Gold card now, right?

  89. Thanks Dariaus. I got approved for the 75K offer using your link. Can I meet some of the spending requirement (2500 out of $5000) by buying american express gift cards? Will that be considered qualified spending for the bonus? Also do you know if buying amex gift cards with amex credit card earns Membership Rewards points?

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  91. Dariaus, Do you know how long it takes to get the points after spending the $5000?