5 Ways To Make Your Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Call A Success & Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Numbers

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Credit Card Reconsideration

If you are not approved for a credit card application online, don’t give up!

Instead, call the credit card reconsideration telephone line within 30 days and ask them to review your application.

I explained earlier how I called the Chase credit card reconsideration line and got Emily’s Sapphire Preferred application approved.

5 Ways To Make Your Credit Card Reconsideration Call A Success

1.  Be prepared

  • Have a copy of your credit report with you so that you can make reference to the number of open accounts and inquiries on your credit report.
  • Also know your credit score.  And know the number of cards you currently have open with the bank and when you opened them.

2.  Lead the call

In my opinion, it is better for you to lead the credit card reconsideration call than to let the rep lead the call.

Lead the call by letting the rep know that you love your existing relationship with the bank and that you were wondering if there was any way to get approved for a new credit card by reducing the high credit line on your existing credit cards.

This lets the rep know that you are aware of why you may have initially been denied a credit card.

Lots of folks get denied for credit cards because of late payments or charge-offs on their credit cards.

You want to quickly let the rep know that your denial wasn’t because of late payments or credit mismanagement, but because you may have reached the credit limit which the bank will assign you.

I have successfully used this method to get approved for credit cards even when the reason for denial was “too many inquiries” on my credit report.

3.   Know why you’re applying for a new credit card

Emphasis the reasons why you want a new card.  Offer additional reasons as to why you want the card, before you are asked why you want another card.

Examples of good reasons could be:

  • My company changed their preferred airline/hotel and I need a different credit card to match
  • I moved and American Airlines (or whatever loyalty airline card you have) doesn’t fly to my new city
  • I hate Airline X after they cancelled my flight and I will never fly with them again
  • I want a card with no foreign exchange fee
  • I want a card with a low annual fee or no annual fee
  • I don’t have any credit cards with your bank and have heard great things about your bank from my friends/family and want to start a relationship with your bank

4.  Leverage your existing relationship with the bank

You are more likely to get approved, on your credit card reconsideration call, if the rep knows that you are a loyal and profitable customer for the bank.

Be sure to mention if you have:

  • a checking account or credit card with the bank for 2+ years
  • charged a large amount on other credit cards with the same bank
  • never been late on a payment

5.  Be polite with the telephone representative

In general, you get more when you are calm, positive, and well prepared.

Yelling at the phone rep during the credit card reconsideration call will only hurt your chances of getting approved, besides indicating that you are a jerk.

When was the last time you lent money to someone after being yelled at for initially refusing?

Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone numbers

I’ve listed the credit card contact telephone numbers below:

1.  American Express

  • 866-314-0237 – reconsideration
  • 877-399-3083/866-379-3643 – new accounts
  • 800 230 1284 – credit services
  • 800 582 6471 – new accounts/reconsideration, but agents don’t usually process applications immediately.

2.   Bank Of America 

  • 866-505-7481 connects directly to a credit analyst for personal cards
  • 800-601-3923 connects directly to a credit analyst for business cards
  • 877-721-9405 – application status press 3
  • Check your application status here

3.   Barclay’s 

  • 866-408-4064 connects directly to a credit analyst

4.   Citibank 

  • 800-695-5171/800-763-9795 – credit department
  • 866-606-2787 – application status
  • 888-201-4523 – application status

You are usually more successful when you write to: CitiBank Executive Review Department, P.O. Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117.

5.   US Bank 

  • 800-947-1444 – reconsideration
  • 800-685-7680 – reconsideration

How have you been approved for credit cards after being initially denied?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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521 responses to “5 Ways To Make Your Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Call A Success & Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Numbers

  1. The working phone number for B.O.A. is 866-505-7481. For some reason that phone number was not easy to find!

  2. Updated working number for BOA credit analysis is 1800-601-3635

  3. US Bank wont let you push an agent to review your app over the phone. they only review cc apps in the order it in which it was received. hence while you can appeal over phone, you can’t call up an agent right after a ‘pending’ message comes up. takes 2-3 biz days they say.


    Is there a reason the chase number is omitted from this post? Some of your other articles link to it (specifically for chase), but I don’t see the number here. Thanks.

  5. robert mcmillan

    could not get AMEX to review over the phone, they did send the application back in for review and said to contact them again in 5-7 business days….this review is showing up on the status check so they are following through on it!

  6. There seems to be a big bank that starts with a “C” and ends with “hase” missing…wonder why ;-)

  7. You state one should call the reconsideration lines within 30 days when doing an app-o-rama. I read elsewhere one should call immediately if they weren’t approved. This way the banks don’t see you also applied for multiple cards on the same day. Is this true?
    Also, with this in mind, do most reconsideration lines have operating hours of M-F, 8am-5pm Eastern Time? This would mean no app-o-ramas during the weekends, I’m thinking.

  8. It is worth calling the reconsideration line more than once if you don’t get the answer you want! I received an initial online ‘further review’ message. Immediately called the recon line and was declined due to too many inquiries. Called again a couple hours later and plead my case a little stronger (still very polite, courteous and appreciative). Approved! The credit hit has already happened. The only thing you have to lose is your time!

  9. Pingback: The Chase Reconsideration Phone Call - Travel Summary

  10. What’s spg bank?

  11. Safuvan Padannayil

    Hi there,

    Can anyone please share Capital One re-consideration tel #? I recently applied for Venture and was denied!


  12. Why is Chase missing? Also, need retention telephone numbers.

  13. Chase is missing because Chase dictates what he puts on this site, and they don’t want the numbers posted.

  14. Hi, can I still call the reconsideration line if I received the rejection letter more than a month ago (Oct 14th)? thanks

  15. @Ro – Doesn’t hurt to try, but usually it is within 30 days.

  16. Thank you so much! Just got off the phone. Took under 5 min and worked great! I read through your steps, made sure I knew them in and out before calling. If you have a solid offer you’re after, you only have one shot at it. Thank you!!

  17. lustedtowander

    I was rejected for the US Airways card once, reapplied and was rejected without them pulling a credit report. (I re-applied to soon) I have excellent credit, so I called the reconsideration line. Within 10 minutes the rep had rearranged my credit limit from my other BarclayBank card, and approved my application.

  18. I was approved for AA but denied for HHonors Reserve for too many inquiries. I called the reconsideration line and was denied again. I waited 3 days, called back and asked to speak with a sup. She was extremely pleasant. I told her I was willing to move some credit from the AA card I was approved for a few days ago. I explained how responsible I am with credit and how I am a savvy shopper and want the cards that will benefit me the most. Hilton HHonors Reserve approved! :).

  19. Chase always puts their phone number on any rejection letters. As for all the complaints, I followed Darius’s model for the reconsideration line and just got my second of two Southwest cards approved by moving some of my credit line around. Companion Pass, here I come! Thanks, Darius.

  20. I just followed your direction and have gotten a denied twice for the business card. I did however get instantly approved for the personal plus card. I will try again today to do the reconsideration but if that fails again, what do you think the chances are if i sign up for the personal premier Southwest card? I really need to rack up the companion pass points and so far, i’ll only get 50k from the personal plus card.

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