5 Ways To Make Your Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Call A Success & Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Numbers

Credit Card Reconsideration

If you are not approved for a credit card application online, don’t give up!

Instead, call the credit card reconsideration telephone line within 30 days and ask them to review your application.

I explained earlier how I called the Chase credit card reconsideration line and got Emily’s Sapphire Preferred application approved.

5 Ways To Make Your Credit Card Reconsideration Call A Success

1.  Be prepared

  • Have a copy of your credit report with you so that you can make reference to the number of open accounts and inquiries on your credit report.
  • Also know your credit score.  And know the number of cards you currently have open with the bank and when you opened them.

2.  Lead the call

In my opinion, it is better for you to lead the credit card reconsideration call than to let the rep lead the call.

Lead the call by letting the rep know that you love your existing relationship with the bank and that you were wondering if there was any way to get approved for a new credit card by reducing the high credit line on your existing credit cards.

This lets the rep know that you are aware of why you may have initially been denied a credit card.

Lots of folks get denied for credit cards because of late payments or charge-offs on their credit cards.

You want to quickly let the rep know that your denial wasn’t because of late payments or credit mismanagement, but because you may have reached the credit limit which the bank will assign you.

I have successfully used this method to get approved for credit cards even when the reason for denial was “too many inquiries” on my credit report.

3.   Know why you’re applying for a new credit card

Emphasis the reasons why you want a new card.  Offer additional reasons as to why you want the card, before you are asked why you want another card.

Examples of good reasons could be:

  • My company changed their preferred airline/hotel and I need a different credit card to match
  • I moved and American Airlines (or whatever loyalty airline card you have) doesn’t fly to my new city
  • I hate Airline X after they cancelled my flight and I will never fly with them again
  • I want a card with no foreign exchange fee
  • I want a card with a low annual fee or no annual fee
  • I don’t have any credit cards with your bank and have heard great things about your bank from my friends/family and want to start a relationship with your bank

4.  Leverage your existing relationship with the bank

You are more likely to get approved, on your credit card reconsideration call, if the rep knows that you are a loyal and profitable customer for the bank.

Be sure to mention if you have:

  • a checking account or credit card with the bank for 2+ years
  • charged a large amount on other credit cards with the same bank
  • never been late on a payment

5.  Be polite with the telephone representative

In general, you get more when you are calm, positive, and well prepared.

Yelling at the phone rep during the credit card reconsideration call will only hurt your chances of getting approved, besides indicating that you are a jerk.

When was the last time you lent money to someone after being yelled at for initially refusing?

Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone numbers

I’ve listed the credit card contact telephone numbers below:

1.  American Express

  • 866-314-0237 – reconsideration
  • 877-399-3083/866-379-3643 – new accounts
  • 800 230 1284 – credit services
  • 800 582 6471 – new accounts/reconsideration, but agents don’t usually process applications immediately.

2.   Bank Of America 

  • 866-865-7839 connects directly to a credit analyst for personal cards
  • 800-601-3923 connects directly to a credit analyst for business cards
  • 877-721-9405 – application status press 3
  • Check your application status here

3.   Barclay’s 

  • 866-408-4064 connects directly to a credit analyst

4.   Citibank 

  • 800-695-5171/800-763-9795 – credit department
  • 866-606-2787 – application status
  • 888-201-4523 – application status

You are usually more successful when you write to: CitiBank Executive Review Department, P.O. Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117.

5.   US Bank 

  • 800-947-1444 - reconsideration
  • 800-685-7680 - reconsideration

How have you been approved for credit cards after being initially denied?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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498 Responses to 5 Ways To Make Your Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Call A Success & Credit Card Reconsideration Telephone Numbers

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  2. Ugh. Tried to apply for two Barclays cards on the same day and got shot down for the second card after calling in (the first was approved). The agent had all the info from my recent applications over the past six months. Didn’t have a good answer for why I applied for more than 10 cards in such a short period of time!

  3. I called citibank for reconsideration. The reason for my denial was too much available credit. Credit score was 787 and utilization is < 10% and only 1 inquiry. After I brief call, they recommended to move some credit lines which I agreed. Credit card was approved ( Hilton Honors reserve). So the reconsideration phone call is still a valid option. I called 1-866-606-2787.

  4. @Not Me – Barclays is tough to deal with, but better luck next time.

    @Jason – Congrats and glad it worked out!

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  6. Hi,
    Do you know recon line for Bank of Hawaii. I applied for the Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines card, and didn’t get an instant decision.

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  8. I was denied by Barclary due to too many credit in the past year. I have called them twice but was told the same result. They told me they need more time to see how I manage so many cards. What would be your advice? Thanks.

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  10. man, chase is not budging on my chase ink business denial. 3 recons in 3 days. each grilled aboub business details and numbers. they always say young business & low revenue. this same app day, i got boa virgin atlantic, citi mc aadvantage, and barclay nfl. sucks. any advice?

  11. @HK – It is the same as the Bank of America reconsideration number.

    - I’d try again after 4 to 6 months with Barclays.

    @bfa – You could try a few more times and then move on. It helps to start the conversation by saying that you want to close a card and not transfer credit (if you’re willing to close a card to get approved).

  12. MMS – any luck getting US Bank over the hump on too many inquiries? I am struggling to get them to approve anything. Admittedly I have a huge number of inquiries, but seems a dead-end. Wondering if there are any magic tricks/backdoor numbers? (The number you give doesn’t give you a particularly empowered employee, all they can do is “resubmit” to the credit team)

  13. @MilesAbound – US Bank is a tough cookie because they use an ARS report which details many “risk” factors such as lots of open cards, high credit lines, recent inquiries, etc. US Bank also has terrible customer service. Ask for a supervisor or have them call you back. Sometimes you need the supervisor’s boss. Writing a letter could help as well.

  14. I just recently began following your posts here and have to say thanks for the posting about the reconsideration lines. I rarely change cards, or apply for new, and my credit is 780-800, so I was shocked when I was not approved immediately for the Sapphire Preferred… I called the number you gave, and was then transferred immediately to fraud protection, and after a few questions was approved for a 30k credit line. It may have worked itself out regardless, but I appreciate all the work you do in making all of this known to us lay persons of the world.

  15. @Shawn – Thanks for reading and for sharing your experience!

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  18. I myself would like to thank you and the others for the advice given as when I app’d last nite I was declined for the IP but decided to try again this morning & hope to get a better CSR.

    After 27 minutes of questions, hold times the CSR said she was able to close 1 acct, and move some CL off my others to get me approved for the IP.

    Thanks again

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  20. Tried the Barclay’s reconsideration line to get approved for the Arrival card, but they said I had too many accounts opened in the last 12 months and too little usage (read: virtually none) on my US Airways card for them to be interested in opening a new account for me.

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  22. I was denied for CSP last Apr. 20 bec of my high util. That time my BoA balance is 5000+ on a 6400 CL. My score that time was Fico EQ 690. I paid my BoA last month and my current balance is 400. My other card is Macys 100/700 and SST 200/600. My current score now is EQ 755. What will be my chance of approval if I apply next month?

  23. hi Daraius, I don’t know if it is a factor of the special Chase offers going around but I found that the Chase reconsideration agents I spoke to this time were much more inquisitive (for want of a better word) into why I wanted to apply for a new card when I had other chase cards open and cards that had been opened recently etc. etc. Fortunately I had replies ready so it worked out but they made me close a business card and did some moving of lines around to make things work. Just something other applicants should be aware of.

  24. You made my day. it worked with bank of america.
    got denied then approved after the call for $5000

  25. I don’t see your list of Chase numbers for recon?

  26. @Corridor! same Question
    whats Chase business/personal Reconsider Line ?

    why isn’t it listed?

  27. Curtis Gulick

    Yes, why was Chase removed? I used to reference this page quite often for those numbers…

  28. I’m guessing Chase told all their affiliates to get that number off their site/blog because it’s gone from The Points Guy’s site as well! No one wants to piss off their master.

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  30. I applied for a CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Card and was denied for too few satisfactory accounts. I looked at my credit report and saw a lot of errors. After the credit bureau investigated my errors, they were removed from my credit report. The new credit report shows a bankruptcy back in 2005 (2 more years it’ll be dropped) and a secured loan for $5K. That’s it. And the only inquiry for a credit card was Citi-Bank. After I called the reconsideration number, the representative was more in tuned to procedure rather than having me coax her into approving a card. I’m not sure how much empowerment they have over credit approvals over the phone. Anyway, the 2nd time around, I was denied a card. Now if I get another secured loan for $5K, will that help me to get a credit card? Or will they give me another excuse.

  31. @Alex – I’d work on getting an entry level miles and points card (perhaps the Chase Freedom or Starwood AMEX) and then trying for a Citi card later.

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  33. Yes, why oh why are there no chase numbers….How bout this to help all you folks.

    Chase Credit Card
    888-609-7805 (Reconsiderations)
    888-871-4649 (Reconsiderations)
    800-432-3117 (App status)
    888-270-2127 (App recon)
    877-781-3109 (CLI requests & account closures)
    888-245-0625 (Credit Analyst – Reconsideration)
    800-453-9719 – (Credit Analyst – Business Credit Card)
    888-622-7547 (Chase Executive Office in IL)
    800-955-9900 (Product change status questions)

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  36. So, I applied for this card back in December and was denied for the “too many new credit cards recently” excuse. I tried calling the reconsideration line, but, as mentioned by others, for USBank they seem to have very little control and it is just a “flat NO” if they decide to decline you.

    It is now 7 months later and I haven’t applied for anything since then. I was thinking of trying again, but don’t want to have another hit on my credit if they are just going to say “nope!” again. Any idea how long I should wait before trying again — and/or how far back they consider “recently” to be when they look at how many new credit cards you have applied for?

    Except for the attempt at this one, it has been just over 1 year since I last applied for anything (I did the Chase British Airways Visa back in July of 2012 and got approved for that just fine).

    As a person that already has over 100,000 Club Carlson points through other promos — and Gold Member status — I’d really like to pick up this card for the free night after 2 award nights and the extra 85,000 points…


    – John…

  37. Oops — I should have clarified. I was speaking of the USBank Club Carlson Signature VISA in my post above this one!

    – John…

  38. @John… – US Bank is hard to get approved from, but you could freeze your ARS & IDA reports and then reapply.

  39. Hi Everyone. I just applied in the following order on behalf on my wife:

    - US Bank Premier + a business version – Thank you.
    - Barclays Business USAir – another Thank you.
    - BofAm Amex Virgin – Thank you! (what a difference with a ‘!”) :)
    - Citi Platinum AA Visa – Final Summary – call us back @ .., and finally
    - Amex Business Gold – CONGRATULATIONS!

    Now it looks like we’ll have to spend some time over the phone. Though, I remember I managed to get ClubCarlson’s lower version a few months ago for myself. Technically speaking, there was no conversation with them at all.

  40. BTW. Does anyone know how quickly will the inquiries be visible on creditkarma.com ??? I still have not seen any, even after one hour. Will the actual phone calls become hard inquaries??

  41. Just to note it, I went ahead and re-applied for the USBank Club Carlson card (with freezing my ARS & IDA reports because I was anxious/lazy) and got instantly approved this time! Sweet!

    I figured that if I was denied again, I’d then freeze my ARS & IDA reports — and then go apply for the business card instead. But, luckily, didn’t have to do that. :)

    – John…

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  44. I just called in for reconsideration after applying for the Southwest Business card and the Southwest (regular) card. I had been approved for the business and declined for the personal due to too many inquiries.

    I used your advice, mentioning my current relationship with the bank, 100% on time payments, and the reason why I needed two accounts (to keep my business expenses separate from personal). After offering to lower the limit on one of my other cards, I was approved.

    I’m very happy with the result, and generally pretty pleased with Chase bank regardless of how well this worked out.

    Thanks for the tips!


  45. Hi,

    I was approved for the Barclay’s Arrival Credit Card. So my wife applied for the card as well. She was denied. We tried the Barclay’s reconsideration line to get approved for the Arrival card, but they said she had too many accounts opened in the last 12 months and too little usage. We tried our hardest to follow the 5 rules posted, but was denied by the reconsideration department. We actually each had 3 NFL cards over the past year. One gave us both back $400 after spending $750.00; the other two cards gave us $200 back after spending $500. We each opened and closed 3 cards with them in a 12 month period. They sent her a letter stating that “too many inquiries the last 12 months”, “the length of time revolving accounts have been established”, and “Time since most recent account opening is too short”. How do we get approved?

  46. @David – The rules have changed and it is harder to get approved by Barclays now.

  47. Daraius, can you please share more info how to freeze the ARS and IDA reports? My applications to US Bank got rejected and they refer me to talk to ARS. After I called ARS, ARS said they only send the credit report to US Banks for review but not make any decisions for the banks based on that info. It’s the bank’s decision ultimately. Any ideas how to get US Bank to re-consider?

  48. @audisfo – Just write to them and ask them to freeze your report. There are lots of reports on the web that they have inaccurate information on their credit profiles.

  49. Darius- can you respond directly to the lack of Chase numbers? When you initially had no ads, then took them, you said you would be transparent and looking out for your readers! What else has been censored lately- this looks like a slippery slope!

  50. Daraius, thanks for the advise. I will write to ARS. By the way, what is IDA? Is it same as ARS? Or it’s another web report agency that some banks would use? If yes, what banks would use IDA reports for references when deciding to approve the credit card or not?

  51. @audisfo – IDA is another bureau which US Bank uses. Just google it.

  52. yeah, why has the chase numbers been deleted?

  53. OberBoberGrober

    Chase asked Bloggers to remove the phone numbers, they don’t want to be flooded.

  54. Why is it that the writer of this blog has not addressed the fact that he does not list Chase reconsideration numbers?

  55. I applied to the Chase Slate card after receiving a letter from them. After I submitted the application it said that they needed to further review my application. I called the same day and they told me that my application was denied due to high credit utilization which was 68% at the time. Both my credit cards have gotten credit line increases two days earlier and I also was approved for another credit card from Citi. I asked the credit analyst at Chase if she could reconsider but she told me she would have to run another credit report and I doubt they updated the information within the few hours between when I called and when I applied. I told her I would wait before I asked to reconsider. I have never missed a payment and I have no hard inquiries or derogatory marks. Both my other credit cards have been open for almost 3 years. Any advice on what to say in order to get them to reconsider and if I should wait until the last day of the 30 day window so that my credit report could possibly be updated?

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  57. Can’t believe it, was denied by citi! Have about a 800 credit score, but I do have quite a few credit cards (6 southwest cards, HA!). Ideas? Thoughts on why I was denied?

    Love the blog.


  58. @Nick – The reason for the denial should be in the email or letter you receive.

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  60. I just called twice to the reconsideration line for chase business. DENIED! I am a freelance developer and I gross about $1,000 / yr and they said it’s not enough, I had 19K in credit w/ 2 cards and I asked to move the credit around and he said no. 2 cards was sufficient.

    I guess I’m done calling.

  61. Thanks for posting the reconsideration numbers. The posting assisted in expediting my Platinum Delta AmEx card application. Cheers.

  62. @Daraius: I have had 14 cards in the past 2 years and accumulated close to 1 million miles using your techniques and advise… Thank you! QUESTION: Here’s a new one I have not yet experienced and was wondering if you, or anyone else, has? I applied for the Citi World MC and, given that I already have 4 Citi cards, assumed I would be turned down so I was prepared to call the reconsideration line and work my magic. However, and much to my surprise, the card arrived in the mail two weeks ago and I have slowly started chipping away at the $3000 spend. What’s strange is that today I received a rejection letter in the mail denying my application because “you have submitted to many applications for credit.”
    Can there really be that much of a disconnect between those who received and approved my application, and those who concluded that I was not worthy, hence the rejection letter some two weeks later? What does this tell us about the inner workings of these banks and how they function?

  63. Artemio Herrera


    The exact same thing happened to my wife (approved for citi mc and denial in the mail about a week or so later). I recall there being a gliche with the first application and she was instructed to resubmit her application a second time. Im guessing the first application was approved and the second application resulted in the rejection. Hope that helps.

  64. Applied for Barclay Arrival in August & got approved with credit limit of ~$4,000.
    Applied for Barclay US Airways in Early October, got denied due to “Sufficient credit”

    Called recon line a couple weeks later & gave them my application ID. Spoke to a very polite analyst who asked me a few questions regarding my income, the analyst got somewhat detailed asking exactly how much I was making from what sources and how often I was getting paid.

    After answering those questions, but before I was put on hold, I asked if it was possible to split credit from my Arrival to the Airways, and he seemed to open up after that and I ended up with the credit limit split between my Arrival and Airways, yay!

  65. Thanks again for posting about these reconsideration lines. I applied for a Citi Aadvantage Business card and was denied…I called 3 times and was just approved this last time! I guess persistence pays off.

  66. Hi, so what are the documents that I should provide, if I write snail mail to Citi Executive Dept?

  67. @Kurt – I’ve heard of that happening before with Citi!

    @Ashker – I’d include your reference number and explain how you handle credit responsibly and will use the card.

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  69. I was wondering, if many credit card applications are denied b/c of too much available credit, why wouldn’t you want to close a few cards and then try again? I’ve been told not to close an account?

  70. @djboc – You shouldn’t close your oldest card, because it helps your credit score. But it could help to close newer cards.

  71. Is it better to call the recon department on a weekday rather than on Saturday or Sunday? Or, even during the day rather than at night? Thanks!

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  73. Hi, I recently called the BOA Recon line, number is inactive. I called 877-721-9405 – application status press 3, and got in touch with someone overseas. They said they do not have reconsideration line and do not reconsider via telephone. They instructed me to write a letting including my credit report… Is this accurate? are all recons with BOA via letter?

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  75. I succeeded on a reconsideration call by moving half of my credit limit to the new card. I am concerned about the small print in the “replying to this offer” terms: “Chase card members who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer or have received a similar bonus offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program, or for any bonus offer.”

    “Chase card members currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase card members with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers, are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing”

    So my question: to what are they referring when they say “promotional pricing”? the annual fee or the points awarded ?


  76. @trailerpark – Usually promotional pricing refers to the 0% interest rates, but can extend to the sign-up bonus as well.

  77. Hi, I’m not able to get through any of the BofA reconsideration numbers for a personal card. They all seem to be inactive. Does anyone have a current working number?

  78. I have gotten denied the past few times with Barclay. I have two US airways cards with them now. tried to apply for a third today and an arrival card. back in Oct i tried to apply for a Lufthansa card. both today and in October they wanted to see me use their cards more. after i use their cards and show them that I am a good customer they may reconsider. stink. i’m about to close all of them out though as i don’t need the US airways anymore.

  79. I applied for the Chase Southwest Reward Plus cards last week – personal and business. I received a letter denying the personal card due to “too many credit inquiries”. That’s suspicious since I haven’t applied for credit in about 8 months and then it was only 1 card (Delta Amex which was approved). I called the recon line and asked about the denial. The first person I spoke to asked me about my monthly mortgage payment and what I did for work and then went away for a few minutes and came back with an approval. The same day I called the business card recon line and explained that I’d applied for 2 cards at once because I wanted to separate my business and personal expenses. The Chase rep asked me about the business income and my own personal income and put me on hold for several minutes and came back with: denied due to business being too new and not making enough revenue. He suggested I pay on the personal card for awhile and build up a history with the bank. I called again a few hours later (same day) and the 2nd agent asked me many more questions (i.e. did you have any experience in this business before you started business? how long have you been in this field? How does your business make money? What do you want to use card for?). After a few minutes on hold she returned with: Approved for minimum credit limit ($5k). The recon lines totally work. Thank you!

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  81. @MMS, any idea which address to write in order to freeze the IDA/ARS Bureaus credit reports?

    Thank you!

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  83. Man, just want to give props and say thanks. I had tried to get a Barclay Arrival card a couple of weeks ago, and last Fri I received my “declined” letter. Today I did everything you mentioned in this article, and after calling the reconsideration number, I got what I was after! Many thanks from a total newbie to the world of credit perk pursuit.

  84. I applied for Chase Southwest personal and business cards, going for the companion pass. Personal was approved, but business was denied. Called reconsideration business line, denied again due to business income too low and business too new, one year. Called again after around 15 minutes and spoke with a different agent, but once he pulled up my information, he said it is noted here that you just spoke with one of our other agents. There’s nothing else we can do. Should I try to call for the third time or is Chase now keeping notes on their system on how many times someone calls them about the same denied account? Thanks for any help you may suggest.

  85. Anyone know the reconsideration # for comenity capital bank (virgin America)? Just got a denial letter for too many inquires (5 in past month)

  86. I applied for the Chase Ink Bold and was denied after calling the recon line. They said that I’ve opened too many business cards 6 in the last 2 yrs. I thought it was ok to apply every 3-4 months…2nd CC that I’ve been denied by Chase in 4 months, the other one was Chase United Biz..I called twice for the United one and still got denied.
    This time I even offered to closing my Ink Cash CC and the guy said no can do.

  87. 1. Any recon number for Capital One recon.? They seem to turn everyone down for too many inquiries. 2. I did sign up at ARS and IDA to freeze inquiries but it doesn’t work. 3. I now see recon numbers for Chase: 1-888-245-0625 1-888-609-7805 1-888-871-4649 Which one to avoid the telephone tree? 4. Same question for Barclays: 1-866-369-1283 1-866-408-4064

  88. The first number listed under Bank of America (866-530-9829) is a non-working number.

  89. Thanks for your helpful website! I appled for a Barclay US Air card online late last night and got “We will contact you within 10 days”. Call their recon line today and followed all of your tips above. I was denied because I had gotten 10 new cards in the last 2 years. (FYI: It’s been over 7 months since my last application.) She refused to say how long I needed to wait to reapply; or how many other cards I’d need to cancel to be considered. I was very polite but I let her know that I was disappointed since it takes time find a good offer, read the card’s Terms, etc …, and I wouldn’t want to go through that all again in the future unless I knew there was hope of an approval. She was also polite, but wouldn’t budge. Do you think it’s worth a 2nd recon call? Anything else I should’ve said during the call? Any other advise?
    I just want to be sure I’ve covered all the bases because I’m thinking it would really be good to get the US Air card before they merge with American.

  90. I found this number for Bank of America reconsideration at a different website.
    866-865-7839 8am-9pm Eastern
    I called it today and got approved. I thought you might like to share a verified recon number with your readers. Hope it’s helpful!

  91. @Mike – Thanks for the update. I wouldn’t call Barclays again because they are very strict with issuing new cards and like to see folks without a lot of credit inquiries and who spend money on their existing Barclays cards.

  92. I’ve had a chase bp visa for several years but want a card that has more travel rewards, so I recently applied for a Chase Sapphire card and was told to wait 10-30 days. I then called their reconsideration line and was told my application was denied because my gross income was too low… I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Would calling back and asking to transfer some of my credit line from my current chase card to the CS card be a smart thing to try in this case?

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  94. Thanks for the information, I called and was instantly approved after answering a few simple questions.

  95. I just called Barclay and was denied due to a 4 year old first premier card. I have a Capital one and my payment history for everything is great, no lates, car note paid on time. What do i say to get them to reconsider? How long should I wait to call back if i called today?

  96. Ok so this totally worked!!!! Applied for Barclay card through the website, and was denied. Heard about the recon, and found this site via google, dialed up the number and was approved for a $1000 credit line! Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to get rid of the crappy starter cards once I establish this one!

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  98. Roberto Severino

    Citi seems to hate me a lot even though I’ve had a Forward card with them for a while now. I’ve been able to get cards recently with other companies but they really hate how I have a lot of inquiries, even when I tried one of their store cards. Meanwhile, GE approved me for three different cards with no problems. Hmmmmmmm. Either way, it’s time for me to garden for the rest of the year.

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