Prepare for Longer Lines at Domestic Airports!

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Last week I told you about the increased security for folks traveling from Canada or Mexico to the US.

And now, via The Points Guy, there will soon be enhanced security measures in all domestic airports, too!  The TSA will require that folks take out any electronics larger than a cell phone from their bags, and screen them separately.

So it’s a good idea to arrive to the airport extra early, even if you have a short-haul domestic flight!

Prepare For Longer Lines At Domestic Airports
Expect Longer Security Lines With This New TSA Rule

I’ll give you the details about this new security procedure.

Increased TSA Security Measures in the Coming Months

Link:   TSA Raises Security for Domestic Flights

If you’re flying within the US, you’ll likely be waiting longer at security in the near future.

The TSA wants to take a closer look at electronics folks want to carry on the plane.  Here’s what to expect:

  • You can still bring on exactly the same items.  You’ll just need to remove electronics
  • You’ll need to remove any electronics bigger than a phone from your bag
  • The electronics will need to pass through the x-ray machine in separate bins

So this new rule from the TSA affects devices similar to the recent Middle East electronics ban.  To be clear, you can still bring these items into the plane with you.

TSA PreCheck Will Now Be Extra Handy!

Link:   Everything to Know About TSA PreCheck

Folks who have TSA PreCheck will NOT be affected by this new policy.  They can still walk through security with their shoes and jackets on, and their electronics still inside their bags.  So if you don’t have TSA PreCheck (or Global Entry, which almost guarantees TSA PreCheck), now is a good time to get it!

Several cards will reimburse the price of your Global Entry application, including:

Use one of these cards to pay for your Global Entry application, and you’ll receive a statement credit for the expense!

Bottom Line

The TSA will soon require folks to remove any electronics larger than a cell phone from their bag and place them in a separate bin.  This means security lines could get even longer than they already are!

If you aren’t enrolled in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, now is a great time!  That’s because folks with TSA PreCheck are NOT affected by this new TSA procedure.  They can still keep all electronics in their bag!

What do you think about this new security measure?

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