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Million Mile Secrets is here to help you guide you on your miles and points journey.  That’s why we’ve created valuable resources to help you achieve your travel goals!

Starting your miles and points journey can seem overwhelming.  So if you’re new to our site or maybe just a bit lost, check out these quick tips!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
We’re Here to Help You Get Big Travel with Small Money!

New to Million Mile Secrets?

Use my Beginner’s Guide to learn how the miles & points hobby works.  And ways to travel for next to nothing!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
I’ll Tell You How to Earn and Use Miles & Points Step-by-Step With My Beginner’s Guide!

We’ve used miles & points to travel all over the world.  And you can do it, too!

Check out how team member Keith got 6 Business Class flights from Australia worth $45,000 for only $540!

Here’s one of his incredible videos with some amazing shots of New Zealand!

Looking for the Best Credit Card?

On the Hot Deals tab, you’ll find the latest and greatest credit card offers.

We always share the best deals with our readers, even if we don’t earn a commission.  Because we want you to get the cards that are the very best fit for you.  Plus, it’s the right thing to do!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Find the Best Credit Card Offers in the “Hot Deals” Tab

You’ll notice flags next to certain cards in Hot Deals.”  We hope this helps you figure out which card is a perfect fit!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site

It’s also easy to see which cards will earn us a commission, and which cards will NOT.

If there’s a picture of the credit card, we DO get a commission.  If it shows a card with the Million Mile Secrets logo, we do NOT earn a commission.  We’ve even added a note to make it as transparent as possible!

Check out these posts with credit card tips that will help you get Big Travel with Small Money:

Helpful Guides

You spoke and we listened!  We get quite a few questions about award bookings, especially on social media.  We are working hard to provide updated guides to help you travel the globe!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Our Step-by-Step Guides Can Help You Book Your Next Award Flight!

Here are our latest award booking guides:

You can always refer to our Guides for the latest tips and tricks to help guide your next trip:

Need Travel Inspiration?

Our readers inspire us every day!  Click Our Readers’ Success Stories to see the awe-inspiring trips fellow readers have taken using miles and points.  And learn how you can take similar trips!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Our Readers Have Taken Incredible Journeys Thanks to Miles & Points!

Check out the latest stories that have inspired us, and will hopefully inspire you too:

Emily and I have visited 30+ countries since we began our miles & points journey.  We try our best to make detailed reviews of each place we explore.  We’ll also have team members share their travels as well!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Check Out What We’ve Done With Miles & Points!

Click Our Reviews and Trips to see what we think of each credit card offer, where we’ve been, and tools to get you started on an award trip of your own.

Have Questions?

We love reader questions!  Here’s how to find answers:

1.   Top Tips

We get similar questions from a lot of folks.  You can find answers to many of those questions in the Top Tips tab.

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Common Questions May Already Be Answered in Sections of Our Top Tips Tab

You can view our posts to frequently asked questions like:

2.   Search Bar & Contact Me Page

Still looking for answers?  Use the Google search bar to easily search the site for answers to your questions.  Many times you can find the answer to your question in a previous post.

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Use the Google Custom Search Box to Find Previous Posts on a Topic

And if you still can’t find the answer to your question, just ask!  Use the Contact” page, tweet me, or send me a message on Facebook, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Leave a Comment With Your Questions, or Send Me a Tweet!

3.   Fellow Readers

We like to call our readers “Million Mile Secret Agents.”  Why?  Because they share their secrets and offer great insights!

We usually see readers answer one another’s questions in the comments section of posts.  So if you’re stumped, don’t be afraid to leave a comment!  One of our “Secret Agents” likely has an answer or has been in a similar spot.  And folks are happy to assist you.

We also love reading the wonderful feedback y’all give us!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
We Love That Our Readers Inspire Each Other!
The camaraderie and positivity of our community is simply amazing!

It’s also nice to put a face with a name.  We really like when folks in the Million Mile Secrets community have a Gravatar!  It shows everyone your friendly smile. 🙂

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
A Gravatar Is a Photo That Pops up Next to Your Comments

Get the Latest News and Deals!

Things are always changing in the world of miles & points.  Great deals on flights and hotels and better credit card sign-up bonuses don’t last forever.

But we’ve made it easy for you to keep up with the latest news.  Here’s how!

1.   Subscribe to Daily Emails

Sign-up to receive email updates.  That way, you’ll always be able to keep up with current news.  We’ll only send one email per day, and you can unsubscribe any time.

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Sign-Up for Daily Email Updates! You’ll Only Get One Email a Day, and We Promise Not to Spam You!

With our daily emails, you’ll never miss out on an airline flash sale ever again!

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you won’t miss limited-time deals, like airline and hotel promotions, big news like Southwest Airlines soon flying to Hawaii, the very latest updates on limited-time credit card bonuses, and more!

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Follow Us on Social Media to Get the Latest News

And check out our Instagram page to see where we’re traveling!  Tag your miles and points trips with #bigtravelsmallmoney and we’ll share!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
A Recent Trip to Gorgeous Sintra, Portugal!

We’re also now on Pinterest!  Take a look at our pins for more travel inspiration.

Million Mile Secrets On The Go!

Our mobile website is much improved.  We’ve made it easier than ever to navigate the site wherever you are!

How To Navigate The Million Mile Secrets Site
Click the Top Right Menu for an Easy-to-Use Site Map

Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the top right of your screen to access the same content and menus described above.  We want you to have access to the latest news and updates, wherever you happen to be!

Bottom Line

Million Mile Secrets is here to help you get Big Travel with Small Money!

You can use our Beginner’s Guide to learn the basics of collecting and using miles & points.  And once you’re ready to sign-up for credit cards, you’ll always find the best offers on the Hot Deals page.

Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterestbecause we love engaging with our “Million Mile Secret Agents!”  Plus, you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest news in the world of miles & points.

Enjoy exploring, ask questions (we’re here to help), and share your success story when you take a fun trip!

Editorial Note: We're the Million Mile Secrets team. And we're proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader's comments. These haven’t been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of the airlines, hotels, or credit card issuers which we often write about. And that’s just how we like it! :)

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