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Disclosure:  Emily & I get a commission for banner ads and some credit cards on the blog.  You don’t have to use our links, but we’re very grateful when you do.  We don’t write about all the credit cards available in the US, but only the ones which get us miles and points or cash back for Big Travel with Small Money!

Credit cards are the easiest way to earn miles and points.  I’ve been doing it for years and have earned millions of miles while maintaining my good credit score.

Here are a list of resources which should help you get started with earning miles and points from credit cards:

Credit Card Resources

Airline Credit Cards

Bank Point Credit Cards

Hotel Credit Cards


109 Responses to My Travel Credit Cards

  1. Thanks Darius! Paul sends regards.

  2. Airline credit cards are great, I’ve flown to Europe three times in business class in the past three years.

  3. The wife and I will be traveling to and around Europe for a few months later this year on miles we earned through churning.

  4. Do you have any thoughts on the Wells Fargo Rewards card? We are looking to open a card w/ a 0% introductory rate on balance transfers. We want good rewards to use for airline tickets, based on purchases, and we plan to use this card a lot and keep it for a long time. We live in Detroit and travel to Vermont, New York, and Mexico and the Caribbean.

  5. I am thinking of getting the Barclay arrival because of the 40,000 mile bonus and the 10 percent back when redeemed. Would that card be the best for my situation: I’m trying to fly my family of 7(2 adults, 5 kids agest (2-12) to Japan for a month in economy class. Will the Barclay give me the most mileage? I currently spend at least 2,500 on other things but rent and 1650 on rent. ( Going to try to do the Bluebird with that one, have to get my landlord on board.

  6. @Esther – The Barclays card is a good card, but you’ll only get ~$440 from the sign-up bonus. That is very little compared to the cash cost of 7 tickets to Europe. Using miles and points to get to Japan on the same flight will be very, very tough. You could consider collecting American Airlines miles or United miles instead.

  7. I received an offer for 75000 membership rewards point from AE business gold rewards card. (Spend $10k within first 3 months). I wonder if this card is right for me. My family usually travel every year to Asia. Currently I have lots of united miles however finding it hard to redeem using minimum miles for tickets on the dates that we can travel. Is these MR miles from AE easier to redeem tickets to Asia? I heard that the surcharge is really high to redeem for international tickets. So does it benefits me to apply for this card? Thanks.

  8. @kawan999 – The offer is good, but you may have to pay fuel surcharges for flights to Asia if you use Membership Rewards points.

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