How to Pay Rent With a Credit Card Using RadPad

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Update:  On August 24, 2016, RadPad ended its promotion for free rent payments via Android Pay on the RadPad app.  There is now a 2.99% fee for rent payments with a credit card.

Update:   Beginning September 7, 2016, you can add Chase Visa cards to Android Pay

Update:  RadPad changed their fees as of August 17, 2016.  Now you’ll pay, for debit cards, $4.95 for rents lower than $5,000 and $9.95 for rents over $5,000.  For all credit cards there will be a 2.99% fee.

Do you pay rent each month?  If so, you can earn thousands of extra miles and points by using your favorite credit card!

RadPad allows you to pay your rent with a Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or Discover card.  And your landlord receives a regular paper check in the mail.

Even better, you can use a credit card to pay your rent with NO fees through December 31, 2016, when you pay with Android Pay through the RadPad app.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

Renters Hold the Key to Lots of Extra Miles & Points. Or Easily Meet Your Minimum Spending Requirements in 2016 If You Have an Android Phone!

I’ll show you how it works.  And why you might consider using this service!

What’s RadPad?

Link:   Pay Your Rent With RadPad

RadPad allows you to pay your rent online with any major debit or credit card.  You can make rent payments up to $5,000 per month to your landlord or management company.  Two friends of mine regularly use RadPad and have had no issues with rents being paid on time.

Debit card payments are $4.95 for payments under $5,000.  And credit card payments have a 2.99% fee.  But if you have an Android phone, you can make payments for free through December 31, 2016, with the RadPad app.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

Sit Back and Watch the Cash or Miles Roll Just by Paying Your Monthly Rent

So this can be an easy way to earn lots of miles or points.  

For example, if your rent is $1,000 per month, and you pay your rent from September through December 2016, you’d earn an extra 4,000 miles or points at the rate of 1 mile or point per $1 spent (4 months of rent X $1,000).

And if you have a 2% cash back card like the Fidelity Visa, you’d earn $80 to use as a statement credit into a eligible Fidelity account.

Here are the top cards I recommend for everyday spending.

If might NOT be worth it to pay RadPad’s fee every month.  But if you want to quickly unlock a big sign-up bonus, or you find you’re having trouble meeting your minimum spending requirements, it could come in handy a time or two.

Or Meet Your Minimum Spending Requirements

Folks are always interested in ways to complete the minimum spending requirements on their new credit cards.

Depending on how much you pay each month for rent, you can quickly earn your sign-up bonuses.

For example, you’ll currently earn 3 complimentary nights at any participating Tier 1-4 Ritz-Carlton hotel after spending $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months of opening the Chase Ritz-Carlton card.  So using RadPad to make a rent payment could help you spend that amount to earn the bonus quickly.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

Folks With an Android Phone Can Meet Their Minimum Spending Requirements for Free With RadPad Through the End of 2016

And if you have a phone with Android Pay, your payments will be free when you pay your rent through December 31, 2016, via the RadPad app.  That means an easy way to earn extra miles and points AND complete minimum spending requirements for free!

How Does RadPad Work?

If you don’t already have an account, it’s quick to sign-up.  To make a payment, fill-in your rent amount, due date, and email.  The process is similar when you use the RadPad app to make a payment.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

Fill-in Your Rent Details and Email Click “Get Started Now”

After you click “Get Started Now,” enter your landlord’s information.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

Enter Your Payment Details, and Where You Send Your Rent Checks

You can schedule a one-time payment.  Or set a date every month you’d like your rent to be delivered (like the 1st of every month).

Tip:  You can also pay rent to an individual.  Select “I want to pay an individual instead.”

Then, add your address, and the debit or credit card you want to use.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

Fill in Your Address and Payment Details to Set-Up Your Rent Payment

RadPad will verify your rent details.  They might ask you to email a scan of your lease.  So this is NOT a good way to send money to another person unless you pay them rent.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

RadPad Will Review Your Rent Details. You Can Only Pay Rent With RadPad

And RadPad is excellent about sending follow-up emails.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

RadPad Emails You Status Updates Every Step of the Way

You’ll get an email when your rent is charged, sent, due, and deposited.  So you always know what’s going on with your payment.

Your landlord or management company will receive a paper check to deposit to their account.  And they do NOT have to sign-up with RadPad.  The check they’ll receive is marked with your name.  But sent from RadPad.

You can also invite roommates to pay rent.  This is useful if you want to earn points and miles for your part of the rent.  But you’ll have to get your roommate(s) on board with RadPad!

Are There Drawbacks?

If you can’t take part in the Android Pay promotion, RadPad charges a 2.99% fee for credit card payments.

In that case, I’d suggest Plastiq to make rent payments.  Because they only charge a 2.5% fee with a Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX card.  You can also pay other bills, like utilities, mortgages, and student loans.

So if you’re looking to meet your minimum spending requirements, your fees will be lower with Plastiq.

How To Pay Rent With A Credit Card Using RadPad

You Can’t Use RadPad to Make Mortgage Payments. Look Into Plastiq Instead!

Also, you can NOT use RadPad to pay HOA fees, mortgages, or to send checks to others.  RadPad will verify your details before they’ll send your first payment.

Aside from those things to keep in mind, friends report positive experiences paying their rent with RadPad.  But as always, do what you’re comfortable with!

Bottom Line

RadPad is an easy way to make rent payments.  And when you pay with a credit card, you’ll earn extra miles, points, or cash back.  It’s also an easy way to complete minimum spending requirements!

There’s a promotion for free credit card payments with Android Pay through the RadPad app until December 31, 2016.  So folks with an Android phone can do well with RadPad through the end of the year!

Friends of mine have used it for nearly a year with no issues.  And I like how there are no extra steps required for the landlord or management company.  RadPad simply sends a paper check on your behalf.

Have you had an experience with RadPad?

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17 responses to “How to Pay Rent With a Credit Card Using RadPad

  1. I’ve used RadPad in the past with no problems. I started up again with the no fee Android Pay offer last week and it’s great. No interest until the end of the year. I’m thinking of paying double my normal rent for December to get even more points and then not paying rent again until February.

  2. Could not add AAdvantage Platinum Select Citi card to Android Pay.

  3. @scott they have real people verifying payment details when something looks suspicious. I imagine having your rent double from month to month might raise a red flag. In my experience, even though you’d think their stance is “we’re making money off this, who cares?” they don’t really operate that way. I wouldn’t be surprised if they asked for a copy of the lease agreement reflecting the change in monthly payment. Failure to produce that might lead them to reject the change in monthly payment. I could be wrong though, but I’ve found they want to keep these things as honest as possible.

  4. @Anik

    If you read the AndroidPay terms and conditions, they explicitly state that the AA co-branded Citi cards are not available for use on AndroidPay.

    Not sure why this link is not added in all these blog posts for convenience:

  5. @Anthony, does not mention *any* Chase card. That’s a big bummer.

  6. I tried paying my mortgage with this promotion and got the following Response from RadPad.

    Thanks so much for writing in. We were really honored that you wish to use Pay with RadPad to pay your bill. Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to process residential rent payments. We have very strict contractual guidelines with our Pay with RadPad partners that do not allow us to process anything else, and we really can’t jeopardize that relationship.

    We have also just updated our FAQ to address this situation, which you can view here:

    Again, we are flattered that you would like to run your mortgage payment through us, but at this time we are unable to honor your request.

    Thank your for considering us and we wish you the best!

  7. @scott – Thanks for adding your experience and tip! 🙂

    @Anik – Some Citi cards aren’t supported yet.

    @Anthony – Thanks for your guidance!

    @Vishal – As far as I know, Chase cards are NOT supported with Android Pay at this time:

    @Venkata – Correct, you can NOT pay a mortgage with RadPad.

  8. Important note: Android Pay currently does NOT support Chase or Capital One Cards. My question is, does anyone know if the Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX is supported by Android Pay?

  9. @JLubbz – yes, I have mine hooked up to Android Pay without issue.

  10. Am not sure why you keep on running this. RadPad does not give you the option to pay with Android Pay. Have now tried several times since you first ran this, it doesn’t work.
    I have used Plastiq to meet minimum requirements and it is cheaper than RadPad or buying miles.

  11. So according to the update in red text at the top of the article, the no-fee credit card promotion through December is no longer available? Am I reading that right?

  12. @Nywoman – It seems others have had luck using Android Pay via the RadPad app. Sorry you are having trouble!

    @John – The Android Pay promotion is still valid through December 31, 2016. You can still use a credit card to pay with no fees through the RadPad app with Android Pay until then.

  13. @Nywoman–I was able to pay RadPad with Android Pay with no problems.

  14. @Nywoman, the screen to enter CC is confusing. I entered my CC several time, then pressed next and got screen showing 2.99% fee. Instead, returned to that screen and pressed “Android Pay” button without entering CC information. My Android Pay already had card setup, so I just had to select it. This time no fee was required on my rent.

  15. Well that was frustrating. I tried setting up Android Pay and between the Chase Sapphire, AAdvantage citi card, AAdvantage Aviator, IHG MasterCard and SPG Amex, the only one that was supported by Android Pay was the SPG card.

    Guess which card wasn’t accepted in the Android Pay promotion on RadPad? You guessed it. The SPG AMEX.

    Glad others have had success, but that wasn’t my experience. Bummer too, I was looking forward to thousands in free points.

  16. @Charles Forster – Starting September 7, 2016, you can use Chase Visa cards with Android Pay:

    So at least one of your cards should earn you lots of extra free points! 🙂

  17. IMPORTANT: As of August 24, RadPad has clawed back the no-fee promotion when credit cards are used with Android Pay.

    They won’t even honor it for those of us who signed up early. All they’ll pay is one month, not through the end of 2016 as promised. Oh, and they couldn’t get AmEx to work after all, so for many of us, even the one month we thought we were getting isn’t possible.