AMEX Is Shutting Down Bluebird and Serve Accounts!

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Lots of folks are reporting their AMEX Bluebird and Serve accounts are getting shut down today.  Especially if they regularly use gift cards to reload their accounts.

AMEX Is Shutting Down Bluebird And Serve Accounts

AMEX Bluebird and Serve Accounts Are Getting Shut Down, Especially Folks Who Load Gift Cards to Them!

This is terrible news!  I’ll explain what we know so far.

What’s Going On?

This morning, several Million Mile Secrets readers (including ws and Maynard) let me know AMEX sent an email about their Bluebird or Serve accounts.  The email says:

“We are writing to let you know that we have observed unusual usage patterns on your American Express Serve Account.  Because of this, effective immediately, you will no longer be able to add money to your Account.

Please be aware that you continue to have full access to the funds on your Account and can withdraw them at any time.  Any applicable monthly fees continue to apply.

Once your balance reaches $0, please close your Account online via your Profile page accessible here.  Scroll down to the Close Account section and click Close Account.”

AMEX Is Shutting Down Bluebird And Serve Accounts

It’s Not a Good Day for Those of Us With AMEX Bluebird or Serve. Many Accounts Were Shut Down, Although You Can Still Access Any Funds You Currently Have

This is awful news for those of y’all who purchased gift cards with credit cards, and then loaded the gift card balance to you AMEX Bluebird at Walmart or AMEX Serve at Dollar General and Family Dollar.

It was also a fantastic way to earn extra miles or points.  And to meet minimum spending requirements.

For a long time, AMEX Bluebird or Serve has been a great way to pay bills you normally couldn’t pay with a credit card.  So I’m sad to see this go away.  Especially with no notice!

Who’s Being Shut Down?

Not everyone’s account is affected.  AMEX seems to be targeting those who regularly loaded their Bluebird or Serve accounts with gift cards.  Or who exclusively loaded their Serve accounts with AMEX credit cards.

But there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules.  Basically, the more you used gift cards to load your account, the higher your chance of receiving the shutdown email.

Please share your experience in the comments!

What’s Left Now?

If you have gift cards you intended to load to AMEX Bluebird or Serve, there a couple of other ways to spend them.

AMEX Is Shutting Down Bluebird And Serve Accounts

You Could Try to Purchase Money Orders With Your Leftover Gift Cards

You can purchase a money order (which usually cost ~$1) and use the money orders to pay your bills.  For example, in many cases you can walk into your bank branch and use a money order to pay a credit card bill that you have with that bank.

Or, you can use the gift cards to make everyday purchases until they’re spent.

I’ll get to work researching other ways to use leftover gift cards, and will post an update if I find anything that will work for y’all!

Bottom Line

Today AMEX shut down lots of Bluebird and Serve accounts with no notice, especially for those who used gift cards to load their account.  That left many folks with unused gift cards.  Until now, you could use certain gift cards to load AMEX Bluebird or AMEX Serve.

Until I find a better way to redeem gift cards, I recommend trying to purchase money orders.  Besides depositing money orders into your bank account (which may be risky), you can use money orders to pay your landlord, credit card company, etc.

Or use your leftover gift cards for regular purchases.

This is bad news for everyone who used credit cards to purchase gift cards to earn more miles and points and meet minimum spending requirements.

Let me know your experience!  Did you get the email from AMEX today?

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86 responses to “AMEX Is Shutting Down Bluebird and Serve Accounts!

  1. For some reason I don’t yet understand, I did NOT get the email and my account does not appear to have been shutdown

    We’re still trying to figure out why some people got shutdown and some did not

  2. I got the email this a.m. Was trying to figure out what triggered this and then saw the issue explode over the usual places. Luckily, I loaded the two gift cards l had yesterday afternoon so thankfully I’m not stuck with any. I will have to re-evaluate any new cc applications as gift cards are how I always met initial spend requirements.

  3. What are the various options available to buy money orders with gift cards?

  4. how do you acquire money orders with GC’s

  5. I have a BB and my wife has a Serve, and so far no shutdown. We loaded $5K to each of these every month with gift cards. In fact, I just finished my monthly $10K loads on Wednesday.

  6. I got shot. 2/2

  7. I appreciate you wanting to find other ways to unload gift cards. Where are we able to buy money orders using gift cards?

  8. wonder if the shut downs are done after today or there may be more in the following days

  9. Wife and I shut down. We typically maxed out our $5k/mo with GCs for a couple years now so no surprise that we were included. I know some people are angry and are going to write Amex and complain. Fools. Others are going to show Amex that they are not going to take this abuse and close down all their other Amex cards. Brilliant, there goes your sync offers and your credit score will take a hit. Your frustration won’t affect Amex one way or the other, whatever you do. Best way to maximize Amex is to keep using your credit cards for sync offers. Do it for $ for you.

    Virtually nowhere; not really pointed out in the post. But you may be lucky, some independent market, drug store. You’d have to check a bunch of places on your own.

  10. Yup Hit me too, Thankfully I just managed to spend everything I needed to. Funny thing is I only had my account for about 2 months. I knew this was coming.

  11. All 3 of mine were shut down. Any more details on paying off the credit cards with a money order bought with a gift card?

  12. My acc. got shot too. I’ve been doing this very carefully. Paying gas, grocery, costo purchase with my BB card and try not to max out monthly load. However, that didn’t shield me from the shut down list. The email even told me don’t bother to contact amex. the decision is final.

  13. My Bliuebird is safe so far. I have not used it in 2015, but have loaded it with gift cards monthly in 2013 and 2014. It appears they were targeting accounts with recent activity. It’s not so much how the cards were used but how recent that activity was.

  14. My BB was shut down after having the card for almost 2 years. During that time I loaded about 40-50 gift cards at Walmart. I suppose my chances of getting approved for a Serve account are nil. Or is it?

  15. Shut Down on BB ! @)*%_&*! Called 800# – Useless, and the email does not take Reply messages. I will write the company but kinda doubtful. Looking forward to alternate ways to use leftover gift cards, or pay non-credit card vendors like your Mortgage without fees. Not a good day for points hobbyists !

  16. Sofar I survived. I have 2 BB (wife and I) and I have direct deposit on them. I don’t know it is the reason I survived?

  17. My BB is safe. I haven’t used it since 4/2014 but I did around $14K mainly in 2013 with Vanilla Reload cards at CVS. Ah, the memories. I got $800 of VGS at Staples today and will try loading them to BB tomorrow at WM. Then I’ll lay low for awhile.

  18. I’ve used it very little in the past few months, but got shut down as well. No more than $400 a month. However while I was more active with apps earlier in 2015, I was around $1500/mo.

  19. Those who survived the cutting off of services survived because their bank accounts are attached to their bluebird accounts and they can track your funds!!!!!That is a big duhhhh!!!! What they are really doing is trying to control everyone so they can locate the terrorist fundraisers. There are actually programs written and at our government’s disposale that can do the fund tracking without offending or probbing into the general publics right to privacy. But because our government has continued lusting for the power guarenteed them by having a big brother society, they continue exerting control and spying on our nation’s citizens. Our government is doing to us what communism and the cold war could not!!1 Turning us into a police state where micro management is the desired form of controll of all of her citizen’s. It’s just another form of Ultron!!! Go figure!!

  20. Yeah, unfortunately, I got the email, too. I’ve been loading gift cards at Walmart into my Serve account for about 2 years now and always paid my mortgage and a few other bills with it, never cashing the money out. So even my “ethical uses” – LOL! – of this account didn’t buy much Amex love anyway! Ah, so it goes….I’m grateful for the run and made damn good use of those many points earned. Now I await your recommendations for our “Plan B.” Carry on! 🙂

  21. Note to Kent C….. rather nasty of you to add insult to the very real injury now afflicting those who had made great use of BB & Serve, to call us “fools” for being unhappy, for wanting to do the very “American” thing and show Amex our “appreciation.” Boycotting, reducing your business, divestment, class actions, even dumping tea into certain harbors — all very American things to do.

    I was already quite irritated with AMEX for its garbage attempts to rebrand its small business saturday. (and a few bloggers even went along for the non-ride) Most of us knew better and stayed away.

    As for Amex offers, those too, increasingly irrelevant and marginal to the life, to my business. To those who value them so highly as to forgive and forget Amex for leaving us high and dry, for insinuating we did something wrong, for changing their terms & conditions 3 days ago…. to cover their corporate crap….. ah well, “foolish” us for remembering, for holding grudges, for taking our business elsewhere….

  22. Daraius, thanks for weighing in with your initial thoughts here. I went 3 years in this hobby before buying my first money order (mere $100) last week at Kroger…. that was a pain, as the visa debit/gift card (which I’d bought a month previously at K) kept being denied for purchase. (took 3 tries and long calls on hold with the issuer to straighten out) I then made it out to myself, and made the apparent mistake of depositing after hours via my bank’s ATM. WF’s ATM misread the amoung print on the money order — which I corrected — which in turn resulted in a “hold” on the money order. (eventually cleared — and the bank cheerfully told me they handle MO’s “all the time” — even via their ATM’s)

    Still, unfamiliar territory…. and we often read of much caution, as high volumes of MO’s apparently can get tagged as potential ….. well, illegal activity. (even as it’s not)

    I like your thought above to use MO in the original conventional, ole’ fashioned sense, to pay a bill, a mortgage, etc. But I’d be worried about security issues if lost in the mail — or worse. Then again, the Post Office sells them — so no doubt they have a century old procedure for that…. or one would think.

    Going slow here….. listening and learning.

    PS: I really DID like the Iran photos in the previous post…. (even the dry bridge at Esfahan)

  23. Didn’t get shut down (yet). Haven’t used a ton of Bluebird. But, just stopped by Walmart and got informed “structuring” was illegal! I loaded 3 $500 gift cards. Really? I wish Walmart employees were smarter! I didn’t know what structuring was … And now that I do, she very clearly does not! Walmart employee acting like she’s the president of the bank and I’m the criminal. *feeling aggrevated and insulted*

  24. Daraius….. googled our question, and came up with a very Daraius-looking July 2014 post by a John Butler, on how to buy money orders at Kroger. (along the lines of a how-to do it, if not, per se, if we should) :

  25. I used my BB to load $2500 in September and used most of the money to pay 3 different credit cards. No online loading (since not a softserve) and didn’t load anything in October, November or December. Still shutdown.

    It seems like people who did survive the culling were people who opened their accounts after 11/1 or used the card to do some real spending at merchants. Allowing people to load from credit cards and allowing $5000 worth of gift card loads are self inflicted wounds by Amex, they simply could have eliminated all credit card online loads and limited people to $2000 a month for gift card loads and kept it going for us casual users.

    I am pretty sure merchants put some pressure on Amex to shut this down too. The Wal-Marts with KATE in my area had countless people lurking around the machines and acting suspiciously while dumping as many $200 staples visa cards while getting the machine frozen each day. And of course Simon Malls must have felt some heat from their compliance folks allowing people to buy 10k a day in money instruments.

    We all knew this day would come soon after the Target RedBird shutdown and for those still with active BB and Serve cards might as well use them now while they still can.

  26. I got a email ..It was jus stateing that I wouldn’t be able to use my card outside the United states didnt really say anything further than that.

  27. My wife and are are as yet unaffected. Loaded $1000 into her Bluebird and $1000 into mine. Transferred her funds to my Bluebird account and withdrew $2000 right into my linked bank account as I’ve been doing approximately every 90 days or so (when we have new cards to meet the minimum spend on). Not sure if the [in]frequency or the linked bank account made a difference. Have had both Bluebird accounts for at least a couple years with the same usage pattern the whole time. Not much, but it helps us out. I’m glad we haven’t yet been shut down. Time will tell if it happens during our next round in a couple months.

  28. The fraudulent board members of Amex should be indicted…and put in jail. (yes their crimes and legal fees will be paid for by the owners of Amex, b./c they are crooks and crooked). I just tried to pay my DSL bill, and found out Amex is no longer accepted. Is there one exec at amex who is not a complete and utter crook or a complete and utter idiot? I definitely believe that the current incompetent ceo would have been fired LONG AGO if he was white. Complete and utter racist amex board members.

  29. why!!!!!!!!!!!! i got hit too. its a sad sad day!

  30. Your premise for the article of the reasons for the shutdown is totally wrong. My serve account was shutdown and I never loaded a giftcard and I never used an amex credit card to load. I used a non-amex to load and then I would use the billpay feature.

  31. Have never used gift cards to load. Did just start using Amex card for online load a few months ago to meet min. spend. Shut down.

  32. I haven’t received the email yet. Fingers crossed.

  33. Let’s remember we don’t have the “right” to do any of this. Point and mile collectors enjoy the benefits while they are available. It is a perk,and while I love the vacations I have been able to take, I am not counting on always being able to travel for free. At the end of the day credit cards are a business making money is what they do. And tone down the racist rhetoric because the party was cancelled.

  34. J: Your accusation is racist. From a Board perspective this is a very financially prudent decision.

  35. Wishing jailtime on Amex execs and calling them racists or cancelling your Amex cards won’t do you any good. This is the same reaction people had when the $1 coin gig from the Mint was shutdown. Instead be grateful over the past 3 years that you were able to get 500,000+ miles and or free cash each month.

    Amex probably shut it down because people loading $25000-30000 a month using multiple identities sourced from anonymous cash equivalents didn’t look good to the feds, and they made no money from it.

    Like the coin gig, when too many ppl do it and it gets widely publicized…just surprised it still works for those who didn’t get culled.

  36. Have 3 cards, 1 got the email
    Went to load the other 2 yesterday and they would not load

  37. If you look like a money launderer, surprise!, you get shut down. This is nothing new.

  38. I too got the email. I’ve had BB cards for more than 18 months. One of them is quite active for loading gc until a couple of months ago when Walmart in the SF South bay stops allowing gc load. I mainly use it to pay utilities bills, mortgage, and seldom withdraw cash. I also have direct deposit twice monthly into it. The other two cards were not active in loading gc and did not get the shutdown email.

  39. A very sad day for us all – but Don’t believe the crap some are posting about “financially prudent” decisions on the part of Amex. I spent money everytime I purchased a gift card in addition to the card. I spent money almost every time I went to Walmart to load, and of course, made many extra trips. This was a money maker for both the businesses and Amex. I would like to hear from others regarding whether the “linked bank account” saved your account – It seems reading through the posts that perhaps this was the issue and maybe we could salvage hope for the future – thoughts?

  40. Received email for wife’s BB, but not mine. BUT using my card (for which I did not receive an email), I was unable to load at Kate or cashier. PIN was approved, but transaction would not go through. So, not receiving the letter, does not mean you can still play the game. Even without the email, they are cracking down.

  41. ws or anyone, about buying money order at kroger, do the rules / steps still stay the same or now differ? TIA

  42. When you believe your BB closure was no fun be VERY careful using money orders (MO). That is a totally other ball game! Just google for money laundering, structuring, closing of accounts due to large amounts of MO and so on. You will not like the association with drug traffickers or worst.
    IF you want to go that route, don’t use your ‘real’ checking account but open @ banks you don’t care about and which are not an issuer of your favorite CC’s. Just imagine when you deposit every week $1,000’s worth of MO’s – you most likely will be quickly reported by the financial institution or just closed down. I am not going that way – my credit rating is too valuable – from here on is just regular spend which is very sad.

  43. 2 cards shut down. Accts opened: 11/12 & 8/14. Loaded $5K on both accts with Gift Cards every month. Paid bills, had checks issued to selves. Didn’t make cash draws. Met minimum spends on many cards. Earned thousands of Chase Ultimate Rewards. Bluebird was a gift. Sad to see it go, but how nice it was! Nothing lasts forever. It was a good ride!

  44. I have a BB and a Serve and didn’t get an email for either account. I had one $500 gc left to load before reaching my max this month. The Walmart kiosk gave me a “Debit Not Authorized” message when I tried to load. I dutifully loaded $10K a month on these cards every month for 2.5 years. Sometimes I would cancel one card early in the month and then get the other so that I could get an additional $5K in that month. I’m sure Amex considers me one of their better customers and the kiosk message was just a mistake.

  45. Both my BB and Serve survived for now. No reason why since I was loading GC on both up until recently when my local Walmart stopped allowing GC for BB load. Was then loading onto Serve and transferring to BB and unloading funds with bill pay. Loaded $200 yesterday at RIte Aid on serve with no issues. Will enjoy it while it lasts for me.

  46. Was considering the whole Serve game recently and decided not to. Now definitely glad I did.

  47. Yes be careful with money orders folks. If u deposit a bunch of identical looking money orders in a short period of time, the bank will file a suspicious activity report on you to the feds. After the 2nd or 3rd time filing the report they will close your account. Very few people use money orders nowadays so it’s even more of a red flag than past years. Doing a thou or two thou is nothing but folks pushing the envelope depositing, 10k to own, 10k to wife and 5k to kids saving account will have structuring written all over it.

  48. Most places that once sold MO for gift cards now have policies against it. But you may get lucky and find a clerk who is new and doesn’t know or doesn’t care. Also, don’t deposit the MO into your regular bank account. Only use bank accounts where you won’t mind if they get shut down.

  49. My wife’s serve got shut down email. My BB has not received email yet. However, loading to both cards at walmart today no go. Error is ” Debit not approved”. Anyone know if it is BB’s side problem or the Walmart problem?
    I have loaded both cards $1k per month for half year. Last success time is last December. I used both cards funding to pay off bill normally. Don’t know why 1 got shut down while another no email yet.

  50. My BB is still open……


    Tried to Load $500 VGC from GCdotcom at WM yesterday and it got denied/error in transaction.

    Any idea why it happened despite having an active BB account?

    Or period…….one cannot load any GC to BB from now on? (Simon mallVGC From GCM or GCdotcom)?????????

  51. I got the email. Shut down.

  52. Got the email on Friday night, was happy to know it wasn’t just me. Regularly loaded the 5k max but used for all legit expenses. Last week used to buy a car for my daughter. Still not sure it should be considered anything but what it is, an economic play that made sense. Basically we paid fees to buy short term credit that had upside greater than the fees. As long as the account was used to pay legit expenses I still don’t understand there hesitation to continue with the program unless it cost them more than they were earning on fees. There were many months where I carried a balance of at least 10-15k in the BB acct. The only legitimate beef out there would be from the credit card companies paying the benefit.

  53. Now all you jokers won’t be competing with me for award space. Good riddance!

  54. Got my BB shutdown last week, funny thing was for the last 6-12 months or so I was just using it to my mortgage and a few other small bills with money transferred from my checking account via my debit card, I wasn’t doing anything with gift cards or credit cards.

  55. Got email on on of two accounts on Friday morrning January 6th [Blue Friday]. Tried to load the account that I did not get an email about, the debt cards seemed to load but was rejected at WM. Probably a system wide stop on loading gift cards as I see some other similar comments. Both cards similar use, but mine [shut down] had somewhat more use since Fall 2013.

  56. Both me and my wife’s BB accounts have not been shut down. I load Simon GC’s sporadically over the past 2 years in increments of $500. I used the balance to pay off my cc’s or other bills. I usually never put in the max of 5K. I had just bought 2K in Simon gc’s when I first saw that this happened. I was able to load all 4 on 1/9 without problem. (1K to each account) My plan is to lay low until more info comes out.

  57. Any updates out there? I didn’t get an email but mine is definitely shut down. Anyone know of any legal ramifications?

  58. Just FYI I just tried to buy a money order at Walmart with a Vanilla VGC and was declined.

  59. I received the email for 3 BB but not my Serve account so I am hoping it works next month so I can finish up. I will start with one $500 GC. We are heading to Vegas and hope to buy some MO there at WM Neighborhood Markets.

  60. Johnna | January 9, 2016 at 4:07 pm |
    “Both my BB and Serve survived for now. No reason why since I was loading GC on both up until recently when my local Walmart stopped allowing GC for BB load.”
    I just got approved for a BB – but was out of the “game” for a while, so didn’t know about Walmart not allowing GC for BB loads. Is that true in all Walmarts? (I’m from MN…)

  61. It varies by location. The Walmart closest to me stopped but the next town over they were still allowing it last I checked. Since there are a lot more Rite Aids in my area than Walmart, it is more convenient for me to hit those up compared to the Walmart 20 minutes away. Good luck!

  62. The problem is the people adding gift cards.
    That’s what’s ruining the service and that’s why bluebird is shutting down there cards. It was not meant to be used that way. It was meant for people to use as an alternative to a bank to add money via direct deposit and use it at stores and online to pay bills. So all you people the added gift cards nonstop to these cards are the reason for closures. I’ve had a Bluebird American Express card for 5 years now it’s done a great job for me and I’m very happy with it but I never abused it by adding gift cards to it.

  63. Ahh, I got mine shut down and to my knowledge I never used gift cards to fund it. Back in the day when we could use Vanilla cards I funded it that way, but never with gift cards and that was was 2 years ago or so? In the last couple years or so I kept funding it with my debit cards and actually used it for bill pay, I wasn’t actually even using it for the purpose of getting miles, and still was shut down.

  64. My serve survived the shutdowns but today I recieved an email saying it is shutdown. I opened it maybe 4 months ago. 3500k in gc load at walmart only.

  65. American Express informed me that I will no longer be able to transfer funds between my Amex Skymiles Debit card and my account because I had too many transfers for their taste. They were all legit!!. I was getting one free trip a year off this!! I tried to call customer service but all I got was a machine.

    Any suggestions on how to get to a person?

  66. @Nancy, can you clarify?! Amex does not have a Skymiles DEBIT card. Suntrust does and Amex has a Skymiles credit card. Which are you referring to?

  67. @Pam, good observation! I have a SUNTRUST Delta Skymiles Debit card through Mastercard. It ‘s no longer offered, but I am grandfathered in. I would use the debit card to move money from my Suntrust account to BB. So every dollar I got earned a Skymile when I transferred it to BB and used BB to pay all my bills, including my mortgage.

    But transfers were shut down per the March 4 email, and it looks like there is no hope of it returning.

  68. @Nancy. Yes, I had the ST card for several years and it was an awesome tool for generating miles. I used it for so many payments that don’t take credit cards. Suntrust actually shut me down in December and then in January my Serve card was shut down. Sad times. From what I hear, even if you speak to someone at Bluebird, they are not giving information or agreeing to re-open anyone’s ability to load cards.

  69. my serve acct was shut down, & now amex won’t let me sign up for any of their other cash cards (other serves, bluebird, etc) even after I closed the dead serve acct – was loading serve w/my suntrust delta debit card to get delta miles on all my spending – now I can’t find any way to do this (tried chime, but it doesn’t trigger the miles even though I load as a debit card). any ideas?

  70. I got BB shutdown email so I opened a Serve. Can you load those w/debit cards?

  71. Got my email today – I set up my account after January, managed to get through one month of bills, and voila – no more Bluebird. Whaaa! Oh well. It was good while it lasted, I guess.

  72. And I am jelious are you guys rich how did u get the money to load so much!!!! Lol

  73. Is it still possible to set up a Serve account and load it from an Amex Platinum card? (No gift cards)

  74. where are all of you getting so many huge gift cards from?!? I’d love to know that!!

  75. Serve emailed my wife and I today separately that both of our Serve accounts are being closed due to unusual usage patterns. I called them and they said they are unable to provide me with any additional info. Having been with Amex for years, this sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth for this company.

  76. We were served my Serve as well today as another friend we know. I have been loading about $2500 a month at family dollar for mortgage and auto payments as well as making small purchases on the card throughout the month. It was good while it lasted. Might be time to take out Serve cards on the kids now lol.

  77. Yes This just happen to me last week. I am so upset about this, I wrote to them because that is the only way they will address you and this issue. When they wrote back they really didn’t explain why they suspended my account they just responded with a vague computer response, that didn’t tell me no more thane the email. I had checks in which I paid my rent, bills, and other necessities. I use to recommend their card to everyone but now I’m going to trash talk them at every chance I get.

  78. I woke up this morning, family accounts due to technical difficulty and $200 is missing???????!

  79. Now I understand why it was no big deal for people to receive gift cards when they returned merchandise without a receipt. Much of that merchandise is stolen, or bought at $1 store, thrift store, or received through donations ( sometimes the donation sticker is still on the box- diapers, for example.)
    Most gift cards state on them or on the card they are attached to when purchased, not redeemable for cash.
    Banks are required to report and keep a record of transactions of a certain dollar amount and higher.
    MO can be difficult to cash, at least around here. Not only are they easily counterfeited they are also stolen from 7-11 and Quik Trip, etc. frequently. Sometimes we are alerted they were stolen in a different part of the country and people are using them here.
    Just more ways people work things to ruin it for everyone else.

  80. Could you not buy Amex travelers cheques and deposit them to the bluebird card? It’s also fee free if you have Amex card or AAA membership.

  81. Apparently my Bluebird card has been shut down without notice!!! I tried to load $100 on the card and Walmart claims the transaction was reversed. My band notified me that the transaction was not reversed and they deducted $100 from my bank account. I have the transaction code from my bank and I have a conformation code from Bluebird stating the $100 was added to my account. I look at my account and the $100 was never posted!!
    I have called , called the customer ser. phone number and they have left me on hold for hours. I called again and asked to not be put on hold and they did it anyway and left me on hold. One of their reps hung up on me. This is customer service from American EXpress? They take your money and that’s it?

  82. My husband and I had to switch to the bluebird card when they first started offering them. We had previously had the Wal-Mart prepaid debit cards for years then suddenly we were informed that misuse of the card had been detected and we could no longer add funds to our account. I suppose having family member who lived in a city hundreds of miles away buy and lead our card using the green dot card that was meant to be used fur such situations was misuse? Also my husband is a truck driver so often it was easier for him to lead the card using green dot when on the road because most all the truck stops had them. It was always just a really convenient way to get money back home to feed his family when in a crunch. Now amex sounds like they are doing the same. We still have our BB cards fur now. Hopefully we won’t have to surrender these. We use them to pay bills or send money to our children occasionally. Seems like they all are afraid ppl have figured ways to send money without the huge cost of a wire transfer and they want to keep their pockets full by charging ppl who are usually already in financial hardship our they wouldn’t need to get cash so quickly…they just need to get the money they are entitled to in hands to pay things like a utility bill that’s about to be shut off for instances but the bug guys of corporate America wanna be able to find away to get their little piece so in desperation ppl will pay $5 of their last $10 to be able to get it from an atm because the baby needneed milk but the grocery chain wants to take on a service charge if you don’t spend over $5. That turned into rambling I knew but I know some of you have been there and know what I’m saying. We’re just trying to live and but be nickled and dimed when all we have is nickels and dimes and hungry babies to feed.

  83. The reason for this is the overwhelming number of fraudulent gift card transactions that scammed use to make money out of thin air.
    Due to the number of man hours needed to comb through transactions, it is far more cost effective to simply not allow these high risk transactions at all.

  84. Interesting, because I still use mine today, so this post should be derezzed.

  85. Obviously this was a Scam!!! People should learn from this and not fall for it next time. And as for the ones who perpetrated this Scam, You will never defeat GOOD!!! hahahahhahahaha

  86. I didn’t know you can load your bluebird with a gift card