Meet Spending Requirements Easily With $500 Visa Gift Cards at OfficeMax

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Fantastic news!  You can now purchase Visa gift cards of up to $500 at OfficeMax.  But even better, you can purchase them with a credit card to earn miles, points, or cash back!

Meet Spending Requirements Easily With 500 Visa Gift Cards At OfficeMax

$500 Visa Gift Cards at OfficeMax Are a Fantastic Way to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements, Pay Large Bills, and Earn Extra Miles and Points!

I’ll explain how!

What’s the Deal?

Via Frequent Miler, you can purchase Visa gift cards at OfficeMax and load them with $20 to $500.  There’s a ~$6 fee for each card.

Earlier, I wrote you can purchase $300 gift cards with a credit card from  But this new deal is even better!  However, you can only find the gift cards in-store at OfficeMax.

Folks like to purchase these gift cards and then load them to prepaid debit cards like AMEX Bluebird or AMEX Serve.  Then, you can pay bills that don’t normally accept credit cards for payment, like:

  • Rent
  • HOA dues
  • Utility bills
  • Student loan payments
  • Car payments
  • Or even other individuals!
Meet Spending Requirements Easily With 500 Visa Gift Cards At OfficeMax

This Is Great News! $500 Visa Gift Cards Make It Much Easier to Earn Sign-Up Bonuses on Credit Cards, and Allow You Pay Nearly Any Bill or Person When You Load Them to AMEX Bluebird or AMEX Serve

Earn Miles, Points, or Cash Back

The other reason folks are excited about the new $500 Visa gift cards is you can earn miles, points, or cash back when you use the right card!

Plus, it helps to meet the minimum spending requirements to earn credit card sign-up bonuses!

AMEX SimplyCash

Link:   SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express

For example, you could earn cash back with the AMEX SimplyCash.

You’ll earn:

  • 5% cash back at US office supply stores and US wireless service
  • 3% cash back in 1 out of 7 categories (including airfare, US restaurants, and US gas stations)
  • NO Annual Fee
  • Terms & Limitations Apply

So, for each $500 Visa gift card you purchase, you’ll earn ~$25 in cash back!

Meet Spending Requirements Easily With 500 Visa Gift Cards At OfficeMax

OfficeMax Sells More Than Just Office Supplies! You Can Also Purchase Snacks, Cleaning Supplies, Furniture, and More

And remember that office supply stores don’t only carry office supplies.  You’ll find snacks, janitorial supplies, cleaning products, and coffee.  And now, $500 Visa gift cards!

Do You Have a Small Business?

Link:   3 Ways You May Qualify for a Small Business Card

Link:   10 Activities That May Qualify You for a Small Business Card

The AMEX SimplyCash is a small business credit card.  But, you don’t need to have a company with millions in revenue to qualify.  In fact, earning money from business activities like tutoring, photography, or web design may be enough to get your application approved!

And, opening a small business credit card is a great way to keep your business expenses separate from personal expenses – and earn more miles and points!  If you’re a sole proprietor, you don’t need an EIN (Employer Identification Number) to apply for a small business credit card.  You can apply with your Social Security Number.  Either will work.

Be sure to read about how you might qualify for a small business card, and 10 activities that will help you qualify!

Bottom Line

Now that OfficeMax sells $500 Visa gift cards, it’s even easier to meet minimum spending requirements!

And, you can load them to prepaid debit cards like AMEX Bluebird or AMEX Serve to pay bills that normally don’t accept credit cards.

Even better, you can earn lots of miles, points, or cash back with certain cards.  For instance, the AMEX SimplyCash earns 5% cash back at US office supply stores.  This is a small business credit card, but find out how you might qualify to apply!

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17 responses to “Meet Spending Requirements Easily With $500 Visa Gift Cards at OfficeMax

  1. Any limits to Office Max purchases? by Transaction? by Day?

  2. Is this also at Office Depot seeing as Office Max is Office Depot these days??

  3. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but these are a limited-availability thing at the moment. Many OMs are also enforcing a cash-only policy on this.

    I wouldn’t go out and get a business card on account of this. Most likely, your local OM doesn’t have them. If they do have them, this will be cash only by next week.

  4. Have fun when you’re one of the one’s who buys one of the variable reloads at OM and it ends up not being activated. I tried yesterday, and it kept ringing up as $0.02. I knew something was up and smartly decided to decline trying to purchase. Then reports from lots of people regarding having their credit cards charged and ZERO funds on the gift card they bought. Clearly it’s not set up in the system correctly.

  5. All the OM’s near me are cash only for variable reload cards. They only accept CC’s for fixed amounts, which are usually only up to $200.

  6. I can never find any visa gift cards that are over $50 value in the OfficeMax’s MA locations.

  7. Don’t get too excited. Our local OM/OD doesn’t know how to load them, and despite my husband talking to two managers..both promised to find out but no luck so far.

  8. OK. People. Office DEPOT is cash only for variable cards. Office MAX is not. I know they merged but the stores are still different. Look for an Office max.

  9. These do not exist in most OM locations according to managers I know. The bloggers simply assumed this was nationwide and rushed to publish without checking into it more. Then, because they rushed on this (not MMS which delayed relaying this “news”) it caused too many to rush out on Sunday to OM locations and their system had problems all day and thus problems activating (especially the MCGC variety). Such are the perils of following the blogger herds.

  10. It doesn’t work. Read all the comments here and on other blogs. That didn’t stop hundreds from bombarding OM and OD, I’m sure. I know MMS is always YMMV but at least verify that this is working at a reasonable level, at least 10%, before posting the story.

    Clerk to manager, “I thought we stopped offering $500 cards years ago because of the zoo of animals it created”. “That’s right Kip, good memory, but this time it’s cash only. Don’t be so gullible to believe a blog.”
    “Maybe they’ll use their credit card to actually buy something, like a chair or a protractor?”
    “Not the smartest tool in the shed Kip, but your a company man and you’ll go far here at OM”

  11. @Kaui
    Haven’t tried lately but that would certainly put a stop to all of this (not that this post method actually works anyway). Goodbye UR or hello Staples.

  12. @Paul,
    “OK. People. Office DEPOT is cash only for variable cards. Office MAX is not. ”

    I haven’t seen reports from anyone that OM is accepting credit cards for $500 cards. Their policy may be the same. How do you personally know OM is “not”?

  13. I went to an Office Max today, and while they didn’t have any Visa $500 gift cards, they had some $500 Mastercard gift cards. I asked if I could pay with a credit card for those and he said “yes.” I didn’t buy one, though, because I wasn’t sure if it was pin enabled. Upon further reading, it appears that they are. Any experience with buying the MC’s with a credit card?

  14. I purchased a variable load Mastercard for $500 at Office Max. The sticker on the card said it was already activated and ready to use. A PIN was provided with the card. When I went to load it to Bluebird it recognized it as a credit card and not debit. Therefore, it would not load to Bluebird.

  15. Purchased 3 cards at OM in Tucson last week using two credit cards. The clerk had to get the manager to key approval but worked just fine and all three were loaded properly. Went back to OM 3 different locations today and all sold out.

  16. I was able to purchase 4 $500 gift cards with CC Tuesday night. But this morning, the cashsier showed me the “Cash Only for variable load GCs” message on screen while helping to check out. The Cash Only policy is effective 11/1/15 and the system is hardcoded either yesterday or early this morning. Another dream deal is gone.

  17. I attempted to buy 2 variable gift cards this evening, I was told the same thing as Albert. Manager said he got a memo from the issuing bank that there were cash only. Too bad, it was a great technique.