Great Timing for the Companion Pass: 50,000 Point Bonus on All 4 Southwest Cards Is Back!

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Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Gaurav for letting us know that all 4 versions of the Chase Southwest credit cards now have a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after you complete the minimum spending!

You can get ~$710 in Southwest flights or $500 in gift cards with the 50,000 point bonus from the Chase Southwest Premier (personal), Chase Southwest Premier (business), Chase Southwest Plus (personal), and Chase Southwest Plus (business) cards.

Great Timing For The Companion Pass 50,000 Point Bonus On All 4 Southwest Cards Is Back

Big Southwest Travel With Small Money: All 4 50,000 Point Cards Are Back!

These cards don’t always have such a high bonus.  And because all 4 cards are offering 50,000 points right now, it’s a good time for folks who might be thinking about getting the Southwest Companion Pass to apply!  I’ll explain why!

What’s the Deal?

Link:  Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Business Credit Card

Link:   How to Fill Out a Chase Business Credit Card Application

You’ll get 50,000 Southwest points after you spend $2,000 in the 1st 3 months with all 4 of the Southwest cards.  You’ll also get 2 points per $1 you spend on Southwest, hotel partner, car rental partner, and point purchase, and 1 point per $1 you spend on everything else.

Here’s a summary of the differences between the Premier and Plus versions of the card:

 Southwest Premier CardSouthwest Premier Business CardSouthwest Plus Card
Sign-Up Bonus Points60,00060,00060,000
Spending• 2X Southwest points with Southwest
• 1X Southwest points on all other purchases
• 2X Southwest points with Southwest
• 1X Southwest points on all other purchases
• 2X Southwest points with Southwest
• 1X Southwest points on all other purchases
Anniversary Points6,0006,0003,000
Foreign Transaction FeesNoneNone3%
Annual Fee$99$99$69

Emily and I receive a commission for only 1 of these links, but we’ll always tell you about the other best offers!

In the past, Chase has restricted cardholders to getting 1 bonus per card, per lifetime.  But that’s changed!  Their new terms and conditions say:

This bonus offer is available to you as long as you have not received a new cardmember bonus for this product in the past 24 months.

That’s great news for folks like Emily and me, because it means we can apply for these cards again and earn another Southwest Companion Pass!

Good Timing for the Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   Southwest Companion Pass Timing

I’ve always said that the Southwest Companion Pass is the best deal for domestic travel, because it lets you fly a companion with you for almost free on both paid and award tickets.  To get the Companion Pass, you need to earn 110,000 Southwest points in a calendar year.

The best way is to apply for the card now, but make sure you complete the minimum spending in 2015, so that the points post to your account in 2015 – which will get you the Companion Pass for close to two years!

If you apply for 2 Southwest credit cards (personal and business), you’ll earn 104,000 points (including points from meeting minimum spending).  And there are lots of ways to easily earn the last 6,000 points you need for the Companion Pass!

If don’t think you’re eligible for a business card, read my post about ways you might qualify!

Great Timing For The Companion Pass 50,000 Point Bonus On All 4 Southwest Cards Is Back

We Flew 2 for the Price of 1 to Key West With the Southwest Companion Pass

I’ve written that the best time to apply for these cards is late in the year, because you can complete the minimum spending and have the bonus post to your Southwest account early in the New Year.

The timing is important!  If all the points post to your account early in 2015, your Companion Pass will be valid until December 31, 2016!  That’s almost 2 years of Big Travel with Small Money!

Remember, each of the Southwest cards is considered a different card product, so you can get a personal and business card at the same time.

Bottom Line

All 4 versions of the Chase Southwest credit cards are offering a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after you spend $2,000 in the 1st 3 months.  That’s worth ~$710 in Southwest flights!

The deal is even sweeter if you apply for 2 cards (personal and business), because you’ll earn most of the points necessary for the Southwest Companion Pass.

If you time it right, your companion could with you for almost free on both paid and award tickets until December 31, 2016!

And if you’ve had these cards in the past, Chase has changed the rules.  You could qualify for them again as long as you haven’t gotten the card bonus in the past 24 months.

Will you try to earn your Companion Pass in early 2015?

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79 responses to “Great Timing for the Companion Pass: 50,000 Point Bonus on All 4 Southwest Cards Is Back!

  1. Let me twist this a bit.. So Both myself and my wife secure a companion Pass.. I add my wife and she adds our son.. Is the family free?

  2. Hi
    Do you know when will these two personal cards 50k offer end?

    Thank you.

  3. This is good news, I will definitley start applying next month.

    Soooooooooo since you get a comission when we use your links, do you get a comission off of your self when you apply using your own links? IJA (I’m just asking)? lol lol!

  4. Could someone apply for both personal cards or are they considered the same product? I obtained the personal premier card a year ago but would like to get the personal plus card and a business card this go around. Thanks

  5. Any tips for signing up for business and personal? Same day, day apart, a week apart? Any thoughts on having better chances being approved for premier or plus? Good credit, but I’m probably stretching myself thin with Chase.

  6. I last received Received 50K points on Dec 20 2012, will I qualify to get 50k points, If I apply now and complete spending in Jan 2015 before statement date ?

  7. Do you know when this round of 50k bonus points expires?

  8. I signed up online for the SW Rewards BUSINESS PREMIER card first and was approved. I then IMMEDIATELY signed up online for the SW Rewards PREMIER card and was approved..

    My credit rating is in the mid to upper 700’s and has been for years so I don’t know how it will work for others.

  9. I got the premier last month, can I still apply for the plus and get 50K on each? Does the 24 month rule apply if both are personal cards?

  10. If only you could transfer points directly from the Sapphire to count as Southwest points for this… I’d be very tempted, if you could do that. Looks like too much work to get the other 6,000 points. 🙁

  11. So I was rejected after applying for this due to “too many credit inquiries”. Let say, my husband applies for the card and add me as an authorized user, can I still get the rapid rewards point to my account instead of his?

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  13. Daraius, I applied for 3 Chase cards this year (1 in Feb, and 2 in Aug/Sep). The 4th attempt got declined (end of Sept), I was told that they needed to see more relationship since all 3 cards are fairly new. I typically pay off my monthly statement balance…how long should I wait before I apply again?

  14. Ditto what @Seth said. Any tips for when you should apply for a business and personal card would be much appreciated!

  15. @ Samir – No. If your wife earns status and adds you as the companion you fly free. But in order for your son to fly free you’d have to another flyer who’s redeeming points or purchasing a fare for your son to be the companion of. But I like the way you think!

    @ Scott – Each card is a distinct product so you could go for the personal plus and either business and still get the bonus for each if approved.

  16. I applied for these SW cards 4 months ago and received 2 cards but have not reached the 110k for the companion pass. Do these points reset back to zero in January 2015? I ask because if they do I will hurry up and complete the companion pass now and add a name even though I will only be getting 2015.

  17. Say in Jan 2015 I get the 50K bonus plus another 10K for other spending. If I have 50K points that I received from a Chase Ink Bold in November 2014, can I convert those in January 2015 to Southwest points and still get the Companion Pass?

  18. If I am still inside the 24 months on earning the two bonuses for each of the personal cards… Can I qualify for bonuses on two business cards? My current pass expires next month

  19. When you apply for more than 1 card, do you use same Rapid rewards number for both? or do you need to open new rapid rewards membership for each card and then later on combine them?

  20. I am still confused if you can apply for both PERSONAL cards during a 24 month period. Is this possible? Has anyone done so?

    I opened the premier in April 2014, can I open the plus now?

  21. @Katie I applied for the Personal Premier in June, hit the spend and got the 50k. I applied for the Personal Plus in August, hit the spend and got the 50k. All in this calendar year. If I had known for a fact this was coming, I would have waited until not to try to earn it in January. Live and learn…either was I have the companion pass until the end of next year.

  22. I would like to apply for both personal cards. I applied and was approved for the Chase explorer card one month ago. How should I go about applying for both cards?

  23. Had applied earlier this year for the SW Premier with plan to also later sign up for the SW Plus.
    Unfortunately life got in the way and will now try to meet the companion pass now as 1st 50K earned in 2013
    Signed up for the Plus today but first due date is in 2015
    My question is
    Do they count the dates when the points are earned or
    the statement date when the points are then transferred to Southwest RR?

    Thanks for your help

  24. sorry 1st 50K earned should have said 2014

  25. Darius – can I get your advice?

    I will be applying for my wife to get two of these and plan to finish them shortly after January to make sure she gets as close to 24 months of the companion pass as possible for one of our kids.

    Personally, I got the first 50k card about 9 months ago and have been waiting for this business one since with the intention of getting the companion pass for 2014 through 2015 … I have the business version in possession now and am wondering if I should rethink my process.

    Question for you is strategy – should I take the bird-in-the-hand and complete this spend this year which will give me the companion pass for 2014 through 2015? Or, should I hold off and finish this one in early January like I will with my wife’s two cards, and get a fourth new card for myself to complete early January ($8k total minimum spend) and then we’ll both have the pass for our kids 2015-2016? I initially planned to have her pass and mine offset by 12 months but it took so long for this biz version to come out…We don’t have any planned travel in the next few months but certainly could justify one with the new pass :). Doing an $8k spend between now and January will be tough but doable. I’d hate to not take advantage of the 60k+ qualifying miles that I already have for 2014, but it’s not like I can’t use those toward travel in the future.

    So – what do you think? Finish the spend and have it in 2014-2015? Or get another card for one of my other businesses, plus the two for my wife, and then we both have it for 2015-2016?

  26. Love the blog.

    My wife just got approved for only the personal Southwest card and not the Business after calling Chase.

    She has the Marriot Rewards card for 70,000 that can be converted into $25,000 more points. That gives us a total of 75,000 rapid reward points.

    If I sign up for the Marriott Rewards card, am I eligible to convert my Marriott Reward points to my wife’s Southwest Rapid Reward account?

    This would give my wife 100,000 rapid reward points (at least), and then we would just have to figure out the last 10,000.


  27. Also curious as to what ppl have been asking thus far, mostly:

    1) can I apply for both Personal cards and get the bonuses on them?

    2) how long do you think this offer will last?

  28. I want to apply for these but I’m concerned that I’ve over applied myself with chase. Here is what I have. Sapphire 03/14, ink plus 08/14, Marriott 08/14, ink bold 10/14. Additionally ive got hard pulls for the delta Amex gold business and Barclay’s us airways card, both of which were approved this year around august. Am I crazy to try to get two more cards from chase?

    • @Samir – Yes!

      @ Tim @Jon – Don’t know right now, but these offers come and go every 2 or 3 months.

      @ Captian Hooks – I hope so!

      @ scott @Jack @Katie – Some folks say they get the bonus on both, but fewer say they don’t.

      @Seth @Kelli – you could do both at the same time (I’d start with business first). No inside information, but the Plus could be easier to get.

      @ praveen – No. The full 110K points for the Companion Pass have to be earned within 1 calendar year i.e. from Jan to December.

      @ carol – IF you’re an authorized user the points go to your husband (the primary user). But he can get the pass and add you!

      @ Jason – Can’t say for sure, but I’d try after 3 months from last time.

      @ Michael – Yes, they do! So get the full 110K points before Dec 31.

      @A.J. M – Direct transfers from the Ink to Southwest don’t count towards the Companion Pass.

      @ Kim – Business and personal are separate, so that should be possible.

      @ Hemang – Put the same RR number on both applications.

      @Mel – You could apply for one now and one next year.

      @ AlanL – It counts when the points hit your Southwest account so complete the spending ASAP on the new card. You can call and ask for correct statement closing date (the date online for the 1st cycle is usually wrong).

      @Alan – I’d go the bird-in-hand way. Why lose the 50K points which you’ve already earned? That said, if you can’t complete the minimum spending, I’d wait until next year and then both you and your wife would be on the same schedule.

      @Shay – Thanks for reading! You can pool your Marriott points to your wife’s account and then she can transfer to her Southwest account. However, I wouldn’t transfer until next year so that you get the Companion Pass for the longest possible time.

      @ Sarah – You could try for 1 now and 1 next year.

      @Ben E – No personal experience, but there are 4 versions of the SW card.

  29. What if you signed up for and still have the Southwest Plus or Premiere card from December 2012? Can you get the bonus again in December 2014 if you still hold the card?

  30. I ended up applying for both versions of the Plus. Did business first and was approved after an uneventful call to recon. Then I was instantly approved for personal version about 10 min later. Now I just cross my fingers the companion pass deal lasts to January!

  31. Does the “annual membership fee” count toward your $2,000 spend? And does it accrue miles the same way that a regular spend does ($1=1mile)?

    Assuming the answer is yes, is it standard for all cards (like the $450 amex platinum) for the annual fee to count toward the minimum spend to get the bonus?


  32. I was approved last month for the premier and got the 50k and I just applied 20 min ago for the Plus and was instantly approved but I did not enter my paid rewards number, what should I do? Also is it ok to hit the 2k min spend for the 104k miles for both cards this year and just wait until January to spend remaining 6k for 110 companion pass?

  33. Darius,

    If I were to apply for both personal cards and my first statements, for example, closed on Dec 10 2014, should I begin spending right after the Dec statement closes? The next statement with all of my spending would close Jan 10 2015 and my points would be deposited into my southwest account in 2015. Thus, my 110k points would be deposited in 2015 and my companion pass would be valid for 2015-2016. Does this make sense and is it a good strategy?

    Thanks for your help! I will be sure to use your links to get you referral compensation.

  34. Hi Daraius,

    I already received 50K bonus miles from a SW card earlier this year and have additional 10K miles from spending. If I apply for another card today and meet the $2000 spending requirement before the first month’s statement closes, will the 50K bonus miles post before December 31st so that I can get a companion pass? Can I request for a statement closing date in November?

  35. Hi hi, three questions…

    1a. If I wait for the anniversary to get the anniversary points, do I get charged the annual fee for the 2nd year?
    1b. If I do get charged and decided to cancel after getting the bonus, do they return the annual fee to me?

    2. Does the annual fee count towards the minimum spending required for the sign up bonus?

  36. Darius.. For my question “Let me twist this a bit.. So Both myself and my wife secure a companion Pass.. I add my wife and she adds our son.. Is the family free?” you responded YES.

    Others mentioned that my companion’s companion cannot fly free..

    I am rapid reward member and my companion is my wife so she flies free.. But can she also take her companion (our son) with her? So 2 companions in total free.. Is this POSSIBLE?

  37. Hi Darius,

    Love your blog! I’m happy to see this deal is back. I have what is probably a silly question but do you have to cash in the 110k points to get the companion pass? Or is that an added perk and then I can use the 110k points to travel with a companion?


  38. i just applied for a card and was approved, BUT i don’t remember which link I clicked on so how do I know which card I was approved for?? I’d like to apply for a 2nd card but I don’t want to apply for the same card 2x! Any suggestions?

  39. Hi Darius,

    I recently applied for both the personal and business premier Southwest card on the same day. I got declined for the personal due to having too many recent request for Chase cards and accounts, however ironically got approved for the business card. I was hoping to be approved for both so that I can work on building up to get the companion pass. Any recommendations. Now, i have a total of 4 Chase cards. Should I close down one and wait 3 months? How do I get around this system. Trying to get this promotion on the individual before it ends.


    • @Patrick – The annual fee does NOT count towards the minimum spending for the bonus.

      @Albert – You want the points to POST to your account in 2015, so I’d spend, say, $1,500 on each in 2014. And the balance in 2015. I’d call Chase and have them link your RR number to your new card.

      @Josh – Yes, but only if you were sure that the 1st statement date (shown online) was accurate. It sometimes changes! So call to confirm the closing date. And to be 100% safe, spend $1,900 in 2014 and $100 in 2015 so that there is no chance that the points post to your account in 2014.

      @Jay – You could, but I’d do it ASAP. Time is running out to get the points to post in December!

      @Jasmine – 1a = yes. You don’t get the fee back when you cancel. The annual fee does NOT count towards the minimum spending requirement.

      @ Jennifer – Thanks for reading! You can use the points.

      @ amy – I’d either call to ask, or wait for the card to arrive in the mail.

      @nspence – You can call and offer to close one to get approved for the other. This offer returns every 3 to 4 months…

  40. Hi Daraius,

    I used your link and got approved for the second SW card for this year. I already have 60K miles from bonus and spending. My first statement closing date is November 28th. If I complete the 2K minimum spending at least by November 18th, will the bonus points post before December 31st and will I get the Companion Pass in 2014? Thanks in advance.

  41. @Darius – Do you know when this offer expires? I’d rather open as close to the new year as possible as every dollar spent counts towards points and would rather it all get posted in 2015.
    The companion pass is awesome. I had one for all of 2013 and 14 for both wife and I. I flew a friend of mine with me to New Orleans and used points for him, he would have never been able to afford a vacation. I’ve flown the whole family free using points by making my kids my wife and I’s companion. I hope I get it for another 2 years.

  42. @Darius-do I now have to have all 110k points posted by end of year since my 52k points posted from my premier card and I’m still waiting for my plus card in the mail or do I want the plus card points to post in january?

    • @jay – It is very close, but should be possible. The closing date for the 1st statement are often incorrectly shown online. So I’d call to confirm the actual date.

      @Brent – No end date as of now, but it does come and go quite frequently.

      @albert – Yes, you have to have the 110K points in your account by Dec 31 to get the CP. If they post in January 2015, you will have to earn another 60K points in 2015 to get the cP.

  43. Is it possible to get all 4 cards at the same time? I see people getting:

    1) Both personal
    2) Both business
    3) One business and one personal

    But I haven’t seen anyone get all 4. What’s the deal?

  44. Darius,

    I got the Southwest plus card and got declined for the business version. Can my wife apply for the card and put my rapid rewards number in the application to get the needed points for companion pass?

    • @Allen – Could be possible to get all 4, but not at the same time.

      @Kyle – I wouldn’t do that b/c it will be a pain to sort through if they don’t post. I’d wait and apply next year for the biz version.

  45. Hi Darius,

    A follow up from earlier. While my wife got declined for the business card after calling in to Chase, she applied for the other personal card and was accepted!

    Further, I always ask Chase to update my bill cycle date to the 1st of each month just so that I pay everything off at the same time each month.

    I did so with my new southwest card, and Chase said this will be effective starting with a December 1st statement.

    Do you believe it is too risky to meet the $2,000 spending requirement after that December 1st statement, because my next statement should be January 1st? All of my other Chase cards post points on the 2nd of the month or after. However, I obviously do not want those points to post in December of 2014 but January of 2015.

    Basically, I think it should work just fine, but there isn’t much margin for error with the bill cycle being generated on the 1st. Do you have any experience with this?

  46. I am confused, because in the terms/conditions on the Southwest website, it seems like it could go either way as to whether or not credit card sign up bonuses count toward the Companion Pass. I have called Southwest twice today to ask wether or not the credit card sign up bonuses count toward the CP and both times I have been told that they do not count. On the Southwest website, the Companion Pass terms say:

    “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights booked through Southwest Airlines, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Points purchased for personal use or as a gift, transferred points, points earned from program enrollment, tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Rapid Rewards Partner bonuses (with the exception of the Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase) do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

    I pulled this from the “Companion Pass” section at

    Have the terms always looked like this, or have they been updated to not include CC sign up bonuses as qualifying points since you last received a CP this way?

  47. My wife had southwest card applied in Sept.2012 and I had applied during Oct.2013
    We cancelled both cards in Aug.2014 (last statement is Sept.2014)

    How does the 24 mo. period condition applies in this case to be re-eligible for 50,000 RR points?

    • @Shay – No personal experience, but it should work. Then again, there isn’t much of a margin of error.

      @@Kim – If the spending posts to your account in 2015, it will count towards the CP in 2015. I’d wait for your December statement to close (call and ask when). And complete the spending after that. To be absolutely sure, you can keep $100 in spending for next year.

  48. I just received the personal card, and also was approved for the business card. My question is-I know that in order for the 50,000 bonus points to post in 2015 I can’t meet the $2000 limit in December. Do the purchases that I make in the December-January billing cycle post in January? If I spend $1000 in the billing cycle from Dec-Jan-do those count towards the CP? I am new at this and want to do it correctly so that I get the pass. Since I already have the card the clock is ticking on the 3 months. I was afraid to wait and then have the offer disappear! Any advice would be appreciated.

  49. My payment is due on 12/22-so after the closing date which is probably next week, whatever I charge will post in January and count towards points earned in 2015? I just don’t want to spend a lot on the card in December and not have the 2000 points count towards the pass. Totally new at this! Thanks for all the info!

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  51. I would like to know how long the 50000 Southwest point offers usually stay
    active. Thanks

  52. Bill – I just saw a post at TPG that these all end tomorrow – Darius, can you confirm?

    I have a referral link to the $99 personal card that’s good for 50,000 bonus and the offer doesn’t expire Feb 28.

    • @Kim – Exactly! Charges after the closing date should post in January. Just make sure that the statement has really closed on the 22nd since sometimes the date is incorrect online.

      @Bill – They come and go every 3 to 4 months.

      @PKC – Unlikely.

  53. Would it make sense for me to get a personal and biz card now, but hold off on my wife getting a personal and biz card until after the companion pass has run out in 2016? Or should we get four cards between the two of us? New to this and looking to do it right with this deal!

  54. Southwest Companion Pass Problem

    I’ve run into a problem with completing my 110,000 point
    spending for the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards,
    Companion Pass. I had planned to complete my spending
    in January, 2015, for 23 months (rather than 12 months)
    of Companion Pass use, but when looking at my ‘Qualified
    Points’, I saw the words, ‘points must be earned by December
    31, 2014′. I’ve spoken to a supervisor at Southwest’s
    Customer Relations, and she said my points would go to
    zero on January 1, 2015.
    I’ve thought about a possible solution. My SW RR credit
    cards’, bill closing date is December 26th. If I complete my
    110K spending on December 29th (before December 31th),
    the points should post on my account in January 2015.
    Would that solve my problem? Thanks.

    • @Matt – If you have 2 kids, then having 2 companion passes will help. If not, I’d get 1 companion pass now and wait until it runs out!

      @Bruce Kieser – If you have no points in your account, I’d wait until January 1 to earn the pass because it will last until the end of 2016. If you earn the 110K points on December 29, the points will post to your SW account in January when your Jan credit card statement closes.

  55. Are you sure the 50K bonus points you get for signing up can be applied towards the companion pass? I have read other places that bonus points (like the ones you get from credit card signups) don’t count towards a companion pass. Can you confirm?

  56. Referencing my post above, from Nov. 16, how do you know for sure that the points from credit card sign up bonuses count toward the Companion Pass? I know you’ve done it in the past but the current terms/conditions on the Southwest website seem to say otherwise. Please advise.

    “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights booked through Southwest Airlines, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Points purchased for personal use or as a gift, transferred points, points earned from program enrollment, tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Rapid Rewards Partner bonuses (with the exception of the Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase) do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

    I pulled this from the “Companion Pass” section at

  57. Is this still an active promotion? When I click on the personal credit cards, the link works. However the business links don’t work. Thank you.

  58. Hi,
    There are two links in the third paragraph that don’t work, looks like it’s only One business and ONE personal correct?

  59. Southwest posted my 50k bonus on 1/7/15, leaving me short of my companion pass for the year. Is there anything I can do to change this? The only reason I got the credit card was the bonus.

  60. Hello! I just wanted to thank you. Today I received notification that I had earned the companion pass for 2015-2016. I applied for and got both the Business and Personal cards in November, calling to time my statement date to early in the month, making sure I didn’t spend over $2K on either card until after December 2nd, so the points would post in early January – which they did. For the additional 6K points, I transferred Chase Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt, and then Hyatt points to SW. It did take about 7 days for the Hyatt to SW transfer, but it did happen. You “lose” some points moving them from Hyatt to SW, but I decided getting 5x my cable and cell phone bill on my Chase Ultimate Rewards card more than makes up for the difference. I also just didn’t have 6K in charges to make, so it was worth it. YEAH! ALMOST FREE TRAVEL!

  61. I guess I’m a little late on this deal, but it seems to still be available. I’m going to be traveling a lot this year so I’m interested in it.

    I was wondering if my husband gets the Premier personal credit card and if I get the Premier personal credit card, can we use the same RR # and get the points to go to the same RR account (my account) in order to get the companion pass?

    We can afford the minimum $2k/3mos minimum spending per card definitely. Other alternatives I saw are that I could get a Premier personal card and a Plus personal card, but I wasn’t sure if I could get the signup bonus on both. I’m not sure I qualify for the business card, as I don’t have a business of sorts.

  62. Hi-
    If my husband and I both wanted to qualify for the companion pass so that our two kids could fly free, would we both need to open two credit cards–like the personal and business card–or is there another way to do it other than spending that much money to earn the points? I saw on other sites where people said both parents earned one and was just wondering the best way to go about that. Having four credit cards open seems a bit much…?

    Also, would selling personal items on ebay, etc. count as a business? We’ve sold stuff when we’ve cleaned out the garage, attic, etc. and made a profit that way but didn’t know if that would qualify as a business? I mean we did make a profit… 😉

    Thanks for your help!

  63. @Katie – For 2 companion passes (1 for each kid), you’d have to make 110,000 for your RR account and 110,000 for your husband’s RR account, so yes you’d have to open 2 credit cards each (4 total) to get the sign up bonuses (200,000) AND be able to make the minimum spending ($8k) within 3 months for all 4 cards if you opened them all at the same time. You’d also have to make up another 20,000 points on your own somehow (either earned through your CC purchases, or by buying SW flights, etc.).

    Please note that your RR# and SW credit card are tied by your RR# AND your name (so you and your husband can’t BOTH be connected to your rapid rewards acct, according to a Chase representative I talked with). My husband and I were wanting to do this if it was possible, but it turns out it was not.

    Although I’m pretty sure they don’t check that a “business” card actually is for a business, I didn’t want to open one unless I absolutely had to. For my situation I went ahead and applied for 2 personal cards instead: a personal Plus card and a personal Premier card 24 hours later both in my name. I applied for both online, and I was instantly approved for both (YMMV: I have 720+ credit score and only 1 Chase credit card along with a checking account).

    You could do in your situation assuming you and your husband have good credit and not very many Chase CCs already: 1 personal Premier and 1 personal Plus for you, 1 personal Premier and 1 personal Plus for your husband.

    So far, they’ve shown up in my normal Chase account for online access, but I’m still waiting on the credit cards in the mail so I haven’t tested yet that they both will post to my RR account.

  64. Starting February 3rd through February 28, Choice Hotels is adding 30% bonus points to your purchase. Buy 20,000 points and get 6,000 extra.

  65. @Jessica
    Don’t forget their $2,000 spend on each card counts towards the 110,000, so they’d only need 6,000 points each to reach 110,000 (50,000 bonus + 2,000 spend = 52,000 points per card)

  66. I am just now seeing this and so wish I would have done this-I see now they’re only offering 25k sign bonus-do they do the 50 frequently or just at the end of the year. So annoyed I missed this!!!!

  67. (Same poster as the Jessica above) — Just got my companion pass from earlier! I can confirm that at least for right now for this 50k deal that was running through February, you can sign up for both personal cards (SW Premier Personal and SW Plus Personal) and BOTH sign up bonuses post to the RR account on file as long as they are in the same name and RR #.

    I now have 118,000 and my husband will be flying for free until January 2017. It’s amazing! I converted my Best Western points -> 5,000 SW points, but it looks like I didn’t even need it.

    One thing I didn’t know was that you can change your companion up to THREE TIMES by calling up Southwest during the period where the companion pass is still valid (for me, 3 times until January 2017). After the third time, they will not allow any more changes to the pass.

    @Kristina my understanding is that this deal (the 50k signup bonus) has occurred periodically at least once or twice a year for the past few years. I would suspect that it will come back in the fall. Keep your eyes peeled 🙂

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  69. Hi, hoping you can help – I did this ALL wrong and I’m at 85,000 points right now (9/25/15) – statement closes 10/4 and I expect to be around 89,000 – what ways can I get to 110,000 before statement close of 12/4…I’d like to at least get a one year companion pass. What items are double companion points – if friends get the card, does the 5,000 points go to companion as well as rapid rewards? I think with my normal spending, I will be around 100,000 points by the end 🙁 (oh and if I book a cruise balance for Royal Carribean next month, is that double points? Please help!!