Get Big Travel With Small Money From the Hyatt Diamond Challenge

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Update:   The Hyatt Diamond Challenge is no longer available.

Do you know the shortcut to get Hyatt Diamond top-tier elite status?

Get Big Travel With Small Money From The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

As a Hyatt Diamond, You Can Get Free Breakfast (Some Hotels Even Let You Have Room Service Breakfast)

What Does Hyatt Diamond Elite Status Give You?

Link:   Hyatt Diamond benefits

You can get Hyatt Diamond top-tier elite status after 25 stays or 50 nights in a calendar year.

As a Hyatt Diamond, you get:

  • Free continental breakfast (full breakfast in hotels without a club lounge)
  • Free internet
  • 4 suite upgrades a year
  • Free upgrades
  • Late check-out (4:00 pm)

Emily and I love having Hyatt Diamond elite status.  We’ve saved lot of money with free breakfast and internet.  And we’ve gotten free upgrades to better room in Key West, and Zurich.  

Hyatt Diamond Challenge Gives You Elite Status Faster

You can regularly get Hyatt Diamond elite status without 25 stays or 50 nights by completing a Hyatt Diamond challenge.

Note:  A “stay” is any number of consecutive nights at the same Hyatt hotel.  A  “night” is 1 night or 24-hour period.  So if you stayed at the Hyatt Regency Austin on June 1, 2014 (checked out) and then checked-in again on June 3, 2014 (checked-out) and then checked in again on June 5, 2014, you would have 3 stays and 3 nights.

But if you stayed continuously in the hotel from June 1, 2014 to June 3, 2014, you’d have 1 stay and 3 nights.

A Hyatt Diamond challenge only requires 12 nights within 60 days.  So you can stay at 12 different Hyatt hotels or you can sleep at the same Hyatt hotel for 12 nights.

You can request a Hyatt Diamond challenge by emailing Hyatt Gold Passport at [email protected].  Or you can call Hyatt at 800-304-9288.

But you can NOT request a Hyatt Diamond challenge unless you already have elite status with another hotel.

You can request a Hyatt Diamond challenge if you have:

If you don’t have elite status, you can get free Hilton Gold status from the Citi Hilton Reserve card and the American Express Hilton Surpass card.

You can get free IHG Platinum elite status from the IHG card.

You can get free Marriott Gold status if you have Gold, Platinum, 1K or Global Service elite status with United Airlines.

Get Big Travel With Small Money From The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

Your United Airline Elite Status Can Get You Hyatt Diamond Elite Status

So you can get free elite status but have to stay at least 1 time with the hotel you’re status matching from before you request a Hyatt Diamond challenge.

Status, Bonus Points, & Suite Upgrades

You have 60 days to complete 12 nights at any Hyatt worldwide for the Hyatt Diamond challenge.

For a stay to count, you have to pay an eligible rate.  Hyatt defines “eligible rates” as a published rate, including discounted rates such as AAA rates, corporate rates, and Points + Cash rates.  These rates are usually booked on the Hyatt website.  

It does NOT include “internet wholesale rates” at sites such as Priceline and

It also does NOT include stays booked ENTIRELY with Hyatt points.  But using “Points + Cash” does count towards the Diamond challenge!

While enrolled in the Hyatt Diamond challenge you get:

  • Hyatt Diamond elite status (free breakfast and internet)
  • 1,000 bonus Hyatt points for the 1st 6 nights of your challenge
  • 4 suite upgrades

You can use your Diamond suite upgrades through February 2015.  So you’ll get the 4 suite upgrades even if you don’t complete the challenge .

Your Hyatt Diamond trial status is valid for 2 full months.  So if you start on June 3, 2014, your Hyatt Diamond status is valid through August 31, 2014, even if you don’t complete the challenge.

You have 60 days to complete the challenge.  So if you start a Hyatt Diamond challenge on June 3, 2014, you have until August 2, 2014 to stay 12 nights to complete the challenge.

If you complete the Hyatt Diamond challenge now, you’ll have Hyatt Diamond status through February 2016.

Should You Mattress Run?

If you have upcoming Hyatt stays, you could enroll in the Hyatt Diamond challenge even if you don’t plan to stay 12 nights.  Some folks enroll in a Hyatt Diamond challenge and don’t complete the challenge because they want the free breakfast, internet and suite upgrades.

If you don’t have any upcoming Hyatt stays, you could complete the challenge by doing a mattress run.  A “mattress run” is when you make a cheap booking at a hotel not because you need a place to stay for the night!  But because you want credit for staying there.

So you could stay at the Hyatt Place Bush Intercontinental Airport for ~$81 a night.

Get Big Travel With Small Money From The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

Hyatt Airport Hotels Are Inexpensive on the Weekend

Or you could stay at the Hyatt House Dallas/Addison for ~$96 a night.

Get Big Travel With Small Money From The Hyatt Diamond Challenge

12 Nights at a Hyatt House Can Get You a Suite at a Park Hyatt Hotel

Because you’ll have Hyatt Diamond status while you participate in the Hyatt Diamond challenge, the free breakfast and internet could save money at Hyatt hotels, including some of the expensive Park Hyatt hotels.

According to this Flyertalk thread, you can’t stay at select Las Vegas MGM hotels and earn Hyatt stay credit towards a Hyatt Diamond challenge.  But once you have Hyatt Diamond status, you can keep your status by staying at the Vegas MGM hotels such as the Excalibur.

So, you could get Hyatt Diamond status valid through February 2016 for $972 (~$81 per night x 12 nights).

If you have Hyatt stays through February 2016, especially at Park Hyatt hotels, a mattress run could be worth it.  If you don’t plan on staying at Hyatt hotels, a mattress run might not be worth it.  But you should do the math and do what’s comfortable for you.

Bottom Line

You can enroll in a Hyatt Diamond challenge and get Hyatt Diamond status, 4 suite upgrades, and 6,000 Hyatt points after your 1st 6 Hyatt stays even if you don’t finish the challenge.

You have to stay 12 nights at Hyatt hotels and have elite status from Hilton, IHG, Marriott, or Starwood.  To enroll in the Hyatt Diamond challenge you have to email Hyatt at [email protected] or call 800-304-9288.

But completing the Hyatt Diamond challenge is an easy way to have Big Travel with Small Money.  Especially if you stay at inexpensive Hyatt hotels.

So you could book 12 nights at inexpensive Hyatt hotels to complete the Hyatt Diamond challenge and have Hyatt Diamond status through February 2016. 

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46 responses to “Get Big Travel With Small Money From the Hyatt Diamond Challenge

  1. I signed up with the sole intention of getting some perks during a short stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but I was so impressed that I ended up mattress running down the road at the Hyatt Regency to keep it.

    Hyatt Diamond status is very addicting!

  2. Could you use Hyatt’s points + cash awards to count for the 12 nights of your Diamond trial?

  3. Does qualifying for diamond status work on calendar year basis? Meaning jan 1 to dec 31? I travel enough to qualify annually (40-50nights/year). But I have only stayed at hyatt a few times so far this year.

    I’m also thinking of getting the Chase Hyatt card. But just got approved for the ink card , so I am going to wait a few months.

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  5. Curtis Callaway

    Do award travel nights count against the trial? I’m in the middle of my 60 day trial right now, and 3 of my days are on points. If these don’t count, then I probably won’t be able to meet the 12 nights.

  6. Any suggestions on the quickest way to AmEx Platinumm Elite status the fastest?

  7. “So you can get free elite status but have to stay at least 1 time with the hotel you’re status matching from before you request a Hyatt Diamond challenge.” Could you elaborate on this requirement.

  8. This has been one of the most addicting ways to get an elite status with any program I’ve ever done. If Hilton offered just 12 nights for Diamond, I’d jump on that asap, but they seem to make you do 20+ nights at a minimum. Two things about this: 1.) Hilton brand hotels generally cost less than Hyatts (so a mattress run at a cheap-o Hilton may work) 2.) You start off with Gold during the Hilton Diamond trial, so you do get “Free” breakfast in the meantime. Another thought…once you achieve Diamond with Hyatt, you could email Hilton and request a status “match” to Gold to Hilton and then you can drop the Hilton reserve card to avoid the annual fee and keep your Gold status for another year. Since Gold gives you free breakfast and a nice room, may be a “cheaper” way to have an elite status after your Hyatt Diamond runs out.

    Anyways, some thoughts from someone that recently completed his Hyatt Diamond trial:
    1.) Since the first 6 nights of the trial give you 6k points total, not to mention the additional 1k Diamond points amenity (if you choose points over bonus food amenity) AND whatever base points you get from the room reservations, you will have enough points to then do the rest of the 6 required nights extremely cheap. Hyatt Places only cost 2500 points + 50/night and those nights will count towards the trial. During this time you will also be attaining about 500 points per night (as well as other base points). OR, find a Hyatt Regency without a RC club on weekends and get 2500 extra points + 1000 diamond amenity points + 500 base points from room. We did this at Hyatt Regency Indianapolis.

    I hope I was able to provide some tips to the community here that has given me so much help as a newbie!

  9. I am a Marriott ‘Platinum Elite’ member, and I can maintain my status
    by ‘staying’ at my numerous Marriott timeshares which count as ‘stays’.
    I also have a Hyatt timeshare week. Would ‘staying’, 3 separate visits
    (2 nites each, with a non-stay day in between) count as 3 ‘stays’ toward the Hyatt Diamond challenge? Thanks, George

  10. Can you do the diamond challenge more then once?

  11. I am confused as to how United status nets you Hyatt Diamond…Can you elaborate on that? I obviously know about Marriott Plat gets United Silver and United Gold and above gets Marriott Plat but nothing about what Hyatt has to do with it.

  12. big travel small money? So i spend a thousand dollars to get free breakfast and internet for a few future stays at hyatt? this is like the people that pay $505 for a $500 gift card at ebay just so they can say they WIN!

  13. Hyatt Diamond is even more valuable at some Hyatts, like the Grand Hyatt in Kauai gets you into the Grand Club Lounge which is an amazing breakfast, afternoon ‘snack’ (cheeses, meats, fruit, seltzer, etc..), dinner ‘appetizers’ (which is really a meal), and dessert. My spouse and I were there for four nights a few years ago and only at the Lounge which saved us hundreds of dollars and was of course very convenient! My mom recently got the hyatt credit card which came with Diamond status.

  14. Hello,

    I have booked a total of 14 nights (6 stays) at Hyatt properties for our upcoming trip to Asia in October, 2014 using all points except for 3 nights in Hong Kong with cash & points. Do award stays count for the Diamond challenge? I’m thinking of getting Hilton card to get elite status. I understand I must stay at least one night at a Hilton property, before calling Hyatt for the match. I have a platinum status with Hyatt.

    I enjoy your blogs as they are always very helpful and well written, complete with pictures…makes it easy to follow & understand. Keep it up! Thank you so much for everything. Keep up the good work.

  15. MGM properties that work with Hyatt do count towards Diamond status.

    Source: stayed multiple nights in vegas to complete Diamond trial

  16. For the people who have asked if award stays count towards this challenge, It is clearly stated in the article, “pay”

    ” For a stay to count, you have to pay an eligible rate. Hyatt defines “eligible rates” as a published rate, including discounted rates such as AAA rates, corporate rates, and Points + Cash rates. These rates are usually booked on the Hyatt website. It does NOT include “internet wholesale rates” at sites such as Priceline and”

    No where in the article does it say that awards will count. Daraius is very good about talking about how to do thing and if awards counted he would have posted that…

  17. @Mark – Chase card gets you Platinum status, not Diamond.

    @AEG, Hyatt reps state that M Life properties do not count towards the challenge, but obviously YMMV.

  18. Another big benefit of getting diamond status is their partnership with M life. I did the diamond challenge solely to get platinum at M life for an upcoming Vegas trip. Really made the whole Vegas experience better, if for nothing else to never wait in line for taxis or buffets. Also, even if you don’t complete the challenge you still get platinum for the rest of the year.

    • @Tokyo Hyatt Fan @Maneesh – That’s very true!

      @TZ – It is from Jan 1 to Dec 31.

      @Curtis Callaway – Rooms booked entirely with points won’t count. But those booked with cash & points do count.

      @Bob – By getting the American Express platinum card!

      @Karen – Sometimes Hyatt asks to see your statement to see that you’ve stayed with the hotel chain from which you’re matching.

      @NM – Thanks for the tips!

      @ George – I don’t believe staying at Hyatt timeshares counts towards the challenge.

      @ Robert – Technically no. But folks have managed to…

      @ Tyler – Once you get the Marriott status, you can request the Hyatt Diamond challenge.

      @Lena – Award stays booked ENTIRELY with points will not count. But they do count if you use the cash & points rate.

      @ AEG – Very nice to know!

  19. Would an award stay from Hilton (AMEX Surpass) be enough to match Diamond Status for the challenge or does it have to be a paid stay?

  20. @AEG – All flyertalk reports are saying that MGM Properties do not count unless you got in right when they were forming the partnership and it did not state in the ToC they were excluded. Any MGM staying for challenges now will not count

  21. Can my bookings be ahead of the start of the 60-day challenge, as long as my stays are within that period?

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  23. I just finished the spend requirement for 2 free nights on my new Hyatt Visa. Husband is just starting his spend on his Hyatt Visa. We are planning to stay at Andaz Maui in early December using the 4 free nights from those 2 Visas. We might add 1 more night using UR points. We would love to get free breakfast there to save $$. I have Hilton Gold status, but my last stay was 5 nights on points (and have 3 more nights booked on points for December). Husband has IHG Visa, so Platinum status, but has made no stays.
    I’m a bit confused as to whether we should both go for the Diamond Challenge and the timing of doing so, since we won’t be completing the challenge, only using it for free breakfast and internet. Would my Hilton free stays “count” as a stay in the program I am matching from? And the cheapest IHG hotel in our area is ~$130. I know you stayed at Grand Wailea and just went out for breakfast locally. So is it worth using up the 1 time Diamond Challenge opportunity for this? However, last time we stayed in a Hyatt was back around 1996….

    • @Marilyn B – You could do the challenge for 1 person and get the benefits as long as you are in the room with your husband. It doesn’t hurt to ask for the challenge and see what proof is required. IF they require a paid stay, you could review if it is still worth it for you.

  24. I was just matched to Hyatt Platinum for a 60 day challenge. I do intend to complete this challenge as I have a bunch of nights at Hyatt coming up. My question/concern: the email that confirmed the challenge stated if I complete the challenge, my Platinum status would be good through Feb. 2015 NOT February 2016. Should I respond and question it?

  25. I have Marriott Gold until 6/20 due to challenge, I have made a few stays however I didn’t meet criteria to maintain. I also have IHG Plat. because of CC with no stays. If I request Diamond Challenge on 6/19, and have stay beginning 8/30-9/2 at Andaz Maui will my diamond benefits be extended throughout my stay since I checked in on 30th? Or should I just complete stay with IHG in July and begin challenge in July??

  26. Here’s an email I received from Hyatt. Note that it doesn’t list Hilton Gold as an option:

    Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport and your interest in our Trial Tier membership offer.

    Currently, we have a Diamond trial membership offer, in which you can receive Diamond status, offering elite membership benefits. Register for our Trial Offer by October 31, 2014, and receive a 60-day trial Diamond membership. Simply provide a copy of a current competitive hotel statement that reflects comparable top tier status within that program with stay activity. Comparable competitor tiers to Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond include:

    Hilton VIP or Hilton Diamond VIP
    Marriott Gold or Marriott Platinum
    Priority Club Platinum
    Starwood Platinum Preferred Guest

    Please submit documentation to Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service at [email protected] and allow 24 hours for processing. Your 60-day Diamond trial will begin on the date of enrollment in the offer.

    To maintain your Diamond status through February 2016, stay twelve (12) eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within 60 days of enrollment. You will also receive 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points on your first six (6) eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel within the 60 days of enrollment, up to a maximum of 6,000 bonus points. For a full list of Diamond benefits, please visit

    Thank you for choosing to stay with Hyatt hotels!

    Best Regards,

  27. there is nothing about Platinum Elite IHG status on this email that you received from Hyatt. Does that mean it is not applied anymore?

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  29. Hmmm. So, if you’re taking part in the Hyatt Diamond status match and you have to stay 12 nights within 60 days, my question is if you open the Hyatt credit card and spend $40,000 to get those 10 stays, do those 10 stays you received via credit card spend count towards the 12 night stay?

  30. I see that AAA rate apply, but does anyone know if the Government/Military rate qualifies for this? We have two weeks of leave coming up and this would be great to use. Twelve days…no problem.

    Thank you.

  31. How often can you do the challenge? If I don’t succeed this year can I try again next year?

  32. How soon do you receive the suite upgrade certificates once you are enrolled into the challenge?

    Thank you

  33. I was asked to provide Hilton statement. But as I had received the Hilton Gold status through CC, I just told them that I did not have any activity over the past 12 months, and that my stays were with Marriott/IHG. Will they retract/reject this offer then?

  34. @Patrick – Some have reported getting the suite upgrade certificates at the same time their trial Diamond status posted. For me, I think I got it a few days later, or perhaps I missed it earlier at the bottom of the “My Awards” section of my account.

    I want to mention that Gold Passport email service is mostly lacking. Over half the time they send form responses that do not answer my questions or misunderstand exactly what it is I am asking. Some also provide inaccurate information. For instance, before I realized my Diamond Suite Upgrades had posted, I received this (All grammatical errors belong to the Hyatt employee):
    “I regret to inform you that we are unable to post the four Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards in you Gold Passport Account. I would like to inform you that stay twelve (12) eligible nights at any Hyatt hotel in the next 60 days. Once you meet the criteria for Diamond Status So I will be happy to post the Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards in your account.”

  35. Does anyone know the technicalities of when the 60 days start and finish, and when the nights register? I have two Hyatt stays, 18-23 Oct and 14-20 Dec. I figure I could add a third, one night stay some time in the middle and make that 12 nights. However, there is a separation of more than 60 days between first and last nights. However, there is a separation of less than 60 days between first and last stay check-in and check-out dates. Any pointers welcome.

  36. if I book a hotel for my friend, will that count?

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