Select Business School Grads Can Get Free Hilton Gold Status up to 2020!

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Via The Reward Boss, Hilton is offering instant free gold elite status to recent graduates of certain business schools.  This gets you free breakfast (worth at least ~$20!), internet, and more.

Depending on the school, you’ll get gold elite status until at least 2016 or 2020.  Gold elite status normally requires 20 stays or 40 nights at Hilton hotels (or having the right credit card!) so this is a great deal!

This is a smart promotion on Hilton’s part.  They’re locking-in the loyalty of business school grads, a third of whom will go into consulting (which is VERY travel-intensive).

Free Hilton Gold Status For Business School Grads Up To 2020

You Could Use Gold Elite Status for Free Breakfast at the Hilton Moorea, French Polynesia

How Does It Work?

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Northwestern (Kellogg) Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Harvard Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Berkeley Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for NYU Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Dartmouth Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Duke Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Cornell Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Emory Graduates

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status for Georgetown Graduates

Hilton sent targeted emails to Class of 2014 business school graduates offering them free gold elite status.  The terms and conditions say the offer is only valid for the email recipient and can’t be transferred.  And you must activate your status by June 30, 2014.

If you don’t see your school on the list, it doesn’t mean you can’t try to register.  Just substitute your school name into 1 of the URLs listed above and see if it works.

Free Hilton Gold Status For Business School Grads Up To 2020

This Offer Is Supposed to Be Only for 2014 MBA Grads…But of Course I Tested It Out!

But even if you didn’t get an email, you might be able to sign-up for the deal if you still have a valid business school email address!

Free Hilton Gold Status For Business School Grads Up To 2020

Use Your Business School Email Address to Sign-Up

I graduated from Northwestern (go Wildcats!) years ago, but I was able to use my active Kellogg email account to sign-up and get instant free gold status!  Remember, it has to be a working email address, because they’ll send you a confirmation email once you register.

Free Hilton Gold Status For Business School Grads Up To 2020

Use a Valid Email Address Because You’ll Need to Confirm Your Registration

In the interest of blog research, I used the same email address to register a family member and it worked! 🙂  As always, do what you’re comfortable with.

Free Hilton Gold Status For Business School Grads Up To 2020

Hilton Let Me Use My Email Address to Register a Family Member

What Perks Do You Get With Gold Elite Status?

Link:   Hilton Gold Elite Status Benefits

Gold Status is the middle elite membership level in the Hilton hotel loyalty program.  For a mid-tier status level, the perks are pretty good!  You’ll get:

  • 25% bonus points on stays
  • Free internet
  • Free continental breakfast
  • Room upgrades (if available)
  • 5th night free on award stays

My favorite perks are the free breakfast (worth ~$20 or more, especially in Europe) and free internet access.  You could save a lot of money and maybe even get a room upgrade!

Free Hilton Gold Status For Business School Grads Up To 2020

Room Upgrades Are Always Nice, Especially When They’re Not Expected

So if you can get it, this free gold elite status offer from Hilton is a very good deal!

Other Ways to Get Free Hilton Elite Status

Link:   Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card (Free Gold Status)

If you’re not an MBA graduate, don’t worry.  You can still get free status from Hilton!

You’ll get free Hilton gold elite status and 2 free weekend nights at any Hilton after meeting minimum spending with the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card.  You can read my review of the card to see why it’s one of my favorite hotel credit cards!

You also get free Hilton Gold status with the American Express Reserve card, but I prefer the Hilton Reserve card because you get 2 free weekend nights which are worth more than the Hilton points from the American Express Reserve card.

Bottom Line

Hilton is giving away instant free gold elite status to recent graduates from certain business schools until June 30, 2014.

The offer is supposed to be targeted to the Class of 2014 only, but if you have a working business school email address (like I do, from my Northwestern days) you can still sign-up for the deal!  And you might be able to sign-up friends and family, too.

I like free gold elite status for the bonus points, free breakfast and internet, and 5th night free on award stays.  You get a lot of perks that can save you money!

Please let me know in the comments if you find any other schools that work with this deal!

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17 responses to “Select Business School Grads Can Get Free Hilton Gold Status up to 2020!

  1. Using your b-school email to sign up for an offer not intended for you is questionable at best.

    Using it to sign up people who never went to that b-school is fraud, plain and simple.

  2. Awesome tip! Worked for me as well (Kellogg MMM 2009).

  3. No IU Kelley School? Pshh.

  4. I have to agree with Beth. Daraius, along with some of your other questionable practices (for example, your post entitled, “How to Enter Shorter Airport Security Lines Without Elite Status, Flying in First Class or Credit Cards!”) you clearly live a morally murky existence. Take first and ask questions later; or in your case don’t ask any questions at all.

  5. “morally murky existence”…. HAHAHA get outta here man, you guys are hilarious. I usually just laugh at these types of comments and move along, but come on now… I can’t believe anyone’s even calling his moral character in to question for helping people get a free gold status to a hotel program. That should be the least of your worries. I know Daraius doesn’t respond to the hate comments, but I have to imagine he dies laughing at most them as I do.

    Now to the topic at hand. Unfortunately, they don’t offer it for the University of Houston. Which is funny because Hilton has a hotel and restaurant management school that is right across from the business school. Thanks for the heads though. You immoral pig…

  6. I tried both of my Alma Maters, Pepperdine & UCSD with no success. I guess its for Ivy league only.

  7. Reality Check

    +1 for Mike. But I’ll add that what kind of rock do you live under, Beth and Evan. Do you consider it an immoral act when you spend thousands on a new couch because your old one has an unnoticeable tear in it instead of using that money to transform literally dozens of lives in a developing country through charity. Do you consider benefiting from the hierarchical world economy that allows us to sit on our asses making six figures while our goods are made for pennies per hour overseas immoral? What about the pollution we create when we choose to live an upper middle class existence instead of a more sustainable lifestyle. The world is deeply, deeply immoral at its core and you better get used to it. You have both been living murky moral existences as well, whether you have the insight to recognize it or not. (We can now add taking pleasure in thinking you are morally superior to others to your list of sins).

    The first step to healing our world is to acknowledge our shared culpability in its current problems. Hilton losing a little money because they judged it unnecessary to carefully design a promotion is not one of those problems.

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  9. Appears to only be valid for one Hilton account per MBA email address. The system will generate the “Thank You” page and even send multiple activation emails, but additional links are killed after one account is bumped to Gold.

    Yes, I tried it. May the morality Gods smite me down.

  10. There are a lot of top schools missing from this, which is personally disappointing. Where’s Stanford, Columbia, Wharton, etc? I’d actually qualify for this if they included one of those in particular!

  11. Went to Duke Day Time MBA. Used the above link and my lifetime Duke bschool email address to register. I still got the Blue status, not the Gold.

  12. Any tips on how to get into a top 15 B school 🙂

  13. I’m not trying to argue morality or to start a flame war, but I do want to point out a few things:

    @Mike – I doubt Daraius’ goal of sharing this information is just so he can “help” people. He needs to write posts like these to attract readers and hope they click on his affiliate links. That’s the primary purpose of his website and “helping” others is secondary to his livelihood.

    @Reality Check – I think you’re comparing different things. For the couch example, you’re talking about someone not going out of their way to donate a couch to someone in a developing country; you’re not actively taking away something from them. I don’t even know how to address the rest of your comments about global economical/political issues so I’ll skip that. Darius’ article is arguably promoting abuse that may lead to the eventual demise of this offer for its intended audience. In other words, Darius’ article is potentially taking away these benefits from legitimate MBA graduates. A closer analogy might be him telling us to visit a soup kitchen for the free meal handouts, or taking items out of a donation box. These are “bonuses” clearly intended for someone else.

    As you both mentioned, there are plenty of “immoral” people in this world, and different people have different levels of tolerance for it. Despite that, I hope people aren’t delusional and let the world cloud their judgement to identify questionable acts. You don’t have to admit your action was wrong, but just that it was questionable. And you shouldn’t be justifying one bad act with another.

  14. Anyone actually get gold status instantly? Still shows silver in my account.

  15. roderick scott

    “Morally Murky existence?” PLEASE. Darius is one of the most honest persons I know in the blogging community. Perhaps not with the examples you mention, but remember his “mother in law’s rule” where he gives a link that pays him nothing if there is a better credit card offer, and this is especially estimable in that the rule applies when he does not have to tell you about it and is potentially giving up a commission on a lower consumer paying bonus miles offer. I think you owe Darius and Emily an apology and I would stand up for their commitment to their readers more so than any other blog out there! So take that Ms. Beth and Mr. Evan.

  16. */≥!π∞ SneakyFees


    That WAS a laugh! I laughed so hard the donkey beside me finished my margarita and I didn’t even notice. Now he’s drunk – and laughing too!

    As a morally murky disabled vet, I’d be really happy of someone shared an e-ddress with me so I could get in on this too… but it’s tough to filter strangers through your e-mail if you’re touchy about such things. If anyone’s game just shoot up an ethically-ambiguous flare.

    Anyway, a lovely laugh, and some useful tips – as always.

    Safe Travels to all!