How to Load Bluebird With Gift Cards at Walmart

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Update:  You can no longer load a Vanilla Visa to your Bluebird.

Update: There are new ways to load Vanilla Visa gift cards to Bluebird at Walmart!

How Do You Load Vanilla Visa Gift Cards Now?

Are you 1 of the folks wondering how to use gift cards to load your Bluebird account at Walmart now that you can’t buy Vanilla Reloads with a credit card at CVS anymore?

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

You Can’t Buy Vanilla Reloads With a Credit Card at CVS Anymore…but You
Can Still Use Gift Cards to Load Your Bluebird!

Many of us were loading Bluebird with Vanilla Reloads, but that’s no longer possible.  But you can buy PIN-enabled gift cards with a credit card to earn miles and points instead.  And then load these gift cards onto Bluebird, but you have to go to Walmart in person.  Then you can use Bluebird to pay bills you can’t normally pay with a credit card.

And don’t forget that you can also use Evolve Money to pay certain bills online with a gift card with a PIN without having to go to Wal-Mart.

If you’re new to this, I’ll show you how!

What’s Bluebird?

You can order American Express Bluebird online and use it to pay bills, write checks, and transfer money to other folks or to yourself.  You can buy gift cards with PINs with a miles & points earning credit card (you’ll earn miles and points for using the credit card).  And then load the gift card onto Bluebird.

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

You Can Pay Expenses You Can’t Normally Earn Miles & Points for With Bluebird

Then, you can use Bluebird to pay bills like credit cards, mortgages, rent, student loans, utility bills, and other expenses you can’t normally pay with a credit card.

How to Load Bluebird With a Gift Card

1.   Buy the Right Gift Card

You can use Visa or Mastercard gift cards to load your Bluebird.  Many stores sell these cards, including CVS, grocery stores, gas stations, and office supply stores.

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

CVS Sells Gift Cards With a Credit Card

You’ll usually find them on the gift card rack.

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

I Buy Gift Cards at CVS, but They’re Available in Lots of Stores

You’ll pay a fee of ~$5 to ~$7 when you buy these cards, so it’s best to choose the highest denomination (usually $500) you can find.  Vanilla Reloads only cost ~$4, so it’s become a little more expensive to load your Bluebird!

I prefer Vanilla Visa cards, because you can set the PIN by typing in a 4-digit number the 1st time you use it.  Other types of cards require you to set the PIN by calling or registering the card online.  Check the back of those other cards for instructions on how to set the PIN.

Also, in my experience, it is sometimes tough to get MasterCard gift cards issued from certain banks to be swiped as debit cards at Walmart.  So I stay away from those!

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

Vanilla Visa Cards Are Easiest to use Because You Can Easily Set the PIN

Note:   American Express gift cards can NOT be used to load Bluebird.  Do NOT buy an American Express gift card!

2.   Load Your Bluebird at Walmart

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

Walmart Sells Everything…Even Miles and Points!

You can load your gift card to your Bluebird account at the Walmart MoneyCenter kiosk.  If the gift card requires you to set a PIN by calling in or registering online, be sure to do that 1st.

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

You Can Load Your Bluebird at the Walmart MoneyCenter Kiosk

Not all Walmarts have a MoneyCenter kiosk.  And folks on Flyertalk report having trouble using the kiosk at some locations.

You can also load your Bluebird at the customer service desk or with any cashier.  In my experience, some cashiers don’t know how to load Bluebird or will tell you you can’t load it with a gift card.  If you’re loading Bluebird at a cashier, make sure you refer to the gift card as a debit card.

The card does say that it is a “debit” card so you’re not lying!

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

Gift Cards Say “Debit” on Them, so There’s Nothing Wrong With Calling Them Debit Cards!

The cashier will swipe your Bluebird card, and you’ll be asked confirm the amount you want to load.

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

Confirm the Amount You Want to Load

Then, you’ll be asked to swipe your debit card and to then enter your PIN.  If you have a Vanilla Visa gift card and it’s your 1st time using it, enter the 4-digit number of your choice.

How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards At Walmart

Enter Your 4-Digit PIN

You should get a receipt for the transaction.  I always keep the receipt until I can confirm the money is in my Bluebird account!

If the cashier won’t let you use the gift card to load Bluebird just use another checkout lane.  Walmart has lots of checkout lanes, so you could try another one.  Or go to a different Walmart!

Bottom Line

You can buy gift cards with a credit card to earn miles and points, then load the gift card onto your Bluebird account at Walmart.

Vanilla Visa gift cards are easiest because you can set the PIN the 1st time you use it.  Do NOT buy American Express gift cards, because they can’t be used to load Bluebird!

At Walmart, you can load Bluebird at the MoneyCenter kiosk or at any cash register.  But some cashiers don’t know how to load Bluebird, or won’t let you use a gift card.  So you might have to try more than once!

What have your experiences been loading Bluebird with a gift card at Walmart?

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165 responses to “How to Load Bluebird With Gift Cards at Walmart

  1. I tried a visa GC w/pin today, after I put in the GC pin, it asked me for another pin that was 9 digits long. I didn’t know what that was so I canceled. Any ideas?

  2. I was at walmart using there money machine.

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  4. I have tried this the past four times at WM and it is a no go. I tried it twice at Customer Service and twice at the money kiosk. The last time they told me since their new system, the machine treats debit cards/gift cards as credit cards and there is no way to override it. Instead I used the debit cards/gift card cards to purchase a money order.

  5. This does not work at my Wal-Mart. At first it did, but now it is getting rejected. It was quite embarrassing too, with 2 cash register attendants hovering, along with 2 managers, and locking up the cash register at least twice. Not to mention the long line of glares behind me. I didn’t dare look over to count how many people were waiting. We tried hitting cancel and it worked on a previous day, but now, after two attempts on different days, it’s a total no-go.

  6. It Walmart stores near me will not load the Visa gift/debit cards onto the bluebird account even after telling them they are a debit card.

  7. NO GO anymore. After trying a few times the employee asked if it was a prepaid card and ripped it out of my hands. She was very Nasty and said it is illegal to use those. Super embarrassing. i’m done with this. It was a huge pain anyway.

  8. Can anyone confirm that this is dead? Fortunately I recently unloaded all my GCs but now nervous that I can’t meet minimum spend.

  9. yes, confirmed a no-go LI Walmarts in East Meadow, Uniondale, and Westbury. This is a no-go under any circumstances.

    You can absolutely forget about the cust service desk and the cashiers will not allow the work around (meaning they are asking for proof of bank debit).


  10. NOT WORKING. tried at four different walmarts, both customer service and money machine in fort-worth, texas and nearby areas and its not working. i even tried at local post office to issue money orders and it did not work.
    any ideas ??????????

  11. I spent way too much time on the phone with Bluebird today. The agent was clueless. I tried to explain that the debit visa card was in my name. I still couldn’t load it! He had no idea what the problem was.

  12. June 4 – update

    After having one failure and one success at two different Wal-marts, I went to a third Wal-mart today. I went to a cash register lane to load my bluebird since there were no kiosks, I told the guy I wanted to load money onto my bluebird (I think it was his first time as he had no idea what I was talking about) so I said it slowly “loaddddd, moneyyyyyy, ontooo bluebirdddd”, and then he got it (seriously). I told him the amount ($500), I confirmed the amount on the screen. These screens were a little fancier than other screens I’ve been used to seeing, they seemed a little more sharper/clearer and it was in color (others I’ve used were old style LCD and not in color). I clicked Yes to confirm the amount, then I swiped my OneVanilla, I immediately noticed a “Change Payment” button on the screen, I ignored it at first, and then the guy pressed something on his screen and I saw a message that said “Tender Not Allowed Blah Blah”. The cashier said “it has to be debit”, and I said “let me try again”, so I swiped again and saw the “Change Payment” button, I clicked it and it brought me to another screen where I could see a bunch of new options, one of which was ‘Debit’. I hit ‘Debit’, and then clicked “No” for the CashBack option, and then it prompted me for a PIN, I entered my PIN, *BAM*, transaction approved. Success!

  13. I definitely have had NO LUCK with my vanilla debit cards at any walmart in the last two days. Frustrated! The cashiers nor the managers know what they are doing. The money pass machines have been down for a couple of days. UGH.

  14. First of all NO post office, second you guys have to research this before start using it

    @e: that idiot that told you its illegal to use prepaid giftcards is a moron.
    @victor, it does work, i loaded mine at the cashier and the money center today, you just need to know what to do, go read some blogs about the work around the (Walmart systems Both old and new)
    @ Kathy: next time tell them to use Code 70
    @Brandon: good job you have done your homework

  15. So, I read the blogs and tried several walmarts for ATMs and could not locate one. Tried at the cashier at one and their system would not allow the cashier to change to debit. I went to another, nearer my home, and I loaded two $500 gift cards to my BB account no problem. This walmart’s system allowed me to cancel credit and select debit- it all depends on the system the store is using. Just be persistent in locating the right stores and your golden- this was In Ft Worth

  16. Thank you IReadDoYou for posting about the Code70. After 3 days of going to different walmarts and trying different cashiers, this worked. I found a cashier that wouldn’t give up. I told her to try code 70 and I hit cancel, change payment method. The other cashiers didn’t know what they were doing at all. Thank you so much. I was getting very very frustrated and was about to give up. I really hope they get the money pass up and running again because that was so much easier.

  17. Been using Vanilla Visas to reload BlueBird at Walmart. For some reason today, the system wouldn’t recognize it as a debit card and wouldn’t prompt for a pin. Anyone else having this issue or is this isolated.

  18. Ok…I’m answering my own post. After researching here and other places, there is a work around for Vanilla Visa reloads at Walmart. First, make sure the walmart money center customer service has old card scanners with physical buttons (can’t be 100% touch screen). After you are prompted to swipe your debit, his he red CANCEL button. Do this within 5 sec of swiping and before the credit card authorization screen pops up. You will hen be given an option on the screen to select debt. Worked today for at at Houston Walmart off I-10 and Silber.

  19. I just got back from Walmart and for the 3rd time I tried to load my OneVanilla cards and it was a no go….. I’m bumming out. Can I use these cards to directly put money on Bluebird even if it”s a small amount? I thought I read that $100 per day can be loaded with a OneVanilla card. Thanks for any info.

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  21. I had similar issues loading GC to BB @ WM kiosk. So, instead of adding $500 in one go, I tried $200 which went through just fine. Then I loaded the remaining $300 and it was a success! Perhaps, trying smaller amounts might do the trick…

  22. Well, it looks like the fun might be over. Today I tried multiple times to load my BB card with my VanillaVisa (something I’ve done many, many times) and even though I followed all the instructions outlined by Brandon above (June 4), it just doesn’t work. I briefly got an “Approved” signal on the keypad, but then the checker’s registered printed out a decline notice. I even worked with a gentleman who has helped me load my card before, we did it over and over again making sure to “Change Payment” and selecting Debit with No Cash Back. Didn’t work. A manager came over and tried to help, but the result was the same. No Go. I tried at another location, got a woman in the customer service department to try, when it didn’t work after 2 tries, she finally says “we received a notice that you can’t do this anymore” and handed me a receipt with another decline notice. She was even kind of rude about it. Oh, forgot to tell you, last weekend someone in Georgia got my BB account number and drained my account. I live in Colorado. American Express refunded all the money that was charged in Georgia at 4 different locations, but it was still a pain in the butt. They must have had some kind of dummy card with my number. They were not able to access my “Set Aside” account. Ha Ha – that’s where I kept most of my funds. It was fun while it lasted, but the gig is up.

  23. Wally World people are obviously monitoring this board and others. That’s the downside of these forums, a good gets shut down quickly!

  24. @Dan, where you able to solve your problem?

    I’m encountering the same thing:

  25. This doesn’t work anymore at the WM in Jackson, MI. They said that their system sees them as credit cards automatically now. I tried the kiosk and the customer service desk.

    As a sidenote, same problem loading GoBank at 7Eleven.

  26. I was late to the Bluebird party and missed out on all the fun. Got my Bluebird but I’m going to cancel it since it appears Visa Gift Cards cannot be loaded onto Bluebird any more.

    What I want to ask about is whether others have been able to buy Visa Gift Cards with credit cards? I was thinking of trying Evolve Money but the first step with Evolve is to get a Visa Gift Card to load into it. However, I have been unable to find a store that will sell me a Visa Gift Card using my credit card. They all say the Visa Gift Card must be purchased with cash.

    Is there any place where one can buy Visa Gift Cards with credit cards? If so please provide details. Thanks.

  27. June 17 2014: Walmart CSR says they don’t load Bluebird with Gift cards. I have done this many times a few months back, but now she says the manager does not allow such reloads. As others have noted, the days of reload at Walmart may be numbered. I am in midwest. Our Walmart does not have a Kiosk for me to try other forms of reload.

  28. I was able to load Vanilla visa gift card today at walmart cashier. After swiping the card, hit “change payment” quickly, then choose debit, no cashback, and enter any 4 numbers (as pin).

  29. Tried to load to BlueBird last night and this morning with a Vanilla GC at various WalMarts in the Northeast both with the new terminal software (where you quickly have to hit change payment) – both no dice. The screen defaulted to a credit transaction even after I changed the payment to debit and entered the PIN. Any one else having this problem.? The party may be over soon….

  30. Tried my same SW FL Walmart kiosk I’ve successfully loaded BB from Visa GCs as recently as early this month. No dice. Even trying to pay at register didn’t work – treated it as CC. Ruh-roh.

  31. Yep, wally world people all over this board making changes. Pretty much dead except some strangler stores most likely.

  32. YEP the workaround has quickly died out , tried all my load card, serve, bluebird, gobank ,and different VGC MC ., no go
    guess this leaves us 3 dollar charge target load card and amazon now.

  33. Those of you who had failed transactions: Were any of them Visa GCs issued by Metabank (can be purchased at Staples)?

  34. Both my friend and I tried 3 different Walmarts in AL and it did NOT work. I loaded funds into my BB account on Tuesday night and it went through, we just had to made sure to CHANGE PAYMENT TYPE to DEBIT then put the PIN. Yesterday we tried again and again this morning, but no more. I called Amex customer service and Visa GC and no one knew what was going on. BB CS said it might be a problem with Walmart system.
    I guess the party is over.

  35. I believe its happening on all Vanilla GCs Metabank were reported okay per FT.

  36. Here is a good article explaning what is going on at Walmart –

    another one:

  37. Liz from Minnesota

    Vanilla gift cards are no longer working to load BB at WM. I plan to try out Metabank and US Bank gift cards and see if they work. Has anyone tried Metabank and US Bank cards lately?

  38. I have loaded with new procedure last week. Went fine with change payment to debt etc etc. But last night it did not go through.. I tried two wallmarts in PA no luck. No idea what is going on. I called vanilla gift card 1 – 800 number and guy there said you were not suppose to do that anyway. Pretty useless fellow. Help!

  39. I tried three different Walmarts, neither CSR nor the Walmart ATM works. They decline it. Then, I tried to get a MO. She said you can’t use a gift card for a MO. Yes, the party is over or getting over real soon.

  40. It appears that this primary form of MS may be over. I tried 2 different WM this a.m. (using a U.S. Bank debit/gc, not Vanilla) and went to Money Center (Kiosks down, as always, in my experience). At the first , she was processing and appeared to be prompted to ask to see card. She informed me that if it didn’t have my name on it they couldn’t accept it. I tried explaining that I had always done this, and offered to show her my receipt for the gift card. She said it was “money laundering” and they weren’t allowed to accept it. Asked about Money Orders and she said “same thing–only if your name is on the debit card.” At the 2nd WM, the woman didn’t even let me swipe the gc. I swiped the BB, and she asked to see the “debit card.” I showed her and she said “we can’t accept without your name on it–federal regulations.” I tried the same arguments (always done it, have receipt, not doing anything illegal . . .), but no luck. She was adamant that, not only was the rule/law to prevent money laundering, but that I was actually money laundering. I tried to very politely explain what money laundering was and that I most certainly was doing nothing of the kind, but no avail. Sigh. Thank goodness, I’ve only got one $500 gc to spend. I feel for those of you with many. Unfortunately, I have a LOT of spend I need to accomplish somehow in the next few months.

  41. Liz from Minnesota

    I was able to pay my mortgage with VGC using Evolve Money.

  42. tried using a us bank mastercard prepaid debit with a pin printed inside today at the kiosk and no go, asked for pin which i entered and then it was asking for another 9 digit pin which i have no idea what it is. seems like my party is over after only 2 months of doing this. have not tried visa as staples did not have any $200 ones. sucks.

  43. Yesterday I tried the vanilla debit card at my local walmart kiosk here in San Diego and it DID NOT work. I tried the non-vanilla gift card, where you call-in to set your password and that one did work at the kiosk. So, I’m starting to think that vanilla debit cards are no longer allowed any more.

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  45. visa gift card w/Pin did not work at WalMart kiosk today… I have loaded $5k a month (2 bluebird accounts) for months now.. today no dice, I tried second WalMart (both in SoCal)…

    now I have to deal what $2k worth of gift cards?

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  47. I would really love to know where people are finding cards to load to bluebird. It has run dry near me. I used to be able to find them near me at gas stations or some grocery stores but no one will let me buy them with a credit card. Bluebird is useless without the ability to buy with a credit card. Any ideas?

  48. All new to me. Seems we need comments about Evolve now. How is that working for everyone?

  49. Can you load a Bluebird account with a gift card at a self checkout lane?

  50. I’ve been loading BB with visa GC’s purchased with credit card at money center walmart kiosk successfully until last week. (Murfreesboro,TN) Cashier was successful when kiosk was not. It took my 4 pin, then the 9 pin blank stopped me in my tracks……keeping my bluebird regardless. Small Business Saturday for 3-$10 credits.

  51. I have a Walmart gift card-Will Blue Bird card accept that since they are affiliated?

  52. I tried to load a Temporary BlueBird with Walmart gift card at a cash register – NO GO. Maybe because this is a temp BlueBird.
    I will wait until i get a permanent one in the next week or 2 and I will try to find a MoneyCenter to see if it can be does there. Will posts later.

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  54. Michele Cartwright

    Am. Exp’s Bluebird has ceased ALL gift-card loading onto your Bluebird checking account as of February 2015.
    You must now upload a photo of your D.L, Passport or other Gov’t ID. AND your debit card that you use to load funds to the Bluebird website for “verification” purposes [insert proof you are not using manufactured spending].

    Debit cards MUST meet the Bluebird requirements for funding. Which is NO pre-paid cards. Only permanent bank issued debit cards or direct deposits allowed via the web. Walmart has also hard coded their registers/kiosks to prohibit one from adding funds in person.

    I will shut down my Bluebird account once I pay my bills this month and drain the funds.

  55. Some walmarts refuse to load near 1000usd and refuse to do back to back transactions if you go in at night. This is a frustrating behavior and it is hard to nail down what is going on.

  56. Darius You need to update this blob and let us know if one can load Bluebird from gift cards any more. You have lots of comments here . Either that or edit your headline to say this no longer works as of xx/xx/xxxx/ PS I had same issues as posters above.

  57. Please update this topic?? :0

  58. I’ve read every comment that I can find about this issue, can someone tell me if any of the following will work in Oregon:

    Code 70, BB recharge with VDGC
    VDGC for MO purchace
    BB recharge with VDGC, after pressing red button on pin pad (to enter pin)
    (registered) Metabank or USbank GC for BB recharge or online fund tranfer

    I know a majority of these comments are old, and ppl say it’s over; but I’m not ready to give up! Granted, everything that I’ve tried has failed 🙁

  59. Ive done this before but now not working. I’m in Vegas and I can’t buy the gift card with cc now. WHY!!??

  60. Are there any other options available? I want to get points on my credit card by paying my mortgage, bills, etc. Please share of you have had success ! Thanks

  61. What is the point in buying a gift card with a credit/debit card, and load it to a Bluebird card? I am trying to figure out how it can be beneficial for my finances.