Cheap Car Rentals: Part 11 – Car Rental Savers

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CarRentalSavers is a good substitute for folks who don’t have a Costco membership and can’t book rental cars through Costco Travel.

And sometimes, Car Rental Savers finds the cheapest rate for a car rental!  They also find rates on more car rental agencies than Costco.


Save Money With Car Rental Savers

Cheap car rentals series:

Car rental savers

Link:   Car Rental Savers

You do NOT have to pay in advance to get the lowest rates, but pay for your rental at the reservation counter when you pick up your car.  This is better than other sites like Hotwire which requires you to pay in full when you make your booking.

I compared the rates on Car Rental Savers with Costco, Hotwire, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Alamo, and the rates on Car Rental Savers were among the lowest.

I tested Car Rental Savers for about 2 months before posting about it, and they usually had lower rates than Costco Travel, but lately their rates are around the same.

 Car Rental SaversCostco TravelHotwireUltimate Rewards Mall
2 Weekend Days Rental in Columbus, Ohio in August 2013$36$36$37$68

Step 1 – Search For A Rental Car

Go to and enter your rental information.


Enter Car Rental Information

Step 2 – Choose a rental car

I found lots of choices for a rental in Columbus, Ohio.  Emily and I don’t need a truck or SUV so I chose the economy car.


$36 Weekend Car Rental From Car Rental Saver

Step 3 – Select a car

I chose the cheapest option.  An economy car from Alamo for $10 per day or $36 for the weekend with taxes.

I was given the option to upgrade to a compact car for an additional $3.  Even though “it’s only $3,” a compact car means higher gas costs, so I declined.


Review Total & Continue

Review your selection and then click “Continue.


Review Your Total & Click Continue

Step 4 – Enter Your Personal Details

You can even add your frequent car renter information so that you can go straight to your car!


Enter Your Frequent Renter Information & Go Straight To Your Car

Price comparison

Over the past few months, Car Rental Savers has been significantly cheaper than Costco Travel, but for this rental it was the same price of $36.


$35 Economy Car From Costco

Hotwire wanted $11 per day or $37 for an economy car.


$37 From Hotwire

The least expensive economy car from the Ultimate Rewards Mall was $68!  But an economy car from Car Rental Savers was only $35.


Ultimate Rewards Wants $68

Week long Rentals

I was curious to see how Car Rental Savers performed for a week long rental in Hawaii…and Car Rental Savers had the second lowest price for a week long rental in Hawaii!

 Car Rental SaversCostco TravelHotwireUltimate Rewards Mall
7 Day Rental in Maui in August 2013$207$271$287$168

Hawaii is one of five featured destinations on Car Rental Savers.  This means that there could be extra discounts in the drop-down menu “Car Rental Destinations” for Europe, Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Orlando.


Use the “Car Rental Destinations” For Car Rentals in Popular Destinations

Use The “Car REntal destination” tab

Because of restrictions on how Car Rental Savers can present discounts, using the destination tab could save you more money compared to making a reservation under the general booking tab.

I searched for the same economy car from the general booking tab and it cost $273 or $67 more than when I used the destination tab!

Using the “Car Rental Discounts” tab 

The “Car Rental Discounts” tab also allows you check prices using other discounts such as AARP, AMEX, BJs, Last Minute and other discounts.


Us the “Car Rental Discounts” to Compare Discounts

After you’ve selected the discount you qualify for, follow the instructions on the discount screen to apply your additional discount.

Because these discounts are not available to everyone, the discount codes must be individually applied.

Using the “Car Rental Coupons” tab

You can also use the “Car Rental Coupons” tab to see if other discounts apply to your booking.


Use the “Car Rental Coupons” For More Car Rental Coupons

Bottom line

Car Rental Savers is easy to use, and more importantly, will save you time and money by providing the lowest car rental rates for all participating companies without limiting your choices.

You can enter your frequent renter information so that you don’t have to wait in line to pick-up your rental.

If you have time, don’t forget to use the “Car Rental Destinations” and “Car Rental Coupons” tabs to see if you can save even more money!

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25 responses to “Cheap Car Rentals: Part 11 – Car Rental Savers

  1. I have been using for about a year very successfully.

  2. I have been using carrentalsavers for a while now, every single instance they are cheaper than either of the other options you present in your blog,by hundreds of dollars- I love them!

  3. Great site. I need a three day rental in Hawaii and this site beats all sources by $20.

    But one error. The Hotwire picture you show is actually showing cancellable/no-commitment rates. When the “Continue” button is gray, it’s a regular rates where you’ll see the company. When the button is red, it’s an opaque booking and it’s non-refundable.

  4. I have used these guys for the last 2-3 years . Great website… have had no problems.. surprised more people don’t know about them. Good job , good blog as always

  5. Any good sites for bookings in the U.K ?

  6. This is good information, but I really want to know how to use my Lufthansa miles…

  7. Chico Escuela

    Tip of the Sombrero to mi amigo MMS, with his post today saving me mucho dinero on a couple of car rentals I just rebooked. Gracias MMS………………………………………………….costillas de puerco.

  8. Any suggestions on how to get the most value when renting for a long period of time (approx a month)? Should I break down my rentals into multiple weeks or make single reservation for the entire duration?

  9. Hey MMS .. nice series on rental cars. How about a series on airport transfer options (i.e. Titan Limousine 🙂

    More seriously – we are planning an Italy vacation this fall (I burned through most of my Hilton points pre-devaluation to fund the hotel stays @ Cavalieri and Molino Stucky) and we are thinking about renting a car and spend a few days driving through Tuscany .. any idea on how to find the best deals for car rental in EU .. specifically Italy?

    • @Prabhat – You could try to see if pricing it as a weekly rental is cheaper than a monthly rental, but I suspect the monthly rentals could be cheaper.

      @Jay K @Titan Limousine (First Class Ground Transport and Airport Transfers) – Try AutoEurope and Car Rental Savers.

  10. Thanks for the tip! rented a car today from these guys!

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  12. Lauren Briehl

    You think this website would show up as a “travel” charge on my Barclay card? Would like to use my new Barclay Arrival card to reimburse this expense, but I wonder how carrentalsavers is coded when it’s charged. I have no idea how to find out BEFORE I charge it if it will be coded as “travel” for Barclay. Anybody know?

    • @PointsandTravel ✈ (@Pointsandtravel) – Glad it helped!

      @Lauren Briehl – You don’t pay in advance and are charged directly by the rental car company. So you it should be a travel related charge.

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  14. I have been using carrentalsavers for a while now and the best tip I can offer is to book early and lock in your rate (it doesn’t cost you anything – it’s like holding a reservation) and then to check back often. I currently have two bookings (going to Vegas and later to San Diego) and I’ve seen the price fluctuate as much as $100 in a day. Also, when you’re looking don’t forget to check the “Car Rental Discounts” tab for discounts for using your Visa or Mastercard . . . sometimes those discounts will drop the price even more.

  15. Does anyone know if there is
    a credit card that you can use that will cover the insurance rates…so high at MBJ. Thank you

  16. Yes! Finally someone writes about car rentals cheap.

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  18. This is awesome! Thanks for pointing me to this website. I’ve found very cheap rates for Maui of all places (less than $100 for 5 days, intermediate size). Carrentalsavers + Autoslash = huge savings Markedly cheaper than Chase UR or Costco. Thanks again!

  19. Great compendium! I found the discount codes with Avis are giving me the best price usually. I used about half a dozen and it’s normally 50% (often 80%). I never had trouble with the rentals and had some spectacular Mercedes upgrades in Europe.

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  22. I completely agree with Tenzing Norgay (good one) – I book a couple of months early and then check back often for a lower rate. There’s no cost to modify your reservation and you don’t get charged until your actual travel date. Using the Mastercard discount under the Car Rental Discounts tab has save me a bunch of money! The funny thing is I also have two ongoing bookings right now – Las Vegas and San Diego (just like Tenzing) … I bet we’re competing against each other!