50,000 Membership Rewards Points (at Least $500 in Travel) With The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN

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 How to Fill out an American Express Business Card Application

The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN is now offering 50,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within 3 months.


You Can Get a Lot of Big Travel With The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN

This is a better offer than the usual offer on this card.  And it requires less spending than the occasional limited-time offers for 75,000 points which require $10,000 in spending.

I’ve written before that the 75,000 point offers are not worth the amount of minimum spending required (unless you can mange the minimum spending comfortably) because they take away from sign-up bonuses on other cards.

But spending $5,000 within 3 months is much more manageable!  Here’s how to fill out a business card application.

What Can I Do With 50,000 Points?

Here’s a post on what to do with Membership Rewards points.

You can get at least $500 in air travel when you use 50,000 Membership Rewards points to book travel using the “Pay with Points” option.

The advantage of using Pay with Points is that you get lots of flexibility with booking your travel because you don’t have to search for only low availability flights.  If there is a flight for sale, you can use points to book it.  You will also earn miles on the flight you book.

You can transfer Membership Rewards points to airline partners and then redeem for flights within the US, to Hawaii, and the rest of the world.  The bad news is that most partners charge fuel surcharges on international awards which vary by the partner airline you fly on.

American Express Membership Rewards

Membership Rewards Airline Partners

Membership Rewards airline and hotel transfer partners often have transfer bonuses, so you may be able to transfer your points to, say, British Airways and get 40% more points.

The $175 annual fee is waived for the 1st year and you earn:

    • 3X AMEX Membership Rewards points in 1 of 5 categories (you choose):  Airfare purchased directly from airlines, US advertising in select media, US gas stations, US shipping, and US hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases
    • 2x points in the remaining 4 categories
    • 1X points on other purchases
    • NO foreign transaction fees
    • Terms Apply

Who is Eligible For The Bonus?

The terms also say that the: “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product within the last 12 months

You should be able to get the 50,000 point bonus if you have have the American Express personal Premier Rewards Gold and the Platinum card since the terms preclude only business cards within the last 12 months.

But you will not get the bonus if it is less than 12 months from when you cancelled The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN.

Bottom Line

American Express seems to be running limited time mega sign-up bonus offers, but with large minimum spending requirements.

We’ve seen similar offers before for 1 day only, so it is nice to see this offer for 50,000 Membership Rewards points run for a bit longer.  And with a more manageable minimum spending requirement!

Here’s a post on how to fill out the business card application.

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65 responses to “50,000 Membership Rewards Points (at Least $500 in Travel) With The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN

  1. Thanks for sharing! I got this card a few weeks ago because I really wanted the 3x on airfare, and there wasn’t any bonus 🙁

    Does AmEx let people get these bonuses retroactively?

  2. Is it true that reloadable cards (like Vanilla) are not considered eligible purchases to go towards the minimum spend?

  3. On this application can you leave the tax ID blank?

  4. Thanks Daraius, I think I’m going to try for one of these. You mention that you’re happy to see this offer last for more than one day, but I don’t see an offer expiration date. Do you happen to know when this offer expires? Also, is an EIN required or can I use my SSN?

    I love your blog!

    • @Phil – Unfortunately they don’t match bonuses any longer, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

      – In my experience they do count, but the terms suggest that they do not.

      @Doug – Enter your social security number if you have a sole proprietor business.

      @Micky – Thanks for reading! I don’t know when it will end, but will try to find out. You can use your SSN in the Tax ID field.

      @Rob – Glad it helped!

  5. I was literally just about to apply for the business green card today so I could cancel my personal platinum and retain my MR points. I’m glad I saw this post before doing so!

  6. Trying to get a 1 suite SIN- FRA-JFK on the SIN A380 in October 2013, so 50K MR for this card, what other cards should I open to get more Amex MR points to transfer to Kris Flyer miles?

  7. Do you know if they consider the Starwood Business Amex a Business Green, Gold or Platinum Card for the sign-up bonus?

  8. what’s the difference of this and AMEX premium reward that gives me 50,000 pts? or would both of this be the same card? X)

    thank you for great information.

  9. Diamond Vargas

    @ Adam S – They do not consider the SPG Business card to be any of the cards that you list. Having that card will not preclude you from receiving the bonus described in this post.

    • @Jason – You could get the Mercedes-Benz Platinum for 50K and wait for the Premier Rewards Gold to again have a 50K sign-up bonus.

      @Adam S – No, you’ll be fine if you have already have the Starwood Business AMEX.

      @kaidou1412 – This is a business card while the Premier Rewards Gold card is a personal card. The Premier Rewards Gold currently offers 25K, but there may be a future offer for 50K.

      @Diamond Vargas
      – Thanks for helping out!

  10. If I am an authorized user on a business Platinum account, am I still eligible for this?

  11. Mileage Seeker

    I just opened this card last year. How long should be wait to cancel the card and reopen to get the 50k points? Is it only for new card members only? If I cancel it and reopen am I considered new member? Will they not give me the 50k points?

  12. can i transfer these points to virgin atlantic, and then to hilton to get 100k hilton points? thanks!

    • @Sarah – You should be since you’re not the primary cardholder on the business platinum account.

      @Mileage Seeker – You have to wait 12 months from when you cancelled the card to get it again and you can’t have either the business Green or Platinum card open in the last 12 months.

      @david – You sure can! Just don’t transfer to Hawaiian Air, because Hawaiian Air doesn’t allow 3rd party transfers to Hilton.

  13. When was the last time Premier Rewards Gold card had an offer of 50k sign up? and when it was at 50k, what was the min spending? I rather wait if it req less.., but if its the same as this offer, I guess I’ll jump on it.

  14. I hate these high minimum spend offers in a short time frame since I have to do it all through gift cards. Although the PIN development with gift cards makes it easier.

  15. @tommy: the PRG? Pretty recently, the PRG Business, however, is another story.

  16. Darius,

    I took advantage of 75000 bonus offer last November. I have already got the bonus. If I want to get another platinum or business gold bonus offer, I need to cancel it and wait for 12 months. Is that right? They count 12 months from canceling date not application date, right? Thanks

  17. Little worried about it being a biz card. I know Amex is tougher on the questioning for a business. I sell things online on many of the marketplaces… but that doesn’t come up on tax returns!

  18. Also worried about what my “business name” should be since I don’t have one. Guess I’ll make it up?

    • @tommy – This is the Business Gold Rewards, not the Premier Rewards Gold. The Business Rewards Gold last had a 50K sign-up bonus in November 2012.

      @Scott – I don’t see the trend of increasing minimum spending requirements changing.

      @Jennifer – That’s correct – the 12 month period is from when you cancel the card, not from when you apply for it.

      @Mike – I wouldn’t make things up, but your business name could be your name as a sole proprietor.

  19. Another option to do with 50,000 Membership Rewards points is to sell them for $610.00 cash.

    The website buys 1,000 Membership Rewards points at a rate between $11.60 – $12.20.

    The company has positive reviews on yelp, facebook, fatwallet and slickdeals.

  20. If I got the Amex PRG card 2 months ago when it was 50k, will this affect my application for this business card? thanks

  21. @Francisco C – No it should not affect. I got the PRG for the 50k points and just got approved for this one. No issues
    BTW I have Equifax frozen, so they must have pulled from Experian.

    @MMS- Love you blog, learnt a lot of things from here. I will use your referral links next time I need them.

  22. When I applied for the card, I had 8 Amex card total, including personal and business. They called and said they would be happy to approve this card but Amex is now limiting the number of cards they are issuing one person. I asked if they would considering redistributing my line of credit and they said no. So I simply canceled one of my cards and took this card.

  23. I have a personal Platinum AMEX (3 months old), can I still apply for the gold business card and get the bonus? It’s unclear whether the “business” refers only to the gold or also the green and platinum

    • @MaDaddy – Thanks for reading and using our links!

      @Billy D – Nice to know and thanks for sharing!

      – A personal card shouldn’t prevent you from getting the bonus on the business card. But a business platinum will prevent you from getting the bonus is it hasn’t been more than 12 months since you cancelled.

  24. Mark the Meanderer

    Deal looks good. Is there anyway we can transfer these points into American Airlines miles without a huge devaluation?

  25. A little off the subject but I just noticed that there is a AMEX Kris Flyer (Singapore Airlines Program) card with a intro miles of 5000. I am not sure this is for Americans or not because they only talk in S$ terms (I think a Singapore dollar). Would you bother with this or just stick to MR rewards and transfer to KF if you wanted an award?

  26. I tried to apply for the AMEX Business Card with the 50,000 pts. When I came to the Tax ID#, it would not take my whole SS#. Am I doing something wrong?

  27. Dararius, Disregard my comment, got it to work and got approved!! Thanks!

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  29. Hi – I got in on the 75k for 10k min spend. I charged the 10k and have already received my points. I think I should cancel this now so I can get my 12 months cycle running again to be able to get the next Amex Biz card. I have read lots of blogs on not cancelling cards till they are due for a renewal. Do you have a view on whether I should keep or cancel this card?

    I also have the Amex Plat Mercedes card and don’t need the Gold card for any of its benefits. My sole goal is mileage collecting (hoarding?!).


  30. Thanks for the quick reply! I live in NYC (no car) and typically don’t spend too much on travel so from that perspective I think I should cancel.

    I was wondering if you had any input in terms of impact on credit score of cancelling now vs gaining other bonuses?


  31. Just a data point: I did the online app, returned an error msg saying ” Online system not available, call to apply or apply online again later”. So I called, the CSR asked me if I have other Amex card, which I can’t say NO, so I surrendered my personal Platinum card#, which I think made the process smoother. I was approved right on the phone.

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  33. Hi, great info here! I already used your link to apply Chase Business plus. Waiting to get approval. BTW – is there any way to check if I got approved?

    Another question on Amex gold – is there any way to transfer the points to UA miles? thx!

  34. I heard amex is a little more strict with spending. As in they suspend accounts with any activity that may not he a business expense. Have you seen this in your experience?

  35. Thanks for the info ….
    for 50000 points , with they offer a statement credit of $500?

  36. Hello – there is a 50K offer now but being a member the last 12 month requirement is not listed in the Ts&Cs. Did they relax the requirements? Can you please confirm that is true? I cancelled my card late 2012 and will not be eligible with that clause. Thanks.

  37. harry @ PF Pro

    Have you seen anyone that’s confirmed they have signed up for a first business gold card and cancelled over a year ago get points again with this new deal?

  38. Hi D

    Does AMEX ever offer deals for their AMEX Blue card? I like the no annual fee, not tied to one airline and I shop at Costco (which only takes AMEX). Their website offers 10,000 now, but that is not enough, I want more to start. Thanks for your advice.

  39. I was able to sell the 55,000 membership reward points I earned to rewards2cash for $726.00 http://rewards2cash.com/AMEX_MR?tracking=4f8fb6a3e7219
    The company has positive reviews on yelp, facebook, and slickdeals.

  40. Darius, sorry in advance but I couldn’t find answer so if I have Mercedes Platinum (3/13) then I cannot apply for Business Gold?
    thanks, robin

    • @robin – The terms suggest that you can’t have a business platinum and get the business gold. You should be fine if you have the Mercedes Benz Platinum (a personal card) and then get the Business Gold card.

  41. Hi Daraius,
    Thanks again for your great column. I am considering applying for an Amex business card and personal gold (MR) card on the same day. I got a targeted 75K business gold offer with 2K spend. Is it possible to get approved for both? I don’t currently have any Amex cards and I have minimal business income (e.g. under $100 – eBay, etc.). Considering a mini app-o-rama with US Bank hotel card.

    Also, I have 5 hard pulls on credit report and 6 new cc accts in past 6 months, though 750+ credit score.


    • @BG – It should be possible to get approved for both the AMEX cards, but I can’t comment specifically on your chances for approval. But folks do manage to get 1 personal and 1 business AMEX card.

  42. Hi there. I have a question. I applied for the Amex gold card and am supposed to receive 50,000 points if I spend $5000 within 3 months. I thought I was going for a trip which will easily rack up that amount but the trip was cancelled. Now I’m not sure how I’m going to spend that amount. Of course, I can just go crazy shopping but no, I’m not doing that. i thought of purchasing Target or Trader Joes gift cards since i shop there often, but was told that it doesn’t count towards the accumulation. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And no wasteful crazy shopping suggestions please 🙂 Thanks for your help!

  43. D,

    I got the 75k MR points and would like to transfer ultimately to Iberia for travel. Question: is 40% bonus still available when you transfer MR points to British airways for Avios? Also, once Avios available in BA can I transfer free of charge to Iberia? Thanks

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  46. Hi Daraius,

    I got the targeted 75K MR points offer, with $5000 spend needed in 3 months (to which I applied and got approved 🙂 )
    Do variable load gift cards purchase count toward the minimum spend?
    (I can get those at Walmart for $4.94 fee, load $500 into it, and can offload them to my Bluebird).
    When I called Amex for clarification, they did not give a straight answer, but read what is written in the card member agreement.