75,000 Point American Express Business Gold Card – Apply by June 26, 2012 [Expired]

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Million Mile Secrets reader LT (thanks!) very kindly shared a link to a 75,000 Point American Express Business Gold charge card after spending $10,000 within 4 months. 

The terms say that you have to apply by June 26, 2012 to get the 75,000 point sign up bonus and use Bonus ID A2QQ (which I’m assuming is already coded in the application link).

The terms also say that the “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® account within the last 12 months.

This isn’t my link, and I don’t earn a referral for this link, so please take screen shots before applying for the card.The $175 annual fee is waived for the 1st year and you earn:

  • 3X points on airfare
  • 2X points on advertising, gas, and shipping
  • 1X points on other purchases

American Express seems to be running limited time mega sign-up bonus offers, but with large minimum spending requirements:

As always, I updated the “Bank Rewards Points” tab so that you can always find the best deals.

Bottom Line:  I’ve always thought the regular Business Gold Card which offered NO sign-up bonus to be overrated, but a 75,000 point sign-up bonus definitely makes this card very attractive.  Too bad the spending limit is higher than usual.

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72 responses to “75,000 Point American Express Business Gold Card – Apply by June 26, 2012 [Expired]

  1. so the bonus is available if you’ve had the personal versions of these cards before as long as you’ve never had a business version?

  2. would have had the delta business amex in the past 12 months preclude one from getting the bonus on this card?

  3. The terms also say that the “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® account within the last 12 months.”

    Does Business before the cars listed mean also biz versions of the Green and Platinum? The Costco Amex is green in color does that make it a Green card?

  4. @Emily – yes that is how I would read it. It is interesting that Amex has started putting very clear and explicit language relating to previous cards into it’s applications. This is a real positive, as it makes it clear when you can and can’t get the bonus. And in all the cases I have seen so far, it looks like you can get sign up bonuses if it’s been at least a year since you cancelled the card. So opportunities to really churn through the Amex portfolio over time and even keep Amex happy by putting decent spend on them

  5. I have the Personal AMEX PLAT and PRG. No Amex Biz card. Am I eligible for the bonus? Also, what if I plan to cancel my 2 personal cards in July 2012 or August 2012. Will this affect me from receiving the points? Is the Amex Biz as easy to to approve as the Chase Ink Bold?

  6. What about sole proprieterships/startups that may utilize a social security number instead of an official federal tax ID number? Are we eligible?

  7. I was recently (1mo ago) approved for biz Gold reward card for 50k MR sign up bonus after $5000 spend in 4 mo. Can I ask them to match this new offer for 75k after $10k spend in 4 mo?
    I will be using Amazon payments to satisfy this spend limit. Do you think it may cause some problem or trigger audit?


  8. @bigtex sole proprietors can get this card

  9. amazing… thank you… have been waiting impatiently for a new CC offer to come out. just got approved, yay! this to me is = to 75,000 BA miles, which is really 75k AA miles. happy camper =)

  10. @All,
    I’ve the same question as Flyer – I’ve applied for the Biz Gld card on Apr 26…do you think AMEX would entertain a match request?

    Hello, I’m looking for ways to utilize my British Avios…could you point me to the ‘best ways to use BA miles’, please?

    Thanks in advance for your inputs.

  11. @ Srini… in a nutshell, BA avios can be used to book AA flights bc BA and AA are transfer partners. Since BA prices flights in avios based on distance, its best to use BA avios for short distance AA flights within the US (AA flights are based by region or continent). There is a really useful post on this exact topic on this blog that explains it better than I could http://millionmilesecrets.com/2012/04/08/british-airways-miles/

    • @emily – I agree with Phil and that’s how I interpret it – that you can’t get the bonus if you had the business version in the last year, but can if you have only had the personal version.

      @mason – I don’t see anything about Delta in the terms. Looks like they’ve listed only Membership Rewards points cards.

      @Joe – My interpretation is that you can’t get the bonus if you had any business card which earns membership rewards points. So the Costco card may be exempt.

      @Phil – Thanks for helping out!

      @sil – The personal cards shouldn’t prevent you from getting the bonus on the business card. I can’t comment on the application process since I don’t know your specifics.

      @BigTex – You can apply as a sole proprietor with your SSN.

      @Flyer @Srini – In my experience AMEX is not very good with bumping bonuses any more, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’d be careful about using Amazon Payments with AMEX since that could be a trigger for the Financial Review.

      – Thanks for helping out!

      @MissMiles – That was quick! Congrats on getting approve, and thanks for helping out.

  12. Which card is better.. ink Bold or this one? I know how bold works with 1:1 to certain airlines and hotels.. Is this Amex the same thing? Thanks..

  13. Ouch… $10k within 4 months… glad I got in on the $5k within 4 months and just 50k. Guess a true business would be able to take advantage of this… 😀

  14. Daraius – whats the issue w/using amazon payments with amex?

  15. Is AMEX biz cards any tougher to score than Chase biz? I landed the INK with no questions, so…

  16. @MissMiles,
    Thank you for a quick response. That’s exactly what I was looking for…thanks a lot.

    Amazon Payments with AMEX Biz Gold sounds like a bad combination then 🙁

  17. Did anyone actually have to put in the code? Or was it in fact included in the link?

  18. Hi Daraius, is the Citi Amex Platinum card for American Airlines exempt since it is handled by Citibank or still within the terms bec. it’s an AMEX? Thank you!

  19. So if I have a personal Amex Business Card, I can get the bonus then since its not a business card, right?

  20. curious to as the value of 75k am express points and what the best bang for your buck would be in utilizing them? (never used or had experience with american express points) thanks

  21. applied… approval with call follow-up. nothing re what type of biz. just why this card in general. super nice rep; even Fedex’ed the card. approval after a few minutes. looks like they moved some of my personal credit line around (?) from my other long term amex blue. CONFIRMED 75k w $10k. since i was at it, I applied for another card as well! also approved upon call follow-up. needed to confirm address and confirm identity. EASIER than Ink Bold, in my opinion but the 10k spending will require some work. Thanks Darious! im sorry it wasn’t a referral link! but knowing me… I’ll make up for it later.

    • @MissMiles @Srini – AMEX has Financial Reviews where the freeze your accounts and ask for your tax returns. Using Amazon Payments may trigger that financial review.

      @Mike H – As always, it depends on your specific situation.

      @Aaron – I suspect it is in the application link.

      @Don – It is issued by Citi, so it doesn’t matter.

      @Maury – What’s a “personal Amex Business Card?!”

      @drew – You could transfer them to British Airways for short haul flights, or to Delta for Sky Team flights or Aeroplan or ANA for Star Alliance flights.

      @tri n – Don’t worry about it now being a referral link and glad you got approved!

  22. @ Darius
    I’m curious about the issue with using amazon payments as well.
    Would Amex have a problem with 1 or 2 larger payments or do you think they would be more likely to trigger a review from several smaller payments?
    I was thinking of using amazon payments for about 8k worth and just putting the rest on normal spend.
    If using amazon payments is completely out of the picture, I doubt I could come anywhere near 10k in 4 months.

  23. Daraius – how do you know that Amazon payments will trigger that? I’ve done amazong pmts with both of my Delta cards and no issue

  24. Daraius: I meant if I have the Amex Personal Plat card already and/or the Amex SPG Business card, will I be eligible for the bonus with this card? Thanks

  25. Hi, and thanks.

    two quick questions – I just put app in, and it says gold Open card. is that right?
    if I get approved, what’s the best way to go about canceling the personal gold amex premier?


    Kathy http://www.willrunformiles.com

  26. I currently have the amex platinum personal card. I have it for almost 2 years now. I used to have the amex gold business and gold personal. Over 2 years ago they were cancelled. Am I eligible for this sign up bonus ???

  27. Is the Amazon Payments triggering a financial review something new or is that if you exceed $1,000 in a month?

  28. I sent a message to AMEX – if they can do a match..the following is their response (not very encouraging I would say):

    I understand your concern regarding the better offer.
    While we appreciate your interest in this offer, we are unable to apply it to your account, as it was not available at the time you applied for the card.
    Please note that all our promotions are time bound, solicited and unique. They cannot be applied manually to an account on which they were not solicited.
    While this particular offer is not available to you, we are always creating new offers to help our existing Cardmembers earn more bonus points. When an offer becomes available to you, we will send you a letter or email explaining the opportunity and how you can take advantage of it.
    We do hope you understand.

  29. @D- thanks approved with your link.
    @everyone else- The best use of membership reward points is to wait until they have a 50 percent (or more) bonus to their airline transfer partners. For example they just completed the 50 percent bonus transfer to BA so 75k bonus points would have been 112,500 bonus… THAT would be the biggest miles bonus out there. Throw in if you spent the 10k on airfare then after the initial spend and 50 percent transfer bonus (if you wait for it) youd have 142,500 airline miles on one of their partners (75k bonus x1.5 plus the 10k spend in airfare x3). Now that is something special if you can meet the spend esp in airfare

  30. Darn….I did my app-o-rama yesterday and got approved for 4 personal cards (including Amex spg). Do you think I can still apply for this today or do I need to wait until the next time around?

  31. @Ragster7, this is a charge card. I think you would still qualify.

  32. I have the business platinum card that I have already for over 2 years. Am I eligible for this card? Its a little confusing the way it is stated in the application. Can I not get the bonus if I applied for a business platinum in last 12 months, or if i have a card now ???? thanks

  33. I landed this as part of my app-o-rama today. My only instant approval.

    I have the Amex Plat personal and SPG Business card, which were applied for in February 2012. I sounds like I should be eligible for the 75k bonus.

  34. I currently have an outstanding/pending application for the SPG business card. Has anyone ever switched an application to a different card/offer or know if Amex will do that? Seems like this is the better card to sign up for, as the SPG bonus will be around longer.


  35. i have two distinct small businesses that i run from my home. one has a TIN the other does not. i signed up for the previous 50,000 point offer in April for one business. do i have a shot to sign up for this offer with the other business? i would be able to use the TIN this time. But both business have the same address and personal info. anyone done something like this?

  36. Just curious if anyone knows how Amex points stack up against the rest? I’ve heard Amex points are not as valuable for cash redemption compared to say Chase.

    • @MissMiles – I can’t say that it will trigger a Financial Review for sure, but it *may* be the trigger!

      @Maury @lana – You should be able to get the sign-up bonus for this card since it doesn’t mention anything about not getting the sign-up bonus because of a personal charge card. If you got the bonus on the business Platinum in the last year, you won’t get the bonus on this card.

      @Kathy K – As long as you see the offer for 75,000 points, you should be fine! Once you get approved, you can call and cancel the AMEX PRG.

      @Jason – It’s always been a factor, but no one knows what exactly triggers the FR.

      @Srini – It doesn’t hurt asking and thanks for circling back and sharing.

      @mike fein – I agree that the transfer to BA would be a great use for the points!

      – I can’t say for sure, but if 75,000 points is worth it to you, it doesn’t hurt to apply and call the reconsideration line.

      @Jay – You should be able to get the sign-up bonus based on the way the terms are written.

      @alan – It doesn’t hurt to ask, but I doubt they will switch applications.

      @mulbry – I don’t have any personal experience with this, but would love to know the outcome. Good luck!

      – In my view, they aren’t that valuable as Chase points because AMEX doesn’t have good hotel transfer partners and their airline partners charge fuel surcharges. But you may be able to get good value with their transfer bonuses.

  37. @D- it is of note that flying blue is a partner of MR points and if you transfer the points there but fly on delta there are no fuel surcharges. you also typically need many fewer miles than when using delta miles. For example round trip on delta from usa to israel using delta miles is a minimum of 80k miles whereas on flying blue but flying on delta direct flights from ny would be 50k miles with no fuel surcharge. Of course youd need to find the delta availability. But its worth people knowing this.

  38. Daraius-thanks for the tip about transfer bonuses for Amex. Your blog is full of clever ideas from you as well as your readers. Have you thought of adding a tab for cards you reccomend keeping for the long haul? (Keepers)

  39. has the 50K for plat AMEX personal expired?!? i received 25K points but it seems they are becoming more strict with trying to get promos with bonus codes. would the strategy to be to apply for mercedes amex plat and then once get MR points, to cancel that card since i dont need two plat.

  40. Hi. I was declined (they said I had an amex payment returned, but customer serv. confirmed that never happened), so I’m sure I’d be approved on recon. I’m a little concerned about the large spend. I know all the things to do to satisfly min. spends, but it still seems overwhelming…. Plus, that’s 10K that won’t be making big money at my ink or freedom accts….. Is it worth it? Any thoughts?

    • @mike fein – Good point. And you can use Flying Blue to book 1-way awards on Delta which otherwise aren’t allowed.

      @Jeremy – I haven’t thought of that, but not sure if I can get to it anytime soon. But the Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, and Freedom are no-brainers for me.

      @Mscap – I believe the Mercedes Benz Platinum is the only personal AMEX card which offers a 50K sign-up bonus.

      @Kathy K
      – Only you can decide if the card makes sense for you or not. It you can make the spend and have a use for AMEX points to transfer to BA, Delta or other partners, it could make sense to get the card.

  41. I just got my 75k points card, and yet I cancelled my platinum only about 3 months ago…so got lucky 🙂
    They confirm I have to spend 10k in 4 months…do-able

  42. Can I apply for this business card and personal card using the 2 browser trick? Counted as 1 pull or 2? Amex will pull from three bureaus? Thanks

    • @jeff – Good luck! I got approved today, so should get the card in a few days.

      @Tianmu – You can apply for an AMEX personal card as well, but it will almost certainly be counted as a 2nd inquiry. For me, AMEX usually pulls from only 1 credit bureau.

  43. @mike fein too bad this offer appear before 5/31/12. The 50% transfer bonus to Avios was great. I’m guessing it will be some time before we see it again.

  44. I applied yesterday but did not get immediate approval. As of this moment the status of my application shows as pending. Should I call the reconsideration line or wait it out?

  45. @mason,
    the last time around this deal was on (apr, 2012) – I had a similar scenario..but it got approved without any intervention from me on saturday and monday morning I received the card in fedex!

  46. @Srini,
    that’s great to know. I’d hate to have to describe my “business” reasons for wanting the card!

  47. Love the site, you’re the man! Anyway I just got accepted for this card. Just in time for my second churn. I was wondering the affect this card will have on my credit score because it is a charge card but mostly because it is a business card. The initial inquire that AMEX will show on my credit report but I noticed my SWA Biz card does not show on Credit Karma. So my question is if business cards report balances or more importantly report positive payment history to benefit my credit score?

    Not sure if it matters but I did not sign up as a sole proprietorship, I own a small LLC that I used for my business cards.

  48. Love the site, you’re the man! Anyway I just got accepted for this card. Just in time for my second churn. I was wondering the affect this card will have on my credit score because it is a charge card but mostly because it is a business card. The initial inquire that AMEX will show on my credit report but I noticed my SWA Biz card does not show on Credit Karma. So my question is if business cards report balances or more importantly report positive payment history to benefit my credit score?

    Not sure if it matters but I did not sign up as a sole proprietorship, I own a small LLC that I used for my business cards.

  49. @Jay- besides BA avios amex does other promotions with delta, usairways flying blue etc etc. Hang onto the points and I would bet within 4 months their will be opportunity to turn the 75k signup points into AT LEAST 100k if not more

  50. I did a churn in April, got the Ink Bold, Citi AA, SPG Amex, and 2 SWA cards. Most of these hit Transunion and I saw my score drop alot but has come back up again to close to my score before the churn. Looks like this Amex Gold would hit Experian for me. I have a $10k spend in the next week and would love to get this card now.
    1) Is it a bad idea to apply for this card so soon after my last churn?
    2) If I do apply now, should I apply for other cards at the same time (i.e. do a second churn now)?
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • @Srini @mason – I applied on June 20 can called the reconsideration line who wouldn’t give me an update. But I got an email the next day approving my application and a call from a rep letting me know that I was approved.

      – You’re right that the credit inquiry will be on your personal credit report, but the actual credit line will not show over there. So the payment history will not reflect on your personal credit report, but if you miss a payment etc., it could show up negatively on your personal report since you have personally agreed to pay back the loan.

      @Bonnie – I wouldn’t apply for more cards which will hit TransUnion for at least 3 months since your last application. But you could apply for this as a one-off application between cards.

  51. @million mile secrets
    Got my email this morning saying I am approved. Should get the card early next week!

  52. @mason, congrats – don’t be surprised if you get it tomorrow in fedex

  53. Hi Guys,

    I applied and approved for AX SPG personal card last week. currently I have AX Costco and AX Delta Gold cards, should I pull trigger for this 75K points business card deal or just chill out? Thanks

    • @liw5215 – Only you can decide if 75K is worth it or not. You could apply if you’re comfortable with the spending and won’t be upset if you’re denied. Otherwise, they may run the offer again in a few months. Good luck!

  54. If I apply as sole proprietorship with my SSN should I list my personal/household income?

    Also I am an additional cardholder on an AX biz gold via my FT job, but it doesn’t show on my account or credit. Does it disqualify me?

    • @Nate – I believe the application will ask for both types of income. I don’t beleive a corporate card should disqualify you from this offer because you didn’t receive a sign-up bonus for it.

      @sil – ChargeSmart doesn’t accept AMEX, unfortunately.

  55. about to apply but not sure how i can possibly spend $10k in 4 months unless I pay my mortgage using Chargeit (whatever it is called) Is it worth it?

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  57. Darius,
    Follow up on my previous post. I applied using my other business and TIN (all other information the same as far as address and income) and got denied for already having the card from my April 2012 sign up. Called the number on the rejection email and talked to a CSR for about 10 minutes explaining that i run two businesses and wanted two different cards to keep expenses separated. After 9 frustrating minutes she passed my application and request on to another department and i got a follow up email today with an approval. I offered to send in my different bank account/insurance/TIN number but I guess they didnt need it to approve me. thanks for the link.

  58. It’s June 26th (8:55PM EST) and the offer has been pulled. I was just about to apply, I’d been holding off trying to decide if I’d be able to meet the spend or not. Darn.

  59. Word of caution. If you link this card to your existing american express card, they charge $10 annual fee. I made a mistake to also add my hubby on that card instead of getting him his own card since $10k in 4 mths was a bit much in spending (since we had another card) and it would help if he could use it as well . Do you think that would affect hubby’s ability to get his own business gold card in the future?

    I was able to de-link and get fees removed but was told that I would not be able to combine my business gold pts with my old amex membership reward pts.

  60. So I got these points a few months ago and have been debating where to use them… It seems to me that converting them to British airways miles and using them for domestic travel is the way to go. Especially now that they are offering a 40% bonus to redeem these to british airways. I live in Phoenix and taking british airways to europe doesn’t seem like that great of a use of miles unless u go in biz class after you use your miles and have to shell out a bunch of hundreds. I can book a flight to Miami that costs about 400 bucks or more for 20k avios or a flight out of lax to hawaii that costs 400 bucks or 25k avios. So after the 40% bonus u need about 14000 amex reward points to get a rt to miami from phoenix, this is a way better deal than converting 25k amex points to delta miles and having to use 25k miles at a minimum for a Domestic trip, or worse delta wants atleast 35 to 40k to go to hawaii… So I plan on going to LAX with my girlfriend and flying to hawaii for super cheap… now if i could only stop obsessing about getting miles and actually go out and use em…

    • @Joey – If you don’t want to pay the fuel surcharges, the best use of BA points are within the US on American Airlines, for travel to South America or to Dublin on Aer Lingus. But you’re right – go out there and use those points!

  61. Darius,
    Can you please share your thoughts on should American Express gold rewards points be transffered to Avios at the rate 1:1.4?
    Ratio was 1 to 1.5 just vefore that? How often do they give the promotional rates 1 to 1.5?

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