100,000 Hilton Points With Virgin Atlantic Credit Card

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Virgin Atlantic Credit Card

Update:  Virgin Atlantic has changed their transfer ratio.  See this post for details.

Top Line:  You can convert 50,000 Virgin Atlantic miles from the Virgin Atlantic Credit Card into 100,000  Hilton hotel points!

Emily applied for the Bank of America Virgin Atlantic American Express Credit Card in her last mini app-o-rama because we’re always short hotel points since we rarely pay cash to stay in hotels.  We regularly apply for credit cards to have Big Travel with Small Money because it is the easiest way to accumulate lots of miles and points!

Yes, but what use are Virgin Atlantic miles?

How To Use Virgin Atlantic Miles:

1.   Inter-Island Hawaii Flights (Up to $1,200 value)

Online Travel Review pointed out that it takes only 6,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for a round-trip inter-island flight (flying from 1 island in Hawaii to another) on Hawaiian Airlines when you book it using Virgin Atlantic miles!  But you have to book 7 days in advance.

It usually costs $150 for an inter-island Hawaii flight, so you could get 6 8 round-trip inter-island flights in Hawaii (a $1,200 value). Even better, you pay only $5 in taxes and fees per flight!

You can transfer Starwood hotel or American Express Membership Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic, but since Starwood points are better used for hotel stays, you could apply for the Virgin Atlantic credit card instead.

2.   Transfer to Hilton Honors ($300 to $600 value)

Million Mile Secrets reader Wes wrote in to say that he was able to transfer Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton points at a 1:2 ratio. 

The Virgin Atlantic (US) website says that the transfer ratio to Hilton is 1:1, but  the Hilton website says that the transfer ratio is 1:2 (5,000 miles transfer to 10,000 Hilton points).

However, the Virgin Atlantic (UK) website says that the transfer ratio to Hilton is 1:2, so perhaps the correct transfer ratio is 1:2, and the US website has not been updated.

Emily transferred 10,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton and received 20,000 Hilton points in her account.  We’ll end up with 100,000 Hilton HHonors points for the cost of the $90 annual fee!

So you may be able to get 100,000 Hilton points from the Virgin Atlantic  credit card.  At worse, you’ll end up with 50,000 Hilton points at a 1:1 transfer ratio.

100,000 Hilton Honors points is much more than the regular sign-up bonuses on the official Hilton HHonors cards issued by American Express (no fee + 60,000 points after $750 minimum spending within 3 months), American Express Surpass ($75 annual fee not waived +60,000 points ) or Citi (no fee + 50,000 points after $1,500 minimum spending within 6 months)!

However, the Citi Hilton Honors comes with Silver elite status which gets you access to VIP awards, and the AMEX Hilton Honors card comes with Gold elite status for a year which gets you access to discounted VIP and AXON award nights.

So you could load up on Hilton points through the Virgin Atlantic credit card and then get the Citi or American Express “official” Hilton credit cards to get access to the discounted award nights (VIP & AXON) and elite status benefits.

I value 1 Hilton point at about 0.6 cents per point, so you could get a $300 value if you only get 50,000 Hilton points or a $600 value if you manage to get 100,000 Hilton points after transferring points.

However, Hilton has announced changes which restrict award availability in their best hotels and resorts.  They do this by classifying a room as a premium room, and increasing the amount of points needed to redeem for that room.

I did a brief check of Hilton availability and found that the best hotels in Bora Bora and the Maldives had almost no availability for regular rooms.  However, there were rooms available at the regular rate in most other Hiltons.  But we don’t know if other Hilton hotels will follow the unfriendly policy of designating rooms as “premium rooms” and increasing the number of points needed to redeem for an award night.

3.  Use for Virgin Atlantic travel.

You could use Virgin Atlantic miles for travel on Virgin Atlantic, but the high fuel and taxes (~$500 – $800 for a transatlantic flight) makes this a poor choice for economy redemption (45-50,000 miles for a transatlantic flight) and a very expensive proposition for business class awards (90-100,000 miles for a transatlantic flight).

Virgin Atlantic Credit Card

1.   50,000 Miles.  You earn 20,000 miles after your 1st purchase and an additional 25,000 miles after spending $2,500 within 90 days.  You also get 5,000 miles by adding 2 authorized users to your account for a total of 50,000 Flying Club miles.

You can convert 50,000 Flying Club miles to 100,00 Hilton Points by calling Virgin Atlantic and asking them to transfer the miles to your Hilton account.

2.  Foreign Transaction Fee.   There is a 1% foreign transaction fee for using the card outside the US so you’re better off using a fee free card overseas.

3.  Anniversary Bonuses.   You earn an extra 7,500 miles when you spend $15,000 a year and another 7,500 miles when you spend $25,000 a year. 

This is misleadingly described as “Earn up to 15,000 additional bonus miles upon anniversary” in the marketing materials, which neglects to mention that you have to spend $25,000 to get those extra “anniversary” 15,000 miles.

Umm, no thanks!

4.  $90 annual fee.   There is a $90 annual fee for the Virgin Atlantic American Express credit card.

5.  Tier (Elite) Points.   You earn 1 tier point for every $2,500 spent on the card, and you can earn up to 2 tier points per month.  15 tier points gives you silver (earn 50% bonus miles on flights) status and 40 tier points gives you gold status with Virgin Atlantic (earn 100% bonus miles on flights, access to the cool Virgin Atlantic airport lounges, and a free silver elite status to gift to someone staying at the same address).

There are rumors of Virgin Atlantic joining an airline alliance, so spending $37,500 on the Virgin Atlantic credit card would get you entry-level elite status (if that is important to you).

6.  Earn 3 miles per $1 on Virgin and 1.5 miles per $1 on everything else.  You earn 3 miles per $1 spent on Virgin Atlantic and 1.5 miles per $1 spent everywhere else.

7.   Companion Pass.  You get an economy companion pass which lets you use half the amount of miles for a companion ticket.  However, you have to spend at least $25,000 within a year (not a calendar year) to qualify for the companion pass and have to pay the high taxes and fees ($500 for a coach ticket)!

This is a terrible value compared to the Chase British Airways companion pass which lets you take a companion for free, in any class, on any paid or award reservation after spending $30,000 within a calendar year. You only have to pay for the high taxes and fees.


If you are initially denied online, call the Bank of America reconsideration backdoor number (866-458-8805) and explain to the rep why you want the card.

Our Experience:

Emily applied for the Virgin Atlantic credit card online.  Her application was approved immediately online so we did not need to call the reconsideration telephone number.

After the bonus miles posted, we called the Virgin Atlantic customer service number and after a 15 minute wait requested a transfer of 10,000 Virgin miles to Hilton points.  The rep said that we would get 10,000 Hilton points and said that the transfer ratio was 1:1.

However, Emily ended up with 20,000 Hilton points or a transfer ratio of 1:2.

Bottom Line:

The Bank of America Virgin Atlantic credit card is worth considering if you like Virgin Atlantic miles.  Or if you’d like to earn elite status miles on Virgin Atlantic.

This is a great way to earn an extra 50,000 to 100,000 Hilton hotel points.

Has anyone else transferred Virgin Atlantic points to Hilton at a 1:2 ratio?  Please let us know in the comments!

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209 responses to “100,000 Hilton Points With Virgin Atlantic Credit Card

  1. That’s two cases (me and Cheri) for the same amount. That’s hardly a coincidence; the exact number 750, which is not mentioned anywhere in the offer.

  2. I should have the $750 spend in the first billing cycle so I just plan to call and verify again if I don’t see the bonus points on the statement. I really hope it’s only $750 since I signed up for both the Citi AA cards and have to complete that spend as well.

    Wish me luck!

    • @Joe Rodriguez @Cheri @Ken – I doubt the spending requirement is different from the terms of the offer. But it doesn’t hurt to see if you get the points after spending $750. If not, you want to spend the $2,500 within the time allowed to make sure you get the full sign-up bonus.

  3. I think I might have found a better value for these points. I booked a 1 way EWR-LHR-Delhi ticket for 20,625 VA miles + $307. Given that the retail price is $720, each VA mile is redeemed for 2 cents. This is much better than the 1:2 Hilton conversion which yields 1.2 cents per VA mile.

  4. Regarding the $750, I’m informing this in this website although I haven’t checked other forums. I have received written information confirming it:
    “We would like to confirm that you will receive 25,000 bonus miles for spending $750.00in purchases within the first 90 days from the account open date.”

    I’ve already met that amount and I’m awaiting for the statement to close to check if it posts.

  5. @Joe,
    Unfortunately, I received a letter confirming the $2500 spending requirement, though I was told 3 times on the phone that it was only $750. Oh well, I’m almost there already so no big deal.

  6. Hi D and fellow miles/points fans,

    Just wanted to report my experience. I applied on Aug 9 in the late evening and was not instantly approved. Didn’t call the recon line as I was tired, so I just decided to wait. On Aug 16, the card showed up in the mail. The attached VA promo material didn’t say anything about the bonus points and I didn’t stop to activate the card right away. A day or 2 later, I got a letter from B of A that included the same bonus points as in the offer.

    Well I finally called to activate the card this evening, and ended up on the call for a total of 42 min. It started off badly when the rep said he could only confirm 5000 pts for first spend. I pushed back and he put me on hold for a few minutes. When he came back he said 20K for first retail spend plus 25K for $2500 spend in 9o days PLUS 15K after first spend PLUS another 25K for $750 spend in first 30 days. I said that sounded great but unlikely to be true and asked him to email confirmation to me. He agreed it was one of the best offers he’s seen in the year he’s worked there.

    He put me on hold again, and came back saying he had no email capability, but if I was OK with waiting, he would call VA to verify. After 8minutes or so he came back laughing as VA person referred him to Amex (i.e. himself).

    Bottom line, I feel reasonably sure I will get at least the offer I was expecting…and with some luck, a little more. I’ll report back after a couple of statements.

    The other things I verified were: Statement close date and due date, as well as making sure they had my correct Flying Club number. This is because twice now (Chase Marriott Premiere and Amex HH Surpass) they have ignored my member numbers that I put on the application and opened new accounts. It was easy to get the Marriott one fixed, but I have so far made at least 8 calls between Amex and HH and still don’t have all my points posted correctly.

    Anyway, thanks for all of the great info. I subscribe to a handful of other miles/points blogs – some of them after your Friday interviews – and still find yours to be the most interesting and congenial.

    • @Nav – It might be an even better deal if you can redeem for Upper Class.

      @Chris A
      – Thanks for sharing. If you get a reply you don’t like & is unhelpful or know is wrong, hang up and call back. It likely is because of an inexperienced rep. I think the rep got confused with the additional bonuses for big spenders. AMEX opened a separate Hilton account for me and here’s how I got it fixed. I called AMEX and asked them which Hilton account they had on file. It was different than my main account. I then called Hilton and asked them to merge the accounts for me. It is fairly easy to do. If the rep at Hilton won’t merge your accounts, hang up and call back!

  7. D – thanks for the comments on the Hilton Amex fiasco. If only it had been so simple!

    My first call, a few weeks after I got the card, was to Amex to see when I would get the gold status – I had an upcoming Hilton stay (and hadn’t yet realized that Hilton had created a new account). After the 4-5 days they suggested and no status change, I called Hilton and they said to call Amex. So I called Amex back and that’s when we discovered the existence of the 2nd account. Amex fixed their records and offered 3K extra points for my trouble.

    Call 4 was to Hilton to ask them to combine accounts, which they said they did. Good news – I now had gold status and saw 40K and 3K deposits in my correct account.

    About 5 weeks later, I noticed I had no additional bonus points in the HH account (and I was using the card aggressively to get to my $3K spend). So I called Amex (#5) and the rep noticed that I had 17K in points that was in “pending” status to go to the new Hilton account [we figured it was pending as the new HH account was supposed to no longer be in existence]. Amex rep said she would change the record to push the points to the correct HH account and it would take 7-10 days.

    Yesterday [15 days later] I finally called Amex again (#6) to find out that the 17K points had been “rejected” from the correct Hilton account. Why? Rep said it happened sometimes – was my name exactly the same on the Hilton account? Aha! my Hilton account has a short version of my name. Amex suggests calling HH and changing name to full version – she will set up points to “push” to HH again. Points should show up in “a few days”

    Called (#7) Hilton immediately to change name. Done and verified on web site. So I exaggerated – so far only 7 calls, not 8. Fingers are crossed. But now I have added a new step to my card activation checklist: make sure they have the right loyalty account connected.

    Once again, thanks for all your advice and comments. You are the best!

  8. looks like the deal is dead, glad I applied 10 days ago 🙂

  9. Daraius,
    This link isn’t working for more than a week now.

  10. geewhiz, the link you provided is only for 25,000 points. I think the 50,000 point offer is dead. Glad I got my card 2 months ago.

  11. Hi Daraius,

    I have 3,799 Virgin Atlantic miles leftover in my account after transferring them to Hilton Honors points and can’t find what I should do with them. What would you suggest I do with these left over miles since I plan on canceling the card in a week or two? I believe I need to have a minimum of 5K miles to do another Hilton transfer. Thanks for your help

  12. @Bryan – You need 10k points minimum to transfer from Virgin to Hilton. You earn 1.5pts per $1 so you could put some spend on it to get to 10k points. That’s what I did and ended up with about 15 extra points.

  13. Thanks Ken, I’ll probably do the spending to get at least 10K since I don’t want them to go to waste.

  14. @Bryan – Why don’t you just churn the card for another sign up bonus ? … and then your spending on that should put you in a better position to transfer. If I understand correctly, this card is churnable…

  15. @PatMike, I agree with your suggestion. That is much better than trying spend about $6K on the card to get my points up 10K when I can just cancel and churn the card since I can probably get the card again in a few months and get the sign up bonus. Thanks

  16. @Bryan – I recently spent $832 on the card to get the amount to an even transfer amount and have since cancelled the card. $6K is a pretty steep spending amount that could probably be better spent elsewhere meeting min spends…

  17. If you have not done the conversion to Hilton points yet, then you transfer in 5,000 point increments to Hilton (you need at least 10,000 points to start with). However if you have already done the transfer and you have orphaned points, then you have to have at least 10,000 points to do the transfer to Hilton points. Currently I have 54,500 Virgin Points. Therefore I need to spend only another $335 to get my points to an even 55,000 points, which I will convert to 110K Hilton points.

  18. Thanks for all the advice/help guys! I will leave the points and get another card

  19. Daraius,

    Would you suggest that Bryan cancel the card he has now before applying for another one? If he cancels it before getting another one, will he lose the point he has in there now?

  20. @Carol – Points are in his Virgin account, so he can cancel the card and the points should be fine. In the past, however, some Chase accounts had wording that the account must be open for a minimum of 6 months or else the points “could” be retracted. I know that was the case with Marriott cards. I usually keep accounts open at least 6 months before cancelling, just to be safe.

  21. The link is no longer available..

  22. can you redeem virgin atlantic points on virgin america flights?

  23. Hi Darius. As I was about to convert my Virgin Atlantic (VA) points to HH pts like everyone else, I thought I would call them to price a partner US Airways tick first. Kinda weird, its 35,000 pts from US mainland to Hawaii (I think round, forgot to ask), but that is the pts only for a direct flight (ie Phoenix to the islands). So you have to spend another 25 k pts to get to Phoenix (round too I think), but still not bad considered how easy VA pts are to accumulate. OK, the VA rep and I were doing this to see what/if fuel surcharges would be. The fee came in at zero, which if just great. She had very hard time finding a flight to use as an example though, thus maybe US Air does not give many seats up for VA FF tix, don’t know and neither did she. Anyway, thought you would like to know that there was no fuel surcharge on this example flight she ran for me. She said with all their partners, you just have to call, as you never know. Thoughts?

  24. Just got a targeted offer for 2500 bonus miles if you spend $500 by Dec 31, 2012 at Book, Toy, Electronics, Sporting Goods or Department Stores, so that’s basically 6000 HH points for a $500 purchase. If you did not get a targeted letter, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask. I will probably buy a few Visa gift cards at Best Buy just to get the spend done and move on. I need to cancel our Virgin cards soon and prepare for another churn.

  25. Hi,
    Is the 50k link still available?

  26. hi Darius, do you know if we can use the Virgin Atlantic miles onto Singapore airline or ANA business class products? If yes, what are the miles? The VA website does not explain in very good details about the award chart on how many miles to spend on her partner airlines.

  27. We intnd spending several months in the US. Do Virgin have a US $ credit card, either Visa or Amex

  28. Darius,
    What about transferring Virgin Atlantic miles to Priority Club Rewards points?
    According to the Virgin Atlantic website, it looks as if this is possible : http://www.virgin-atlantic.com:80/en/us/frequentflyer/fcpartners/hotels/holidayinn.jsp
    I was wondering if you could confirm this for me. Thanks.

  29. Thanks for your reply. I plan on applying for the Virgin Atlantic card only if the bonus goes back up to the 50,000 mile mark, instead of the current 25,000 mile mark. The $90 annual fee for 50,000 points in my Priority Club Rewards account is worth it, especially with PointBreaks.

  30. Had a tough time getting Amex to give me the 5,000 miles for the 2 additional cardholders so monito your account; Had to call VA also to get some action; takes 30 days to post; stay on top of them

  31. Should I go for the VA 25k points, then churn by canceling in 4 months and reapplying or just wait to see if the 50k comes back?

  32. any idea how many amex virgin atlantic cards you can have? i have 2, 1 with 15k credit limit, and the 2nd with a 5k limit, got both within 4 months. should i cancel first (or transfer credit limit, then cancel) to avoid annual charge, or apply for a 3rd, then cancel the 1st? or keep to another year to build up time with BofA? any advice?

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  37. Daraius,

    Looking at the VA card link, I noticed one gets World Elite status if approved. I didn’t know what that was, but a commenter on another site said it was the highest level of M/C benefits, unusual for a card with a low annual fee. Went to the M/C site and it does seem you do get pretty exceptional benefits, potentially making the annual fee worth it on its own. Didn’t see it addressed here in the comments or in the review. Did the card just recently add the World Elite status? Maybe it wasn’t mentioned here because it’s not as significant a benefit as it appears? Wondering what your take on it is. Thanks! Here’s a link to the Hotel Section of the World Elite program. http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/MasterCard/2013worldelite/#/0
    Here’s the main link: http://www.mastercard.us/credit-card-world-elite.html

  38. Also just noticed the VA image here is of the now retired AE card. So that would explain why it wasn’t addressed before. Wonder when it became a M/C product.

    • @Kent C – You’re right that this is a new addition to the Virgin Atlantic card. The card used to be an American Express, but is now a MasterCard. That said, I don’t think the benefits are exceptional and I’d rank them as being on par with the benefits from the Visa Signature cards.

  39. BOA Retention Offer: $45 Statement Credit & 2,500 VA miles

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  41. I used my Virgin Atlantic miles to book a one-way direct economy flight with Virgin Australia from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Australia for 47,000 points and $28 in taxes. I found this to be a great use of the points!

  42. I am transferring my Virgin Atlanic miles to HHonors points, and it looks like it is a 1:1.5 ratio for the transfer, which started Feb 6, 2014.

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  45. The 45k link is not working.

  46. Hi Daraius-
    You mentioned that “an additional 25,000 miles after spending $2,500 within 90 days”
    Do you know whether the additional 25,000.00 still valid recently? I applied for this card recently , a week ago and they don’t have this additional miles and I couldn’t see it anywhere in the TOmentioning about this additional bonus after spending $2,500.00. I called the Rep. and she couldn’t verify whether that additional bonus is still valid.


  47. Hi Daraius,

    I tried doing a two-browser trick to apply for this card and one of the cards got rejected because it was seen as a “duplicate application”, I tried applying with a different code I found on another website and did it over the phone and it was still rejected! Any ideas or thoughts? I have very good credit and my first application was approved no problem

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