RUMORS Confirmed: More Time to Earn a Sign-Up Bonus on Chase Cards!

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Million Mile Secrets readers RossBenTimSteven, and Joe commented Chase is giving them 115 days to meet the minimum spending requirements on their new Chase credit card accounts.  Joe wrote:

Chase is giving 115 days to earn sign-up bonuses.  I just got a Chase Sapphire Preferred on September 18, 2017, and I have until January 11, 2018, to hit my $4,000 in minimum spending.

RUMORS Confirmed More Time To Earn A Sign Up Bonus On Chase Cards
A Longer Than Expected Time to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements Makes a Lot of Folks Happy!

With so many readers having similar experiences, is 115 days to earn your Chase credit card sign-up bonus the new normal?

Chase Says You Can Take 115 Days to Earn a Sign-up Bonus

Link:   How to Send Chase a Secure Message

Lots of folks say Chase confirmed they’ll have 115 days to meet their minimum spending requirements when they open new card accounts.

Million Mile Secrets team member Jason had a similar experience with Chase about a recently opened Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

RUMORS Confirmed More Time To Earn A Sign Up Bonus On Chase Cards
The Terms Say You Have 3 Months to Meet the Minimum Spending on New Chase Card Accounts, but Many Folks Report Actually Having 115 Days
In a secure message, Chase responded he had 3 months to meet the minimum spending of $4,000.  AND also wrote he has until December 31, 2017, to meet the minimum spending requirement, which is 115 days from his account approval on September 7, 2017.

Jason spoke with 2 Chase representatives who reiterated the 3-month term to earn the bonus.  When he mentioned the secure message he received neither of the phone representatives were aware of a 115-day minimum spending period.  He messaged Chase again asking for clarification and got this message:

RUMORS Confirmed More Time To Earn A Sign Up Bonus On Chase Cards
If You Want 115 Days to Complete Minimum Spending Requirements, Message Chase to Get It in Writing

It’s possible Chase has an additional 25-day grace period built into their system.  But this is NOT advertised to the public (or their phone representatives).  This wouldn’t be the first time a bank has made an unadvertised change.  There were rumors of Chase denying credit card applications long before the “5/24” rule was confirmed.

This is excellent news because it means you have more time to put spending on your new Chase cards.  And that could help many folks who don’t make lots of purchases each month!

Meet the Minimum Spending Requirement as Soon as Possible

This is potentially fantastic news, especially if you’re trying to earn the Southwest Companion Pass for the next 2 years.  BUT, until Chase officially confirms the 115-day period, I generally encourage folks to meet the minimum spending sooner than later.

RUMORS Confirmed More Time To Earn A Sign Up Bonus On Chase Cards
Avoid Potential Headaches by Meeting Your Minimum Spending Requirement as Soon as You Can

If you need the extra time, send Chase a secure message and ask for the specific date you need to meet your spending requirements.  If the response is confusing, ask for clarification.

Even if you can get 115 days confirmed in writing, some banks will have no sympathy if you miss the cut-off date.  Do yourself a favor, and get the spending done early so you won’t have to follow-up with lengthy calls or emails.

Don’t Forget the 5/24 Rule!

While it’s great you may possibly have additional time to meet your minimum spending requirement, keep the Chase “5/24” rule in mind!

It says if you’ve opened 5+ cards from any bank (NOT counting Chase business cards and these other business cards) in the past 24 months, it’s unlikely you’ll be approved for most Chase cards.

Bottom Line

Many folks are reporting Chase is giving them 115 days to meet minimum spending requirements.  BUT, the terms & conditions (and Chase phone representatives) still say you have 3 months from account opening.  When in doubt, it’s always best to follow the terms & conditions.

If you need extra time to spend on your card, it’s worth sending Chase a secure message.  And ask what date you need to complete your minimum spending by.

You might be able to get the 115-day period confirmed in writing.  But even that is no guarantee it will actually be honored.  So I recommend meeting your minimum spending requirements as soon as you can to avoid potential headaches!

Has Chase let you know you have 115 days to meet your minimum spending requirements?

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