Ends April 11, 2018: The Limited-Time AMEX Delta Card Offers Are an Especially Great Deal for Folks In (or Near!) These 7 Cities! 

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Through April 11, 2018, all 4 AMEX Delta cards are offering increased welcome bonuses.  And if you live in (or near!) one of Delta’s hub cities, any of these cards would be of particularly good value for you!

That’s because hub cities have the most flights.  So it should be easy for you to make the most of the miles you earn!

Delta Hub Cities
With Just 1 Welcome Bonus, You Can Fly Round-Trip for Free (Non-Stop!) Between Minneapolis and Grand Cayman

Using Delta Miles to Fly From Delta Hub Cities

Link:   Delta’s Interactive Route Map

Link:   Limited-Time Best-Ever AMEX Delta Card Offers

Through April 11, 2018, you can earn up to 60,000 Delta miles after meeting minimum spending requirements on the personal or small business AMEX Delta Gold card.  Or earn 70,000 Delta miles after completing minimum spending on the personal and business AMEX Delta Platinum cards!

And if you live near one of Delta’s hubs, getting LOTS of value from these limited-time increased bonuses shouldn’t be too difficult.  Especially if you prefer flying non-stop!

Delta’s hubs include:

  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles
  • Minneapolis
  • New York (JFK and LaGuardia)
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle

Previously, Boston and Cincinnati were official hubs.  Now they aren’t, but they still have lots of Delta flights!

Of course, other cities Delta serves offer non-stop flights, too.  But these hub cities have the most flights, so folks flying from any of these locations might do especially well with these bonuses!

If you’re planning a trip using Delta miles, Delta’s interactive route map is a great place to start.  Because you can click on any city Delta serves and see where you can fly!  Including which routes are non-stop and which require a connection.

Here’s a look at 3 great ways folks in Delta’s hub cities can use the welcome bonus from any of the AMEX Delta cards to fly round-trip, non-stop, to Europe, Hawaii, and the Caribbean!

1.   Seattle to London

For folks living in or near Seattle, earning just 1 bonus could get you a non-stop, round-trip ticket to Europe!  Because right now, both the AMEX Delta Platinum personal and small business cards are offering 70,000 Delta miles after completing minimum spending requirements.

For example, you can find flights between Seattle and London (Heathrow) for 70,000 Delta miles and ~$180 in taxes and fees.

Delta Hub Cities
London Is a Great Jumping-Off Point for the Rest of Europe!

That’s an excellent deal, because a flight like this can easily cost ~$1,900+!

And if you’re willing to make a stop, you’d only pay 60,000 Delta miles and have a short layover in Minneapolis in both directions. 😉

Taking into account the ~$180 in taxes and fees you’ll pay for the award ticket, your miles could be worth ~2.5 cents each (($1,900 – $180) / 70,000 Delta miles)!

2.   Atlanta to Hawaii

Aloha, anyone?  The limited-time bigger welcome bonus on any of the 4 AMEX Delta cards is also enough for a round-trip coach flight from certain cities on the East Coast to Hawaii!  

It’s possible to find non-stop flights between Atlanta and Honolulu, for 60,000 Delta miles and ~$11 in taxes and fees.

Delta Hub Cities
Fly All the Way Across the US to the Aloha State for Just 60,000 Delta Miles and ~$11 in Taxes and Fees!

A ticket like this can cost nearly $1,200 if you paid cash!  So you’re getting a value of ~2 cents per mile (~$1,200 / 60,000 miles).  That’s DOUBLE the value you get using Pay with Miles, where your Delta miles are worth 1 cent apiece.

3.   Minneapolis to Grand Cayman

Minneapolis isn’t known for its white sandy beaches.  So if  you live there, I’d imagine taking a trip to a tropical destination in the winter (brrrrr!) sounds like a fantastic idea!

The good news is, ANY of the AMEX Delta cards’ limited-time bonuses are more than enough for a non-stop, round-trip ticket to Grand Cayman.  Then sip tropical drinks on the beach and forget about all the snow on the ground back home. 😉

For example, you could fly between Minneapolis and Grand Cayman, non-stop, for 45,000 Delta miles and ~$90 in taxes and fees.

Delta Hub Cities
Folks In the Snowy Midwest Can Escape the Snow for Less With the Best-Ever Offers on the AMEX Delta Cards!

Using cash, a ticket like this can cost ~$850!

Accounting for the ~$90 in taxes and fees on the award ticket, using 45,000 Delta miles would save you ~$760 ($850 – $90).  And you’d have 15,000 to 25,000 Delta miles to spare, depending on which AMEX Delta card you applied for.

Bottom Line

Delta hubs include 7 cities across the US, like New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, and more!

If you live in or near one of these cities, you can do especially well with the limited-time (and best ever!) offers on the AMEX Delta cards.  These offers end April 11, 2018.

Depending on which AMEX Delta card you get, you’ll earn enough Delta miles for non-stop flights to spots like Europe, Hawaii, and the Caribbean!

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