What Happened When My Friends From Out of Town Tried Silvercar?

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Recently, some friends of mine came to Austin for a visit.  I had such an excellent experience with Silvercar during my road-trip to Big Bend, I recommended they give it a try during their stay.

I was looking forward to hearing what they thought about the rental car service.

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
Find Out What Happened When My Friends Tried Silvercar for the 1st Time!

What’s Silvercar?

Silvercar is a luxury rental car service that only rents silver Audi A4s (and silver Audi SUVs in Denver).   You can find Silvercar in the following locations:
  • Austin Airport (AUS)
  • Chicago-O’Hare (ORD)
  • Dallas-Love Field (DAL)
  • Dallas / Fort Worth Airport (DFW)
  • Denver Airport (DEN)
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL)
  • Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
  • New York City – (600 W 42nd Street in Manhattan)
  • Miami Airport (MIA)
  • Phoenix Airport (PHX)
  • San Francisco Airport (SFO)
What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
At Silvercar You Get a New and Loaded Audi A4!

So Did My Friends Like Silvercar?

Here’s what they said:

The Pick-Up

We went to visit Daraius in Austin and he recommended Silvercar.  So we decided to see what this new rental car company is all about.

Silvercar is NOT located on the Austin-Bergstrom Airport grounds.  But they’ll pick you up on the 2nd floor outside the doors near the Delta check-in counter.

I hit the “Pick Me Up” button on the app once we had our bags and it only took ~5 minutes for our driver to show up, in…you guessed it, a Silver Audi A4.  

I’ve waited ~10 to ~20 minutes for off-site rental car companies to pick me up in a bus packed full of people.  So this was a nice treat after a long day of travel.

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
A Prompt Personal Driver From the Airport to the Silvercar Lot Saved Us a Lot of Time and Hassle!

The folks at Silvercar were very helpful in giving us the rundown and showing us how to scan the QR code on the windshield to unlock the car.  But there’s no standing around in long lines waiting to fill out paperwork and having someone show you to your car.  They just scanned our driver’s licenses.

So after your 1st time, you could be in the car and driving away in ~30 seconds!

The Car

The car was extremely clean and looked sharp.  We were in a rush to get to the hotel, but if you have time I recommend taking a few minutes to get familiar with all the bells and whistles.  The car comes equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, Sirius Radio, and more.

Daraius and I enjoyed listening to classical music on Sirius Radio, while our other friends preferred rocking out to 80’s new wave and Britney Spears deep cuts.

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
We Enjoyed the Sirius Radio and the Car Handled Well

There were 4 of us riding in the car and fortunately the trunk was spacious enough to fit everyone’s luggage.

However, some felt that for the price it’d be great if the car came with rear-view cameras for parking.  And in the Austin heat, a sun shade for the car would’ve been nice too!

The Drive

Be careful!  The ride is so smooth in the Audi A4 that it’s VERY easy to speed!  Almost too easy!  In the Silvercar, I wasn’t as nearly frightened for my life in the passenger’s seat as I usually am while Daraius is driving.

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
You Don’t Realize How Fast Daraius Is Going in a Silvercar, Until You See the Police Lights Flashing Behind You (Just Kidding…Sort Of!) Note: This Photo Was “Created” and Not Necessarily Based on Actual Events 🙂

The Drop Off

I’m always running late to the airport on a return flight, because I never want a great trip to end!  So my favorite part of renting Silvercar is all the time it saved us on the way back to the airport.

Instead of wandering around in an area I’m not that familiar with, it was a no-brainer to pay Silvercar just $5 to have them refill the tank at market price.

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
Silvercar Doesn’t Price Gouge at the Pump Like Other Rental Car Companies I’ve Tried

I usually set aside ~30 minutes for dropping off a rental car at an off-site lot.  That’s because dragging your luggage out of the car, waiting for the bus, and hauling bags on and off the bus can suck up serious time.

However, when we pulled up to the Silvercar lot, the attendant did a quick check on the outside of the car for damages.  Then he hopped into our car and drove us to the airport!  The entire process (including the drive) took under 10 minutes!

The Verdict

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Link:   Get 1 Free Rental Day When 1st Time Users Reserve 2+ Days

We loved Silvercar!  

They made it so easy!  If only every part of travel was this efficient!  And of course, the car is slick and fun to drive.

However, Silvercar is a bit pricey at ~$59 per day.  So for the most part, my friends and I agreed that we’ll likely still stick with the cheapest rental car we can find.

But Silvercar is terrific for folks on a business trip or traveling for a special occasion.

They do have sales that can save you money every now and then.  And we got a terrific deal as 1st-time users!  By using Daraius’ referral link, we earned a $25 credit.  Plus, we received 1 day free with promotional code “LOUNGEBUDDY” (only good for 1st time rentals of 2+ days, check to see if it’s valid in your location.)

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
Our Rental Was $64 Dollars per Day, but With the Discounts We Saved $89!

So it’s definitely worth taking Silvercar for a test drive at least once.

What Happened When My Friends From Out Of Town Tried Silvercar
First Time Silvercar Renters Can Save by Stacking the $25 Credit and 1 Free Rental Day on 2+ Days With Promotional Code “LOUNGEBUDDY”

And don’t forget you can also save money on insurance by paying with a card that offers primary rental car insurance (covers your car and theft), like the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Bottom Line

When you rent with Silvercar, you get a new silver Audi A4 with Wi-Fi, Satellite Radio, and more!  My friends had a great time taking Silvercar for a spin.  And they were impressed by how much time it saved them during their trip.

Silvercar is more expensive than most compact or economy cars from other rental companies.  But if you’re new, you get $25 off your 1st rental AND 1 free rental day when you rent for 2 days or more with promotional code “LOUNGEBUDDY”.

And for folks who are traveling for business or a special occasion, Silvercar is an excellent choice!

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