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Quick and Easy Reference Chart for Flights to Europe With Miles

Signing up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Quick and Easy Reference Chart for Flights to Europe With Miles

Jake PearringQuick and Easy Reference Chart for Flights to Europe With MilesMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Europe sits high atop most travelers’ lists of favorite destinations.  And for folks in the US and Canada, Europe is incredibly easy to get to with the power of miles and points.

American Airlines, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and their partners offer well over 100 daily flights from the US and Canada to Europe.  And it’s easy to earn their miles with the best credit cards for travel.

The only question remains – which European city do you want to visit?

Paris Is Within Easy Reach of North America Using American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, or United Airlines Miles

If you are thinking about a last-minute European vacation or planning ahead for next summer or spring break, use this handy chart for a listing of all the cities in Europe you can reach with a non-stop flight from the US and Canada.

In particular, the chart focuses on partner award flights for folks with lots of United Airlines miles, American Airlines miles, and Singapore Airlines miles.

Remember, if you collect transferable points, you’ve got lots of options to move them to the best airline for your needs.  Here’s a handy chart to find out which points transfer to which airlines.


In the below chart, you’ll see a long list of destinations in Europe that can be reached via non-stop flights from the US and Canada.  You’ll also see the various airlines you can fly, which class of services are offered, and what our rankings are of the different options.  For example, you can use United Airlines miles to fly non-stop to Europe on more than 55 flights each day!

If the city you want to visit isn’t listed in the chart, don’t give up hope!  For almost any major city in Europe, you can easily find connecting flights as part of the same award flight booking.  For example, you might fly from Denver to Frankfurt on United Airlines for 27,500 Singapore Airlines miles.  Then, if your final destination is Split, Croatia, you can easily add on a connecting flight with Lufthansa for no additional miles.  Keep in mind that all award flights are subject to taxes and fees!

Another option is to book your connecting intra-European flight using a low cost airline.  You can often find cheap flights between European cities for as low as $20 or $30, but you’ll have to pay extra for checked bags and seat assignments.  The plethora of small airlines in Europe allow you to connect nearly anywhere, as long as you’re willing to be flexible!

Note:   An asterisk next to the destination name indicates seasonal service only.

Using this program…You can fly to…in this Class…Using ____ Miles One-WayOn This AirlineOur Rating of the Experience
United AirlinesAmsterdamCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesAmsterdamBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesLondonCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesLondonBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesHamburgCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesHamburgBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesParisCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesParisBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesLisbonCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesLisbonBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesRomeCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesRomeBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesGenevaCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesGenevaBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesBerlinCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesBerlinBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesZurichCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesZurichBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesMunichCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesMunichBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesDublinCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesDublinBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesBrusselsCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesBrusselsBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesMadridCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesMadridBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesMilanCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesMilanBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesShannonCoach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesShannonBusiness Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesEdinburgh*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesEdinburgh*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesStockholm*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesStockholm*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesReykjavic*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesReykjavic*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesVenice*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesVenice*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesGlasgow*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesGlasgow*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesAthens*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesAthens*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesHamburg*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesHamburg*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesPorto*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesPorto*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesBarcelona*Coach30,000United AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesBarcelona*Business Class60,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
United AirlinesViennaCoach30,000Austrian AirlinesGood
United AirlinesViennaBusiness Class70,000Austrian AirlinesGood
United AirlinesBrusselsCoach30,000Brussels AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesBrusselsBusiness Class70,000Brussels AirlinesAverage
United AirlinesWarsawCoach30,000LOT PolishAverage
United AirlinesWarsawBusiness Class70,000LOT PolishGood
United AirlinesLisbonCoach30,000TAP PortugalNot Great
United AirlinesLisbonBusiness Class70,000TAP PortugalNot Great
United AirlinesZurichCoach30,000SwissGood
United AirlinesZurichBusiness Class70,000SwissGood
United AirlinesCopenhagenCoach30,000SASGood
United AirlinesCopenhagenBusiness Class70,000SASGood
United AirlinesOsloCoach30,000SASGood
United AirlinesOsloBusiness Class70,000SASGood
United AirlinesManchesterCoach30,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
United AirlinesFrankfurtCoach30,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
United AirlinesDublinCoach30,000Aer LingusAverage
United AirlinesDublinBusiness Class70,000Aer LingusGood
United AirlinesShannonCoach30,000Aer LingusAverage
United AirlinesShannonBusiness Class70,000Aer LingusGood
United AirlinesFrankfurtCoach30,000LufthansaGood
United AirlinesFrankfurtBusiness Class70,000LufthansaGood
United AirlinesFrankfurtFirst Class110,000LufthansaExcellent
United AirlinesMunichCoach30,000LufthansaGood
United AirlinesMunichBusiness Class70,000LufthansaGood
United AirlinesMunichFirst Class110,000LufthansaExcellent
United AirlinesAmsterdamCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesAmsterdamBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesAthens*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesAthens*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesBarcelonaCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesBarcelonaBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesBrusselsCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesBrusselsBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesBudapest*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesBudapest*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesCopenhagenCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesCopenhagenBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesDublinCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesDublinBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesGenevaCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesGenevaBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesLisbonCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesLisbonBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesLondonCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesLondonBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesLyonCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesLyonBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesMadridCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesMadridBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesMarseille*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesMarseille*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesMilan*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesMilan*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesNice*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesNice*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesParisCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesParisBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesPrague*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesPrague*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesReykjavic*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesReykjavic*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesRomeCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesRomeBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesVenice*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesVenice*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesWarsaw*Coach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesWarsaw*Business Class70,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesZurichCoach30,000Air CanadaGood
United AirlinesZurichBusiness Class70,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesAmsterdamCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesAmsterdamBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesLondonCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesLondonBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesHamburgCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesHamburgBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesParisCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesParisBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesLisbonCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesLisbonBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesRomeCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesRomeBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesGenevaCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesGenevaBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesBerlinCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesBerlinBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesZurichCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesZurichBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesMunichCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesMunichBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesDublinCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesDublinBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesBrusselsCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesBrusselsBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesMadridCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesMadridBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesMilanCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesMilanBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesShannonCoach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesShannonBusiness Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesEdinburgh*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesEdinburgh*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesStockholm*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesStockholm*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesReykjavic*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesReykjavic*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesVenice*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesVenice*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesGlasgow*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesGlasgow*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesAthens*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesAthens*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesHamburg*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesHamburg*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesPorto*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesPorto*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesBarcelona*Coach27,500United AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesBarcelona*Business Class65,000United AirlinesVaries by aircraft
Singapore AirlinesViennaCoach27,500Austrian AirlinesGood
Singapore AirlinesViennaBusiness Class65,000Austrian AirlinesGood
Singapore AirlinesBrusselsCoach27,500Brussels AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesBrusselsBusiness Class65,000Brussels AirlinesAverage
Singapore AirlinesWarsawCoach27,500LOT PolishAverage
Singapore AirlinesWarsawBusiness Class65,000LOT PolishGood
Singapore AirlinesLisbonCoach27,500TAP PortugalNot Great
Singapore AirlinesLisbonBusiness Class65,000TAP PortugalNot Great
Singapore AirlinesZurichCoach27,500SwissGood
Singapore AirlinesZurichBusiness Class65,000SwissGood
Singapore AirlinesCopenhagenCoach27,500SASGood
Singapore AirlinesCopenhagenBusiness Class65,000SASGood
Singapore AirlinesOsloCoach27,500SASGood
Singapore AirlinesOsloBusiness Class65,000SASGood
Singapore AirlinesManchesterCoach30,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesManchesterBusiness Class70,000Singapore AirlinesGreat
Singapore AirlinesManchesterFirst Class110,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtCoach30,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtBusiness Class70,000Singapore AirlinesGreat
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtFirst Class110,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesManchesterCoach22,500Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesManchesterPremium Economy45,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesManchesterBusiness Class65,000Singapore AirlinesGreat
Singapore AirlinesManchesterFirst Class76,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtCoach22,500Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtPremium Economy45,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtBusiness Class65,000Singapore AirlinesGreat
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtFirst Class76,000Singapore AirlinesExcellent
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtCoach27,500LufthansaGood
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtBusiness Class65,000LufthansaGood
Singapore AirlinesFrankfurtFirst Class95,000LufthansaExcellent
Singapore AirlinesMunichCoach27,500LufthansaGood
Singapore AirlinesMunichBusiness Class65,000LufthansaGood
Singapore AirlinesMunichFirst Class95,000LufthansaExcellent
Singapore AirlinesLondonCoach25,000Virgin AtlanticGood
Singapore AirlinesLondonPremium Economy32,500Virgin AtlanticGood
Singapore AirlinesLondonBusiness Class50,000Virgin AtlanticGood
Singapore AirlinesAmsterdamCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesAmsterdamBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesAthens*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesAthens*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesBarcelonaCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesBarcelonaBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesBrusselsCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesBrusselsBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesBudapest*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesBudapest*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesCopenhagenCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesCopenhagenBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesDublinCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesDublinBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesGenevaCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesGenevaBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesLisbonCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesLisbonBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesLondonCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesLondonBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesLyonCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesLyonBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesMadridCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesMadridBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesMarseille*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesMarseille*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesMilan*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesMilan*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesNice*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesNice*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesParisCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesParisBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesPrague*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesPrague*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesReykjavic*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesReykjavic*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesRomeCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesRomeBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesVenice*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesVenice*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesWarsaw*Coach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesWarsaw*Business Class65,000Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesZurichCoach27,500Air CanadaGood
Singapore AirlinesZurichBusiness Class65,000Air CanadaGood
American AirlinesAmsterdamCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesAmsterdamBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesAthens*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesAthens*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesBarcelonaCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesBarcelonaBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesBudapest*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesBudapest*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesDublinCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesDublinBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesEdinburgh*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesEdinburgh*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesFrankfurtCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesFrankfurtBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesGlasgow*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesGlasgow*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesLisbon*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesLisbon*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesLondonCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesLondonBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesLondonFirst Class85,000American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesMadridCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesMadridBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesManchesterCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesManchesterBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesMilanCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesMilanBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesMunichCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesMunichBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesParisCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesParisBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesPrague*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesPrague*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesReykjavic*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesReykjavic*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesRomeCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesRomeBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesShannon*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesShannon*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesVenice*Coach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesVenice*Business Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesZurichCoach30,000 (22,500 off-peak)American AirlinesAverage
American AirlinesZurichBusiness Class57,500American AirlinesGood
American AirlinesLondonCoach30,000British AirwaysGood
American AirlinesLondonBusiness Class57,500British AirwaysAverage
American AirlinesLondonFirst Class85,000British AirwaysGood
American AirlinesMadridCoach30,000IberiaAverage
American AirlinesMadridBusiness Class57,500IberiaGood
American AirlinesHelsinkiCoach30,000FinnairGood
American AirlinesHelsinkiBusiness Class57,500FinnairGood

Departure Cities

Although we don’t list the departure cities for these flights, you’ll often be able to find which cities the flights leave from with a quick google search.  Or for the more savvy travelers, you can assume that most of an airline’s transatlantic flights depart from one of their US hubs.

For example, flights on United Airlines and their Star Alliance partners often leave from big United Airlines hubs such as Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, and Houston.  American Airlines offers many transatlantic daily flights from their hubs of Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Charlotte, and Philadelphia.

You Can Fly American Airlines Non-Stop to Europe From Their US Hubs Like Charlotte, Dallas, or Philadelphia

And if you’re lucky enough to live close to Los Angeles or New York City, you can typically find lots of flights as most every airline uses these major cities as hubs.

Award Levels and Seasonality

Remember that the number of miles listed is the lowest possible amount, so you want to search for ‘saver’ level award flights when booking with United Airlines miles or Singapore Airlines miles, and MileSAAver flights when booking with American Airlines miles.  If you can’t find ‘saver’ award flights and have to redeem miles for ‘standard’ level awards, you’ll typically spend way more miles–sometimes as much as twice as many!

Also keep in mind that some airlines (like American Airlines) offer reduced rates for their award charts depending on when you fly.  If you can schedule your flights to Europe from January 10 – March 14 or November 1 to December 14, you can save miles!

Taxes and Fees

The award chart does not list the taxes and fees for each flight because this varies depending on the airline.  But there are some taxes and fees guidelines that are helpful for anyone trying to book an award flights using points and miles.

Don’t Forget to Factor in the Cost of Taxes and Fees

In general, try to avoid flights on British Airways because they have the highest fees.  Other airlines like Iberia, Singapore Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic have moderate fees–so try to avoid these if you want to save as much cash as possible.

If you want the lowest fees, stick to using United Airlines miles (on any of its partner airlines) or American Airlines miles on American Airlines flights, because they don’t pass along any fuel surcharges.

Bottom Line

If you want to use points and miles to travel to Europe, you have plenty of options.  Use this chart to take a look at non-stop European destinations that might be a good fit for your travel needs.

And as always, leave us any questions below and we’ll do our best to answer them.  Happy traveling!

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Editorial Note: We're the Million Mile Secrets team. And we're proud of our content, opinions and analysis, and of our reader's comments. These haven’t been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of the airlines, hotels, or credit card issuers which we often write about. And that’s just how we like it! :)

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just curious, why no mention of Iberia? flights are half the price in some cases as the airlines you mention above.

Do you have a list like this for South America? That would be awesome.

This was great and I was able to highlight and dump it into Excel. Thanks!