How to Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically!

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How to Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically!

Million Mile SecretsHow to Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically!Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Via Frequent Miler, you can automatically sign-up for AMEX Offers discounts without having to tweet or log into your account!

That’s because now there’s a free app called OffersBot to do it for you.

How To Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically
You’ll Never Miss an AMEX Offer With OffersBot

And I’ll show you how easy it is to set up!

Set up Automatic Tweeting With OffersBot

Link:   OffersBot

OffersBot is a free service that sends out AMEX Offers hashtag tweets for you.  These tweets enroll your connected American Express card into the discounts.

Once you’re signed-up with OffersBot, it will send out tweets for all current offers which you haven’t yet tweeted and any that you may have missed.

And if you’re using more than 1 Twitter account (because each synced American Express card has to have its own Twitter account), you can set up OffersBot for each account.

Setting up OffersBot

Step 1 – Link Twitter Account

From the OffersBot website, click on “LINK TWITTER ACCOUNT.”

How To Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically
Step 1 – Link Twitter Account

Step 2 – Authorize App

Enter your Twitter name and password, then click on “Authorize app.” 

How To Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically
Step 2 – Authorize App

And within minutes auto-tweeting for AMEX Offers begins!

How To Get AMEX Offers Discounts Automatically
OffersBot Sends Out Tweets for You

Bottom Line

You’ll never miss another AMEX Offer when you set up automatic tweeting with OffersBot.

OffersBot sends out AMEX Offers hashtag tweets for you for free!

You can set up OffersBots on all your Twitter accounts (if you’ve linked multiple American Express cards).

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The warning is for new registered users. When you first register we will send out all active hash tags you have not tweeted. So you could end up sending out 10 or more tweets. If you have a larger follower group this may be annoying to them.

We recommend creating a dedicated twitter account for thoes users.

As for what tweets we send. We only send tweets for the amex offers. Nothing else. Please refer to our privacy policy:

From their website “WARNING: We may send a few tweets!”
I think this means you are giving permission for them to send out tweets for other things they’d like to advertise or promote themselves, etc. Just a heads up. It is on the signup page.

@Big Dawes,

what virus program are you running locally? I’ll try and find out why we are triggering an alert. We are host on linode and it is possible that the ip we where assigned was used by someone else in the past. The site itself is pure html and javascript and we aren’t servering malware from it.

@Kent C

We are looking in to some ways to filter an automate signup for a more filtered view.

In the mean time follow us on twitter and we tweet about new codes as they become avaliable,

I’ll be monitoring this thread but feel free to email or mention us on twitter!


I think they sign you up for EVERY offer. For me, that was a no go considering I only use about 5% of the offers and don’t want to be bombarded with e-mails for every offer. Plus it’s nice to check your account on-line and see a small list of offers you chose. If this offersbot can prevent every offer from being accepted, then they will be onto something. Also don’t forget, many of the best offers are targeted to your card whether through your account directly on-line or through Facebook. Offersbot wouldn’t have access to these offers, they only access twitter, so if you don’t do the legwork, Offersbot may push 40 offers to each card, but the one offer you were targeted for, say a great offer, you would miss out on if you don’t check your account.

@BigDawes I don’t know anything about OffersBot, but I do know that my McAffee anti virus tells me everything I get an email from the US Airlines Shopping Portal that it is a dangerous site, and to avoid it. I always read it anyway, with no problems. Sometimes AV systems just get paranoid about any site that asks for passwords, etc.

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