Chase Offers Have SO Much Potential – Why Haven’t They Taken Off Like AMEX Offers?

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There was a ton of excitement last year when Chase Offers were introduced to certain cardholders, with the ability to earn automatic discounts when you enroll an eligible card (like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card) and spend at a participating merchant.

Getting money back on everyday purchases without having to clip coupons or think much is a nice perk, but Chase has lagged behind AMEX on this concept.  AMEX Offers have been kicking around for years, and many of us have saved hundreds of dollars on regular spending using our American Express cards.  I saved over $50 in ~6 months just at gas stations using The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express, for example.

I’ve tried out Chase Offers over the past few months, and saved a bit (emphasis on bit) of money.  It’s better than nothing, but it really hasn’t compared to the savings and ease of use with AMEX Offers so far.  I’m not giving up hope – my fingers are crossed that Chase Offers will catch on and offer better deals.

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Chase Offers Looked Promising When They Rolled Them Out to Certain Cards, but AMEX Offers Are Still My Go-To for Deals

Here’s how Chase Offers are working so far, and what I hope they’ll change for the future.

Chase Offers Need to Improve to Compete With AMEX Offers

1.   I Wish There Were More Substantial (and Relevant) Deals

Full admission:   I love my AMEX Offers.  They’re one of the reasons I keep American Express cards in my wallet year after year, even with an annual fee.  The savings just on regular purchases make it worthwhile, sometimes many times over.

Chase Offers have the potential to be equally good, but so far, the offers I’ve been targeted for are often mediocre, there aren’t many of them, and they don’t usually fit (at all!) into my spending habits.

Apparently Chase Thinks I’m Big on Auto Parts, Streaming Media, and Floral Delivery

I’ve been targeted for offers on these cards:

Some cards only have a handful of offers – on my Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card, for example, I’ve only got 3 available (Starbucks and those auto parts stores again).

I’ve been using Chase Offers for ~3 months, and so far have saved a whopping ~$4 on purchases I would have made anyway (Lowe’s and Smart Style):

Saving $4 Is Better Than Nothing, but I’ve Saved Much More With AMEX Offers

To compare, here’s what I saved with The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express in ~6 months last year.

$50 in Savings Isn’t Anything to Sniff at for Purchases You’d Make Anyway

Maybe I’ve just had bad luck or timing with the offers in my Chase account.  I have found that AMEX Offers seem to be much better targeted to my previous spending patterns (travel for example).  So I’m not sure if this is something Chase is doing or just hasn’t fine-tuned yet.

2.   Chase Offers Can Be Tricky to Find

You can access Chase Offers through the Chase mobile app (you can read more about how to install it here), Chase Pay app, or through targeted links in emails that have come from Chase, in which case there’s limited access through the desktop site.  The mobile app has been finicky though, and offers have vanished only to re-appear when I delete the app and re-install it.

It would be so much easier to have Chase Offers available when you log into your regular Chase account.  This would remind folks to check them more often, especially for those of us who don’t regularly use mobile banking apps.

3.   It Can Take a While for Credits to Appear in Your Account

With AMEX Offers, statement credits and bonus points have almost always appeared a few days after an eligible purchase has posted.  Chase says with Chase Offers it can take 7 to 14 business days for a credit to appear in your account, and that’s been my experience exactly:

It Took ~11 Days for a Lowe’s 10% Rebate Credit to Appear in My Chase Account

This isn’t a deal breaker by any means – it’s just a bit of a hassle to wait so long wondering if the purchase has tracked and if the rebate will appear.

4.   Not ALL Chase Cards Are Eligible for Chase Offers

All AMEX cards (personal and small business) are eligible for AMEX Offers, except for American Express Corporate Cards, American Express Gift Cards, and Prepaid Cards.  And typically you’ll have dozens of offers on each of your card accounts to choose from.

With Chase Offers, it’s not so straightforward.  Folks report not all their cards are targeted for Chase Offers, and some cards only have a couple of deals.  And as far as I can tell from MMS team experience and reader reports, small business cards aren’t yet included with Chase Offers (if you’ve had a different experience, please share in the comments!).

It sure would be nice to earn rebates on small business purchases with cards like the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card or Ink Business Cash Credit Card (I have both).  Hopefully this is something Chase will add in the future.

Bottom Line

Oh, Chase Offers, I so want to love you as much as I do AMEX Offers.  So far, I can’t say I do – but there’s still hope.

It’s not that Chase Offers are bad all around – you really can’t sniff at saving a few dollars here and there on purchases you’d make anyway.  To compete with AMEX Offers, I think Chase needs to up their game in a few areas:

  • Offer deals that are more generous and relevant to individual spending patterns
  • Make Chase Offers easier to access instead of just through mobile apps or email links
  • Speed up the time it takes for statement credits to post to your account
  • Roll out Chase Offers to all Chase cards (including small business cards)

Have you been using Chase Offers?  What’s your experience been like so far?

Jasmin Baron is a contributor to Million Mile Secrets, he covers topics on points and miles, credit cards, airlines, hotels, and general travel.

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10 months ago

Chase offers are terrible. They are typically minimal in amount, loaded with fine print, and poorly administered (if you use them near the last day, they may not be credited). A pale shadow of the awesome Amex offer program.

Andrew Wan
Reply to  Gary
10 months ago

For me personally, as much as I love my Chase cards, the Chase offers aren’t usually at any stores or restaurants I would normally visit.

Chris Jensen
1 year ago

This is why Chase is nearly useless anymore… They lost their best transfer partner, Korean Air. Any other transfer partner they have can be used with Citi or Amex points, including UA. UA flights can be purchased with ANA or SQ points, many times cheaper than transferring UR to UA. Forget about SW, which is only useful in a small area of the US. So what do they have left..Hyatt? BFD. Chase is dead to me, except for IHG & Hyatt cards. The only thing I use UR’s for is topping off VS partner awards. Plus they are so bitchy with all their stupid rules about acquiring their cards. So, really, who needs them?

1 year ago

Dont forget ti shop thru chase over 400 online stores. So i use my chase freedom unlimited x 1.5 , shop lets say farm n fleet x 3. Make it better go to united mileage x plus and farm n fleet gets x3 or x4 united miles. So lets say$100 purchase farm n fleet ill get 450 UR points or $4.50 cb plus 400 united miles. 7.5% between all that not bad.

Reply to  Jasmin
1 year ago

Thanks Jasmin, still learning etc. Just today did airbnb thru chase got 10% plus 2 ultimate points on my sapphire preferred and 2 United plus app with a return of 14%

Deb Miller
1 year ago

I am a frustrated CHASE Private Client ( with more than $1 million on deposit) that pays all credit card balances in full every month. Nevertheless, Chase recently turned down two of my applications for additional cards issued by them..reason: too many cards issued in last two years.
Very shortsighted of them…I spoke to an actual person in the US (finally) who said there is no discretion allowed when their system turns an applicant down for that reason. Today I cancelled my Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, and INK cards. Go figure!

Reply to  Deb Miller
1 year ago

Im a newbie to points and rewards and chase has a strict 5/2 rule. If youve applied or recieved 5 cc in 2 years you will be automatically declined on a chase card regardless if chase or not. Im not sure why but all articles ive read chase is strict with policy

1 year ago

Exactly what I’ve experienced. George’s comment may be all the explanation we need, but it would be nice if they find a better way to get us offers. Especially those of us not in Shop Rite territory…

Gabriel C
1 year ago

There was a semi-public 10X points on Shop-Rite supermarkets last January, limited to $400 USD as long as paid through Chase Pay app.

I noticed because of an e-mail that was close to go unnoticed, once at the store it was posted on every register.

points were posted immediately, and those 10X beats anything I’ve ever been targeted on Amex Gold.