Does the 5/24 Rule Apply to Denied Credit Card Applications?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Seth, emailed:

If my application is denied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, will Chase still count it against their “5/24 rule“?

Seth wants to know if Chase’s stricter application rules include all credit card applications you’ve submitted, including the unsuccessful ones.

The answer is NO!  As long as you weren’t approved for a new card, it will NOT affect your chances of being approved for other Chase credit cards.

Does The 5/24 Rule Apply To Denied Credit Card Applications
Chase Offers Valuable Travel Rewards Cards That Can Take You All Over the World. And They Only Count Cards You’ve Successfully Opened for Cards With Tighter Application Rules

I’ll explain this detail about Chase’s application rules.  And what to do if you’re denied.

Which Credit Card Applications Are a Factor in the Chase “5/24 Rule”?

For a while now, Chase has enforced stricter application rules for many of their credit cards.  Folks who have opened 5 or more credit cards (from ANY bank) in the past 24 months are unlikely to get approved for most Chase cards (with the exception of certain small business cards).

According to Doctor of Credit, Chase bases this number on new accounts reported on your credit report.  So if you are denied, it won’t count towards Chase’s rule!

Opened 5+ Cards in the Past 24 Months, but Still Want to Apply for a Chase Card?

Lots of folks are applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve because of its huge sign-up bonus and great travel benefits, even though they have opened 5+ cards in the past 24 months.

While lots of Chase cards, including the Chase Sapphire Reserve, are subject to the “5/24 rule“, you may be able to get the one you want by visiting a local Chase branch!  Emily found out from her banker that Chase’s system in-branch flags certain folks for credit card pre-approval.

No matter how you apply, if your Chase application is automatically denied, you can still apply for 1 of the 6 Chase cards not currently under the “5/24 Rule”:

And if you apply for 1 of these cards the same day as your denied application, Chase will (usually) combine credit score inquiries!  That way you won’t leave empty-handed!

Know Your Chase 5/24 Status!

Link:   The Easy Way to Check your 5/24 Status

Not sure whether you’ve opened 5 cards in the past 2 years, or want to know when you’ll be eligible for cards that fall under the Chase “5/24 rule“?  Here’s an easy way to check your 5/24 status.

Thanks for the question, Seth!

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