Can You Use Your Spouse’s Employer ID Number to Apply for a Business Card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Ryan, writes:

My wife runs a small partnership and recently got an American Express Business card using the Employer Identification Number (EIN) for this company.

I help her with her company in multiple regards, but my name is not associated with the company.  I am wondering if I could apply for the same card that she has using the same EIN?  Does AMEX regulate this?  Is it a problem that my name is not legally associated with the EIN?  Thanks for all you do!  Keep up the great work.

So can Ryan use his wife’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

The EIN is under his wife’s name, so I do NOT recommend Ryan use this number on his application.

Can You Use Your Spouses Employer ID Number To Apply For A Business Card
I Do NOT Recommend Stretching the Truth on Your Credit Card Application

I’ll explain why and tell you other ways you might qualify for a business credit card.

It’s NOT a Good Idea to Stretch the Truth!

Link:   Don’t Lie on Credit Card Application

[Disclaimer:  I’m not a lawyer, so nothing in this post should be considered as legal advice.  Please consult your lawyer for legal advice specific to your situation.]

Ryan helps his wife with her business from time to time.  But he’s NOT legally an owner.  So he shouldn’t use the Employer Identification Number when filling out his application.

Can You Use Your Spouses Employer ID Number To Apply For A Business Card
If You’re Uncertain It’s Better to Err on the Side of Caution When It Comes to Credit Card Applications!

That’s because fibbing on your application is fraud and some folks have been prosecuted.  While chances of this happening are slim, it’s not worth the risk!

You May Still Qualify for a Business Card

Link:   Ways You Might Qualify for a Business Card

Link:   How to Fill Out an AMEX Business Card Application

There are lot of other ways Ryan can qualify for a business credit card!  Sometimes even side jobs and start-ups are enough to get approved.

Can You Use Your Spouses Employer ID Number To Apply For A Business Card
Selling Items Online or a Blog Could Make You Eligible for a Business Card

You can find my current favorite business cards on the Hot Deals page.  And if you need help with completing your application check out my guides on AMEX and Chase business card applications.

Also, you can apply as a sole-proprietor using your Social Security Number for popular small business cards such as the Ink Plus, Ink Business Cash Credit Card, or The Business Platinum Card from American Express

Then you can earn bonus points for your business purchases as a freelance designer, social media marketing consultant, etc.

Bottom Line

I do NOT recommend using an Employer Identification Number (EIN) that’s not registered to you when applying for a business credit card.

Providing false information on a credit card application is fraud and the bank could prosecute you.  So it’s best to play it safe and be honest on your credit card applications.

Remember, you can apply as a sole-proprietor using your Social Security Number.  This can work well for folks with small businesses as a tutor, part-time real estate agent, and more.

Thanks for your question, Ryan!

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