Can You Use Your Spouse’s Company to Apply for a Small Business Card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Matt, commented:

My wife is starting a small e-commerce business.  It is an LLC [Limited Liability Company.]  We manage it together but my name is not on the LLC.  Can I apply for business credit cards for it?

I don’t recommend applying for a business card using a business you don’t officially own.  But you could have your wife sign-up and add you as an authorized user.

Can You Use Your Spouse's Company To Apply For A Small Business Card
Using Someone Else’s Business (Even Close Family Members) to Apply for a Small Business Credit Card Isn’t a Good Idea!

However, you might still qualify for your own small business card!  I’ll explain!

It’s Important to Be Honest!

[Disclaimer:  I’m not a lawyer, so nothing in this post should be considered as legal advice.  Please consult your lawyer for legal advice specific to your situation.]

Matt’s wife has an LLC and he helps her run things.  But I don’t recommend he use this business for his small business card application if he’s not legally an owner.

Can You Use Your Spouse's Company To Apply For A Small Business Card
Building Trust With the Banks Will Help You Get More Cards in the Future. So If You’re Uncertain, It’s Best to Err on the Side of Caution

Stretching the truth on your application can be considered fraud.  You don’t want to go through a financial review with a bank or worse.

Instead, your wife could apply for the card.  Then she can add you as an authorized user.  This way you can pool your points together and still keep track of the company’s finances!

If Matt’s wife adds him as an authorized user, his spending will also count towards the minimum spending requirements making it easier for her to earn the sign-up bonus (except for US Bank cards)

Other Ways to Qualify for a Small Business Card

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Matt doesn’t need an LLC.  Sole proprietorships qualify for small business cards like the Chase Ink Business Cash Credit Card, Ink Plus, and AMEX SimplyCash too!  You can complete your application using your Social Security Number.

Can You Use Your Spouse's Company To Apply For A Small Business Card
Getting Paid for Weekend Photo Shoots? You Could Qualify for a Small Business Card!

So if he’s earning income on the side with activities such as tutoring, freelancing, photography, or blogging he could get approved.  He may even qualify if he’s only in the planning stages of a new start-up.

The Hot Deals page has all my latest recommendations for small business cards that can help you earn miles and points on your business expenses.

My guides will show you how to complete your Chase or American Express small business card application.

Bottom Line

It’s not a good idea to sign-up for a small business card using someone else’s company (even if it’s your spouse).  That’s because fibbing on a credit card application is considered fraud.  And you don’t want to get blacklisted or prosecuted.

You could ask your spouse to sign-up for the card and add you as authorized user.  Then you can both earn points and easily keep tabs on company spending.

You may still qualify on your own for small business cards like the Chase Ink CashChase Ink Plus, and AMEX SimplyCash!  If you earn a profit for activities like tutoring, blogging, photography, or starting a new venture, you can apply as a sole proprietorship.

I hope that helps, Matt.  Thanks for your question!

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