An Asian Holiday: Part 13 – From Fine Dining to Food Stalls, Eating in Hong Kong

An Asian Holiday: Part 13 – From Fine Dining to Food Stalls, Eating in Hong Kong

Million Mile SecretsAn Asian Holiday: Part 13 – From Fine Dining to Food Stalls, Eating in Hong KongMillion Mile Secrets Team

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Emily Jablon:  Daraius and I celebrated Christmas with his family in Macau and Hong Kong for ~8 days.  It was our 1st time to Macau and Hong Kong and we were very excited to visit!

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius Trying Chinese Hot Pot in Hong Kong

An Asian Holiday – Trip Report Index:

This post will cover various restaurants we tried in Hong Kong, including:

Eating In Hong Kong – Part 2

Conrad Hong Kong, Breakfast at the Garden Café

Our second morning at the Conrad, we decided to go for breakfast downstairs at the Garden Café.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Bird’s Eye View of the Garden Cafe Breakfast Buffet

We arrived at around 9:00 am and there was a 10 minute wait.  The restaurant was very large, and there was a lot of food on the buffet.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Emily Happy to Have a Seat and Eager to Try the Food

There were cold cuts…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
There Were Several Types of Protein

…mackerel and salmon…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Craving Sushi?  You’ll Love the Giant Sashimi Sized Pieces of Fresh Fish!

…freshly cut fruit, including pineapple, melon, honeydew, and watermelon…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
I Was Happy to See All the Fruit Because It’s One of My Favorite Foods

…yogurt and smoothies…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Emily Wondering If She Should Start With Yogurt or Sashimi

…a selection of bread and pastries…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Croissants, Tarts, and Rolls So Tasty, but Straight to the Hips It Goes

…fruit in syrup…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
I Wanted to Like the Pears, but the Fruit Syrup Was Too Sweet

…and a wide selection of hot foods….

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius Suggested We Have an Early Breakfast at 8:00 am to Start the Day Right

…including all of the American favorites.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Bacon, Sausage, Waffles, Crepes…Where to Start?

There was also Chinese food…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Dim Sum Was Included in the Buffet

…with a variety of Chinese meat.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
I’ve Never Seen Fish Balls, Bean Curd, and Bean Sprouts at a Breakfast Buffet

Lastly, there was fresh juice.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
The Watermelon Juice Was My Favorite

Daraius and his dad had a great time trying out all of the food.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Surprisingly There Was Still Food Left After Daraius and His Dad Ate Breakfast

Because of all of the fish on the menu, I ate packaged yogurt, granola, ground flaxseed, and pastries.  The manager said he would make anything I wanted, but I felt like having a smaller breakfast and didn’t want to take risks.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
A Small Breakfast Means More Room for Dessert Later!

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Daraius had given up on the guidebook recommendations, and instead ate at a nearby restaurant when he was hungry.

For lunch, we went to Tsui Wah Restaurant, in Central Hong Kong.  It wasn’t the closest Tsui Wah location to the Conrad Hong Kong, but it was nearby where we were at the time.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Tsui Wah Is a Chinese Chain Tea Restaurant With 26 Restaurants in Hong Kong

The dining area was busy, but we quickly got a table for 4.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
You Know a Restaurant Is Good When It’s Packed With Locals

Tsui Wah had a large menu.  One entire page was fish dishes.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
All Sorts of Dishes I Can’t Eat Because of My Fish Allergy

Daraius ordered pork…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
It Came With Broccoli Which Daraius Didn’t Eat

…and shrimp.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
No Green Vegetables Here So Daraius Ate the Whole Thing!

Daraius thought the food was okay, and wouldn’t return.

Food Stalls Near Temple Street Night Market

For dinner, Daraius and his dad went to the food stalls near the Temple Street Markets.  After scouting out a few stalls, Daraius decided on the Woosung Street Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius Ate at a Food Stall

There weren’t many places to sit, but we found a table.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius and Emily Trying “Street” Food

Most of the menus were in Cantonese…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
We Couldn’t Read the Menu

…which made ordering a bit tough for me because of my allergy.  So I decided to skip eating.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
It Was a Challenge Trying to Figure Out What to Order

However, there were 1 to 2 small menus with pictures and a little bit of English.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Thankfully We Found a Menu With Photos!

That helped a lot!  But Daraius noticed that the menu had only a few items, and wasn’t as extensive as the Cantonese menu.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
The English Menu had Fewer Choices

So Daraius walked around and pointed out to what the locals had on their table which looked good to him!  In the end, Daraius ordered a Chinese hot pot…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
The Chinese Version of Fondue

and steamed fish with black bean sauce.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius Enjoyed his Fish!

Daraius liked the fish better than the hot pot.  He had visions of a tasty hot pot which his Chinese business colleagues had made him eat years ago, and was yearning for something similar.  This was a bit different and wasn’t as tasty as what he had eaten before.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius Stuffed to the Gills

Golden Leaf, Conrad Hong Kong

For dinner, we went to the Golden Leaf, the Chinese restaurant in our hotel.  The Golden Leaf is a 1 star Michelin restaurant.  We’ve had great meals at other 1 star Michelin restaurants, like the Mirabelle Restaurant in Rome, so I was looking forward to to the food.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius, Emily, Daraius’ Sister and Father Enjoying Dinner at the Golden Leaf

There was an expansive menu that included a variety of dishes, including bird’s nest soup!

Daraius ordered duck…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Duck Meat Is Fattier Than It Looks

…and fish…

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
The Fish Was Prepared in 2 Ways

…and a spicy beef dish.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
Daraius Loves Spicy Chinese Food

Even better was that they brought me food from Nicholini’s, the Italian restaurant upstairs because of my fish allergy.

Places To Eat In Hong Kong
I Couldn’t Resist the Pasta With Shaved Truffles!

Bottom Line

I tried to stay away from Chinese food on this trip because there’s so much fish everywhere and cross contamination was a potential concern.  The staff at the Conrad took great care of me.  And it made my trip much more enjoyable because I could relax and eat what I wanted instead of my energy bars, pizza, and McWings.

But Daraius was adventurous and tried lots of Chinese dishes, including street food!

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Mouthwatering list of food images! I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors for this blog. Great job!!!

PS - it looks like the Tsui Wah location you guys went to was the location I frequented for lunch almost everyday when I was in HK on business.

Million Mile Secrets

@SOLTATIO - I'll try that out soon!

@Ang - Thanks so much for the very detailed comment. I'll be back in Hong Kong sometime and will certainly try your recommendations!

Sorry Emily. I feel bad you couldn't experience the wonderful food that HK has to offer. =( I'm glad the hotel you were staying in was accomodating and very helpful though.

That's unfortunate you guys didn't like Tsui Wah. =( I'm from NYC and I yearn for Tsui Wah all the time. You need to order the baked dishes, pork chops rice dishes, curry rice dishes, cold milk tea and the egg tarts there. Those are the bomb diggity.

If you guys ever go back to HK or Asia, you should check out Din Tai Fung. It's amazing. I had it in Taiwan and HK and I also yearn for it everyday. The restaurant started in Taiwan so it's best to try this place in Taiwan. Their location in Taipei 101 is huge and they speak all languages. The restaurant is split up into sections according to what language you speak with waiters speaking your specific language. That was extremely helpful since I can't speak mandarin so the English/Cantonese section was extremely helpful. There are a few locations in North America (Canada - Toronto - Maybe Vancouver and California). I highly recommend Din Tai Fung although I would recommend trying it in Taiwan before trying it in other locations so you can try the real thing. Don't get me wrong, the HK and California locations are great, but the Taiwan location was much better.

I know what you mean about the hot pot. You need to go to a restaurant for those to get the authentic taste you're looking for. Little Lamb is a popular hot pot chain in Asia (with a few locations in the US) if you want to give it another shot.

Ooooh Hot Pot! I know exactly what Darius was looking for! Definitely try the Korean/Japanese version that the Koreans call Shabu Shabu. It is so tasty and if they ask if you want plain or spicy, make sure to ask for spicy broth!

Hong Kong is a great eating city. Unfortunately, if you have food allergies to fish, pork or MSG you have to be very careful. In upscale restaurants, you can be safe, but street food could contain any and all of these ingredients even if the restaurant says they do not.