How to Earn 136,000 Starwood Points for Big Travel!

Did you know folks who live at the same address can transfer Starwood points to each other for free?

Through September 14, 2015, the sign-up bonus on the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express (personal and small business) is 30,000 Starwood points after meeting minimum spending requirements.

How To Earn 136,000 Starwood Points For Big Travel

Need More Starwood Points to Stay at the Sheraton Kauai Resort in Hawaii? Share Points With a Friend or Partner for More Award Stays and Starwood Perks!

If yourself and a partner, friend, or spouse get both AMEX Starwood cards (and live together), together you’ll earn 136,000 Starwood points!  I’ll explain why this can be valuable for Big Travel!

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How to Get 15% Off All Amazon Purchases

Some shopping portals offer bonus points or cash back for shopping at Amazon, but it’s usually restricted to specific departments.

But Oren’s Money Saver reports, Giving Assistant will give you 5% cash back on ALL items shipped and sold by Amazon!  And there’s an easy way to turn 5% cash back into 15% cash back!

But I don’t know how long this deal will last!

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I’ll Show You the Secret to Saving 15% at Amazon!

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If You Transfer the Balance on Your Card, Will You Lose Your Miles?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Amber, comments:

I love your site – it’s helped me get started with collecting free miles and we’ve taken some great vacations already!

If I sign up for a new card for the bonus miles, after completing the minimum spending, can I then transfer the balance to 1 of my 0% interest cards?  Or will that cause me to lose my miles?

No, Amber will NOT lose her miles and points if she transfers the balance from her new card to another card with 0% interest.

But she should be careful with 0% interest cards.

If You Transfer The Balance On Your Card Will You Lose Your Miles

You Can Keep Your Miles and Points If You Transfer Your Balance to Another Card, but There Are Some Things You Should Watch Out For!

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7 Loyalty Programs You Should Sign-Up for If You’re New to Miles & Points!

Million Mile Secrets reader, Jonathan, commented:
What is the best direction for someone who doesn’t have an immediate use for miles & points in the near future, but would like to stockpile them for a few years until life becomes less hectic and allows us to travel?
When we do eventually travel, it will be a mix of domestic and international.
I’m looking to join loyalty programs according to Step 2 in your Beginner’s Guide to Miles & Points.  But it’s a little overwhelming because there are so many to choose from.
Which are the main ones I should look into?  Or does it depend on the cards I have?

Jonathan wants to earn points now for travel he’s planning a few years down the road.  How should he get started?

And which loyalty programs should you sign-up for, if you’re new to collecting miles and points?

7 Loyalty Programs Should You Sign Up For If You're New To Miles Points

There Are So Many Rewards Programs! Where Should You Start?

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Are AMEX Starwood Cards Worth Keeping After the 1st Year?

Until September 14, 2015, you’ll earn 30,000 Starwood points on both the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express personal and small business cards after completing the minimum spending requirements.

The $95 annual fee is waived for the 1st year, but kicks in after the 12th billing cycle.  So folks are wondering whether or not this is a good card to keep past the 1st year.

Are AMEX Starwood Cards Worth Keeping After The 1st Year

To Keep or Not to Keep? I’ll Let You Know Your Options!

I’ll help you decide what’s best.  And give you options and tips for what to do!

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