Airline Award Charts


This page links to different airlines’ award charts.  Compare the difference in award levels between airlines, for travel to the same destination, and redeem the least amount of miles to get the most bang for your buck!

Don’t worry if you don’t have miles in many programs because by reading Million Mile Secrets, you’re on the path towards accumulating lots of miles in many different programs!

Stay tuned – I will be writing posts on the best award redemptions for each airlines and tips on how to find flights to redeem.  Subscribe to Million Mile Secrets  via e-mail or RSS to ensure that you get updates!

Note:  The “Metal” in  “American Airlines Metal Award Chart” means that travel has to be on American Airlines airplanes i.e. the plane must be an American Airlines plane and codeshares are not allowed.

American Airlines:

Redeeming miles on American Airlines and its partners is very easy.  You can fly British Airways, from the US,  almost anytime to Europe (though you have to pay fuel surcharges).  And fly on Cathay Pacific to Asia, Jet Airways to India, or Qantas to Australia.

British Airways:

Delta Airlines:

  • Delta Sky Miles Award Chart - Delta makes it very hard to redeem miles, but there are quite a few good value awards – including to Europe, Australia, Bora Bora and the Seychelles – through partner airlines.

United Airlines:

US Air:

US Air makes it very easy to acquire miles which can be redeemed fairly easily for Star Alliance awards.  Their call center is pretty hit-and-miss, so hang-up and call back if you can’t get the award you’re looking for.

116 Responses to Airline Award Charts

  1. I really need help with using ATN miles but only have enough for one way. I also have united miles but I can’t find any flights out of PPT to SFO. any cheap ways to make this happen?
    My step kids want to come for Christmas..
    Thanks for your help!!!

  2. @Laura – You could use American Airlines miles for flights on Air Tahiti Nui. Or the Barclays Arrival card which will get you ~$440 towards travel.

  3. I just received notice from Bank of America that as of March 31, they are discontinuing the Alaska debit card program. I left Wells Fargo when they did that and am now looking for a good alternative to move to for a debit card program that will earn miles. They don’t necessarily need to be Alaska moles.

    What options do I have for a debit card that earns miles?

  4. @Pam Knight – The Delta Suntrust card is the best current option for mile earning debit cards.

  5. I will be flying business class with Delta to and from the UK a number of times this year and internally within the UK. I am unsure of which mileage program to sign up with and have been told Alaska Air is a very good option especially as I have miles with BA on their program. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  6. I’m really confused! I’ll be flying with my family (4 of us) the east coast to Hawaii R/T next year. We have excellent credit. If we each get rewards cards (Barclay, Sapphire…) it seems like we should be able to rack up 160K miles and fly the entire family for free. But I want to make sure I do it right, and it feels so confusing I feel like I might screw this up! Or am I being unrealistic?

    Any advice would be great…

  7. @ James – Alaska is a good option because they let you redeem miles with American Airlines and other airlines as well.

    @ Ken – The Arrival card will get you ~$440 towards any flight, but you will have to pay the difference. If you use miles, you are subject to finding award seats. I’d go to the United or American Airlines site and see if they have flights on the days you want to travel. And then apply for the cards.

  8. Hi Good day, I’m from Brazil and I want to go from Sao paulo to Orlando on vacation with my wife, I do not have any mile, and want to buy, is this safe? works that way? there are insurance shopping sites such mile? thank you

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  10. I am trying to find the most economical flight for my son. He is set to study abroad in Barcelona for 6 weeks beginning May 26, 2014. What is the quickest way to accumulate frequent flyer miles? Also, does anyone know of any other discounts that may be available for college students?

    Any help will be appreciated.

  11. I have about 145,000 USAIR Dividend Miles that I am planning to use to fly Business Class from Boston (or NYC if need be) to Delhi, India next February. Now that US has left Star Alliance for OneWorld, do I have any other options than paying British Air’s high fuel surcharges? Are there other airlines that I can use my US AIR Dividend Miles to get from BOS/NYC to Delhi?

  12. @Flavio – Unfortunately, I don’t focus on earning miles in Brazil. But here’s a blog which does.

    @Peter – Try flights on Qatar which doesn’t charge fuel surcharges.

  13. Hi – I am trying to use my 148,000 United miles for a flight from SFO to Lisbon for Sept 2014. I am so confused trying coordinate this trip, I am losing interest. Do I buy an economy ticket than upgrade or just use the United website and hope they come up with a business class seat? Thanks for your help

  14. In the summer of 2015 I will be flying with my two children from Miami, Fl. to London for five days and then on to Tel Aviv, Israel, and returning in reverse order, or from Tel Aviv to NYC to Miami.
    Previously, I had a British Airways card, but was very disappointed to see high fuel air surcharges even using miles. I have 160,000 miles with Delta and also have 50,000 miles with AA. Not sure which way to start saving for the trip. Suggestions would be appreciated!

  15. Hello Daraius!

    Do you know what is the easiest solution to my current dilemma?

    I have ~30k miles with Alaska Airlines and ~50k miles with American Airlines. I know these two airlines are partners (via OneWorld Alliance).

    I’d like to somehow consolidate the points so I can book a trip from California to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific. Any ideas on how this can be done?

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