Small Business Credit Cards

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I keep the information on this page updated, but please double check the credit card applications for details about terms and conditions of the offers.  Please let me know if you find a better offer so that I can list it here!

Here are 40+ ways to complete the minimum spending on credit cards if you are concerned about completing the minimum spending requirements.

Bank Points Business Credit Cards

Airline Business Credit Cards

Hotel Business Credit Cards

1.   Bank Point Small Business Credit Cards

Daraius’ Tip:   My detailed review of the Chase Ink Plus®

Daraius’ Tip:   My detailed review of the Chase Ink Bold®  Read my post “3 ways you may qualify for a business” here.


2.   Airline Small Business Credit Cards

Bank of America Alaska Air Visa –  25,000 Bonus Miles

  • 25,000 bonus miles after approval on the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business card
  • $75 annual fee NOT waived for the first year; 3% foreign transaction fee
  • $99 companion certificate valid only in coach
  • Alaska Air miles can be used on partner airlines such as American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Air France, LAN, etc.
  • Warning:  Bank of America may issue you a lower platinum plus or preferred card, if you don’t qualify for the Signature card, which offers only 6,000 or 4,000 miles!
  • Tip:  The highest bonus offer on this card was 40,000 miles, but I’ve heard that you may be able to get a new card every 3 to 4 months
  • Note:  The Alaska Air Personal card offers a higher sign-up bonus

 American Express Delta Platinum   – Not Currently Available

American Express Delta Reserve Credit Card – up to 30,000 Delta Miles [Expired]

Update:   This card offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

  • 10,000 medallion (elite) miles after 1st purchase
  • First checked bag is free; free Delta lounge access
  • $450 fee NOT waived for first year2.7% foreign transaction fee
  • Earn 2 Delta miles per $1 spent on Delta & 1 mile for everything else
  • Earn 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending $30,000 and an additional 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending another $30,000 in a calendar year
  • Tip:  This card could be worth the high fee if you’re looking for Delta club access and medallion (elite) qualifying miles.  Otherwise, skip it.


3.   Hotel Small Business Credit Cards

US Bank Club Carlson Business Rewards –  85,000 Points

  • 50,000 bonus points after 1st purchase and another 35,000 points after spending $2,500 within 3 months on the US Bank Club Carlson Business Rewards
  • 1 free award night when you redeem points for 2 or more consecutive award nights at the same hotel
  • Free Club Carlson Gold elite status for as long as you have the card or 15 night credit towards towards Concierge status if you are already a gold elite member
  • $60 annual fee not waived for 1st year3% foreign transaction fee
  • 40,000 points for renewing your card each year
  • Earn 10 Club Carlson points per $1 spent at Club Carlson hotels & 5 points for everything else


Missing your favorite offer?  Please let me know!

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121 responses to “Small Business Credit Cards

  1. Hi there,

    I read about certain targeted offers circling around and was wondering if I should wait it out to apply for this card? The main reason of getting this card would be to use it for my business purchases, and also earn 5x points on virtually anything.

    Please advise.

    Nat T

  2. I would like to apply for Chase Ink Bold and a Chase BA card. I have had some difficulty in the past with Chase due to the number of cards which I have. Since the Ink is a business card, does the application go to a different department?

  3. Darius, I have just activated the Chase Business Bold Ink (Mastercard). I have been reading about how to purchase reloadable cards from Office Depot but they talk about American Express Cards. Can I do this using the Mastercard version?

  4. Hi Darius,

    Currently I have 4 Chase personal CC: Amazon since 11/2010, Sapphire Preferred since 9/2011, CO/United since 03/2012 and Southwest Premier since 5/2012. I really, really want two business cards from them: Southwest Business so I can hit the companion pass, and Ink (Classic or Bold) for 5X points at the office supplies stores. Can I apply for both at the same time or space them out like 3 months apart? Thanks

  5. I just want to take you Darius for all of the invaluable information that you provide on this site. Thanks to you our family will now be able to fly free of charge for almost 16 months due to the southwest companion pass. My wife and I were both approved for the personal and business versions of the card with the 50k bonus. We then converted our marriott points to southwest miles in order to top off the 110k requirement!

    • @liw5215 – I answered your question on the other thread.

      – Congrats and thanks for sharing! Safe travels.

      @sami – It is a good offer, but you can get 50K on the Mercedes Benz Platinum for a lower minimum spending. Make sure that you were targeted for the offer, because otherwise American Express may not honor it.

  6. I received a targeted offer for the AMEX Gold, 50k pts after 1k in spending. It appeals to me because it’s not the 10k in spending offer (for 25k fewer points).
    Now I have a dilemma. To apply for the Gold card, or SPG biz AMEX (which was my plan), or both….
    Already have 3 personal AMEX cards.
    Thoughts? I’m new to the biz card arena. Don’t really want to get hit with a FR.

  7. but this one you could do on a few buisniss name. it’s is not targedet i know a few pepole that got the points from this offer. i did 2bm on this card for 2 buisniss got approved and got the points as well. good luck

  8. well, it’s for an AOR. I’m planning on a bunch of cards (Chase SP, USBank Flex, and figuring out about 3 or so). Just trying to decide if I should do one or two biz AMEX (1 charge one credit), having 3 personal credit and 0 biz amex cards. Both SPG and AMEX Gold expire 9/4, so I’m looking at a week or so to decide on the final lineup.

  9. Thanks D, I was reading up on FR, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. I have a need in the next year for more SPG pts and MR pts, so I may submit both apps, and make sure I use my exact 2011 1040 income rather than rounding up/down by 5k like I usually do.
    I appreciate the advice/feedback.

  10. Good way to think about it!

  11. Does anyone have the link for the Marriott Business card with the $75 statement credit. I can find the personal card link with the credit, but not the business card.

  12. I just applied for Chase Sapphire and Chase Marriott personal cards. My approval is pending- can i sign up for the Chase business card for United or will that throw up a red flag? I am new to this, but Chase seems like the only good cards out there!

  13. Hey D, thanks for all the great info here. I’ve just got 2 bus cards from Citi & Chase. One question – might be just my being over-conscious. Do you think they will check what you buy with the bus cards? like some gold coins, clothing…things not related to your bus. but we can say its a gift right?

  14. also, mortgage payments thru Chargesmart…

  15. I have the us airways personal account with the 40,000 sign up bonus. I am looking to open some business accounts to get more miles. the Us airways business card only offers 25,000 sign up bonus. Do you think this is a good one to get, or should I wait and see if the sign up bonus gets higher. Also, with barclays bank do you only get the sign up bonus once per card like chase cards?

    • @Anah – I don’t think 25K is a good sign-up bonus, but I don’t know if it will increase. Some folks have managed to get the bonus for a 2nd time with Barclays, but they appear to be tightening up.

  16. looks like the chase ink plus link is Dead

  17. Just an FYI. Barclays Business Card is no longer giving 10,000 bonus miles each anniversary like the personal card. I believe when I signed up for the card the link still said that, but when I called to verify the details on the business card it is now only 1 annual club pass each anniversary and if you spend 25,000 you get 10,000 miles converted to elite status. I checked your link to the business card application and it now states the new benefits. i did get the 25,000 sign up bonus!!!

  18. I called AMEX about the gold reward card and what you can do with the reward points. I only have starwood and am not educated on how I can use the rewards points from other cards. They said that I can transfer them to my starwood account but not the other way around. They said the transfer rate is 1 to 1. Do you know if this is true? If so I can transfer 50,000 reward points to starwood account then transfer from starwood to an airline like american with an xtra 5,000 for each 20,000 transferred which would seem the best way to use the reward points. I could not find a post on this site which explained the best ways to use american express reward points.

    • @E – It just worked for me.

      @Anah – Thanks! I’ll update the US Air card description. I haven’t written much on AMEX MR points. You can’t transfer at 1:1 to Starwood – the ratio is 1K MR points for 333 Starwood points. I’d keep the points in your AMEX account until you needed to use them. You can redeem on Aeroplan or ANA for Star Alliance awards, transfer to British Airways for certain short distance flights and flights within the US. Or transfer to Virgin Atlantic and then to Hilton so that you get twice the amount of Hilton points.

  19. Can I apply under my business name for credit cards that are not specified for businesses? If so, how do you advise filling out the app?

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  21. What are the chances a person would get approved the all of the following business cards at one time > Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold & Chase Southwest Plus Business ?

    I now carry the Citi Visa Business card acquired 2/1/12, accumulated my 50k AA miles, and have no need to the card, since I carry the other 2 personal citi, + 3 other c.c.

    Also, could a person get the same business card twice in attempts to double the 50k points ? I have a legitimate business with income. I just started selling on ebay, but haven’t sold much.


  22. Just approved Citi TY Bus. Card. Used your link thanks.

    Weird though when i saved app page as a pdf it changed to a 15,000 point and 15,000 pt bonus rather than the 25,000 and 25,000?
    I Did this twice with same result.
    So i took screenshots instead. 8 shots to cover the app page.

  23. I had the Marriott personal card and cancelled it 3 months ago. Can I apply for business card and get the sign-on bonus ?

  24. I’ve been churning alot of Business credit card apps lately and so far so good, except the USAIR Business MC is going to review my info; is there any place to find out my business’s credit score? Maybe by using our Tax ID number or is it totally by my own ss#. My business is a corporation. Thanks.

  25. @Daruis,

    is the Citi Business Visa 50K AA still working? I just applied for the card, but I need to call reconsideration.

    What should I expect?

    • @Billy D – If you business is a corporation and has a Tax ID, it may have a separate business business score. That said, most banks will use your regular credit score to assess the business credit card since you personally guarantee the loan.

      @Jason – The link still works to the best of my knowledge. They may ask you to send proof of your business when you call.

  26. I got the citi business aa card 6 months ago. I missed meeting the minimum spend by 10 dollars due to a refund that I didnt take into account. I feel stupid! Can I apply for the citi business aa card again now, since I didnt actually recieve the signup bonus? Or do i have to wait the 18 months?

  27. There’s an offer out there for the Amex Gold with 75K bonus and 10K spend in 4 months now, offer ends 1/28/13. Do you know if I can use my SS# to open a Amex Gold card, or do I need an EIN? Thanks!

  28. Citi TYP and the Alaska biz offers seem to be dead.

  29. I don’t see Marriott Business Card (30k points + 2 free nights) listed here.

  30. how many business credit cards could a person obtain at the same time?
    do the banks or credit card companies all use the same credit bureaus ?

  31. Darius,

    Can you get both the Southwest Plus personal and Southwest Plus business? Or does one of the cards have to be Premiere? I’m interested in getting the companion pass. So far, I already have the Southwest Plus personal. Thanks for any advice!

  32. I had an issue with your bank of america hawaiian airline link above. Also, the landing page didn’t appear to be for a business card and looked identical to the page for the personal card I previously applied for. I was able to find the following link for a business card:

    Also, reading the terms it says 35k after first purchase and not the two tiered bonus that the personal version offers.

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  36. Any knowledge or experience of applying and getting the 50k points from the Ink Plus if already currently hold the Ink Bold? For same business. Will Chase honor both 50k bonues? And how long should wait if it matters? Great website!!!

  37. Follow-up of my experience with the BoA HA link above: business card opens a new HA account and it can’t be merged/transferred to a preexisting individual account. This is what I was told by a representative and it makes sense I guess and I won’t call again to merge them as I have a minimal remainder in my personal account after transferring in 35k increments to HHonors. I may call to transfer these points to HHonors as well but I don’t need to just yet so that call will just have to wait. The card has a $50 company fee and a $25 per card fee, so $75 total, and I was awarded 35k miles after one purchase.

  38. When you apply for the Gold Business Delta Amex card make sure you add to two additional cardholder with your application as you get 5,000 Skymiles for adding two people with your application. When Amex posts your 30,000 Skymiles after you spend $500 you will have to email Amex via secure message and inform them of the bonus and also send them the link as they are unaware of this bonus and then they will post it.

  39. Here is the Delta link to send them to get the 5,000 Skymiles

  40. I found the link from the Delta website under Skymiles; Earn Miles With Partners; Credit Card Partners; US Credit Cards; View Small Business Credit Cards;
    scroll down to the very bottom of the Gold Amex and click on Terms and Restrictions Apply;
    look under “Welcome Offer”

  41. Yes, four days after I spent $500, the 30,000 Skymiles were posted to my Delta account; two days after I sent a secure email to American Express with the link explaining that I was entitled to the 5,000 miles since when I applied for the card, I requested that two additional cardholders be added to my account , the 5,000 additional Skymiles were posted to my Delta account. American Express is not aware of this so you have to go thru this process to get the 5,000 Skymiles

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  43. I’ve had the SPG card for several years and was wondering if I cancel it and re-apply would I still qualify for the 25K signup bonus. Also, would there be any risk of losing the points I have in the account? If so I’d wait til this summer when my point total is close to zero.

    • @Billy D – Thanks for the update!

      @mardigras89 – You have to wait at least 12 months from when you cancelled to get the bonus again, but you could get the personal card (if you have the business card and vice versa). You don’t lose the points if they are already in your Starwood account.

  44. If I apply for a business card, do they look are my past credit card inquiries? Normally, when I apply for a personal card sometimes I get initially rejected and when I call the reconsideration line they see that I’ve had “several inquiries” in the last few months for credit card applications and ask me about that, but I use the usual excuse ‘separate expenses, blahblah’. Would the same thing happen if I apply for a business card? Would they ask why I have several inquiries in the past few months? Or since it’s a business card they won’t even care and just ask about the nature of my business??

    • @Brandon – They pull your personal credit report, so they will see the recent inquiries (and could ask about them). But it helps to explain why you needed the other cards (align travel to cards, separate spending, etc.)

      @robertw – Yes, you can have the Chase Ink Bold etc. for a personal business with a SSN and another business with a Tax ID (as of a few months ago). But AMEX and Citi don’t give you the bonus for a different business.

  45. Dairus do you know if you can hold more than one (of the same) business cards with Chase if I have a second business? I don’t know if this has been addressed before.

  46. I opened a Citi Business card and a week or so later I got a welcome letter. Problem was that the last 4 digits of the account number noted on the letter did not match the last 4 digits of my Citi Business card. After freaking out thinking someone had opened an account in my name I called them. The long and short of it is that because this is a business account the account number is the master number for the business and does not match the credit card. Seems that if I were to have additional employees they would get credit card numbers under my master account number but that would be unique to them.

    I haven’t noticed this topic – is this standard for all business cards? or just Citi Business?

  47. The link above for the Delta Platinum Business gives the message “This card is no longer available.”. The personal link still works.

    • @Betty – I beleive this is just for Citi, since Chase and AMEX issue unique numbers for each additional business card.

      @LF – Very strange. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep it up in the hope that it starts working before changing it.

  48. Do you have a guide to business cards? I have a bunch of questions and I don’t see the answers!!

    I run a few small businesses and am not incorporated for any of them. I use my own bank accounts for each as well.
    What ‘proof’ of a business do you often get asked for? And is this often?
    Can you apply for multiple business cards at once? What should be the limits on this? Is it easy to apply for these together with person cards? [I just did a Chase/Barclay/Amex/BOA churn for my wife and I]

    Thanks, as always!!

  49. I already have a United flight to Maui booked for next March, using points. If I get business explorer card now, what are the chances of getting a free back by flashing my card come next March?

    Also – do you know if they give an extra 5k for adding an authorized user on the business version of the explorer card.

  50. @Daraius/MMS – Citi AA business link is no longer working. What is next best link for this card?
    Thanks for your informative blog.

  51. For the HA 35k business card, post on flyertalk seems to indicate that you may be given a separate HA FF # from your personal account, but you *may* be able to combine the miles (i.e. 15k from one personal account and 35k from another biz account) to book a flight. I don’t know if this is accurate. But this makes one think twice about churning this card since combining miles isn’t automatic.

  52. I got the AA business Visa and did my spend, paid it off and promptly put it in the drawer. Then I get my statement today and I received a $100 statement credit that said it was a category spend bonus. I called Citibank to ask how I got it (as I would like to get it again) and she told me that it was a bonus for making an American Airlines purchase, that it was part of the sign-up and it was a one shot deal. I don’t recall seeing this in the promo information. Is this new? Am certainly happy to receive.

  53. chase united explorer biz is now 50k. log into and click on the add at bottom of login. then click on biz card. some people are preselected for the 50k.

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  57. HA biz offer is down. I did get the HA Biz card but it creates a separate FF number distinct from personal account. You can’t transfer Biz miles into Personal. You also can’t get 17.5k each way on biz accounts and instead need 20k from lax to hnl. When the HA airlines cards do come back, go for the personal versions.

  58. Hey Darius. I like to get your input when applying for cards and I use your links when I can. Today, I applied for the Amex PRG for my husband. This is one that he hasn’t had yet. That was approved instantly. I applied for the Hyatt Visa, this is showing pending. I am not sure why. He has two Chase Business cards and 2 personals. I would like to get a Starwood card for him as well, maybe the business. Would it be too risky to try to apply for another Amex today? Thanks for your advice.

    • @Kathy – Thanks for using our links! If you already applied for a AMEX PRG, you could apply for the Starwood business card, but he may have to call in to let them know that he applied for the card since 2 applications could get flagged. That said, I can’t say for sure if we will get approved or not. Good luck!

  59. For the ones that say they are a “business” card….how is that different than for a person? are there special requirements or can I get one for myself the same as a “regular” card? they usu have higher bonus points/miles.

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  61. Hello Darius,

    Other then the Citibank AA card, which CC currently provide the best option to get lots of points transferred to one of the major airlines. I have option of applying for business or personal cards. Thanks

    • @Rich – There are lots of options. See the Hot Deals tab for more cards. In short, you can get 50K points with the Chase Ink business cards and transfer them to United. Or get the United card with up to a 50K bonus. Or get the Citi American Airlines cards for 50K miles!

  62. Hey Daraius — Do you happen to know if the Chase Southwest Business Card is still eligible for 50,000 Rapid Rewards Points? I have found an offer for the Personal card for 50,000 points using the link below, and Footnote 1 at the bottom seems to imply that the bonus is valid for both the Personal and Business cards, but I want to be sure before I apply for both.

    Thanks! –Ryan

  63. Is the Citi AA Business 50k offer still valid? The link goes directly to the application page and it doesn’t mention anything about the 50,000 mile offer.


  64. Dariaus,
    Do you think it’s possible to get approved a Chase Ink or Bold card, with a new part time business which doesn’t have a whole lot of income. My credit score is in the mid 700 range. I have income from another job, but I guess that might not count when applying for a business card, am I correct. Appreciate your assistance.

  65. Dariaus,

    I had an AOR today where I applied for the Citi Hilton Reserve, Chase Marriott Rewards, and the Ink Bold. I was approved (after calling in) for the Reserve and Marriott. I was denied after calling in for the Ink Bold. The rep said that I already had a business card (SW Visa) and that they didn’t think I needed more credit. They also cited not a long history with them (less than a year with the IHG (May 2013) and 2 SW Visas (Aug 2013)). Should I call them again or is it a lost cause at this point? Thanks!

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  71. I recently got approved for 1 Barclays card & 2 Chase cards (Explorer & Club Card) about one month ago. I’ve already hit the max $ usage to earn reward points and plan to slow my use of these cards.

    Do you suggest I cancel these cards once I use my reward points ?

    I don’t have any Business cards, so I’m thinking about applying for a few now. The only bus cc I’ve had in the past was the 50,000 points I earned from Citibank AA, which was cancelled over 1 year ago.

    Would it be a good idea to apply for mutiple business cards at the same time?

    My thought was applying for Southwest Business, Bold Charge card, plus the personal Southwest.

    What would you do?

  72. Darius,
    Does the Citi AA Business card get 10% of your redeemed AAdvantage® miles back – up to 10,000 AAdvantage® miles each calendar year ? i know the personal card does.


  73. I just applied for a few cards including BOA Alaska business. I also applied for Chase United (witht he 50K) offer. Chase was instant. BOA Alaska I did because I have the personal card already. I have been a long time excellent customer with BOA and never an issue whatsoever. I had a phone call with questions from BOA that asked questions about my business that I have never encountered. We have been in business 30+ yrs and very established. I should also say that I do have alot of overall (card) product but high scores as well.

  74. Hello Darius,
    Do you know of any current Southwest Airlines 50,000 Business card offers?

  75. Does anyone have any Data points on the following. Previously with my main business I had the Reserve business card. I did not renew after the first yr. I have the personal reserve card. I could really use the MQMs from this card for 2015. Anyway could I apply for the business card using my home address, or is this pushing my luck with Amex? Getting the bonus 10 MQMs is key because I could get 40 MQM this year. I already have several other Amex products both personal and business.

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  77. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know I signed up for the Chase United 30k business offer, called twice to try and upgrade my sign-on bonus and was told I couldn’t. I sent a secure message to them asking for 50k and not providing any screenshots. They said when I hit the sign-on bonus to call and they will upgrade me to 50k. So easy!

  78. Yay! Just used your link to sign up for the Citibusiness advantage world MC. I had to call and give more info, but was approved over the phone. So excited as I was getting low on AA miles.

  79. I have the Chase Ink Business card — love it. I just received an invitation in the mail for the Chase Ink Business Plus card — is this a different product? If not, I’m not sure why they’d be inviting me to apply for a card I already have…the business name (my personal consulting business) that it was mailed to matches EXACTLY with the business name on the card I have.

  80. Hi Darius,
    I’ve had a Capital One Spark Business card for many years, and get 2 points per dollar spent. I use this card frequently. I just got a letter telling me to provide my EIN for this business account by sending a copy of my IRS confirmation letter tor he the most recent year’s tax return for my business. I have neither. If they don’t get these documents by Dec 1, they’ll restrict my account; and if they don’t hear from me by Dec 15th, they’ll close it.

    Do you have any ideas about how I might respond?

    Many thanks,

    Mary S

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