Can Authorized Users Earn the Card’s Sign-Up Bonus in the Future?

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Diane, commented:

If I add an authorized user to my Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, will this impact their ability to get the card and earn the sign-up bonus in the future?

Great question, Diane!

Adding an authorized user is a great way to earn points faster.  Because they can help you meet a card’s minimum spending requirement.

And authorized users can earn a sign-up bonus on the same card if they decide to apply in the future.

For example, if you’ve ever had the AMEX Starwood card as an authorized user, you’re still eligible to sign-up and get a bonus after meeting the spending requirements.

Authorized User Card Sign Up Bonus

Emily Can Add Her Grandma as an Authorized User, Which Won’t Prevent Her From Earning a Sign-Up Bonus on the Same Card in the Future

I’ll explain what to consider when adding an authorized user.  And share the benefits!

Why Add an Authorized User?

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I know many folks who add their partner an authorized user for every card they get.

Because purchases made by an authorized user will earn points in the primary cardholder’s account.  This makes it easier to meet minimum spending requirements to earn a new card sign-up bonus!

And I’ve written about other ways folks can benefit from adding users to their credit card accounts.  This includes a potential boost to the authorized user’s credit score.

Authorized User Card Sign Up Bonus

Folks With Good Credit Scores Can Help a Friend or Family Member Boost Their Score by Adding Them as an Authorized User

Don’t forget, charges on authorizer user accounts are ultimately your responsibility.  So before you add someone, make sure it’s someone you trust!

Authorized users on some cards can get certain perks without having to sign-up for a new card.  For example, additional cardholders on the AMEX Starwood card can save money with access to AMEX Offers.

And authorized users on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card get a Priority Pass Select membership.

But to earn a new card sign-up bonus, an authorized user will have to apply for the card themselves.

Consider the Impact for Chase Application Rules

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An authorized user account may appear on his or her credit report and could count towards Chase’s tougher application rules.

This means if the authorized user has opened ~5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months (excluding certain business cards), they’re unlikely to get approved for most Chase cards.

So if the person you’re looking to add as an authorized user wants to earn the sign-up bonus on a Chase card in the future, you might want to hold off.  Although there are mixed reports of folks having success asking Chase to reconsider applications if their recent new accounts are only authorized user cards.

Bottom Line

An authorized user can apply for the same card in his or her own name and earn a new card sign-up bonus.

So you can take advantage of the benefits of adding an authorized user, like helping to meet spending requirements.  And this will NOT prevent them from earning the sign-up bonus on the card in the future.

But keep in mind an authorized user account may appear on his or her credit report, and could count towards Chase’s tougher application rules.

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9 responses to “Can Authorized Users Earn the Card’s Sign-Up Bonus in the Future?

  1. Adding a authorized user for credit card ( eg spouse or employee) may hurt authorized user to get bonus if they(spouse /employee) apply directly in the future. this is true on chase cards.

  2. Uhm….dya know that Emm’s grandmother is flashing a profane hand signal that’s widely recognized in the UK. Just saying….

  3. If you ordered the authorized user card, but don’t ever confirm/activate it–does it count against them for Chase cards?

  4. I am not sure about now, but in the past several years some of the Barclay’s travel credit cards have had specific language in the terms that said that if you have ever been an authorized user for that card, you cannot receive the signup bonus for it even if you never received the bonus in the first place.

  5. Emily: Per “But keep in mind an authorized user account may appear on his or her credit report, and could count towards Chase’s tougher application rules.”: Sometimes it does and sometimes not. It depends on with whom you speak. Is there anyway that you could do some research (ask Chase for a definitive answer once and for all) and write an article? It’s frustrating because it’s inconsistent and/or they have phone agents who don’t know what’s what. Plus is the extra $5K you get for an authorized user plus it’s easier to hit minimum spend. Thanks