Not All Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Are Equal!

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That’s right!  If you want to redeem Chase points to book travel through Chase, your points are worth different rates depending on which card they’re tied to.

So if you have more than one Chase Ultimate Rewards card, you’ll get the best deal by moving your points to the right card.

Redeem Chase Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Are Valuable! But You’ll Get a Different Rate on Travel Depending on Which Card You Have

I’ll show you how much your points are worth.  And how to get the best rate toward your next trip!

Get the Best Deal When You Redeem Chase Points

A big thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader Ed, who emailed us about this!

If you like to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book travel through Chase, be sure to use the right card!  That’s because each Chase Ultimate Rewards card has a set rate of how much Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth:

Chase Ultimate Rewards CardHow Much Are Points Worth Toward Travel? Do Points Transfer to Travel Partners?
Chase Freedom1 centNo
Chase Freedom Unlimited1 centNo
Chase Sapphire (no longer available)1 centNo
Chase Sapphire Preferred1.25 centsYes
Chase Sapphire Reserve1.5 centsYes
Chase Ink Cash1 centNo
Chase Ink Bold (no longer available)1.25 centsYes
Chase Ink Plus1.25 centsYes

So if you have more than one of these cards, your points will be worth MORE when you move them to a different card account to book your travel!

Redeem Chase Points

Move Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to the Account Where They’re Worth More!

For example, Million Mile Secrets team member Harlan has 3 Chase Ultimate Rewards cards.  And the points are worth different amounts toward travel bookings!

Let’s take a look at how much they’re worth toward the same flights.

Redeem Chase Points

With the Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Sapphire, and Ink Cash Cards, Your Points Are Worth 1 Cent Each

If you book with the Chase FreedomChase Freedom Unlimited, Chase Sapphire, and Chase Ink Cash, you’ll need 75,376 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to cover a round-trip flight from Washington, DC, to Paris that costs $753.76.  That’s a rate of 1 cent per point.

Redeem Chase Points

If You Have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus, Your Points Are Worth 1.25 Cents Each

And if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold (no longer available), or Chase Ink Plus, you’ll need 60,300 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for the exact same flights.  That’s a savings of ~15,000 points!  And each one is worth 1.25 cents.

Redeem Chase Points

You’ll Get the Best Deal With the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card Because Each Point Is Worth 1.5 Cents

Folks with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card pay the least amount of points because they’re worth 1.5 cents each.  So for these flights, you’ll pay 50,250 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  When compared to the Chase Freedom or Chase Freedom Unlimited, for example, you save ~25,000 points.

That’s a big difference!  So if you have both cards, you’ll pay fewer points by simply moving your Chase Ultimate Rewards points from your Chase Freedom to Chase Sapphire Reserve account.

Why Redeem Your Points This Way?

When you use your Chase Ultimate Rewards points toward travel, you can choose a seat from any available flight for sale.  You won’t have to worry about blackout dates or spend time searching for award flights.  And some folks like that flexibility.

However, you’ll often get a much better return for your Chase Ultimate Rewards points when you transfer them to air and hotel partners, including:

 Chase Ultimate Rewards Airline Transfer Partners 
British AirwaysFlying Blue (Air France/KLM)Korean Air
Singapore AirlinesSouthwestUnited Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
 Chase Ultimate Rewards Hotel Transfer Partners 

Note:   Points earned from the Chase Freedom, Sapphire, and Ink Cash cards can only be transferred to travel partners if you also have a Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, or Ink Bold card.

But, if you decide to use your points to book travel through Chase, be sure to move them to the card account where they’ll be worth the most for you!

Bottom Line

The flexibility of Chase Ultimate Rewards points is a big part of why it’s my favorite points program.  And if you use them to book travel through Chase, be aware each point is worth a different amount, depending on which card account you use.

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are worth:

Depending on the retail cost of the trip, you can save thousands of points by transferring points from one account to another.  It’s a fast & easy step that can save you big!

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10 responses to “Not All Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Are Equal!

  1. I have a Chase Reserve and Chase Ink Plus. My husband has a Chase Sapphire Preferred. To reduce annual fees I wanted to downgrade the Ink Plus to Ink Cash and the Sapphire Preferred to Freedom and move all of both of our points to my Reserve. Is this possible?

  2. @roxanne,
    I have a similar question.

    Im trying to close my CSP to save on annual fees, but dont want to lose the ability to transfer to MY travel partners.

    I have alot of UR points but was unable to get the CSR, however my husband was. If i transfer my points to his account, will i be able to transfer the points to MY travel partners? Or do i need to be an authorized user to do so?

  3. if this is the case should we always move our points from other ultimate reward accounts and put all those miles into CSReserve Ultimate Rewards Points system?

    is there any benefit leaving them in the other UR system?

  4. @Roxanne @Julie – Chase says if you want to transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to another person’s Ultimate Rewards account, they must be a household member. But if you want to transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to another person’s loyalty program account, they must be a household member AND an authorized user on your card. Hope that helps!

    @David – The only benefit I can see is if you want to transfer your points to a household member, or other company owner on a business card. Otherwise, I’d move them all to your Chase Sapphire Reserve account so they’re all in one place.

  5. @David: there really is no point in keeping UR points in other accounts. I transfer mine all over to reserve each month (previously to CSP).

    Best process for newbie with good credit score and no cards in the last two years: Apply for and hit sign up bonuses (in order): CSR, Ink Plus, CSP, Freedom, Freedom Unlimited. Then before a year is up, cancel CSP and downgrade Ink Plus to Ink Cash.

  6. Didnt see MMS response. Guess there is one reason.

  7. I was trying to research this yesterday as I want to PC my slate to the FU, but I did not know the points ratio. Thanks for making my research a lot easier!!

  8. I did the same test thinking the flight values might possibly be different but nope. It’s just amazing we are allowed to do this… all my UR points are now worth so much more… love it. I did post this question somewhere but couldn’t find it. Will the Amex Platinum work the same way? Would we be able to merge our gold membership rewards points to the platinum ones that are worth more as well?

  9. @Nina – Yes, if you AMEX membership rewards points and the business Platinum, you should be able to get the enhanced redemption from the business platinum.

  10. Is it worth keeping Chase Sapphire Preferred if I get Reserve? (I currently have Freedom and Preferred.)