Unofficial: You Can Now Have 5 AMEX Credit Cards at Once!

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Via Reddit, you can now have 5 American Express credit cards open at one time.  

This is great news, because the limit used to be 4 cards.  So folks who already have 4 AMEX credit cards can apply for another one if they want to!

Unofficial You Can Now Have 5 AMEX Credit Cards At Once

You Can Now Have a Total of 5 AMEX Credit Cards Open at Any Given Time!

Here’s more about this news.

Increased Limit to the Number of AMEX Credit Cards You Can Have

In the past, you were only allowed to have 4 AMEX cards at a time.  But now the limit is 5 cards!

A number of folks on Reddit have reported being approved for a 5th credit card from American Express.

The policy isn’t in writing, and I haven’t confirmed this new rule yet myself.  But this could be great news if you’re looking to add an AMEX card like one of the Delta cards with limited-time increased sign-up bonuses.

And don’t forget, AMEX small business cards do NOT appear on your personal credit report.  So they will not break Chase’s stricter approval rules!

That is, if you’ve opened ~5 or more credit card accounts (from any bank) on your personal credit report in the past 24 months, it’s unlikely Chase will approve you for many of their credit cards.

Note:  There’s NO limit on the number of American Express charge cards you can have.  But American Express only allows folks to get the sign-up bonus ONCE per person, per lifetime on ALL their cards.

Will this change to American Express’ policy help you?  Let me know if you’ve been able to get a 5th AMEX credit card!

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14 responses to “Unofficial: You Can Now Have 5 AMEX Credit Cards at Once!

  1. hi,

    I got the AMEX Gold and platinum travel while I was in India in 2013. These cards are still active.
    I am now residing in the US and recently applied and got approved for SPG, Hilton surpass and the other Hilton card as well. All this in the last three months. I am now trying to apply for AMEX Delta gold, Platinum, everyday (personal and business categories, as i head the max card or 5/24 rule doesnt apply to business cards) but NOOOO.. Amex says that i have reached the limit for their cards. any solution for this ?

  2. I have 7 open. 5 pers and 2 biz.

  3. My wife and I both got our 5th about 2 weeks ago, plus 2 charge cards each. Wife: 5 personal, Me: 4 personal, 1 biz. An extra card makes a big difference. Looks like loosing several of their big corporate clients is, in fact, making them loosen up and be a bit more flexible on approving. credit score in the 740’s both.

  4. Hi Darius,

    Is it just AMEX small biz cards that do not show up on credit reports or ALL biz cards?
    Thank you!

  5. @Mike, depends in the bank. I know cap 1 biz does show up, butt my chase and Amex do not…

  6. Good news! I already have four Amex personal credit cards. The Everyday Preferred is my main card so I won’t be getting rid of that. I also have the Delta Platinum that dates to before I got serious about points and miles. Living in Atlanta, Delta is my main airline and the free checked bag, early boarding, etc. make it worth keeping the card. I have the SPG card that I may wind up cancelling as I am not sure I will stick with Starwood post-merger. Have to see, but, though I have cut back on accumulating Starpoints, I don’t quite want to cut the cord on this card just yet. That leaves the Amex basic Hilton card. I don’t use this but I just got it earlier this year for the signup bonus and I don’t want to cancel it so quickly.

    I have been considering getting a Delta Gold card to top off my SkyMiles account so having the ability to get a fifth card would allow me to do this sooner rather than later! Thanks for the info!

  7. I have the personal gold card, biz gold, both Starwood preferred (pers and biz), Delta gold, and everyday preferred pers.. I was on the phone with them the other day discussing upgrading my biz gold to platinum (they would throw in 50K points, and then let me receive another biz gold (I buy advertising for companies and hit the 3x 100K points each year). This way she said I could rack up another 300K points in the same year with the new gold card. Amex has always been fantastic to work with and very open to discussing ways to take advantage of their cards and points, particularly on the biz side. I would suggest getting at least one business card and using it for awhile since it will help build the relationship with them.

  8. We play the game in 2 player mode and my wife has 5 Chase cards and 5 Amex cards all opened within the last 2 years. Chase are Freedom, Sapphire, BA, Marriott,United. Amex are PRG,Costco,Hilton,SPG,Everyday Blue Cash. She also has Citi- Sears and now the new Costco and Barclay MilesNMore, World Elite, Discover IT and Nordtorm store card. Everything was opened within the last 2 years with the Blue Cash being the latest to be opened a month back (with a 450 dollar cashback – 200 on phone bills and 250 after 1000 dollar of spending). It could be that since the Costco card is going away Amex is pushing the Blue Cash aggresively to the Costco card holders.

  9. I was approved for my 5th Amex credit card, a Delta Gold, back in March. I have Old Blue, Costco, EDP, Surpass, and Delta Gold. Costco is going away so I’m waiting for an opportunity on the SPG.

  10. Daraius, is it possible to be approved for both an Amex charge card (i.e. Platinum) and Amex personal card on the same day?

  11. Hi Daraius, I do have 5 AMEX credit cards and 1 charge card. Last one approved was Starwood Business credit card in April 2016. I am planning to get a Delta Business Gold or Business Platinum ? Shall I cancel one credit card first before applying ? Or wait until AMEX tell me to cancel one after I apply ?

    Thanks !

  12. Welcome to American Express Live Chat! The next available Customer Care Professional will be with you shortly.

    For quality assurance, this chat may be recorded and monitored. For your security, please click “END CHAT X” to close this chat window before leaving your computer unattended or when chat is complete.

    Thank you for contacting American Express. My name is Tamara J. How may I assist you with your new Card application today?
    you: Hi Tamara
    you: i already have 4 amex credit cards ..can I apply for one more credit card ?

    Tamara J: Nice to meet you.
    you: same here …
    Tamara J: I would like to thank you for your membership. We certainly appreciate your business.
    Tamara J: Allow me one moment to check to see how many cards that you can have personally.
    you: ok sure
    Tamara J: Thank you for your patience.
    Tamara J: Thank you for patiently waiting. You are able to carry five lending cards.
    you: ok great .. Thank You so much
    Tamara J: If you need more cards. You may wish to speak with our Customer Service Online department by logging into your personal account and click chat with us or by dialing 1-800-528-4800 and a representative may assist you. Upon calling to skip the formalities click the 0 button three times and this will get you right over.
    Tamara J: You’re very welcome.
    you: ok

  13. Robert Hanson

    That’s great to know, I only have 3 open AMEX charge cards and am planning to get the increased bonus Delta personal card. Yet if I’m going to use those Delta points, my wife needs to have them too. But she has 4 AMEX charge cards open, and wants to keep all of them. So that was a problem, which has just gone away. 🙂

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