Get Amazon Prime for $60 Instead of $99, Lock-In the Price for Years!

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Update:   Amazon has changed the deal.  It’s only valid for new Amazon Prime memberships and NOT gift subscriptions.

This Friday, September 25, 2015, you can buy an Amazon Prime membership for $67, and save $32 off the normal price of $99.  You’ll get free 2-day shipping, streaming movies and music, and more.

And I’ll show you how to use a credit card to reduce the price to ~$60!  And there may be a way to use a portal to get it down to ~$57!

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Save at Least $32 on Amazon Prime, and Enjoy The Perks of Amazon Prime for a Long Time

I’ll explain how you can lock-in the price for multiple years.  And even earn miles, points, or cash back!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription service from Amazon that gets you:

  • Free 2-day shipping on items sold by Amazon
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows from their collection
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Unlimited storage space for your photos
  • Early access to sales and deals
  • 1 free Kindle e-book a month

I like that Amazon Prime now allows you to download their movies and TV shows to your device.  This is useful for when you’re flying!

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

The Biggest Perk of Amazon Prime? Free, Unlimited 2-Day Shipping on Items Sold From Amazon! You’ll Also Get to Stream Movies and Music, and Borrow 1 Free E-Book per Month

It’s usually $99 per year.

This Friday, September 25, 2015, it’s only $67.

But you must make your purchase from 12:00 am Eastern Time to 11:59 pm Pacific Time to get the promotional price.

Make the Most of It!

Link:   Discover it

Link:   Chase Ink Cash

Link:   Chase Ink Plus

Link:   AMEX SimplyCash

What’s interesting about this promotion is you can buy an unlimited number of Amazon Prime gift subscriptions.  And then save them to use in future years!

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Here I Am in Several Decades, Still Enjoying My $67-a-Year Amazon Prime Membership

That’s because Amazon Prime gift subscriptions never expire.

So you’ll have the chance to lock-in the price for as many years as you want!

Or, you can give them to friends or family to enjoy.

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Earn 10% Cash Back With the Discover it Card at!

If you’re a new Discover it cardmember (or if you signed-up for the promotion), you’ll get 10% cash back on purchases from Amazon, including Amazon Prime subscriptions!  That’s because Amazon is a 5% cash back quarterly category.

You’ll get 5% cash back when your monthly billing statement closes, and another 5% cash back after the 12th billing cycle, for a total of 10% cash back.  So it’s like getting an Amazon Prime membership for only ~$60 a year!  That’s a fantastic deal!

And remember, you can save 15% off Amazon purchases when you have the Discover it card AND shop through the Giving Assistant shopping portal!  I’m not sure if Amazon Prime is eligible for cash back through Giving Assistant.  But if you’re going to purchase this deal anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try!

Let me know in the comments if you got the extra 5% cash back from Giving Assistant on your gift subscription!

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Earn Bonus Points or Cash Back When You Purchase Amazon Gift Cards at Office Supply Stores. And Then Use Them to Buy Amazon Prime Gift Subscriptions!

You can use Amazon gift cards to purchase Amazon Prime GIFT memberships, too.  These cards earn points or cash back when you buy Amazon gift cards at office supply stores, like Staples:

  • AMEX SimplyCash5% cash back at US office supply stores
  • Chase Ink Bold  – 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% back) at office supply stores
  • Chase Ink Cash – 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% back) at office supply stores
  • Chase Ink Plus – 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% back) at office supply stores

If you have the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred you can transfer your points to travel partners for Big Travel!

And remember you can buy discounted Amazon gift cards at grocery stores.

So there are lots of ways to earn miles or cash back with this deal!

Update:  You can NOT use an Amazon gift card to buy a regular Amazon Prime membership, but you CAN for a gift membership.  If you’re purchasing a membership for yourself, just include your email as the recipient.

For example:


You CAN Use an Amazon Gift Card to Pay for an Amazon Prime Gift Subscription

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets readers for the heads-up!

Watch Out for This!

When you buy a gift subscription (or several of them), you’ll get an email with a link to activate Amazon Prime.  Make sure you open the email and then log into your account, or the account where you want to use the membership.

If you want to use the gift subscriptions for multiple years, be aware you’ll have to let your current membership expire to activate a new one.  Wait until a couple of days before it expires, then de-activate it.  And then reactivate with 1 of your gift subscriptions.

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Click “Your Account” and “Your Prime Membership”

To get to your Amazon Prime settings, click “Your Account” then find “Your Prime Membership.”

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Select “End Membership”

Find and click “End Membership” on the right side of the screen.

Then you’ll see this:

Get Amazon Prime For 60 Instead Of 99 Lock In The Price For Years

Click “End Membership” Again, and You Won’t Be Charged Ever Again

Every year after, you can activate a new Amazon Prime membership from the gift subscriptions you purchased.  And, you can always buy 1 and then renew at the price Amazon will charge in the future.

Just remember to save the emails in a place where you can find them again!

Bottom Line

For 1 day only, September 25, 2015 (this Friday!), you can buy an Amazon Prime membership for only $67 from 12:00 am Eastern Time to 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

You’ll get lots of perks with Amazon Prime, like free 2-day shipping on items sold by Amazon, and unlimited streaming movies and music!

When you buy gift memberships to Amazon Prime, they never expire.  So you can purchase more than 1 to lock-in this rate for years!

Be aware you’ll have to let your current membership lapse, and then renew it every year with the gift subscriptions you purchase.

Folks with a Discover it card earn 5% back at Amazon through the end of 2015 (when they register for 5X category bonuses).  And new Discover it card members (and those who registered previously) will see all their cash back doubled after their 1st 12 months, for a total of 10% back!

This lowers the price to ~$60

Or use credit cards like Ink Plus, Ink Cash, or AMEX SimplyCash that earn 5X points or 5% cash back at US office supply stores to buy Amazon gift cards.  Then use them to get Amazon Prime (gift memberships only).  That lowers each year of Amazon Prime to ~$64.

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25 responses to “Get Amazon Prime for $60 Instead of $99, Lock-In the Price for Years!

  1. Will the apple pay trick with discover work for this as well by getting gift cards at stores? That would drop the price down under $50.

  2. It is not very clear to me if the current Prime members can cancel existing membership and still take advantage of this promo.

  3. No. Discover has already explicitly updated the terms of the deal to exclude gift cards.

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  5. Do you have a source for saying that the gift subscriptions do not expire? When I signed up for a gift subscription for myself when they discounted it to $72 in January 2015, they required a delivery date that was at most 1 year into the future. So buying multiple subscriptions wouldn’t seem to be a good idea (if they are all for yourself)…

  6. Not to be too nosy, but how many years worth are you going to buy? Looks like a good deal!

  7. Earlier this year we tried to use an Amazon GC (purchased at Staples with Ink) for a Prime account, but it didn’t take. We had applied the GC to our Amazon pay account, then tried to pay for Prime from there, but no go.

  8. A student Amazon Prime membership is only $49.00. Doesn’t include movies or music, but still a better price than $67.00. Anyone with a school email address can get it, and family members can share it.

  9. Are you sure Amazon will honor those gift subscriptions? Some chats that I read say that they haven’t allowed them to use the gift card membership to renew their membership.

  10. I think you will not be able to renew but, as explained, you would have to cancel membership first. Then, using the gift subscription, sign up for a new membership. This means likely losing all your favourites history etc, I think.

  11. Note, for existing prime members who are grandfathered in to the four adults sharing, if you cancel and restart your account to do this you will lose that and drop down to the two adults in the same household sharing.

  12. Just piggybacking on another comment – “It is not very clear to me if the current Prime members can cancel existing membership and still take advantage of this promo.” – It also would seem less than ideal as I would get another couple months out of my existing prime membership before I’d want to cancel, I think…

  13. as far as I know you can’t use an Amazon GC to pay for a Prime membership….

  14. @Jander @JM – You can pay for an Amazon Prime *gift* membership with an Amazon gift card. I’ve updated the post to make that more clear.

  15. If you are interested in just getting the Amazon prime free movies with out having the free shipping feature, buy Amazon prime and cancel within one year at the end of the year and they will refund your subscription fee.
    This worked before for me. Check out current rules to be sure.

  16. @Ritam108, no they stopped doing that. Now they will prorate the refund by months.

  17. @Dave – I haven’t decided yet, but maybe 2 or 3!

    @Jayne – Thank you for the tip! 🙂

    @Kathy – I don’t see why they wouldn’t allow you to apply a gift membership to your account.

    @Mumum – You should be able to keep your account history if you stop or start Amazon Prime membership.

    @Jason – Great point. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I used the gift membership for myself the last time there was a deal on gift subscriptions. As stated above, you go into your Prime settings and choose not to auto-renew when your year is up. You should retain your Prime membership until the end of your year. I was able to use the gift membership to sign up for Prime again, but there were some hiccups…

    1) I was hoping to renew my membership the minute my old one expired, but it didn’t expire at midnight (Eastern time), and I didn’t want to stay up late enough to see if it would happen at midnight Pacific time. I wasn’t able to redeem my gift membership until at least a day later, but I was able to do so successfully. I’ve only done this once so far, FYI.

    2) I’d previously shared my membership with 3 other people, but that option disappeared upon rejoining, as mentioned above. HOWEVER, I was chatting w/ an Amazon rep last week trying to get my old sharing perks back (given I’ve used Amazon Prime for almost 10 years), and she indicated that all accounts would switch over to the more restricted sharing once their membership came up for renewal.

    3) My sister, with whom I’d previously shared my Prime, commented that after I re-added her, all her saved credit cards and addresses had disappeared. Odd and slightly annoying, but easy enough to repopulate.

    Hope this helps…

  19. Hmmm…… It’s 12:10 a.m. EST and the gifting price is still $99.

  20. Has any existing Prime members been able to purchase the “gift” memberships at the discounted price? Still shows $99 for me.

  21. this is horrible and it appears Amazon has nip this in the bud. Main prime members only have the $99 option when logged into their account. There’s no splash screen regarding the show “Emmy Award winning” Transparent or advertisement for $67. Then I logged into my shared prime membership and I did see the splash screen advertising $67 for new members. There was no gift option and it had to be applied directly to my account. You can search for “prime membership” which will allow you to add to you basket as a gift but you’ll be charged the full $99. This doesn’t help me at all because my sisters membership doesn’t expire until april 2016 so I would lose 6 months if I were to sign up now. Horrible, just horrible.

  22. I just my “new” prime membership with amazon GC. But, like others, when I tried to buy a gift membership, the cost was $99. Still trying to find a workaround. Was anyone able to actually buy a gift prime membership for the promotional price?

  23. Looks like Amazon caught all the blogs and removed $67 price for gifts. You can still get it with a brand new subscription. I.e. if you already have amazon Prime you’d have to use a new email address to sign up a NEW account at the cheap price today.

  24. Btw, the Discover 5% quarterly category doesn’t start until 10/1, so I doubt one could get the extra 5% — most likely won’t take five days for the charges to post. Still a good deal at $67 though. Thanks.

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