Amazing Deal! Earn $2,000+ in Cash Back With Discover and Apple Pay!

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Update:  Frequent Miler reports Apple Pay has added “excludes gift cards” to this promotion.  But I don’t know if they can enforce it.  Please share in the comments if you receive 10% back for gift card purchases!

Are you ready to earn thousands of dollars in cash back?

Via Doctor of Credit, if you own an iPhone 6 or Apple Watch, and have the Discover it or Discover it Miles card, you’ll earn an extra 10% bonus cash back when you use your Discover card with Apple Pay

But what makes this deal AMAZING is the 10% bonus cash back is DOUBLED at the end of 12 billing cycles for new cardholders (or folks who registered earlier this year)!

This offer runs from September 16, 2015, to December 31, 2015.

Amazing Deal Earn 2,000 In Cash Back With Discover And Apple Pay

It’s Raining Cash Back! Earn at Least 22% Cash Back With Your Discover Card and Apple Pay Until December 31, 2015

This is an incredible deal!  I’ll show you how you can earn more than $2,000 in cash back before the end of the year.

How Does It Work?

Link:   Discover Apple Pay Press Release

Link:   Discover it

Link:   Discover it Miles

Link:   Apple Pay

Starting September 16, 2015, you’ll earn 10% bonus cash back when you use your Discover card in-store with Apple Pay.

You’ll earn the 10% cash back on up to $10,000 in purchases until December 31, 2015.

That’s on top of the usual 1% cash back (or 5% back in rotating quarterly bonus categories) you’ll earn with the Discover it card.  And the 1.5 miles per $1 (1.5% back) with the Discover it Miles!

Currently, when you’re approved for the Discover it card, you’ll receive a $50 bonus after your 1st purchase.

Amazing Deal Earn 2,000 In Cash Back With Discover And Apple Pay

Use Your Discover Card to Make Purchases With Your iPhone and Apple Pay, and Earn 10% Bonus Cash Back!

And new cardholders or folks who registered earlier this year will have their cash back DOUBLED at the end of 12 billing cycles.

So you’ll effectively earn:

  • 22% cash back on regular purchases with the Discover it card (1% cash back + 10% bonus = 11%, doubled after 12 billing cycles)
  • 23% back on regular purchases with the Discover it Miles card (1.5% back + 10% bonus = 11.5%, doubled after 12 billing cycles)
  • 30% cash back on up to $1,500 in spending per quarter in bonus categories with the Discover it card (5% cash back + 10% bonus = 15%, doubled after 12 billing cycles)

Make the Most of the Deal!

This deal is terrific and can put a lot of money in your pocket!  Here’s why:

If you spend the full $10,000 by December 31, 2015, you’ll earn:

  • $2,200 in cash back with your Discover it card ($10,000 in spending x 22%)
  • $2,300 in cash back with your Discover it Miles card ($10,000 in spending x 23%)
  • $2,440 in cash back if you spend $1,500 this quarter and next in Discover it’s 5% bonus categories ($1,500 bonus x 2 x 30% = $900 PLUS $7,000 regular spending x 22% = $1,540 – TOTAL = $2,440)

The Discover it bonus categories are home improvement stores, department stores, and Amazon this quarter (until September 31, 2015).  Next quarter, it’s department stores, clothing stores, and Amazon.

Note:   This deal is only valid for in-store purchases, so Amazon will NOT qualify.

Amazing Deal Earn 2,000 In Cash Back With Discover And Apple Pay

Amazing! Earn $2,200 or More Back With Discover and Apple Pay

Remember, you must use your Discover card with Apple Pay for the deal to work.

What’s Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a touchless payment system you use with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

After you’ve loaded your credit card information into Apple Pay, you can pay for purchases at participating stores by holding your phone near the contactless reader at check-out.

Amazing Deal Earn 2,000 In Cash Back With Discover And Apple Pay

Apple Pay Works in Certain Supermarkets, Drug Stores, Department Stores, Office Supply Stores, and More!

Note:  Only iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus phones work with Apple Pay.  If you’re not sure which phone you have, find the model number on the back of your phone and refer to Apple’s website.

Apple Pay is accepted at lots of popular retailers, and the list is growing!

Amazing Deal Earn 2,000 In Cash Back With Discover And Apple Pay

Use Apple Pay for Purchases at Dozens of Stores and Restaurants

To make the most of the deal, folks might consider buying PIN-enabled gift cards to load to their AMEX prepaid account.  Then use the funds to pay bills that can’t normally be paid with a credit card, like rent, loans, or utilities.

Some stores which accept Apple Pay and sell gift cards include:

  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Staples
  • Walgreens

And many supermarkets on the list sell gift cards as well!

Even though you’ll pay a fee of ~$4 to $7 for each PIN-enabled gift card, you’ll still come out way ahead.

What If You Don’t Have an iPhone?

You’ll need a version of the iPhone 6 (or an Apple Watch) to use Apple Pay with Discover.  And to add your Discover card to Apple Pay, you’ll have to upgrade the operating system to iOS9 (available September 16, 2015).

iPhones aren’t cheap!  Apple sells the most inexpensive version for ~$549 + tax.  But you can sometimes find cheaper used phones online.

Amazing Deal Earn 2,000 In Cash Back With Discover And Apple Pay

Technology Junkies Have a Good Excuse to Get a New iPhone With This Deal!

Or your mobile carrier may have the option to purchase 1 at a reduced cost when you sign-up for a new contract.

If you want a free phone, you could sign-up for the Citi AT&T Access More card.  You’ll get up to a $650 credit towards a new phone from AT&T when you meet the minimum spending requirements.

Check out my full review of the card!

Bottom Line

You could earn over $2,000 in cash back when you use your Discover it or Discover it Miles card with Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows you to use your iPhone 6 to make contactless purchases at dozens of popular retailers.

Discover will add 10% bonus cash back to a maximum of $10,000 in purchases from September 16, 2015, to December 31, 2015.  That’s in addition to the regular cash back you’ll earn.

If you’re a new cardholder (or registered previously), your cash back is DOUBLED at the end of 12 billing cycles.  So effectively you’ll earn:

  • 22% cash back on regular purchases with the Discover it card
  • 30% cash back on up to $1,500 in spending per quarter in bonus categories with the Discover it card

This is an INCREDIBLE deal!

If you’ve used Apple Pay, please share your experiences in the comments.  Will you buy new iPhone to take advantage of this promotion?

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55 responses to “Amazing Deal! Earn $2,000+ in Cash Back With Discover and Apple Pay!

  1. I have the regular Discover Cashback Card the one that Discover IT replaced). From what I understand that the 10% bonus is only available on Discover IT cards. Should I get my current Cashback card replaced or apply for IT one in order to take advantage of this offer?

  2. This is awesome! I just got my discover it card yesterday (1 day expedited free shipping) can’t wait to use it for this!

  3. Is everyone sure they’ll double the 10%? I see this as highly unlikely… I can see Discover stating they’ll double everything except for this offer.

  4. No mention of apple watch!!! If you have older iphone that doesn’t have apple pay – but happen to use apple watch, you can use the watch to make payment!!

  5. @Eric: It’s been confirmed by Discover already. See:

  6. Eric, the terms specifically say “we will double all the cash back rewards you’ve earned” (my emphasis), so I guess they could deny it but based on the agreement I would say it’s pretty clear that this will be doubled.

  7. Thanks for the replies! Time to go apply!

  8. Discover card is not supported by Apple Pay .. Is it only from Sep 16th they are offering apple pay ?

  9. Apple pay seems to be available on iPads if you don’t have the correct iPhone

  10. I would love to see some data points after this goes live on any Apple Pay in App purchases and whether they trigger this promo. I know the terms state in store but will be interesting to see.

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  12. I still can’t add discover card to applepay…thought rollout is today?

  13. Rollout is today. You must update your phone to iOS9 first, though. The OS update releases at noon Pacific time.

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  15. I’m confused..

    Next Quarter, you’ll need to find a department store or clothing stores that sells prepaid Gift Cards correct? All the stores you listed that take apple pay, aren’t on the 5% catagories, so you won’t get the %20+ cash back there, right? (Or just buy clothes etc..)

  16. The 10% bonus doesn’t apply to gift card purchases. I bought a vanilla visa prepaid card at Walgreens today, and there was a disclaimer on my phone from Discover saying the 10% cash back bonus doesn’t apply to gift card purchases. And the receipt from Walgreens specified that it was a gift card purchase. So I think in order to maximize the $2000 cash back opportunity, you’re going to have to make product purchases of $10,000. Few people will do that. Still, just getting 10% or 20% cash back off purchases you were going to make anyway is a great deal.

  17. From the little I know about the “gift card world,” I believe there have often been “issues” with purchases of Vanilla gift cards earning rewards… Has anyone purchased a NON Vanilla VISA gift card w/Discover/Apple Pay? If so… did it appear to earn rewards??? Thanks!

  18. Hey guys!

    For those interested into applying to the Discover It card, in order to get the $50 bonus, you will need to apply using a referral… feel free to use mine (you can do the same and you will get $50 back, UP TO 10 referrals per calendar year (which means up to $500)

    My referral link:
    Email: [email protected]

    This is indeed a good opportunity to earn extra cash. Please lets help each other. Once you are approved obviously you’ll be able to refer as well.

    Let’s break things out for a minute… All the benefits Discover It is offering:

    * $50 cash back once approved AND make your 1st purchase within 3 months
    * $50 cash back for up to 10 referrals EACH CALENDAR YEAR
    * 10% cash back using Apple Pay on Up to $10K in store purchases until 12/31/2015
    * Up to 5% cash back depending on type of purchase (changes quarterly)
    * DOUBLE CASH BACK after the first 12 consecutive billing periods that your new account is open (it does not matter if you redeem the cash back during the year, Discover will DOUBLE it at the end of those 12 months!!!) Thus that Apple Pay becomes 20% cash back!!! Keep in mind it does NOT applies to Gift Cards for obvious reasons.
    * Intro 0% APR for 12 billing periods
    * NO annual Fee

    Full details at:

    Endless blessings to you!

    Thanks guys,

  19. I made several small ApplePay purchases with my Discover card at Staples, restaurants, and the DIsney Store. None of them triggered the 10% bonus on my statement automatically. I have sent them a message this morning asking them to look into it. I will post back if it credits it. Waiting on success before any more purchases.

  20. Mary, I did the same and my statement closed yesterday and was also not credited the 10% bonus. I just spoke with discover and they informed me that these extra miles are comped by Apple and will take 1-2 billing cycles to post to the account.

  21. I made 1000$ gift card purchase at Walgreens using Apple Pay and they told I will receive 10% of 1000$ (100$ Cash back ) in my October bill. Have to wait and see

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  23. i was at macy’s today to get in on the last day of the 3rd quarter discover bonus but it turns out apple pay didn’t work. I called discover immediately and they said apple pay was having some issues with certain merchants today. They couldn’t tell me if macys was one of the problem stores. Discover offered me $10 (doubled to $20) as well as the usual 5% (doubled to 10% at the end of 12 months) if i went ahead with the purchase. However, it was a $1000 purchase. (should be $300 back in rewards) Then I found out from the manager at Macys that in fact, they were NOT accepting apple pay yet, despite apple having them listed as a participant.

  24. So when does Android Pay start offering a comparable promotion…?

  25. I also called up my local acme and BJs, and they said they weren’t accepting Apple Pay yet. however I went to a Philly soft pretzel shop and was able to use it. The owner of the store said she her machine wasn’t accepting it yet and was shocked to find out that it worked. Bottom line, you may want to verify that your stores are accepting apple pay before deciding to sign up for another credit card. Toys r us in my area is accepting.

  26. Even if the additional 10% end of year doubling is not received it is still looks like a good deal.
    Did anyone receive the 10% Apple Pay bonus for buying gift cards yet?

  27. @John, I purchased $1800 GC at Staples last month right after Sept 16. When my statement closed at the end of the month I did not see the 10% cash back. I called Discover and was told GC was the only exclusion under the 10% Apple Pay promotion. She sounded certain. I’m still hoping maybe she was wrong.

  28. @Cindy, how did she know that $1800 purchase was for GCs? Did you tell her or somehow she already knew?

  29. Was able to use applepay at self checkout at BJs in NJ. Also used at Shoprite. One register did not work with applepay. I had them suspend order, take to another register and it worked in a second. Am thinking maybe it is worth it to stock up on shoprite gift cards and take a chance. worst case scenario I get 3% back with discover miles promotion instead of 5% on a card with a bonus. Best case scenario shopping for the year is highly discounted.

  30. @Dave, I did not tell her that was GC purchase. She was just reading some fine prints I guess because i was asking her the terms and conditions about this promo. I wonder if Discover has a way to tell it’s GC purchase just like all those shopping portals.

  31. I bought a few small gift cards and like a few previously did not receive the 10% bonus. I called Discover and found out it will take 1-2 billing cycles to be applied after the purchase and GC’s are excluded. The bonus is apparently comped by Apple and it’s Apple’s exclusion, so the question is not whether Discover knows if we purchase GC’s, but does Apple? And if so, are they actually syphoning the GC’s out?

  32. I just called Apple, they do not receive any information about our purchases, Discover receives the same information from Apple Pay as it does from the card being swiped. Since we know that they can not distinguish or normal purchases from gift cards,I feel it’s safe to assume they will not be able to enforce this exclusion.

  33. Ok. Wifey confirmed that Apple Pay works at acme. In philly area. That’s 22% back on groceries!!! Too bad shoprite isnt taking Apple Pay. That’s my go to supermarket.

  34. The following Discover cards are eligible for the Apple Pay 10% Cashback Bonus promotion:
    Discover it®
    Discover it Chrome
    Discover More®
    Discover Open Road®
    Discover Motiva℠

  35. -does anyone have a link to any discover webpage or a screen shot that actually shows “10%” please?
    -when is the 10% cash back supposed to post? each statement or in january, 2016?

  36. @Gene Greetings! from Discover FAQs link:

    “Earn an extra 10% Cashback Bonus on up to $10,000 of in-store purchases when you use your Discover card with Apple Pay now through 12/31/15. Excludes gift card purchases. No sign up needed. Rewards earned are in addition to your standard rewards and are added to your Cashback Bonus account within 2 billing periods. See Cashback Bonus Program Terms and Conditions for more information.”

  37. For whoever commented above–my shoprite in NJ does take apple pay. I have used it successfully there more than once.

  38. I just had my SECOND statement close after this promo came out. I made ApplePay purchases and no bonus yet. I don’t think I’ll be doubling down on this offer other than a quickie restaurant purchase until these start showing up.

  39. @Mary-Thanks for sharing. That is discouraging, and it is making me question if Discover will follow through.

    My first statement posted with just 1% cash back.

  40. Ok. Confirmed that it does work in the shop rites in pa. Still have problems at Macy’s as of yesterday.

    The discover reps verified the 10% Apple Pay deal. I also have an email from them

  41. I used to use SunTrust’s debit card to get 1% back. I tried buying money orders. The promotion said money orders do not get the cash back. Somehow, SunTrust knew when I was buying money orders and did not give the bonus. Is this substantial evidence that Apple will be able to exclude the gift card purchases, or are money orders different from gift cards?

  42. Emergency. Darius just sent out an email where he seems pretty sure that gift card purchases can be flagged by Apple and not receive a bonus. How sure are people that the gift card exclusion can be enforced?

    Also, can I buy a $10K diamond ring on December 31st, and then return it a month later? Will I still get the Apple bonus?

  43. What does Chris’s ad have to do with my question?

  44. Anyone tried this at the apple store? Looking to get a macbook air

  45. I got an email from Discover saying, “We’re writing to let you know that your Apple Pay purchase on October 16, 2015 for $___.__at Walgreens included a gift card. The gift card portion of your purchase does not qualify for the 10% Cashback Bonus® promotion.” I had purchased a prepaid Visa card at Walgreens.

  46. I got the email from discover like below:

    We’re writing to let you know that your Apple Pay purchase on October 11, 2015 for $505.95 at Walgreens #XXXX included a gift card. The gift card portion of your purchase does not qualify for the 10% Cashback Bonus® promotion.

    As a reminder, now through December 31, 2015, you’ll earn an extra 10% Cashback Bonus® on up to $10,000 in purchases when you shop in stores and use your Discover card with Apple Pay, excluding gift card purchases.

    If you disagree with our finding and contend that your purchase did not include a gift card or a portion of your purchase qualifies per the terms of the promotion, let us know with supporting documentation in the next 21 days. Documentation can include store receipts or invoices, but cannot include your Discover card statement. You can send documentation via email:

    •Scan and then e-mail to [email protected]

  47. Discover has obviously decided to put the responsibility on us, the consumers, to prove that we are innocent of breaking the terms and conditions rather than being innocent until proven guilty. This is completely wrong. With LegalShield, for only $27, we can have an attorney in any state write Discover a letter to demand the miles promised, unless they can prove we are guilty of breaking the terms and conditions. I have already gotten my membership and if I receive a letter from Discover stating I need to prove I did not purchase gift cards, I will be having my attorney send them a letter demanding my miles.

    Go to to sign up for your LegalShield and take control back from the corporations.

    When IHG decided not to give me the promised 33,000 points for one of their promotions, I had my LegalShield attorney send them a letter. I received my points within a couple of weeks.

  48. This is my Discover It referral bonus. $50 cashback at the end of the billing cycle when you sign up for a card with this link.
    I will give $25 via PayPal to anybody that uses my referral link. Thanks

  49. How can you buy a gift cards to pay your home loan or bills I don’t get it can someone please explain it..

  50. What happens if I give the purchased item as a gift and that person returns it for a gift card? Is Apple going to deny this as a qualifying purchase?

  51. Thanks Travel Economist lots of good info I will be taking advantage of that..

  52. Will I get the Department Store BONUS at Sears when shopping through their site and buying from one of their ‘merchants’ ??
    For Amazon. com it is clearly yes. : purchases include those made through the checkout, including digital downloads, gift cards, Amazon Fresh orders, Amazon Local Deals, Amazon Prime subscriptions and items sold by third party merchants through’s marketplace. Department Stores are defined as retailers selling a wide variety of merchandise, with separate checkout counters in each department. Clothing Stores are defined as retailers whose primary line of business is selling clothing for men, women, and children. Purchases made at warehouse clubs, wholesale distributors and discount stores are not eligible.
    Thank you,

  53. I got 10% cash back for the 1st day gift card purchase (Sep 16). I made another 2 days later (Sep 18) and didn’t receive the 10% apple pay for that